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Cryptocurrencies with bullshit purpose:

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0% on that list.
>made it™

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>ENJ is a shit coin

You obviously don't know what you're talking about

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ONT on the list
Disregard this thread guys

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Thank you anon please FUD the coin more it's about enjin got pumped up to a price it deserves

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>Hurr, earn crypto while gaming

Cheaters will suck ENJ dry.

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>Muh, I don't understand blockchain technology
>Muh, I'll enter A-B-A-C-A-B-B to get from ENJ coin
>Muh, calling me retarded would be a compliment for my level of intelligence

Cheating in crypto is not the same as cheating in gaming,
you need at a minimum a hole in the code and at most a 51% attack capability.
You not wise Anon

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Holy shit you're dumb.

If to earn ENJ in-game is to perform remarkably i.e. frag 10000x then cheaters are the champions.

You're talking about HACKING the blockchain. NO FAGGOT, I'm talking about cheaters cheating the system that uses ENJ in games.

And now you realize you fucked up investing on a bullshit coin.

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>muh, Anon not fall for my stupidity, I load up the "call him a fag" cannon
>muh, modded keyboard types FAGfagFAGfagFAGfagFAG 100 times a second
>muh, I hope I'm right about ENJ being shit coin.
>muh, will just my scrawny little pencil neck when other's go orbital with ENJ

lmao, you're an idiot.

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Holy fuck you're both retarded, learn how to speak english before posting here

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>Can't argue anymore
>Resort to namecalling


Any more arguments buddy before I put you in front of a firing squad? Because you're done.

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What's wrong with my english? Teach me, I want to learn.

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Literally doesn't do anything.

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Your english wasn't bad, you just didn't phrase things that well. You were right about ENJ though, it's complete shit. The other guy went full retard.

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>he thinks ENJ is a shit coin

This coin will snowball so fucking hard once they release minecraft plugin for normie autists

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Oh go suck ya mum?
Lol you stupid scrawny neck made for justing ass Anon. you started the name calling

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>muh, your name calling abilities are stronger than mine
>muh, I'll just play victim

lmao, you little punk

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I'm not even part of this, and I have never heard of ENJ, but you are coming off like a flaming retard.

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A marketplace for computation power doesn't sound like a bullshit application for crypto and I'm mad it jumped while I was sleeping.

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Shit like bat would revolutionise advertising. By giving adblock 1 protocol to block I can finally browse freely.

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Without any incentive (ad-revenue) the Internet will be a very boring place.

This is what I really don't get about BAT, it's AGAINST advertisers. They are suppressing advertisers from advertising and that's NOT good for both you and me and the people who provide the content (because they are not making any money therefore no incentive to make more contents).

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Cannot express how comfy I am with 10k BAT

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This. All other shitcoins exist to be tests for future BTC features and to gain more BTC

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wrong, BAT gives 70% of the revenue to content creators, 15% to users and 15% to BRAVE

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this is surprisingly true.
Dipshits will reject your message, but it's ok. There is no greater punishment than poverty while everyone else prospers.

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Get rid of ads and mine crypto using 0.5% cpu. Now wut?

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Take this shit in, this fucker is gonna get liquidated

top kek

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What was that absolute shitcoin that tried to be like Groupon? I remember the logo was an animal.

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But muh centralized coin with limited tps. No upboats for u today friend /s

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