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>stay poor
>insider here
>whale here
>easy x10
>guaranteed x10
>the next x100
>the next ehtereum
>new exchange soon
>insitutional money
>main net soon
>get in now faggots
>last warning
>I've shilled you X, now I'm here to tell you about Y
>I'm getting antshare vibes
>you are here
>comfiest hold
>I shilled you this when it was only X sats, now it's Y sats
>top 10 soon
>silently mooning

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>next few hours are critical

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>just wait till china wakes up

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>fucking delete this i'm still accumulating

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>hidden gem
>normies will fomo soon
>government backing
>[insert] partnership
>endorsed by [insert]
>PhD team
>do you hate money
>wallet release soon
>next binance listing
>here is my ref link

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>that 30 year old boomer

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>they called Bitcoin a scam too
>third generation blockchain

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>> My TA lines indicate a coming drop. Get out now. You have been warned.

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>confirmed partnerships
>early adopter phase
>should be in the top 5 by now
>massively undervalued

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>my uncle works at coinbase

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>nobody has heard about a coin
>suddenly there are 10+ threads about it in the catalog

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>I've finished accumulating

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>strong team
>partnering with IBM
>big announcement coming soon
>amazing founder
>blockchain 3.0
>doesn't use a blockchain, uses an asymmetrical multi-synchronous block mesh
>pre-sale tokens 75% discount
>projected to be worth 10x in a year
>get in now

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>under 1M market cap
>potential moon mission

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>the REAL bitcoin

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what corecucks say about BTC

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you ruined it

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>what corecucks say about BTC

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>store of value

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>healty correction

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>zoom out

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>it's the next eth
>1k eoy
>parabolic move incoming
>forming a bullflag
>bulls are back
>40k eoy
>the flippening

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>Institutional money
>Apple partnership
>weekend dip
>I've finished accumulating, buy my shitcoin
>it will be the biggest bullrun we've ever seen
>teeka pajeeta
>doing TA on manipulated altcoins
>doing TA on 1 min candles
>doing TA

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>exit scam
>heavy bags
>ponzi scheme

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>yeah, the team might have a few pajeets but Microsoft and google are full of pajeets

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>yet another frog thread

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>solid team
>liquid team
>Bose-Einstein condensate team

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>Bitcoin CASH

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>obvious cup and handle
>diversification is a meme
>Chinese ethereum
>eurofags awake
>burgers awake, weak hands

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>read between the lines
>binance rumors
>wait until reddit starts shilling it
>normie fomo
>CEO of X started following grandmother's third cousin of CEO of Y on Twitter
>upcoming rebrand
>all the supply will be locked up in nodes

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>*posts some bullshit screencap with no source*
>"you will need at least X amount of this token to form a masternode"
>*evades all questions as to where does his info come from*
>"passive income for the rest of your life!"
>*gets called on his bullshit*
>*starts another thread with vague and cryptic sourceless statements*

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>starts with an N
>ends with an O
>just jumped right in the top100 crypto after being listed in only 2 DEXs

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>ethereum killer

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>I'm not bothered it was always gonna be a longterm hold
>more time to accumulate
>it's for institutions, they don't give a fuck about you he he
>delete I'm not done accumulating
>it's like buying eth at $2
>active devs
>good community
>vote here so it gets listed on bibox
>buy now or cry later
>this time it's different
>kucoin listing imminent
>X was at their conference, DYR faggot!
>partnership with Microsoft
>partnership with Volkswagen
>partnership with BMW
>It's like [insert famous company] but on the blockchain!
>inverse H&S!
>C&H on the weekly!

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>100k market cap
>pls buy sirs

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>[insert some cryptowhoring boomer] is their advisor, you think he would advise a scam? DYOR faggot!
>I hope you don't buy
>good tokenomics
>rebranding soon
>new website this month
>ama any day, should pump the price, easy 20%
>good advisors!
>team's tokens are locked for 10 years, stop fudding faggot!

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What coin are you babbling shite about

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the absolute state of /biz/

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