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How do I become rich?

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suck dick

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gay for pay

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Become a famous rapper

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Be the quickest

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start by not frog posting

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higher education is the only tool of social advancement.

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Spend less than you earn.

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exploit the proles, be white, exploit the proles, be male, exploit the proles, be straight, exploit the proles, be born in first world country, exploit the proles,
Don't forget the most important:
ƨɘloɿq ɘHƚ ƚiolqxɘ

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How has a rich person exploited you?

Also why are you even on this board?

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1. There's this thing, I don't know if you've heard of it, where you go to this place. There, the tell you what to do, how to do it, how fast to do it, when to do it, and so on. Then, and this is the really important part, they take everything you made or did, and they give you less than the total worth of it. I don't know if you've ever heard of it, it is called... ...a job. Have you ever had one?

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2. To rustle your jimmies and/or have an honest debate

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Be born into wealth.

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no one forces you to work an hourly wage job you fucking moron

if you had the balls you'd start your own business but you can't handle that kind of risk so you go back to your little safety net cuck wage like the coward you are

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there are millions of idiots in this country. figure out how to separate them from their money

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No one forces you to work. Why do you feel entitled to a home and food?

Also companies have other overhead costs than employee wages.

If owning a business is so easy and you just profit off others while doing nothing, why don't you start one?

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>start-up capital don't real, I mean, it is "risk"

>No one forces you to work.
Did you know several "anarcho"-capitalists even support universal basic income because they understand how untrue what you just said is.

>Also companies have other overhead costs than employee wages.
Who said they didn't? That gets a whole fucking category in Marxist economics: "constant capital". It is half of the equation of the organic composition of capital, which is what drives capitalist crises.

>If owning a ... tl;dr: I fill my men with straw.
How about addressing what I have actually said?

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But he had almost nothing to address. Your original point was just whining and condescending. There wasn't much to it. It was just some grotesque caricature of what a job is.

That being said, an infographic and snark doesn't go very far, my little lumpenprole.

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2 ways: fast way and slow way.

Slow way is to get a wage cuck job, make a financial plan, and work and save for 20 years. If you made and followed a solid plan, you can have $1 million by your 40s if you start early enough. This should be your base line if you're determined to become rich.

Fast(er) way. Go with number one, but add more income. This income can come from side businesses you work on at night/weekends, a second job, investment income, whatever. The point is, if you add even $5,000+ to your savings every year, you can reduce the number of years it will take you to hit your number. If you're really determined, I've seen some people work a 9-5, go home and work on an ebusiness, write ebooks, and do stuff like sell houses as a re agent on the weekends.

>inb4 only $1 million

This is what I'm doing. I've been working for about 1.5 years and have $40k so far. My main goal is only $500k in my 30s though. I'm told once you get $100k, the compounding interest becomes really noticeable.

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>whining and condescending
sure, ok, i lost my temper.

>It was just some grotesque caricature of what a job is.
How so?

I do have to acknowledge the use of our terminology, so you probably know more about marxism (albeit, probably a leninist bastardization) than most of the people I could debate here. Please see:

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by getting money to make you money while you snort cocaine out of a strippers asshole and use her pussy lips to wipe your straw of choice

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meanwhile dumb neurotypicals make hundred thousands monthly off youtube

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just get out

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this is the best reply