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>5/14 Monday morning Coinbase announces that the Basic Attention Token will be listed on their exchange
>5/16 Wednesday GDAX allows for BAT deposits
>5/21 Monday GDAX begins BAT trading
>6/6 Wednesday Coinbase allows for BAT purchases on Coinbase proper

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6/7 REQ is added to coinbase

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I could see the same process rolled out for a few tokens but BAT will undoubtedly be first.

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>5/11 op larps to cope with being a BAT bagholder

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>6/7 OP wakes up. No lambo. Only hopes and dreams.

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why do you think BAT will be the first? theres a lot of utility erc20 tokens

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It's the only token approved on the Apple Store.

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$10 EOY

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Don't be left out in the cold when BAT moons this month.

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BAT bag holders keep selling this pitch, not happening

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It's happening brother.

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Did bitmex used to have BAT futures or is this just something they forgot about? I can't find any other information on it.

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What about 0x?

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Holy shit. Can you tell how old that page is? If BAT is going to be listed on GDAX then you know Bitmex will jump in with their 100x instruments.

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BAT is, albeit interesting, fundamentally incompatible with Coinbase for two reasons:

1. Brandon Eich is a major, major homophobe, and Coinbase being a San Franciscan based company would have many LGBTQIA+ employees

2. The token price going over one dollar would violate basic, basic principles established in the Brave White Paper

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BAT is one of the cryptos that literally doesn't make sense when you look at how the process it's supposed to handle actually works in the real world. The devs want to cut out Facebook and Google from internet marketing, but those services actually provide a ton of value to the advertisers because they're comprehensible and accessible. Replacing them with a BAT-driven advertising economy would just fuck the whole process up and make it less efficient and actually cost advertisers more money.

Still doesn't mean it won't moon, though. Shit's dirt cheap and is getting some hype from people who don't get that, and hype matters way more than having a working product right now.

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well fuck

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You're like an old friend at this point. I'd be remiss if you didn't post.

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>but those services actually provide a ton of value to the advertisers
So you're wrong. Brave/BAT provides advertisers/publishers with MORE capabilities than the current Facebook/Google duopoly and at a more affordable rate.

Also, GPDR in Europe makes the Facebook/Google ad model illegal. Yes, you read that correctly. The only way to use trackers in Europe like ad agencies have done for the past 10 years is to go through Brave/BAT. That's why Brave just opened up an office in London today.

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None of what you said is even remotely true. The current system, and it's complexity gave rise to methbot.


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I like how it's literally always the same guy too. I wonder if he spends his days looking for any and every BAT thread to shit up? Must be an awful existence.

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Please this. I got loaded up and I'm ready for moon launch.

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Found it while looking through archives.

REP, GNO, and SNT are other tokens that they used to have but they posted about them on their blog. Nothing shows up for BAT.


REP is old but has no hype and GNO isn't in the top 100 anymore. I never see SNT mentioned as next coinbase listing so what do BAT shills think about it?

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According to their terms it's a 2x leverage settled in BTC. So it opens up a way to naked short BAT. Not the best thing in the world. Nothing is more bullish than a USD/BAT pairing on the most regulated exchange in the World though.

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I heard it will be LINK. Shill amongst yourselves, faggots.

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Toshi is also approved by appstore and the erc20-support is granted by 0x protocol.

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Toshi is a dapp manager. Will allow for people to buy/sell/convert/send BAT and other ERC20 tokens from one convenient location.

Has nothing to do with GDAX/Coinbase listing though. BAT/USD pairing is coming and it will be amazing.

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If you look at Uphold.com, which is one of the better Coinbase competitors, they list Btc, Bch, Btg, Eth, Xrp, and last but not least: Bat. Given that they make the most attempts at being a Coinbase-like service it leads me to believe Bat is extremely likely

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What's another utility ERC20 token that has a working end-user product right now?

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>m-muh internet browser coin

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HAHAHAHA if Coinbase listed a FD coin I would shit my pants. (I'm American so that's normal btw.)

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Deluded BAT-tard it’s ZRX wut’s been added


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It's more likely that they open a simple alt exchange that's not fiat to alt, but BTC, ETH, etc to alts. That's what most exchanges in a similar situation do. Which also means that it would likely add anywhere from 15 to 30 new coins/tokens at once, which would also mean that none of them would pump substantially. Don't hold your breath for any one coin pump.

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lol this article reads like the ramblings of an idiot!

>"I’ve seen people float the idea of BAT. That’s ridiculous. The BAT token does not move Ethereum forward. It’s a platform specific coin for a browser. Not a good fit."

Because coinbases sole purpose is to further the Ethereum platform...

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Your daily reminder that Coinbase will do whatever fucks over the most people at one time. I'd stay away from any coin with a Coinbase rumor attached at the moment.

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Is it confirmed that it will be a ERC20 Utility token?
haven't been here in a while so not up to date.

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Strawpoll for which coin will next be added to Coinbase


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TRX and 0xbtc???? LOL yea fucking right

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>major homophobe
dude quietly voted against gay marriage
nobody who ever worked with the guy had anything bad to say against him
the whole thing was organized character assassination at a moment firefox was poised to become the defacto internet browser
a few years later and chrome is ubiquitous
but yeah, it's just identity politics at work here, nothing else

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>1. Brandon Eich is a major, major homophobe, and Coinbase being a San Franciscan based company would have many LGBTQIA+ employees

Eich is a libertarian who thinks marriage is a private institution which doesn't need arbtitrating by the state.
Nothing to do with homosexuality.
Look at pictures of his team. Some of them look rather gay.

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