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Or should I hold off for a dip?

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$1000 EOY

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>implying there will be a dip

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Support is so strong with LINK lately, you can try catching the tiny dips but they have been rebounding constantly

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No rush, you'll have at least another 6 months to buy at this price

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1000$ you do realise what the total mc wpuld have to be you pleb

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yeah, you add 3 zeros to the coin supply
what's your point faggot

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market cap is a meme

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I’m more worried about btc and eth falling down a bit and dragging Link alone with it

Market cap is a useless metric for a utility token

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Yup. Its only relevant if its intended to be speculative and most/all of it will remain on the markets. Most will be staked and never see the market so the real circulating supply will be closer to 5% of LINK once mainnet is launched and partners are on board. Run your market cap numbers with 50million supply instead of 1billion and you'll end up far closer to reality.

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yes but in that case the $1000 price tag won't be sustainable because any random whale can dump his bag and make himself a billionaire immediately

links will be locked in nodes but they can always be taken out anytime so dont assume the circ supply will stay 5% forever

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Volume flat for weeks or months gonna have to market buy or your limit order may never be filled until EOY.

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One thousand dollar EOY isn't happening. No reason 1 LINK should ever be worth more than 1 gallon of gasoline. Seeing 1 gallon I can travel 20 miles what can 1 LINK do?

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This comparison makes absolutely no sense.

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Holy shit, l just realized link is a fucking scam. You can’t even use link to buy gas or groceries. What the fuck is any normal person going to use link for? It’s completely useless. Even dirt is worth more, I can actually physically sell a bag of dirt to someone, link is more worthless than dirt.

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I wonder if there is gonna be a whale with strong enought hands to not sell link after it hits like 5-10x.

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Dump link for a billlion of fiat? What are you? Retarded?

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Thanks! Just sold 100k.
You really saved me there, anon. You're so sweet :)

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Did anyone actually work out what Mark Oblad was doing on twitter last night?

What did the code mean? Some guy from a big law firm has responded to him saying "Bingo"

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>muh markegcab
reddit please go

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Will link have more utility as some point than gasoline which is a highly utilized in our modern transportion system. Both are utilities. If 1 LINK can't generate more utility than 1 gallon of gasoline it'll never be worth even $100

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That was a satirical post you scatterbrains.

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If we rise one more cent on Link I will go from Red to Green for the first time since I entered the crypto game in January.

Imagine I started making a profit thanks to LINK

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One day this thing will reach $1, maybe by 2033

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This is the dip.

I'm not saying that it's a new bottom, but it is the dip for the current cycle. This coin got shilled to a FB crypto group. That and the price action on BTC was why we saw that run and now we have a dip in BTC and sats. I'm not saying that you won't see better buy in options later, but I'd definitely take action on this one now. If you're going for weekly buyins-this is one of the better opportunities on the short term horizon.

I wouldn't hold out for anything sub 5000 for a while and 5500 is honestly a fair buy-in. Put in half now and wait for that 5500 target

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why do you people always ask this during a pump? the good time to buy is before the pump

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They were being satirical to your satire. Not a good sign you couldn't pick up on that. You have the capability to be sarcastic but not pick up on sarcasm is the first signs.

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Do you have a name of responded ?

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Thanks bby