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>Continuing to show big blocks were always the solution
>Cheap and fast as fuck
>Programmable, now has a twitter clone and decentralized pirate bay running on top
>graphene propagation technology
>Accepted most anywhere
>True privacy features incoming
>No bullshit cultish leaders or corporate cocksucking, made up largely by the people who made Bitcoin great in it's first years
>Truly decentralized development teams. If one team goes crazy, at least two others can pick up immediately
>Has survived censorship, never-ending attacks, DDoS attempts, and constant slander
>Price per Bitcoin just keeps rising

So tell me, why do you continue to be a corecuk? There are no more reasons to. Bitcoin Cash is both the superior technology and the superior medium to long term investment.

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No I refuse to believe BCASH is the answer, I was told Roger Ver was a scammer which invalidates all their code.

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Absolutely fren. Do not go off the map of acceptable /r/bitcoin opinions.

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I mean LukeJr literally spreads gospel. Why would anyone oppose his views.

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I wouldn't slander gospel like that

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It's not fast at all actually, it's only marginally quicker than BTC

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nice reddit circlejerk losers

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See this soiboi? This is you.

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>circlejerk like a redditor
>expect not to get called out on it
shouldn't you be making unfunnny puns somewhere

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nah this is the perfect spot.

Wanna tell me why you havn't bought BCH yet?

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Because you are reddit.

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Wow, great reason. Do you hate money?

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>Even with our fake volume, we don't have enough transactions to justify 8MB blocks, and the shill armies are running out of ammo, what should we do?
>Hmmm...lets quadruple the block size and say bigger blocks are needed.

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>having no idea how blocksize works

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No all he can do is attack people and name call. He has no way of defending his btb tribe from the invading bch tribe and he thinks the strategy of yelling BCASH will save him.

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keep circlejerking you reddit loser, totally makes your discussion look organic and non-forced

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Wow, great reason. Do you hate money?

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accuse your opponents what you are guilty of, classic Core playbook.

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BCH is down 33% since sunday

I like money and that's why I'll never fomo into BCH no matter how much you paid shills try.

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nice reddit saying, reddit

go back there

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I wouldn't know a reddit saying if I saw one, just saying.

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i have to wonder who the people paying for this shilling are expecting to fool. big non-speculative money wants nothing to do with these clone/fork coins

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>t. moron thinking eth was just a shitcoin back in 2015

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>capitalism is immoral
>is suppose to be developing the most capitalistic technology known to man

The reasons for Core's sabotage of Bitcoin become clearer everyday.

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>b-buy my altcoin, it's j-just like eth in 2015
t. pajeet

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0-conf is basically instant, newfriend.

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Here's a hint. I do it for free. Ron Paul 2012.

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kek no thanks

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less chance of losing funds than lightning

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>not realizing it shows the tech works and the hysteria put out by Core concerning blocksize is literally manufactured FUD

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mycelium wallet now has BCH support

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>you have a chance to lose funds but it's less than this other buggy thing!
convincing argument

i dont think i'll ever buy this coin now

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>he only buys the top

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I can always tell because no one here gives a fuck about bcash when you aren’t around

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I don't buy bch at all. Your point?

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Explain to me why 0-conf is insecure, I'll wait.

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Good, I don't want retards on my chain.

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Kinda like those endless twitter brigades? Kinda like that?

youll be waiting a while

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hasn't been confirmed by the network yet, could easily be double spend. Easy

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The spender has 0% chance of losing funds on 0conf. The chance of the merchant losing funds is like 0.0000000001%. Most 0conf payments are going to be in the $1-$20 range. No one is going to sell a house or car without confirmations.
With lightning too much can go wrong for it to be useful of anyone to want to use at scale.

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When he set out on his path as an unknown and nameless soldier, he too had to create a utopia with the greatest of hopes. It was realized.

The year of our lord, 2009.

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>im so sure about my investment that I need to samefag on an internet board all day to shill it
>im dumb enough to think this will have an impact on the market

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>could easily be double spend
You realize you need 51% of the hashpower to double spend right? How many faggots buying a candy bar at the store have that?

Also do you realize how amazingly unprofitable it is to double spend for a candy bar? No you probably don't.

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Here, now please kys.

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>You realize you need 51% of the hashpower to double spend right?
That's false, see BIP-133. I love how cashies don't even know their own coin


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b-but muh miners are all switching to bch

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0conf are 99.9999 insecure on BTC because of full blocks and replace by fee.
0conf are 99.9999% secure on BCH.

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>0conf are 99.9999% secure on BCH.
Oh okay, I guess I'll just take some random shill's word for it on 4chan.

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miners mine what ever is short term profitable, that is in their interest. If you had a massive mining farm you would still mine btc if you believed bch was the future.

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The only reason they would be more secure is simply because no one cares about bcash.

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damage control

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You don't need 51% to double-spend when you do 0-conf.

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You're kidding right? There's like hundreds of thousands of corecucks lapping the dried out dickcheese out of Blockstream's arse. Everything Blockstream says is gospel to them.

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I have posted a pic of satoshi basically calling 0conf users cuck, yet the fucktards still think Roger Verconomics are perfectly fine.

>> No.9377361

>replace by fee
still optional, and wouldn't be used for 0-conf

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0.01 jihancoins have been deposited in your account. Thank you for correcting the record on the real bitcoin.

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This is /biz/ right? You should remain current on things. The hashrate is trending down for btc and up for bch.


All this is saying nothing is final until on chain. It doesn't invalidate 0-conf, brainlet. Why would Satoshi even allow it if that were the case? Besides there are plenty of posts from him explaining that 0-conf is secure and should be used.

Literally nothing.

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how? The profitability balanced itself out. BCH difficulty is set so the hashrate ratio is equivalent to the price ratio between the two coins.

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>Literally nothing.
Kek this faggot doesn't know 0conf is is double-spendable with very little expenditure. I think you will see eventually.

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Your reasoning is clouded, my son.

You cannot look at this from a short term perspective, as everything else.

I implore you to search for answers. I don't understand why you use the internet to post blinded comments, but you don't use it to search for truth and reason.

I will never bash on others, even those who shill shitcoins. Please, just search for the truth, no matter how painful it might be to read.

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Desperate shill is desperate.

>> No.9377404

roger ‘our chad’ ver will make sure normies know which one is the real bitcoin staying true to its original vision

stay mad corecucks

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There's no use arguing with someone who identifies first and foremost as part of a collective rather than an individual.

>> No.9377435

>he says as he falls for the CSW cult of personality

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More info on the decentralised pirate bay pls, how do I use that?

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Heck half of what Craig says might be a bunch of hot air, and roger is overly emotional. Doesn't have anything to do with the code or economics of BCH.

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You could "trust" 0 confirmations for a cup of coffee, but at that point LN is insanely better at that, without cluttering the blockchain with your nigger tier transactions.

>> No.9377468

it is super early. people are posting uncensorable magnet links on memo.cash

>> No.9377469

Truth actually. I realise asking a coretard to think is a waste of time and all, so don't bother with this next part I include for interested lurkers with an actual brain ;
Why would you mine currency x at y *1, when you could mine currency z at y*1.1 and sell it for currency x immediately? You're leaving ten percent on the table. Not economically rational.

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you didn't ask me anything retard, there was no question involved. just an angry cashie shouting at the wind.

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LN is pure vaporware and the entire point of DLT is to keep all players honest. Moving everything to a 2nd layer banking system defeats the entire point of crypto.

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>Continuing to show big blocks were always the solution
>No bullshit cultish leaders or corporate cocksucking, made up largely by the people who made Bitcoin great in it's first years

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the fee for opening a lightning node defeats the purpose of lightning.

The whole point of lightning is to lock up large amounts of bitcoin to prevent it from being sold for fiat. That's why it might be smart to hold some btc so sell into a price pump before people realize exactly what is going on and people dump btc like they did with $50 fees.

>> No.9377507

paid shillers no shilling!

>> No.9377511

Roger is perfectly right to get emotional. Anyone in Bitcoin pre-2015 knows how much he did for it and crypto in general. He had a first row seat to the faggotry that happened when Greg and Co took over the repository and kicked all the oldfag devs out. Then started a shilling and gaslighting campaign. Then started DDoS'ing dissenting nodes. Then blackmailing and threatening people and outright lying to miners. Now any crypto person that got in after that thinks hes some kind of traitor.

Fuck that. He's done playing nice with these snot-nosed newfags. Just tell them to fuck off and do their own research. He doesn't owe them shit.

>> No.9377528

Right, I wasn't asking you anything, just directly telling you you're wrong, then pointing out to everyone else that cared to listen why, knowing you would not bother to read or understand it because you are an idiot.
Thank you for demonstrating my point so clearly.

>> No.9377537

>I wasn't asking you anything, just directly telling you you're wrong,
You mean repeating talking points? Thank you for admitting you're a paid shill.

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It's way worse than BitBean/Bean Cash though.

Get fucked with your slow ass coin that gets BTFO by Bean Cash lmao

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>Anyone in Bitcoin pre-2015 knows how much he did for it and crypto in general.
Oh yeah, he did so much for bitcoin top kek


>> No.9377549

>everyone who disagrees with me is paid

You're never going to make it.

>> No.9377550


this. he also has sick bjj skillz, all the haters wouldn’t dare talk shit to him irl

>> No.9377559

Yeah the way I look at it, BCH is Bitcoin that fired the incompetent or corrupt Core devs.

>> No.9377561

imagine being this cucked

>> No.9377564

>has nothing to do with solvency and everything to do with fiat on-ramping from banks

>> No.9377566

There are clearly paid bcash shills, are you denying this?

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>LN is pure vaporware
>LN is released and working

Merchants and exchanges definitely need to wait for confirmations any time transactions are of significant value and/or in exchange for cashlike goods. Individuals transferring small amounts need to be more worried about other aspects of trust in the exchange, and can protect themselves quite effectively with just a single confirmation.

Satoshi predicted later on how people would be against big blocksizes.

>> No.9377579

lmao you still fall for his lies 5 years later huh?

>> No.9377581

that was back in April of 2013 like 7 months before they went bankrupt. Really dumb of him to speak on behalf of an exchange he had no financial ties to either way.

>> No.9377603

>exchange he had no financial ties to either way.
lmao the cashie lying

>> No.9377625

ok maybe I'm wrong I don't believe he investing in MTGOX. What ties did he have?

>> No.9377629

You're saying everyone on here that disagrees with you is paid, stupid faggot.

LN doesn't work, devs tell people not to use it because its unstable. If you sell your house and call it good on a 0-conf that's your problem. Satoshi predicted people would be against big blocks and despite how tyrannical they are about it should be ignored.

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time to stop pretending

>> No.9377641

Did you even listen to the content of the video or do you just assume?

>> No.9377643


salty corecuck detected. besides lil b, roger ‘the alpha’ ver is the only one I’d let fuk my bitch

>> No.9377655

he worked with mark in some capacity in 2011, afaik

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Yeah, Gavin "just taking a picnic to the CIA bro" Andresen was fired along with his loser friend from google, such a loss. And guess what, it was not Core who fire them.


You summerfags need to do a lot of reading.

>> No.9377680

No, he didn't say that. What he said is people should not fork his software, yet you cucks are supporting an altcoin.

Satoshi failed to predict some things such as mining pools, he wasn't God, contrary to what cashies may think.

>> No.9377695

you must be a clear retard for real to use your crypto as a payment method wether its bcash or bitcoin core or bitcoin potato, the price is clearly not set for any peer to peer transaction only for exchanges to trade against fiat ok, but you are deluding yourself bitcoin cash is not a scam

>> No.9377725

also before the retards tell me, muh fees muh tx speed, if thats the case buy ripple...when was the last time YOU actually spend crypto pulerly bcash cuz thats whats it for right? to spend? fucking retarded

>> No.9377733

I was actually in Bitcoin unlike you BCH newfags

>> No.9377765

>What he said is people should not fork his software, yet you cucks are supporting an altcoin.

You do realize Segwitcoin is not at all the same technology he developed, right? Core is the fork.

Not an argument.

>> No.9377767

It's going to be hillarious if Blockstream is still around after the flippening and they try hard-forking despite their retarded lies. Maybe then they'll realize that white-knighting for Elizabeth Stark was a huge waste of time.

Also TPB on Bitcoin will be top-tier. ISPs won't be able to do shit to muh linux distros if they can't block every node.

>> No.9377773

>buy ripple

>> No.9377782

>Not an argument.
Yet you know it's true, you bought in during summer 2017.

>> No.9377792

Stop projecting.

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when did you realize BeanCash is the real Bitcoin?

>> No.9377808

t. nucoiner

>> No.9377824

you don't get to talk about the flippening until it actually happens

>> No.9377843

Maybe on Reddit, but not here.

>> No.9377875

>I-I swear I'm an oldfag, p-please b-believe me

Start arguing anytime, newfriend.

>> No.9377886

bch is the newfag coin. All the newfags buy it because if they can convince themselves "it's the real bitcoin", they can convince themselves they bought bitcoin at $1000 instead of $10,000 like they actually did

Eat shit.

>> No.9377934

Again with the projections.

>> No.9377973

How am I projecting? I'm just describing the psychology of your random shitcoin "early adopter". You were too late for bitcoin so if you convince yourself something else will replace it you convince yourself you will rich.

I bet you bought in 2017.

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>H-how can you see right through my bullshit!

>> No.9378020

You haven't refuted my assumption that you bought in 2017. Looks like I was right on the money.

>> No.9378043

All you've done is project. There is still time to get BCH, anon.

>> No.9378056

2017-buyer spotted.

>> No.9378064


>> No.9378065

>i-if I keep r-repeating it, it'll make it true!

>> No.9378070

again attacking people and not logic, reason, or ideas. See how far your "store of value" goes.

>> No.9378097

ah not even, bruv. Anyone in bcash is a newfag or shorts it

>> No.9378100

Most old coiners realize how far Bitcoin core has strayed from its original path. What the hell is the point of blockchain if you make zero attempt to scale on chain? Bitcoin has become a sad, sad state of affairs that's headed for centralization. I'm not saying BCH is the answer either because I'm not comfortable with ASICS in charge of the entire network, but I'll take Bitmain over the Bilderberg Group any day of the week.

>> No.9378116

butthurt 2017 buyers mad that i hit a nerve

>> No.9378128

No, the chain is the legacy chain, it just supports a new transaction format. In this case, segwit was added through soft-fork, just as many other things that satoshi added himself, throught the same method.
You can ignore segwit transactions if you want, and continue as nothing happened, using legacy format addresses.

BCash is an altcoin whose blocks are ignored by the original client, for it doesn't follow consensus rules.

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>muh flippening

Last time you autists predicted the flippening, it was when Bitcoin started his run to $20k, then you went back into a cave waiting for the dip to come back with your bullshit. Now that's hilarious.

>> No.9378165

oh look another btrash v the king of coins thread...

by a show of hands how many bitchcash supporters here are actually mining bitcoin? (hint: all of them)

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> butthurt
> mad
> hit a nerve
> 36 posts by this ID

>> No.9378193

you haven't shown me any evidence you aren't a 2017-buyer


>> No.9378252

the post counter guy is here...

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You got me. I bought in 2017.
And every year before that going back to 2009.
In the meantime you clearly are so new you have no idea what the fuck you're actually talking about, and are projecting so hard you need to get a job at a cinema. Preferably one that's about to have a mass shooting.

>> No.9378268

What the fuck difference does it make when someone bought? That has nothing to do with the merits of SegwitCoin vs Bitcoin Cash. None of you corecucks can ever debate on facts because it's obvious the coin has been completely co-opted by banks and that LN is a meme.

Hello, newfag.

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whatever, cashies.. you can take the chink miners we dont need them, we'll just mine bitcoin with our gpus like the old days. you can take the op codes and all the spam tx's, good luck with your gigabyte blocks kek. we'll be busy coding the future of money on the Lightning Network. I'm working on a portable, wearable raspberry pi full node you can connect to Blockstream satellites so you can confirm every transaction from anywhere on the globe

>> No.9378276

Kek. Can't wait for that shit to happen again.

>> No.9378291

>What the fuck difference does it make when someone bought?
Spoken like a true nucoiner.

>> No.9378292

But how do you index them... do you need to run a node?

>> No.9378306

This post is ironic, right? Can't tell with you people anymore.

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File: 380 KB, 553x365, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 11.19.19 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9378319


and yet here you are, posting about your fears of BCH for the world to see

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That's the spirit, One Meg Greg! And even if evil Ver and the Chink win, ideologues like you will keep the price afloat!

>> No.9378352

Are you working on a Predator mask too so you can walk around cloaked for higher security?

>> No.9378365
File: 11 KB, 948x32, spotted the corecuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah, fuck off.

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File: 25 KB, 485x443, 1525686083827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

boy you got the wrong motherfucker motherfucker.

>> No.9378378

middle girl is absolute god tier

>> No.9378406

t. inspect element nucoiner

>> No.9378444

You can't ignore Segwit transactions. They are forever in the blockchain and not legitimate transactions as they lack digital signatures. This is why even if Core some how manages to raise blocksize, people on Cash won't be coming back. Segwit is an altcoin.

>> No.9378473

Almost good enough to be new pasta.

>> No.9378484

Bitcoin is Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Wins.


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>this amount of cope

>> No.9378574
File: 1.35 MB, 400x206, 1507830794509.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Bitcoin Cash is #4 on CMC and discussed less than shitcoins such as chainlink, VEN etc. Of course when there are Bitcoin Cash threads they're instantly spammed by Blockstream's pajeet department with the same absolute shit such as 'bcash roger jihan, covert asic boost, centralization' over and over again.

It doesn't work though because Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.

Kill yourself Apu

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File: 289 KB, 1000x1161, flip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9378653

>Continuing to show big blocks were always the solution
stupidest comment of the day.gif
When you don't have scale, you don't have scalability problems.

>Cheap and fast as fuck
Because nobody wants it.
And 0-conf does not guarantee double spends

> unironically using "corecuck"
you sound like 12, seriously. The only purpose served by using childish name-calling is to look retarded or just simply immature and childish.

>> No.9378656

btc down 4.25%
bch down 8.5 %

is this what you Wu cocksuckers call the flippening?

>> No.9378731

Fuck you caught us. one day returns invalidate everything

>> No.9378739
File: 31 KB, 1505x1259, Bitcoin_Cash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>you sound like 12, seriously.
Why do corecucks get offended by being called corecucks? It's what you are, corecuck.

>Nobody wants it
#4 on CMC, soon to be #1

>When you don't have to scale, you don't have scalability problems
Bitcoin Cash doesn't have scalability problems! It's shortly 32x more scalable than bcore!

>> No.9378755

>putting links in parentheses

I hope you get ass cancer. At any rate, if you faggots really think you can double spend on BCH there are companies out there who want you to try. Don't cry when you lose you money doing it though.



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File: 181 KB, 801x995, I fixed it again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 68 KB, 1000x1416, FB_IMG_1526064959990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm here love

>> No.9378919

I fucking dislike craig because he acts like he can predict the future.

Telling minimum wages to put their entire salary in it and then it crashes in jan

>> No.9378948

I don't like him because he's an insufferable faggot. I don't care when people are arrogant but his brand of pretentiousness makes me want to puke

>> No.9379008
File: 135 KB, 1040x1040, tumblr_p8jjgtpxIq1x4utsao1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wth does it even allude to?

>> No.9379047

He also takes all the credit for it from Scronty. CW had the idea first but later when he came to Scronty for help he ended up with a different solution than he had yet he takes credit for it as his own. That guy makes me sick.

>> No.9379054

till mining btc in your bch data center?

> you don't understand how mining works

>> No.9379094

>btc down 10% for the week
>bch down 6% for the week

Only retards pay attention to the weather and not the climate.

>> No.9379100

>btc down 4.25%
bch down 8.5 %

is this what you Wu cocksuckers call the flippening?
BCH UP 100% the past month, BTC up 10%. The flippening never stops bucko.

>> No.9379125

Core cucks are the Hillary supporters of crypto. Blows my fucking mind

>> No.9379156

isn’t it funny that when bcash is -11% the paid shills come out in droves? pathetic, will never support this roger scam

>> No.9379237

It's up over 100% the past month you idiot.

>> No.9379288 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 787x787, lightning.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bitcoin is not for coffee
yes, yes it is
>hahah hurr duurr roger said 'babies literally are dying'
yes, yes they are
>where my HODLERS at??
you are the reason BTC is doomed

>> No.9379311
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>bitcoin is not for coffee
yes, yes it is
>hahah hurr duurr roger said 'babies literally are dying'
yes, yes they are
>where my HODLERS at??
you are the reason BTC is doomed

>> No.9379314


Look at 7d% stupid faggot.

>> No.9379831
File: 2.07 MB, 750x1000, BTC-GUILLOTINE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitcoin Cash will destroy Bitcoin!

>> No.9379937

I got $100 worth of Bitcoin Cash in Christmas of 2017, primarily on December 22nd 2017, I think it's value would be 40 or $50 by now.

>> No.9379946

BCH > Holo

>> No.9380711

>first 3 responses all dubs
just bought 100k

>> No.9380804

>you have control over the option someone else sets on their transaction
I mean, I've always heard that BTC fanbois are retarded but I didn't think it was this bad . . .

>> No.9380820

>no cultism or corporate cocksucking

Ummmmm, sweetie

>> No.9380934
File: 935 KB, 1280x4752, Who watches the Watchtowers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>insanely better at that
sure, if you want 30% success rate in your transactions AND (if nobody connected to you already have a loaded channel) having to go through the hassle for setting up a channel by sending BTC on the blockchain, wait for confirm, and THEN try using lightning network with 30% success rate

also if someone else spent your crypto using your channel you're fucked and either have to open a new channel or load new BTC into your channel - with a transaction on the blockchain, which you have to wait for to confirm

LIGHTNING NETWORK IS COMPLETELY OBLITERATED BY BCH. they both do the same thing except one is super simple and *always* works.

>> No.9380967

yeah, so is $100 worth of BTC from 12/22.....were you trying to make a point?

>> No.9381437

>>9381330 24 hours now cashchads and it's still happening...

>> No.9381510
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As soon as I read the whitepaper I saw that it was satoshi's true vision.

Also, PoB (proof of bean) is a great system and revolutionary. Bean Cash rivals ripple, with the main difference that it's decentralized and it's an actual crypto.

>> No.9381780

It's going back down now, they had to sell BCH to make BTC more profitable to mine but the writing is on the wall

>> No.9382016
File: 235 KB, 1251x692, j9hf1hcwb9x01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where are you seeing it going down? Still above 16 days to da when it should now be 13. Also pic related.

>> No.9382417
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Yes you can, just don't use segwit.

>> No.9382430

Why spell so᠌yboy like that?

>> No.9382456

bcash "works" because no one uses it.

>> No.9382485

He's from /pol/. The word is filtered there.

>> No.9382492

Segwit transactions are still in the blocks and the goal is to get all transactions using Segwit with the eventual move to LN, newfriend. Learn you own coin.

>> No.9382493

It will also work just as well when 32 times more people use it than bcore as of Monday, though.

>> No.9382579

BCA$H better then BC0RE

>> No.9382777

Hehe nice meme fren i go now have to buy btc thx

>> No.9382829

Every bcash poster just seems like an edgy ancap with a massive persecution complex. How am I to take it seriously?

>> No.9382898
File: 2.80 MB, 2168x3096, satoshi blocks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Segwit is fine, and if you don't like it, your coins can sit on legacy addresses, which wouldn't work under the (fictional) attack on segwit coinbases.

On the other hand, your coin is fucked at layer 0.

No, the amount of people will be the same: none. And for some dumb reason, you want even bigger blocks.

If it were to be used at scale (full blocks) only a couple of datacenters would be hosting the blockchain, which is what the USG has been trying to do since the begining, but all their previous attempts failed (XT, Classic, Unlimited..) so they had to create an altcoin, hire a conman to trick noobs into a cult of satoshi personality, and get Gavin and co on board (again). Too bad it's already late. Bitcoin is already set in stone, no one can change it, which is why it has value.

>> No.9382899

BTC needs to die.
It always drags the whole market down with it..
Imagine gold value dropping/rising massively and Apple stock crashing/pumping because of it. So fucking retarded.

>> No.9382960

classic cashie playbook actually

>> No.9382965

That's possibly the most delusional picture I've ever seen. At any rate you're glossing over the entire purpose of Segwit (probably because it destroys your argument), but hey man you do you.

>> No.9382980
File: 97 KB, 701x599, z4w99iudn4tz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> being this fucking retarded.
So 32mb is impossible to run anywhere except data centers. The US government is behind the coin all the ancaps have gathered around and we should pay no attention to their sponsored dev team that forced through segwit and officially plans to push over 99 percent of the transaction throughput into a routed and staked centralised hub and spoke network which necessarily will force said volume through massive lightning banks, right, got it.
You're so fucking retarded it's just funny. The usg sabotaging the project clumsily and in plain view and having fucking idiots like you rushing to their defense and attacking the immune system of bitcoin must have them in fucking stitches.

>> No.9383001
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>> No.9383032

because "corecuck corecuck corecuck" spammed in every bcash paid shill thread counts as logic, reason, ideas

>> No.9383045

>butthurt corecuck detected

Whats the matter, blocklet? Girls laughing at your size?

>> No.9383068
File: 236 KB, 536x800, kike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Goyim do you know how big 32mb is? Do you want to cause another holohoax or 9/11? Because that's how bad 32mb is.

paid shills as I said earlier, kikestream has funded their accounts again zzz

>> No.9383087

a fuckton of coins are you ignorant fool

>> No.9383107
File: 560 KB, 2160x3840, Screenshot_20180512-021621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Absolutely. Look at those speeds, I haven't seen such dizzying heights since 1996 ISDN lines in backwater shit holes like Australia.

>> No.9383108

wow, i own no bitcoin btc, another paid cashie shill who is a brainlet pajeet

>> No.9383137

>owns LTC and thinks he's superior

Blocklet, please.

>> No.9383155

i just realized that you must be a teenager by your post. fuuuucking impressive

>> No.9383173


I'm 30, blocklet.

>> No.9383184


>No bullshit cultish leaders
>Bitcoin Jesus

>> No.9383187

wow, i own no ltc. cashies have used this one-two idiotic retort on multiple seperare occasions. is this in the handbook of retorts that all paid bcash shills have on screen during biz raids?

>> No.9383211

no, no thirty year old is that immature. 10th grade i'd guess

>> No.9383229

Nigger, you wish I was paid.

Yes, 4chan is peak maturity. How fucking retarded are you, blocklet?

>> No.9383234

Hope you take what's been said here and learn from your mistakes and oversights, this place is anonymous afterall. But since it's been almost a year and your still a delusional twat I'm gonna assume you have an ulterior motive.

>> No.9383245

He sounds like one of mp's clueless goons.

>> No.9383712
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