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You pins and needles

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i just wish jihan would pull the goddamn trigger already. sure the whole market will suffer for a while but it will recover fast and the world will move on

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he’s waiting until may 15th then he’s gonna release the hounds

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The BCH charts look like they are primed for a breakout to test all time highs on both USD and BTC comparatives.

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which indicators?

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I'm REALLY curious to see if someone can actually do something with Bitcoin Cash's smart contracts. I've tried myself to understand them but I can't get how programming for example a game is supposed to work.

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love the crypto anarchist

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yeah one of the only youtubers who actually understands the implications of bitcoin

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What if there's no pamp

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Core cucks are dumping to try and bring bch down with it, hope it backfires on them

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yeah and what if core raises the block size?

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Increasing the block size requires a hard fork

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they can't raise the blocksize without the support of the miners
who won't do it because they've already invested in bch
additionally the second the btc blocksize is raise there is once again zero reason to use lightning network, so blockstream won't allow it

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I've seen it. Doesn't help me understand how programming for BCH smart contracts works.

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yes but as long as you get the exchanges to upgrade everybody else, including miners, will follow. because otherwise they can't trade their crypto.

also: bchnodes.online

client 0.17.1 and 0.17.0 has already implemented the changes that will activate on May 15:th.

as you can see 75% have already upgraded their client

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by using op codes

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btw 10 days ago the node count was 1777 and now it's 2017 so it's increasing

that STILL doesn't help me understand how to actually make anything useful. you didn't think I knew there was such a thing called opcodes or what? that script wiki is pretty much the first thing google gives you when searching around but there's nothing there that explain how to make anything useful.

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Blockstream did one smart thing during the entirety of their existence; they stop funding trolls.

FUD against BCH has decreased drastically over the past couple weeks.

It's weird not seeing an anti-BCH comment in this thread.

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they still censor /r/bitcoin hard though and have bots to downvote stuff on /r/btc

as for people employed to shitpost on 4chan I don't really think it ever existed. i mean, sure maybe, more likely they were misinformed people were protecting their interest but they have since learned the truth. where would you even employ shitposters while knowing for sure it wasnt just someone checking to see if they employ shitposters?

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I'm not a coder but its the same way you program a wallet except instead of just being able to send transactions now you can use logic and arithmetic

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expected nine to be honest

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now i know everything and can finally make that blockchain game i want to make, thanks!

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what do you want to code?

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a blockchain game. similar to the games that are on etherium. i just dont know if it's even possible on the bitcoin cash blockchain, seems to just support stuff that control who can spend outputs.

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yeah some BTC jerks aren't adapting their transaction fees to BCH and as a result this happens.

the problem isn't on Bitcoin Cash's side, it's just BTC people coming over that are used to BTC fees and haven't adapted to just 1 sat/byte yet.

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I really hope some anti bch whale is spending money on high fees to manufacture a bch high fee narrative when in reality there is no need to pay more than a cent and he is just making bch more profitable to mine

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I don't see what the problem is, write the code and replace code that can be replaced with op codes

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variables and state changes in the game. not sure if even possible.

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what's really interesting though is the DARI

>It is currently 5.3% more profitable to mine on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

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Can confirm that they are still active on /r/btc.
You're also right that 4chan /biz/ doesn't have paid shills at that level, only some pajeets shilling sub 100MM shitcoins. Most professional shilling operations have not learned how to blend into the chans properly, and probably never will.
Case in point right here. Just like the left, the core faithful cannot meme.

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>they still censor /r/bitcoin hard though

deleting altcoin posts isnt censorship, its a sub for discussing Bitcoin, not ur shitty altcoin you wanna shill

>and have bots to downvote stuff on /r/btc

>roger tells me they have bots, thats why my reddit comment gets downvoted

tfw you blame your bad opinions on bots to make yourself feel better

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nice bitcoin whitepaper

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very offense please delete sir

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post it in r/btc and they'll delete your post

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How can Corecucks not see they're cucks? What kind of a moron buys into a coin which is controlled by a company which makes money regardless whether their product increases in price? BS plans to make money from the proprietary solutions it sells, which is why it moved from the free permissionless base layer to an abstracted layer which requires a 3rd party.

LTC having been made legitimate by Core should serve as a testimony to the willingness of Core's followers to go against their own self-interest; it adds nothing to BTC but significantly increasing the supply and it had a huge founder reward from the early coins the equivalent of which Bitcoin's founder, Satoshi, never claimed.

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just use addresses as variables
find them with the minimum dust amount or something

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>Big Blocks are good!
>It's Blockstream that input high transactions, guys!!!

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In the end the bch hard fork just allocates more wealth to those who understand bitcoin, it's an amazing system

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... >>9370279

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>TFW there are still retards out there that think Bitcoin Cash is "just an altcoin" and not a critical part of bitcoin's most fundamental governance mechanism.
It's hilarious how many newbs never read or understood the whitepaper. They never got the real "ah ha" moment and actually think that forks are scary and not all forks are "contentious."

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Yes, it's called market governance and unlike the last miserable 200 years of human history, people talking out of their ass are going to be held accountable for their hubris and stupidity.
It is beautiful.

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the term altcoin was "coined" to refer to any other coin that isnt Bitcoin, BCH is a fork of bitcoin, since it's not bitcoin it is an altcoin.

BCH is not a scam, but it isnt Bitcoin

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banning people who hold triple digit Bitcoins because they want larger blocks ON BITCOIN is, though

t. triple digit BTC holder who is banned from /r/bitcoin for his opinion

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you are the embodiment of who he is talking about you absolute imbecile

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They're smart enough to realize it only makes them look like they acknowledge they fear the enemy which means he can really give a fight:
Are there even really real people left in r/bitcoin? If anyone asked himself how North Korea propaganda can work when it's so obvious it's a totalitarian dictatorship, here's a real example from the USA.

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gb blocks like BCH wants, isnt going to work, a mixture of a slight increase and off chain will win in the end. unless fee-less coins like XLM/NANO take over first

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Technical reasons why it won't work?

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bandwidth and storage

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you're a brainlet


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>citing bitmain as a legitimate source

nice b8

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>trusting jihan and ver to continue mining btc

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> muh bitmain
Long before the network gets anywhere near as large as that, it would be safe for users to use Simplified Payment Verification (section 8) to check for double spending, which only requires having the chain of block headers, or about 12KB per day. Only people trying to create new coins would need to run network nodes. At first, most users would run network nodes, but as the network grows beyond a certain point, it would be left more and more to specialists with server farms of specialized hardware. A server farm would only need to have one node on the network and the rest of the LAN connects with that one node.

The bandwidth might not be as prohibitive as you think. A typical transaction would be about 400 bytes (ECC is nicely compact). Each transaction has to be broadcast twice, so lets say 1KB per transaction. Visa processed 37 billion transactions in FY2008, or an average of 100 million transactions per day.
That many transactions would take 100GB of bandwidth, or the size of 12 DVD or 2 HD quality movies, or about $18 worth of bandwidth at current prices.

If the network were to get that big, it would take several years, and by then, sending 2 HD movies over the Internet would probably not seem like a big deal.

Satoshi Nakamoto

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>Big blocks won't work for these handwavy reasons, lalalalala
I refuse to believe anyone is really this dumb. The stink of desperate shilling is strong here.

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>blaaah someone with a different opinion than me is a shill blaaaaah roger cannot do bad blaahh

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We know you might not be a shill. We just find it depressing to consider the stupidity that implies.

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How can Cashcucks not see they're cucks? What kind of a moron buys into a coin which is controlled by a chinese company which makes money regardless whether their product increases in price? BS plans to make money from the proprietary solutions it sells, which is why it moved from the free permissionless base layer to an transactionless hell propped up by bots.

BCH having been made legitimately for the benefit of the Chinese should serve as a testimony to the willingness of Cash's followers to go against their own self-interest; it adds nothing to BTC but significantly increasing the supply and it had a huge founder reward from the early coins the equivalent of which Bitcoin's founder, Satoshi, never claimed.

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Kek. You are saying 2+2=fish.

Please, explain why those two things are an issue.

If you can't, classic bcore response.

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They are that dumb. Forget about it.

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bitcoin is going to fail if it carries on as it is though, LN hasnt done shit so far and SegWit isnt being adopted that well.

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so is BCH aiming to be a south korea/some america coin? only places that will have the cheap hardware and bandwidth to cope with tb blocks.

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>>9370279 will kill bcore long before any of that makes any difference. Real bitcoin will do just fine.

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Bitcoin Cash isnt Bitcoin. even if Bitcoin fails (which it might) it will still be Bitcoin Cash. dont believe everything roger says

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I'll bite.
Define bitcoin.

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No. It's aiming to be a coin used by the world.

It's a free market and people can invest in hardware if they want.

I'm in America and I don't need to buy hardware to use BCH, neither will poor people.

Do you work at Zumiez?

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to run nodes, only south korea/america will have the bandwidth and cheap hardware for everyone to adopt it, 1tb blocks are stupid.


no, wtf is that

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He's a Nano guy.

He doesn't understand that Nano would need to have layers for it to work, because it can't scale.

Who is going to build those layers for free?

Coins like Nano are a switch and bait. It's free now, but if everyone used it, fees would be incorporated. Whoever made that coin needs to eat too. It's logical.

Heavy bags.

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i aint a nano guy, i own 0

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non mining nodes do nothing

there is no situation where the number of nodes or what code they are running change the incentives for the miners

>> No.9370773

>non mining nodes do nothing

then the cashies can stfu about "core centralization"

>> No.9370793

why, a single developer is a real point of centralisation
which was mitigated by the hardfork

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Ah, the white paper. Thank you for proving my point very easily.
Peer to peer electronic cash. Chain of digital signatures. Genesis block.
Ok, so actually you agree with us, segwit is not a chain of digital signatures and lightning is not peer to peer electronic cash. Ergo bcore is not bitcoin.
Bitcoin Cash is still a chain of digital signatures all the way back to Satoshi's genesis block, and it is peer to peer electronic cash. It is Bitcoin.
It's not for nothing the core faction has been trying to get that white paper quietly rewritten for years now you realise. They know bcore according to those definitions simply isn't bitcoin.

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there are many other Bitcoin nodes, other than bitcoin core

cashies always complain and make point that everyone's using core so "it's centralized"

but you said "mining nodes do nothing" pick one narrative and stick to it

ik roger tempts you alot

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segwit is a chain of signatures, it just moves it else where. a normal Bitcoin payment with or without segwit is still peer to peer. ergo bcash is not bitcoin

>has been trying to get that white paper quietly rewritten

you mean the douche cobra? yea and everyone disagreed with him. dudes a cunt

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No, it's not. https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/peter_r/a-segwit-coin-is-not-a-bitcoin
And if the vast majority of transactions have to go through lightning, and lightning is not peer to peer, then neither is the entire rube goldberg machine.
It's not just cobra, plenty of other coretards doing the same thing. Basically everyone who legitimately noticed they made an altcoin and now see they need to rewrite history so it isn't so obvious.

>> No.9370942

regular bitcoin transactions are still a thing, Bitcoin is still peer-to-peer / LN is not going to take over every transaction, its for when it's necessary to prevent mempool backlog. (stores)

idm BCH, im interested to see how gb/tb big blocks play out, i just dont like the Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin thing that roger pushes with r/btc

>> No.9371046

> lightning is optional
If I restrict your food intake to five calories a day you may procure on the free market, and the rest you must use my ration cards for, are you still going to try tell me that there is an actual free market? That is exactly what the block limit does to peer to peer transaction throughput, even more so for non segwit coins.
What you like is of no consequence. The very simple fact is that you are wrong, and it's been explained very clearly why. You are free to continue being wrong, but that doesn't change anything about material reality at all. That you can't grasp it is nobody's problem but yours.

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>Most professional shilling operations have not learned how to blend into the chans properly, and probably never will.
Oh there are shills here, it's confirmed. It's the lack of banning users and no voting which makes this place a lot less lucrative for shaping public opinion here. As a matter of fact r/Bitcoin went so far with shilling it scared away almost all the real innocent posters.
Btw not saying chans aren't crapfests in their own unique special way.

>Yes, it's called market governance and unlike the last miserable 200 years of human history, people talking out of their ass are going to be held accountable for their hubris and stupidity.
That's the first optimistic thing I read about Bitcoin in days. Corecucks point out at how BCore has more PoW, assuming it could never change... by their criterion the day BCH will have more hashpower it'll immediately turn into a (s)altcoin. Of course that day they'll be blaming the miners for doing their job at securing the network.

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All the early adopters left BCore and how it's valued so high is beyond me, which is part of why I'm skeptical crypto could ever take off.

BCH will have off-chain solutions, but there won't be need for that in years.

>> No.9371070

you dont seem to understand whats going on, please research more :)

>> No.9371076

so if Bitcoin has off-chain = bad BS shilling for profit

but if Bitcoin Cash has off-chain - it's alright, we're still Bitcoin whitepaper ?

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non mining nodes do nothing
core is a point of centralisation because they control the bitcoin github you retard

>> No.9371098

tell that to r/btc and all the other cashies you retard

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Off chain because there's actual market demand for it absent artificial restriction is different to off chain only because of artificial restriction, and in a manner guaranteed to result in massive centralised hubs. You don't understand what's going on, but you're too stupid to even understand how ignorant you are, so basically you're just fucked.
My sympathies on your condition.

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i see roger pays you well

>> No.9371152

If you bet against BCH, you bet against Bitmain - is this a good idea?

>> No.9371155

he plays you better
you literally have to trust rogre and jihan to continue to mine btc even though they publicly trash it

>> No.9371160

vote against morals, or what will make you the most money, you gotta choose

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Is this you?

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I see you got fired.

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Those digits. Chequed.

>> No.9371180

that dudes beard is so fucking stupid

>> No.9371210

almost as stupid as your arguments

>> No.9371223

>waaaa he has a different opinion than me waaa roger dox him for me waaaaaa

>> No.9371303


LOL dude like a week or two ago there were various shopped pics of Roger Ver giving the finger or crying etc posted almost hourly in newly created threads. There still are but I think its mostly butthurt corecucks now.

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We're not against scaling off-chain

we're for scaling on-chain

do you realize what the difference is?

>> No.9371389

How do we even plan on taking BCH back first though?
Decentralized as it may be, it's pretty much the same as having a chink lightning network when Alibaba owns all of the transactions and China holds all of the haspower.

>> No.9371453

Nothing to take back. They follow nakamoto consensus, which is based on economic rationalism, or they will fall to someone else that does, period.

>> No.9371497

Oh god you people are thick. See >>9371046

It's also centralized because they introduced SW so they will have a claim for the Bitcoin name for their chain and limited the blocksize so people will be forced into their 2nd layer solutions.

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rise and shine...

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He can flip but he won't, yes bch would be #1 but his business would lose lots of real $$$

>> No.9373187

Now is the perfect time to do it though.
>everything in red
>bch starts to pump
>market sees it as the only coin in green and jumps in
>continus to pump
>everyone is happy, news sites start talking about bch giving it more publicity
>they use it to push their narrative that bch is the true btc
>people start believing it because they are all into bch and love the gains
>core supporters jump into bch as well
>bch flips btc

>> No.9373611

Not sure if youre still in here but this video is what got me to understand it.
It looks too low level to really make large apps by hand but the direction its going is to make an OP_code compiler so you can write the script in any language and compile to OP code. Really a billion dollar idea

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