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0.2btc by the end of this week.

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I'm so ready to taste the salty tears of normies after their shitcash crashes.

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fuck off core cuck

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lmao you got dumped on by roger ver AGAIN and you still defend him

imagine being that cucked

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>0.2btc by the end of this week.
top kek... the REAL bitcoin is going to be worth .2 bitcoins...lmfao... excellent post masterful sarcasm

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check out these brainlets over here

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He didn't sell shit the last time though.
Top wallets still have the same amount of BCH they had when the 0.5BTC pump took place, they even kept on buying it during that pump.
So, yeah keep on spreading your dumb FUD.

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>it's only a dump if coins move from a top wallet
>one person can't dump from multiple wallets or exchange wallets

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Imagine being this uneducated on basic POW principles

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seein how there is next to zero transaction traffic on the BCH network. ALL of the bch pumps are done on exchange (i.e. bots, wash, paint, etc...)

Cashies on suicide watch!!

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no, some top wallets dumped like 100k BCH in the last weeks. (you can't see them now in top wallets because they're empty)

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Yesssss.... yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss........

Very good, cashies. Very good, indeed. You have done very well in your shilling of our scam-I mean... "legitimate" Bitcoin fork. Every effort, no matter how small, is necessary as we continue our campaign to deceive, mislead, and trick newcomers-I mean, "convince" people of bcash's superiority. For your efforts, you will receive 1(one) complimentary bottle of Onions in a flavor of your choosing. Now open wide, my fellow cashie, it's time for your daily dose...

... Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg...

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It will be fun watching these coretards writhe when they figure out that all their emotional gloating and shit posting in the world won't make a micron worth of difference to the simple brutal logic of pow division by market price.
I can't even muster the care to taunt you people anymore. I just pity you now. How stupid do you have to be to have this rubbed in your face for months on end and still fail to grasp it?
You can't save fools from themselves.

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fuck. this reminds me. i need to order more onions this month.

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it's happening

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dude, you have no transactions on your network. none. when are you going to figure out that the bch price action is being controlled by trading bots trading with each other. no one wants this shit for real. no merchant adoption, no OTC market, no normies putting bch in their hardware wallets... nothing.

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give me a quick rundown on onions

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>dude, you have no transactions on your network.
I can smell your fear. https://cryptograffiti.info/

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Not worth it, remember these shills are paid by Roger and Jihan. Bcash will eventually have to raise the 21 million limit in order to incentivize miners to continue mining since they've already committed to "muh no fees"

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you're both retarded tbqh

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It must suck to have to hold core coin in fear of being replaced everyday watching the value and hash power dwindle away as your leaders tell you to hold on redemtion is coming as they bail out.

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>IF the hash power starts abandoning
>inevitable conclusion

what a piece of shit piece.

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All the adoption that went into core is being transferred over to cash. That is the migration strategy. Uptake of cash is orders of magnitude larger than lightning, and now that businesses know they can build on the platform and it will support their growth, they are doing exactly that. Joystream, open bazaar block press cointext memo.cash and dozens of others, all just adding value to the currency, and every piece they add puts pressure on the guillotine poised above BTC's neck that it is absolutely incapable of stopping with anything like its own adoption, which is just a laughable dream at this stage.
That BCH is indeed likely being manipulated upwards by whales on top of all that organic adoption isn't something that should make you feel safer. It is something that should be an even bigger warning siren. It means you're even more fucked than if it was just a slower organic death, it means the forces involved realise they're in a situation to press their advantage and wipe you out quickly.
And that is what they are doing.
Remember; You were warned.

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eat the raw onion
the red ones are easier to eat
must be raw
eat one a day
you can mix it into a smoothie if you want (mixing it with bananas peanut butter and blueberries goes a long way to make it not burn your nostrils anymore)

eating raw onions b00sts your test
if you're below 34 yrs old you should be having full hard ons every morning when you wake up
otherwise there is something wrong with your test levels

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Bcash and the chink coins are being pumped by shit exchanges like Hitbtc, Huobi, LBANK, and more. It's all a scam by the chinks, don't buy their bags.

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>>IF the hash power starts abandoning
>>inevitable conclusion

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Hashpower follows price. Product value denotes eventual price, btc has zero value and lightning is a failure, btc is appreciating rapidly in both value and uptake, increase in uptake measured by BCH vs lightning is orders of magnitude favoring bch.
The end result is inevitable no matter how emotionally destroyed it makes you, wojack.

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The funniest part is that so many libertarians (almost all of them non-technical) have bought into Bcash as the "libertarian" coin solely due to Roger's megalomania. When in reality, it's a centralized Chinese knockoff controlled by Chinese businessmen who don't give a fuck about liberty or any cypherpunk principles.

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>core cuck cope harder

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Just out today, probably causing the spike in price.

Panel Discussion with Craig Wright and Jimmy Nguyen - The Future of Bitcoin (Cash)


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what kind of stupid shit is this?
you actually said nothing in all of those words....
>muh massive adoption
prove it. and I don't want to see that SBI Holdings larppy shit either.. I mean prove it like the news that was posted this morning about NYSE settling with real bitcoins... that's BTC to be exact. Or, GS opens an ETF based on BTC... something along those lines of prove it. (pro tip: you got nothing)

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Lightning is coming along great, tons of interest and enthusiasm. More mainnet lightning nodes than Bcash nodes by far.

Another 1 post by this id. Wow, there's so many different people into bcash! Definitely not the same paid shill using different proxies. Damn, bcashers are desperate.

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>1 tb block
>4B transactions before fees get above $.001

>"1.8" mb block
>"unlimited" celeing of fees but about 2k transactions... lets say $1000 average fee

4Bx.001 > 2kx1000

$4million in fees per block for BCH vrs $2million for BTC (with a $1000 average transaction fee)

So who is going to have to print more to keep the chain secure?

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SCAM do not buy.

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Agreed I don't get why the libertarian crowd doesnt buy LTC. Litecoin is a much better coin than Bcash in terms of transparency, fees, speed, decentralization, etc.

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>1tb block

Impossible without giant data centers that will be easily coopted by governments. If in 20 years or so it becomes possible for regular individuals to run a full node with 1tb blocks, obviously by that point BTC will be well beyond 1.8mb. Hell, Schnorr sigs are around the corner and will raise the effective limit dramatically.

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20.225 BTC lightning capacity as of this very second.
You guys just will never get it. You deserve what's coming.

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Agreed, it also has more usage than BCH and is interoperable on the Lightning network (atomic swaps, etc). Even Dogecoin has more activity than BCH.

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> but muh mainstream finance the backed the hijacking is still totally trying to make it happen!

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Stop fudding so you can buy cheap. Its not too late

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It's ok. Your impatience and need for instant gratification is what led you to BCH in the first place. Those of us with more long-term visions and ideals (for example every major cypherpunk) are sticking with Bitcoin.

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You're not going to have a long term because the price will take away your hashpower and you will have no blockchain, period.

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Every major cypherpunk knows that Segwit was rushed in to remove king cypherpunk dead man's switch you dumb pajeet pedo fuck go rope yourself

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why does core post in a bcash post about lightning, thats like pissing in the wind

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Funny, bcash shills have been saying this since the beginning and it's going on almost a full year. I wonder how much longer it'll take?

Is Jihan now paying for auto-generated bcash shilling? Not getting his shekels worth.

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divergence of 0.0496% per ten minutes or greater and BTC never reaches difficulty adjustment and must survive on ideological mining alone.
So, basically it will happen eventually by organic adoption alone *or* when some BCH whale feels up to topping BTC and believes the market is ready for it, and the push needed to start the avalanche is not much at all for the magnitude of swings going on regularly in this market.

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I said prove it.
he said...
>hurr durr
it's okay man I understand low IQ, I have a step cousin.

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>Some Bcash whale

Roger already tried this last year when he went all in and got Bitcoin down to ~5500 and bcash up to nearly 2800. The Bitcoin network slowed nearly to a halt. Look what happened subsequently?

There is very little organic adoption of bcash, and certainly less than that of Bitcoin. The bcash community is largely made up of butthurt, non-technical semi-early adopters of Bitcoin, and are not adding to their ranks any more than Litecoin is.

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>4"put your money where your mouth is" -mouth or ass??

these are the memo messages in BCH?

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You said "prove it like with all my jewed out mainstream bank examples" which just proves the narrative that BTC was hijacked and sabotaged by those mainstream banks to execute their agenda and suppress the threat the original bitcoin represented. And you're right, I have no such examples, if I did in fact have such examples, it would prove BCH was just as sabotaged as BTC in the exact way the BCH gang has been pointing out it has been for ages now pic related.
It's not.

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>organic adoption alone
this is what delusional looks like kids.

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I said to prove this "mass adoption" mantra you fucking retard. Prove just one large (doesn't have to be a bank) institution uses, not gonna bouta use, but actually uses bitcoin cash.

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And, that SBI Holdings news , albeit bullshit because they've put their support behind Ripple, is a joke on you, SBI Holdings is a fucking bank you genuine imbecile.

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That's not actually what caused the event to which you're referring. That was a consequence of the last iteration of the previous BCH DAA which had a problem that was being exploited to cause the difficulty to skyrocket, coupled with the new BCH DAA. As a consequence, for that very narrow band of time BCH bids on hashpower were so high that BTC could not compete, and it lost 90% of its hash power. That is indeed what things will look like long term when the price warrants it, but what happened back then was not due to high price, but low difficulty, and was by nature only ever going to happen for a short time. It was a shot across the bow which made it obvious to those of us who understood how difficulty adjustment works what the eventual consequence and equilibrium of BCH price appreciation would be, not a bolt from the blue that would flat out and permanently kill BTC.
That will only happen when the market makes it happen. I know all this as I was the one posting about it at the time and freaking out because I had not previously understood that blockchains were vulnerable to this form of attack based purely around a weakness in the difficulty adjustment algorithm.

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Indeed, this is the most laughable of the bcash talking points.

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I had a job offer from SBI, I know who and what they are. They're Japanese, their interests are massively divergent from the wall street fucks that sabotaged the original BTC, Japan's entire approach to crypto is a way to leverage their unwanted heavily held US debt that they're unable to offload due to being technically occupied, the last thing they want is for the US to be able to dig their claws even deeper in using BTC as a hook instead. Their interests are not at all aligned with those wallstreet fucks.
All of asia just wants a genuine reliable global currency, and that is exactly what BCH is going to be, and all the BTC kikery in the world isn't going to change that. That you idiots don't even understand you've sabotaged a chain that will dissolve out from under you because you've also compromised the value proposition of it is just icing on the cake.

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What you're basically saying is that if people stop valuing Bitcoin, and start valuing Bcash more, then miners will stop mining Bitcoin in favor of Bcash. This goes both ways, and it's not looking good for Bcash.

There's no reason to believe that people will start valuing Bcash more than Bitcoin. Bitcoin has the network effect, by far much better developers and computer scientists, name recognition, etc. New investors are buying Bitcoin and don't give a fuck about the scaling debate.

>All of asia just wants a genuine reliable global currency

You know how I know you're paid by Roger?

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lol dude you aren't supposed to argue with the core-shills. You just play along and let them talk. Give them enough rope to hang themselves.

Bunch of repurposed CTR drones stick out like a sore thumb.

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>BCH DAA which had a problem that was being exploited
this is the reason why you don't move at breakneck speed when you are dealing with Billions of other peoples money. One vulnerability is all it takes to ruin a coin faster than this squabble over greed will. Which is why I support btc. It's only a matter of time until the headlines read "Roger Ver took Bcash too far too fast, now it's the Frankenstein's Monster of the Blockchain."

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> . This goes both ways, and it's not looking good for Bcash.
Wrong, BCH DAA just lowers the difficulty of the chain in order to maintain necessary hash rate in order to mine a block every ten minutes, and you're just flat out wrong about the adoption issue, whinge and bitch as you might about it, there are less than 3000 lightning users and less than 30 BTC even tied up in it, by contrast every single major business that used to operate mostly on BTC has also opened up BCH to hedge against the failure of BTC, which everyone except you knows is a foregone conclusion. Bitpay, Coinbase, yadda yadda yadda, every exchange that has even the slightest modicum of a fucking clue what's going on, every payment processor with any kind of volume at all, just fucking everything, you responding with NUHUH isn't accomplishing sweet fuck all and I'm not even listening to it except as evidence that you have a combination of ignorance and wishful thinking a muslim would envy.
> You know how I know you're paid by Roger?
Because I'm pointing out to you that you're wrong, and you can't imagine any other possible explanation for it, because you're a stupid cunt. That's ok, I forgive you.
The market won't though. Kiss your ass goodbye.

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core cucks would defend this LOL

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Get the champagne ready for those $50 fees.

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And yet, you claim that moving slowly prevents negative consequences, while the fate of the BTC chain is nothing *but* a huge negative consequence, all the way to chain death, because they didn't do the simple fucking thing of scaling perfectly reasonably on chain.
But of course they couldn't do that, as they were hired to sabotage it, and saboteurs don't improve the item which they are hired to sabotage.
Sometimes you have to move the ship faster than you'd like to, in order to avoid an obstacle which wasn't apparent until later than you'd liked it to have been, sometimes that has damage, sure, but better superficial damage than a head on collision with an iceberg. That's the situation BTC is in now, Segwit has completely destroyed it, Lightning has subverted any value it might otherwise have, and it stands to be completely destroyed as miners simply abandon it because it makes better economic sense to mine the real Bitcoin. That's how things are, and all the whinging and bitching and moaning in the world from you isn't going to make the slightest degree of difference to it.

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Bitcoin Maximalist TONED VASE said all altcoins including bitcoin cash (BCASH LOL) are going to zero because they are all illegal scams and the government will protect bitcoin by throwing everyone in jail.


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Ahhh Medieval Peasant Haircut Man. That guy is so emblematic of the clueless fucks who blindly follow core without having the slightest idea what's actually going on.

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>its a scam by the largest holders crypto
>d-don't look at the l-largest w-wallets pls

>the largest wallets already dumped
>n-no there is no public b-blockchain to prove this


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both have 10+/-minute blocks so...
0-confirmation is credit.
sub-chains like LN
Teechian like LN
popular among merchants


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30 day hashrate for bch has increased by almost 2% since I last looked, nice!

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excellent observation and post kind sir

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what funny is btc dominance drops 5% while "other" (other means shitcoins) rises 5% all the while bitcoin cash stays at 5%

>> No.9339794

Imagine not understanding bitcoin this fucking hard.

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You seem mad, and your emotional impulsiveness is evident. Are you feeling regret that you backed the wrong horse? Lightning is coming along fantastically. No one cares that some businesses have adopted Bcash since no one uses it to buy things.

Regarding Lightning, a few months ago you said it was vaporware, and now you've moved the goalposts. While you bitch and moan, Bitcoiners are building things and writing code.

By the way, here's a hint about Asia: they want to make shekels. They want to gamble and get rich. They don't give a fuck about using a "global" payment system. So when Roger uses his aggressive salesmanship skills to convince a coffee shop in Tokyo to accept bitcoin, they're doing it because they think it'll make them more money (and get Roger off their back), not because they have all of a sudden become crypto-anarchist libertarians. You're aping Roger's half-baked talking points because you are either paid by him or a highly credulous follower. No one's buying that shit outside of the widely-scorned Bcash echo-chamber.

>> No.9339805

fuck off with this dead meme already.
god it wasnt funny in the first place and is just plain dumb normie-tier humour

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>b-b-but this bank is a g-good bank
nigger please.

go play Titanic with your waifu weeb and leave the real men to their work.

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Ultimately, innovation comes with necessity. And the necessity for modern cash in underdeveloped countries is far greater than in developed countries.

If a cryptocurrency cannot provide the basic functionality of cash with low fees, and instant and reliable transactions, it automatically excludes most of the world’s population.

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>Chinese businessmen who don't give a fuck about liberty or any cypherpunk principles.

Fantastic. You do know what businessmen like though, right? PRODUCTS THAT FUCKING WORK.

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But the bitcoin community doesn't care about global adoption, they care about store of value and rising price in terms of fiat. That is their selling point and they are sticking to it.

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go back to /r/bitcoin, corecuck

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Bitcoin works and is improving all the time. Dogecoin and Feathercoin also "work" just like Bcash. No one cares.

Satoshi was brilliant but not right about everything. Every major cypherpunk, including the best candidates for Satoshi (Szabo and Hal Finney for example) see fully the necessity of bitcoin being a multi-layered system as it is evolving into today.

>> No.9340032

>see fully the necessity of bitcoin being a multi-layered system as it is evolving into today.

The main problem BCH fans have is that BTC is intentionally crippling the main layer to force users into second layer.

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> Are you feeling regret that you backed the wrong horse?
Yeah.. I'm.... real cut up about my 134% rise in the past thirty days, especially when I could've been in on that sweet 31% BTC action. You've got me, oh god, it feels so good to cry, it all started with my mother you know..
Ay yo hol up, is you doin' that fancy "Projectin'" thing they be teachin us about in psychology tha other day?
> coming along fantastically.
If by fantastically you mean, nobody is using it and it still is not a decentralised scaling solution, then I would say your definition of "fantastically" is not useful.
> moved the goalposts
Wrong, the goalposts were always; a superior decentralised scaling solution as compared to the original vision of scaling on chain. It has indisputably failed to even approach accomplishing that.

>> No.9340056

>Bitcoin works and is improving all the time
You can lie all you like anon, but people here aren't interested in it or your vaporware.

>muh cypherpunk
fapping to Adam Back and his shit solutions to problems that never existed is a terrible way to shape your philosophy. Satoshi never had a problem with 2nd layering, however making it a requirement IS the antithesis of bitcoin.

>inb4 using lightning/segwit to avoid $1000 fees and week long leadtimes are a fucking option

also kys

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> BTCkikes are building
Bad things and useless code that just digs their hole deeper, and their chain is going to die, too bad, so sad.
> Asia: they want to make shekels. They want to gamble and get rich
Here's a hint about humanity. That's what the entire world is doing.
> They don't give a fuck about
They may not explain it that way and may not personally intellectually grasp that that's what they want. That doesn't mean it isn't what they want, anymore than when I have skinny big titted bimbo bitches thrown at me with an oral fetish I don't have to be aware of which evolutionary buttons they're pressing to know I want to fuck the shit out of them. The rest of the world is sick to death of the kiked out international finance system and it's US backed thuggery vis the petrodollar. It's going to die, get over it. This last ditch attempt to replace it with a kiked out lightning network where you can redo bretton woods 2.0, it's not going to work. And what normies intellectually understand about the situation is absolutely irrelevant to the economics which dictate the above inevitable outcomes.
So you can bitch and whinge and moan about muh roger until the cows come home, and all it tells me is ur mad bro, and frankly I don't give the slightest fuck, your pain amuses me and I will be glad to see your shit tier hijack attempt eat mud and burn dollars.

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Didn't say they were a good bank. Said they had divergent interests from wall street kikes. That's simply accurate.

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second layer solutions, just like Satoshi envisioned

>> No.9340122
File: 852 KB, 1280x720, yyjw17vxrj101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah, what a genius, does he make your pussy wet too becky?

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>> No.9340160

>force users into second layer.
by not fucking with the money maker? something cashies can't understand becasue all the money in bch is owned by Ver, Ayres, Wright and Wu... you don't go fucking around with the goose that lays the golden egg. Let fuck boi ver create Frankenstein's Monster. Let fuck boi Lee test the segwits... leave the Cash Cow alone!

>> No.9340181

seriously, I thought economic central planners were the antithesis of cryptocurrencies.

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>> No.9340204

The limit (which will be raised, btw) is seen as a necessary security parameter to maintain decentralization by having as many full nodes as possible running in a variety of jurisdictions around the world. Calling the base layer "intentionally crippled" is highly misleading, but another example of Roger's clever wordsmithing.

>Roger is a libertarian therefore he knows about computer science
>More incoherent, butthurt modest-IQ rambling

Funny no one even mentioned Adam Back until you did. But he's a pivotal figure in the history of Bitcoin. Without his contributions, Bitcoin's PoW couldn't exist. Without Roger, nothing would be different except perhaps there would be less vitriol and divisiveness in the community.

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>all the money in bch is owned by Ver, Ayres, Wright and Wu

>> No.9340243


Lightning network in action. Bcash shills are shitting their pants right now.

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You... You know that they intend to move the bulk of revenue generation on the BTC system away from the miners that secure the chain and onto their kiked out central banking hubs, right fuckwad?
What am I saying, of course you don't fucking know that, otherwise you wouldn't be talking about the insanity of attacking the goose that is laying the golden eggs, whilst the farmer next door is buying it a nice new barn and offering all the attractive goose treats they can find.
Fuck, it really does stun me how amazingly stupid you people are. No wonder you actually listen to Tone Vays and his ilk unironically, they actually are more intelligent than you, I can't believe that's even possible but it clearly is.

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> it's impossible to handle throughput higher than 14kbps because muh computer science.
1969 called and they want their cutting edge back, fuckstick.

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yeah nah we think that, but it turns out central planning is actually way superior. One Meg Greg 4eva.

>> No.9340364

yeah but no one cares about non mining nodes. The problem is miner centralization. If the block size gets too large then who ever mines the latest block gets a larger and larger advantage. I don't know what size it will become a large problem, not at 32 or 100mb though.

>> No.9340442
File: 158 KB, 960x767, bcashlol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9340450

>What is latency?
>What is bandwidth?
>What is block validation?

Figures that since you're a tech illiterate you wouldn't have thought of such things.

>> No.9340476
File: 301 KB, 1511x1481, segwit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not even sure that's actually accurate, header first mining + bloom filters for transactions should mean both instant propagation for the purposes of mining, no matter the block size, and no more empty blocks which is the drawback of just plain old header first mining as of now. Either way, there's no actual threat of miner centralisation, that's just core bullshit, the only real world concrete actual problem caused by block propagation + header first mining is occasionally empty blocks.
The truth is this entire thing is about a whole raft of different actual causes, none of them at all technical, it's about Maxwell's ego, Blockstream's business interests, and the central banking apparatus wanting a trojan horse to insert their kiked out bretton woods 2.0

>> No.9340502

>I only let the poorest of fags validate my chain

Actually what am I saying. Even if these poorfags can get a node up and running they still can't afford to run a modern mining operation so basically your argument is shit.

>> No.9340547

0.005 by the end of the year

>> No.9340570

boomer cope

>> No.9340577
File: 248 KB, 900x516, Gas em.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

let me just knock down every corecuck non-argument

>chinese miners!
Same miners for both coins because they share the same algorithim
>Big blocks cause centralization!
The price for new storage is negligible to big mining firms
>We need non-mining nodes
Non-mining nodes do not contribute to the network because they cannot contribute hashpower to outpace attackers
>Lightning network!
Because connections in the LN are made through liquidity, any DDOS that forces nodes off the network will force re-routing. This is called the travelling salesman problem and it's pretty hard
>Muh brand
Not a brand. An open source project
>Roger ver!!11
Is not a developer
ASICS are good. Mining on regular computers put bitcoin at the risk of Sybil attacks via botnets

>> No.9340601

Latency is the time it takes for data to make a round trip on a link
Bandwidth is the total volume available for data communication
Block validation is ensuring that an issued block matches consensus rules.
But, you're just LARP'ing as a technically literate person, whereas I run a multi megawatt mining facility, and have been professionally programming for over twenty years, and professionally sysadmining for ten before that.
The truth is you fuckers have no idea what you're doing technically, you just like to throw around bullshit secure in the knowledge that most normies lack the adequate knowledge to take you to task on it, it's not going to fly here shlomo, I know you're talking shit. Just like Mike Hearn knew all of you fuckheads were talking shit when you were throwing around your PhD's in graphics and other fields unrelated to massively distributed computing to warrant your idiotic sabotage plans, because he worked for fucking google and had to manage their products at their scale.

>> No.9340631

126k June 2018

>> No.9340940
File: 264 KB, 540x810, comfynippon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for coming into this shithouse of a thread and fighting the good fight, anon. Honestly at this point if some BTC-maximalists want to go down with the ship at this point I say let them. They are so devoid or willfully neglectful of basic logic and common sense that they deserve to loose it all over time.
Sadly not everyone can make it.

>> No.9340964

Limitations in latency, bandwidth, and CPU power for block validation are all reasons why most Bitcoiners prefer to not let the block size get too large. Great job missing the point.

So you're in your 50s and talk like an emotionally impulsive edgy teenager. You run a mining farm in China and thus are exposed to Chinese on a daily basis but somehow still idealize the motives of native Chinese in the crypto space while denigrating those of the actual Anglo/Western cypherpunks who created this movement in the first place.

You're some kind of bullshitter. Best of luck with your Chinese knockoff shitcoin.

>> No.9340975
File: 39 KB, 1280x720, 1493689120_gonnamakeitbrah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They won't tho.

>> No.9341059
File: 108 KB, 900x600, 1524864172667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Limitations in latency, bandwidth, and CPU power
Wrong, these are the *excuses* the core group of devs gives in order for their plain sabotage of the project, and credulous saps suck it up because they don't know better.
That doesn't change the fact that it's all complete bullshit.
> You run a mining farm in China and thus are exposed to Chinese
This is what I mean about coretard levels of delusions, you honestly do think that all mining happens in China, despite major significant pools having stratum servers in both the US and Europe, and massive amounts of cheap hydroelectricity and cold temperatures in Washington State and Canada most obviously, but many other places I'm not going to even mention here because it cost me a fuckton to learn.
Mining is distributed, because the core narrative is actually bullshit. I know you can't get that through your head, but once again, just because you're ignorant of it, doesn't make it untrue.

>> No.9341085

>actual Anglo/Western cypherpunks who created this movement in the first place.
Ideas and code are the only thing that matter.

>> No.9341087
File: 1.78 MB, 438x255, 1523616457850.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This goes both ways, and it's not looking good for Bcash.
>16 posts by this I'd

Have you looked at the charts since the fork which is less than a year old?
Go look sure, tell us which is growing against the other you complete brainlet

>> No.9341149

If you like your bitcoin devs you can keep them :)

>> No.9341182
File: 103 KB, 944x778, 1524149473035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


No one cares if corecucks baghold for eternity (they will). The problem is they keep coming into BCH threads to harass and FUD with the most re-fucking-tarded arguments over and over. It's like they're not even corecucks but a paid shill army of some sort.

Pic related.

>> No.9341361

>another bcashie blaming others for what he is doing himself just like the jews over in occupied Palestine.

>> No.9341454

from sysadmin to developer... to owning a >multi megawatt mining facility... I see now why you are so emotional anon you have a lot tied up in your little air dropped pre mined shitcoin. Were you forced into mining shitcoins because your devop skills suck? You do know that there are online schools that will help you with that. Worst part is for you is that there is literally no bch adoption outside of a few online pic posting echo chambers.

>> No.9341475
File: 553 KB, 2048x1536, DHal3YPU0AA63N9.jpg_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this how they teach you in the shill school to fit in? "say stuff about the jews rajesh, they fucking love that shit".
Sorry pashmena, blockstream shills always stick out like a sore thumb, it's just a fact of nature, everything they try to put out there that sounds compelling and organic to them just sounds like hilarious parody poe's law shit to everyone else. It's just the way things are.

>> No.9341484

Anyone who uses "cypherpunks" unironically after the 90's a complete faggot.

>> No.9341501
File: 64 KB, 214x210, angrydedede.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No u.
You do realize that equipment that is used to mine BCH can also mine BTC, right? Funny how so many people who spout lazy canned anti-BCH rhetoric seem to have such a poor grasp of how the whole ecosystem works.

>> No.9341517
File: 143 KB, 618x434, 1513125022387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9341519

Indeed. Cypherpunks write code. Bcash shills market, astroturf, and (in the case of Deadalnix) copy code that Core devs come up with.

>inb4 muh patented CSW nChain innovations

>> No.9341550

>Anyone who uses "founding fathers" after the Revolutionary War is a complete faggot

Can't believe I'm even responding to these shitposts.

>> No.9341552

>thinks raising blocksize was the fork that changed the rules
>Segwit totally fine

>> No.9341583

The difference between cypherpunk and founding fathers is the latter wasn't co-opted by banking interests.

>> No.9341647
File: 104 KB, 1079x519, 1524103992972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

looks like core coin is chocking again, better bail out while you have a chance

>> No.9341652

there is no traffic on your network.
there is no traffic on your network.

unless the BCH supporting site tx highway is malfunctioning there is literally zero traffic on the bch network while there are thousands of transactions on the btc network. And, you are an idiot if you think it's becasue of the alt pairings... becasue last time I checked people don't send btc to the exchanges, they send ltc or eth. then trade the ltc or eth for btc once on the exchange. furthermore, bch runs the same hardware as btc so that means not only is Roger Ver trying to steal the bitcoin name but steal the actual use cases that are already established for bitcoin. nice airdropped pre-mined scam coin.

>> No.9341678
File: 54 KB, 825x510, DNUdxmAXkAADPcU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Roger Ver is an openly homosexual numale.

>> No.9341705

takes one to know one core lover

>> No.9341719

Do you not understand the effects of incumbency, blocklet? At any rate if you want to compare adoption rates BCH is running laps around BTC. Not even a year from the fork after dealing with the largest propaganda campaign in crypto history, funded by fucking banks for Christ sake and we're STILL gaining ground. Blocklets never learn.

>> No.9341807
File: 149 KB, 637x768, VcN9LbA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm aware this is bait so I'm not going to address your transparent attempt to dox me, but you do realise how miners work right? Let me clue you in on it;
If BTC profitability is higher for the day, I'm mining BTC. I then dump it at the market and use it to buy a diversified portfolio of actually working valuable coins that aren't due to be frozen in time forever within a short period of time, 80% of which is BCH.
If BCH profitability is higher, I just keep 80% of it and spread the remaining 20% into the above portfolio.
This is how all miners work.

>> No.9341827

>BCH is running laps around BTC
you have no traffic on your chain. I cannot express this enough. You literally have zero traffic on your chain. Your numbers are either being inflated or they are outright lies.

>> No.9341837

Then according to you it is a store of value.

>> No.9341843
File: 179 KB, 575x602, 1524085602256 copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

core cucks love enslavement

>> No.9341860

Up 134% in 30 days. I don't think you know what "lost" means, coretard. Though I appreciate this expression of your undoubtedly intense rage considering the predicament in which you find yourself and all, so I forgive you.
The market is going to anally rape you, though.

>> No.9341878

Stay oblivious, friendo. However before I go, could you tell me which chain is experiencing a growing trend since the fork and which is experiencing a very sharp shrinking trend?


>> No.9341897

Transactions are up per day on BCH by over 4x the amount on BTC since fork date >>9340252
. Trend will continue, and also a frozen chain is necessarily zero transaction, so, there's that too.

>> No.9341915

Dude, I'm not trying to bait you into doxxing yourself you paranoid bitcoin miner who supports bitcoin cash. Why don't you believe that I honestly believe in bitcoin. No pajeet, no shill, just honest backing of the damn coin.

If bitcoin cash had come out and did ZERO of the shady underhanded hostile tactics, and just built a better coin, I probably would have supported it. Just the simple fact that Ver cries like a baby when you call his shitcoin bcash and in the same breath calls bitcoin core, is enough to turn me away from that scammy fuck for good. air dropped premined scamcoin cash

>> No.9341935

>>9341878if you are talking about market share or "dominance" the alt coin market is the winner you complete idiot. bitcoin went from 40% to 35% while "other" went from 20% to 25%. the entire time bcash stayed at 5%. DYOR faggot

>> No.9341965

says what your graphic? show me real proof. actually the fat that you are a bcash supporter who mines bitcoin is enough for me.

>> No.9342032

All miners mine whatever is most profitable fucktard, that is literally the way the entire industry works. It's hilarious how strongly you can believe in something you clearly have *NO IDEA* about. As for proof, that graphic has the statistics it's citing right there, and also the chart >>9341878 linked proves it as well. Just saying "NO NO NO" until we get bored doesn't change the fact that you're wrong.

>> No.9342060

BCH tx in transit =8
BTC tx in transit = 2650

>> No.9342084
File: 281 KB, 600x555, 1524448259597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>22 posts by this ID
wew lad, is this your job or something?

>> No.9342102

>links transaction volume
>is literally too retarded to understand what this means

>> No.9342112
File: 289 KB, 1000x1161, flip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>mixing volume and market share

>> No.9342119

how can BCH only have 8tx when it has 8 times as much space in its blocks. stop fudding

>> No.9342308


right now they have more like 200... it was down to 8 tho... no fud.

I'm over this stupid shit... Cashies are some deluded fuckers man... I'll be here when BCH fails. Just like XT, Unlimited and Classic... fail fail fail.

>> No.9342363
File: 3.58 MB, 1251x1421, LNplusSegwit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9342424



>muh flippening
>muh merchant adoption

>> No.9342427

lol the previous attempts happened before proper market demand was established and also before Segwit. Coupled with the fact that Core absolutely refuses to scale up and its been uncovered their funding is literal banking firms, the free market is about sort things out ebinly.

>> No.9342489

>sort things out ebinly.
hello r*ddit

>> No.9342506


Hi newfag.

>> No.9342520
File: 35 KB, 320x427, -joluV5AxaEZJtj9c8X_YxYxzEhF8jTxX5iqodCR8IM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Why don't you believe that I honestly believe in bitcoin.
Because I find it more plausible that you're lying than you're honestly that stupid. I mean, it doesn't really make a difference to me if you really are that stupid, but that's just the guess I'm going with there pajeet.
> If bitcoin cash had come out and did ZERO of the shady underhanded hostile tactics, and just built a better coin
If Core had split from the Bitcoin project to implement peer to peer electronic cash, and created an ICO for a high fee settlement coin with an attached routed staked transaction network that guarantees centralisation around large hubs, I wouldn't necessarily have supported it, but I wouldn't be doing everything I possibly can to destroy it. I'd just think "Well, fuck me, that's pretty fucking retarded" and leave it at that.
Instead, they hijacked that original vision and replaced it with the above one, and then idiot shills or just plain idiots have the nerve to present the reverse version of events so frequently it's actually a fucking meme >>9339311

>> No.9342533

no ones says its going to happen today but sources in the know say later this year

>> No.9342553


>> No.9342562

you have to go back

>> No.9342608


I want Newfags to leave. Enjoy your shitty Segwitcoin also.

>> No.9342609
File: 67 KB, 960x540, roflbot (28).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9342633
File: 23 KB, 587x506, blockstreamvc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>their funding is literal banking firms
which ones of these VC firms are the banksters?

>> No.9342655
File: 10 KB, 225x225, 1510255213260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9342661

Its more like 14kbps/node which would make it more like 140mbps.

>> No.9342702

That image actually gave me shivers, my only complaint is that its like $200, but I guess that makes some sense in the Sahara.

>> No.9342732

You can run a node such that it only ever receives throughput equal to blocksize / block time, it's just not the default. See blocksonly and associated options. From an information theoretic point of view, there's no reason to expose the nodes to traffic they're already aware of, which is why the focus on decreasing propagation latency of blocks is around bloom filters, et al, before it was realised that if that was fixed they'd lose an excellent excuse for their 1mb4eva nonsense. Right now they're just trying to pretend like header first mining doesn't exist and even then it's still an extremely weak justification for 1mb blocks. End of the day they're just fucking retards who have no clue what they're on about, and Hearn was dead right three years ago in his decision to call them on it.

>> No.9342752

I'm frankly bumping up against Poe's law here, but you're actually serious aren't you?

>> No.9342754

Who cares about these useless discussions? BCH or BTC. For me the coin that makes the biggest gain is the one that matter. You can try to outsmart coders and try to bullshit like how smart you are. The fact is that in the end all that matters is which coin will make you more money. And let's be real, BCH is on fire compared to BTC so for me BCH has more value to hold currently.

>> No.9342769

Thanks for proving to me that you're reddit!

>> No.9342780

>doesn't know 4chan memes from reddit
>tries to fit in anyway


>> No.9342807

>header first mining
causes completely empty blocks. How do you not see this as a problem?
>run a node such that it only ever receives throughput equal to blocksize / block time
so 1mb/600 seconds = 1.67kbps. WIth the roughly 10k active nodes thats 16.7mbps across the network as a whole. And thats only if they aren't relaying unconfirmed transactions, which is asinine.

Hearn lost out on the bull run, and the fork airdrops including BCH.

>> No.9342825

yes I am serious. Bitcoin has the potential to be the world currency, and it could enable global commerce like this.

>> No.9342847

>you're honestly that stupid
I've never insulted your intelligence, I just asked if you were a shitty devop because you have to mine bitcoin? which you never answered. So, I assume that you are. seeing how you have a infrastructure background. I doubt you are eloquent enough for full stack LAMP or MEAN frontend development. So, your main languages are probably Python and Powershell. and you suck at it... you can't hack it even writing automation scripts so you are now a bitcoin cash supporter who mines bitcoin.. does that sum it up... or wait ... you operate a nodeJS pool doncha... yup I can smell a failed developer miles away... What did you download a turnkey stratum pool off of github and install you some nodejs on some enterprise linux... oh yeah... no need to be worried about doxxing yourself... I can tell what kind of failed trash that you are.

>> No.9342879

Bitcoin Core is attempted to be implemented in such a way that there will massive banking overhead because of their scaling methods. Its an obvious last ditch effort to leave contemporary banks with a use case despite new technology making them obsolete.

Luckily for everyone else, their vaporware will never work properly and Bitcoin (BCH) will pick up adoption where Core royally fucked everything up.

>> No.9342890

> causes completely empty blocks. How do you not see this as a problem?
Because the alternative prior to properly implemented bloom filter propagation is 1mb4eva, which is completely and utterly useless and unacceptable, or centralised mining, which is completely unacceptable also. Both of these are effectively complete centralisation, because option one forces lightning (which is centralised) and option two forces centralised mining (which is also centralised)
Very occasional empty blocks is a perfectly reasonable temporary price to pay for properly decentralised mining.
> so 1mb/600 seconds = 1.67kbps. WIth the roughly 10k active nodes thats 16.7mbps across the network as a whole
I just said, node count need not necessarily matter, actually look at the way blocksonly works you fucking idiot. and even given 1mb / 10 minutes, it's actually less than 14kbps fuckhead (https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=1+megabyte+%2F+10+minutes)

>> No.9342916

miners are the only ones that are invested in the network.

>> No.9342923
File: 42 KB, 1168x326, therealthing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> y aren't u just wagecucking like me, y would u mine? Come on, give me more information, respond to my baiting and speculation about you.
Yeah nah gas yourself you stupid cunt.

>> No.9342953
File: 126 KB, 1094x872, ifitworks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if it works

>> No.9342963
File: 82 KB, 842x792, 1524148308230.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you must be a dummy head because you're involved with cutting edge technology and innovation that will alter human trade forever

>> No.9342981
File: 176 KB, 1080x1476, ln wallet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The system already works. It scales.

>> No.9342986

>Refers to Bitcoin as "Bitcoin Core"
>Refers to bcash as "Bitcoin (BCH)"

Reminder to ordinary people: ignore all propaganda posts

Reminder to cashies: If your shitfork was half as good as you like to make it sound, you wouldn't have to actively deceive and try to trick people with these underhanded, semantic campaigns. It's bad enough that you co-opted the "Bitcoin" name when Bitcoin Cash was created, but now you want to take it a step further by sticking BTC with "Core" while you take the sole Bitcoin title for yourself. It's deceptive, subversive, and is entirely intended to trick new money that doesn't know any better. What does it say about your project if these are the methods you have to use to sell your product?

>> No.9342998

>it's actually less than 14kbps
hence me writing 1.67kbps? Can you read?

>> No.9343004

>stupid cunt.

really, cunt? now you are a wannabe Englishman too... watch Trainspotting once and now you can talk like them across the pond? you are nothing but a bitcoin cash supporter who actually mines bitcoin. the irony is priceless...

>> No.9343020
File: 42 KB, 324x400, 1525895522243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The system already works
Then why are the Lightning devs telling everyone to not use it because its unstable and transactions often fail?

>not stealing bitcoin's name

Actually its worse, Segwit stole the mainchain. It's okay the blocklets, after your chain dies you can still buy Bitcoin (BCH).

>> No.9343042

>Bitcoin (BCH).

You mean "Bitcoin Cash". Bitcoin is abbreviated BTC

>> No.9343048

>Then why are the Lightning devs telling everyone to not use it because its unstable and transactions often fail?
Because they are cautious, instead of reckless.
>Segwit stole the mainchain
70% of transactions onchain on the mainchain are still to legacy addresses beginning with 1. So if anything, segwit is a quiet passenger, at 30%.

>> No.9343097
File: 58 KB, 598x792, 751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Cmon cmon cmon you will fall to some of this bait surely
Fraid not pajeet, neck yourself. I'm done talking to you even, the very fact you think absolutely normal mining operations are unique to me really says all anyone needs to know about the sad state of what you would refer to as your "thoughts".

>> No.9343102
File: 210 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9343105


So you admit its a buggy pile of shit that loses users money. Thanks for clearing that up.

Secondly Segwit adoption rates are pitiful (using your post as source) and in order to even scale at all you require users to adopt BTC, Segwit, and then Lightning. The former had a great thing going, the middle is losing out to BCH, the latter will literally never happen and it doesn't even fucking work.

>> No.9343106

You guys do know that the issue with SegWit is that is stopped Jihan Wu from exploiting an at the time unknown vulnerability known as ASICboost or more correctly "Covert ASICBoost"

>> No.9343127

> let me double down on my tardhood herrr derrrr
I'll break it down for you fuckwad
Here's what you think you're trying to say
Here's the actual truth
Note that these are not remotely the same numbers, and you are a stupid cunt, and you should kill yourself.

>> No.9343132

Or maybe the fact that Segwit strips signatures from transactions (one of the primary characteristics of blockchain) and Cash supporters prefer to use blockchain. Not some abomination issued by banks. Also there is literally nothing wrong with ASICs.

>> No.9343158

> This asicboost cope doesn't know that core now proudly tout asicboost
the absolute state of coretards, even when points are just flat out conclusively proven wrong, even when they start *doing what they're accusing the other party of doing*, they can't stop spewing the same old shit.

>> No.9343164

I'm actually going to go have a smoke and give you a minute to realize your mistake.

>> No.9343171

>not vaping

Never going to make it.

>> No.9343190
File: 50 KB, 950x534, soy3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>25 posts by this ID

Very impressive, cashie. What a long and hard day of shilling you have had. Why don't you take a break, kick your feet up, and relax with your favorite beverage?

>> No.9343206
File: 949 KB, 1801x1733, saliva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its salvia

>> No.9343214

There's no mistake.
You're saying 1.67kbps < 13.33kbps, I am aware of that. You're still just wrong about the metric you're trying to use.

>> No.9343232

hi r*ddit

>> No.9343236

>with posts like this who needs arguments

Have a nice trip, anon. Even if we do disagree on Bitcoin.

>> No.9343324

appreciate your efforts in these threads to spread the truth
bitcoin cash is my preferred bitcoin too

>> No.9343422

Cute that these normie bcash kids think that this is a natural increase in price. Do they even understand what a fork is? Do they realize a fork is happening with bcash may 15? Do they understand it gets pumped before just so people get their free fork and then it dumps? Pffffft cmon :'D

>> No.9343464

Fair enough, and 2bh I have the same amount of BCH and BTC, I just don't think anyone benefits long term from a war of semantics in the public eye.

>> No.9343562

may 15th is a non-contentious fork, which means there isn't any free fork coin

>> No.9343624
File: 795 KB, 640x1112, ihBeiNu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's an upgrade you clueless brainlet.

>> No.9343640

Then you should be happy, because the problem will be solved soon, and BTC will be permakilled.

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