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The fact that so many people are willing to call Roger Ver a scammer for supporting Bitcoin Cash just goes to show that BCore is nothing more than a worthless digital beanie baby asset. He has done more for Bitcoin than anybody else, aside from Satoshi himself - yet somehow trying to make it usable makes him a scammer?

Those naysayers are completely insane. They unironically defend goblins that have deliberately used censorship and astroturfing in order to stop people from using Bitcoin as Cash.



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Roger Ver is a past felon who went to prison for selling explosives on ebay. He's just another edgy ancap trash aka egotistic sociopath who only cares about making money

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They were firecrackers and at that current time, firearms were sold on Ebay.

Seriously man, are you that retarded or paid per post?

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I switched to bitcoin cash cause I could buy flights with it and move money around without getting raped by miner fees.
Roger lives in Japan and is a crypto idealist who doesn't care for big government, says taxation is theft, races fast cars, triggers redditors, and sells fireworks online. Seems like /ourguy/

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I'm Roger Ver, long time Bitcoin advocate and investor. Today I'm at the Mt. Gox World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. I had a nice chat with Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles about their current situation. He showed me multiple bank statements, as well as letters from banks and lawyers. I am sure that all the current withdrawal problems at Mt. Gox are being caused by the traditional banking system, not because of a lack of liquidity at Mt. Gox.

The traditional banking partners that Mt. Gox needs to work with are not able to keep up with the demands of the growing Bitcoin economy. The dozens of people who make up the Mt. Gox team are hard at work establishing additional banking partners that eventually will make dealing with Mt. Gox easier for all their customers around the world. For now, I hope everyone will continue working on Bitcoin projects that will help make the world a better place.

Jul 17, 2013

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Actively misleads people into thinking Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin through the "PSA" on the frontpage of bitcoin.com, causing many normies to buy Bitcoin Cash thinking they bought Bitcoin


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Once used his administrative privileges on Blockchain.info to lookup a person’s IP address, phone number, and other personal information using the their Bitcoin address and then posted it to Bitcointalk forums.


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>nothing more than a worthless digital beanie baby asset.
So you are telling me I should put money into a copy of a worthless digital beanie baby asset? I wish I would get paid to be retarded and post on /biz/

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2015 Roger Ver's first attempt to co-opt Bitcoin is when he started Bitcoin XT, using blocksize arguments to try to trick people. It failed.

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if that is where you have to start your argument you have already lost.

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2016 Roger's next attempt to manipulate the crypto market for personal gain with Bitcoin Classic. Fails.

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Prior to the Coinbase BCH listing announcement, there was a massive increase in volume and buys, and the price was pushed up significantly.

The following day, Roger on CNBC tells the World:

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>Roger started XT

he isn't a fucking programmer you dingus.

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After Coinbase listing, Roger posted tweet quoting Milton Friedman about how insider trading should be legal (insinuating that's what he just did prior to the Coinbase listing):


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So he has been consistently campaigning for bigger blocks in order to improve the user experience and make big coin what it should be, digital cash.
After seeing this I can no longer support Bitcoin Cash.
I am now a Clitoris4Core

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He actively supported it in the same type of role as he does with Bitcoin Cash now.

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>The fact that so many people are willing to call Roger Ver a scammer for supporting Bitcoin Cash just goes to show that BCore is nothing more than a worthless digital beanie baby asset
yeah that must be it

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he did explain himself in this recent video:


long story short he accidentally sent a large sum BTC to some random dude and asked him to send it back. that dude refused and said he already spent it. roger did a check on his account balance to confirm that he was lying.

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The fact that so many BCASH threads trying to convince people that their shitcoin is actually worth anything just goes to show that Cashies are desperate con-artists that don't actually believe in their own shitcoin, to the point that they see the need to shill it daily.

You don't see Bitcoin shill threads because Bitcoin speaks for itself. Hail to the king.

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I have no problem with a fork. I actually support bigger blocks, but this guy is scum. You are disregarding two things: he is MISLEADING people into thinking it's Bitcoin and he has a vested interest in people buying Bitcoin Cash and its success. It's so obvious man, come on.

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you're misinformed


Mike Hern and Gavin Andresen created Bitcoin XT because Bitcoin was already infiltrated aaaaallllll the way back then.

Gavin Andresen is the guy that satoshi originally left the Bitcoin project with.

Mike was a big deal and we all should mourn that we lost his talent:


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Because it was the real bitcoin then just like bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin now. Ver only wants what's best for bitcoin so of course he supported XT just like he supports the best idea now. Difference is this time it's going to be successful.

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Roger actively supported it. I shouldn't have said created.


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What vested interest does he have? Pretty sure he is rich enough. You know this guy was close to sucide as a millionaire kicked out of the U.S. before he got his lifes mission to bring Bitcoin to the masses. Seems obvious to me that he doesn't care about money,, he talks about adoption and freedom from government. Roger in the past has recommended people hold both coins. He wants Bitcoin to do well, and hasn't sold any from when Bitcoin segwit (BTC) forked off. He just believes that BCH is the better way to get useable, fast, fungible, non government controlled money to the masses. And so is promoting it.

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Vested interest means he has a shit ton of Bitcoin Cash and the better it does, the richer he becomes. He's said that he keeps his Bitcoin (BTC) only because he thinks it's good to be diversified (aka in case Bitcoin Cash fails).

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Literally the same as everyone else.

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Yeah, except this guy owns Bitcoin.com and has info on his website that misleads beginners into buying Bitcoin Cash thinking its Bitcoin. Click the "PSA" on the top of the site.

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What's wrong about the PSA. It seems pretty informative for newcomers who don't know any history of the scaling debate.

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> you don't see btc shills
He says, shilling btc. Neck yourself you stupid cunt.

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The headline is “Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin”

The rest of the article does an okay job of laying out the history, but is definitely preferential toward Bitcoin Cash

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No no see, he is just correcting the record.

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Roger Ver is psychotic. He believes he knows exactly what bitcoin SHOULD be even tho all he did was increase block size.

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They also removed replace by fee to make 0-conf transactions possible.

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>13 posts by this ID
wow you sure are posting a lot of information against roger ver and bitcoin cash. almost like it's your job or something

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He believes it should be exactly what the title of the Satoshi white paper says it should be ; peer to peer electronic cash.
The only reason that's even controversial is because paid saboteurs backed by the mainstream finance industry waged a hijack and sabotage campaign to fool clueless normies into thinking the entire project was something other than it was.
They failed, and it's only a matter of time before the organic price increase from actual adoption wipes out their fake chain permanently.
Position yourself appropriately or be wiped out by the coming wave. If you are not smart enough to act on this, the market has selected you to be the eternal core bagholder on the frozen chain.
Thank you for your sacrifice. Others fled to safety because of it. All great civilisations need clueless fanatical fall guys.

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Corecuck cope.

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But Bitcoin is suppose to be a store of value that raises against fiat forever. No one would ever want to spend a hyper appreciating asset anyways. Why would you want to completely replace the existing financial and monetary systems that have existed for more than 100 years?
Deflation is really terrible, the economy NEEDS 2% inflation every year or no one would ever spend a single dollar and the world would collapse.

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Bcashies and corecucks btfo from this board forever now. Please. Normal users can stay.

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The funny part is I've had blockstream /axa shills honestly say that out loud in threads to me many times already without the slightest hint they know they just utterly fucked themselves.
They honestly think the space has gotten so retarded that an outright statement of their endgame wouldn't even be able to show the market what's going on.
We're really lucky they're so incompetent desu.

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literally have no problem with roger verr but just have a problem with him calling bitcoin cash as the actual bitcoin and using all the resources he has to literally scam newcomers into buying bitcoin cash

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It is the original Bitcoin. It is peer to peer electronic cash. It is core that has diverged from the original vision, they simply fooled clueless newbies into going along for the ride.
Not only that but what's the original Bitcoin is a far less interesting question than which side of the fork is the better product, and once again, cash wins.

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don't be afraid to refute his facts you fucking nigger

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If you believed with conviction that bitcoin had been taken over by hacks and idiots, you would do the same thing. The man is protecting his investment.
The fact that so many people get so absurdly butthurt about this very simple and straightforward state of affairs is honestly mindblowing.

Fork a linux distro and claim it is the best form of Linux = A OK

Fork the bitcoin ledger and claim that it is the best form of bitcoin = BURN THE HERETIC

Anyone with two braincells to rub together can see exactly what is going on here.

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Roger Ver is a CIA asset

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It was never a question if lightning could be somehow made to work. It was a question of what that would look like when it does, and what would the decentralization properties of it look like.
The data is in and the answer is it's just another shitty PayPal clone. Effectively no more decentralised and enormously less efficient.
Effectively the idiots in the core dev team traded the vision of peer to peer electronic cash for a shitty ICO on an ineffective PayPal clone.
Anyone stupid enough to not realise how hard they got fucked absolutely deserves to be left holding frozen core bags forever

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Don't be afraid to update that months old testnet shit.
I wonder why do you cashcunts lie and mislead so much?

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> there may be obvious hubs in your graph, but the hubs in my graph are slightly less obvious.
Thanks for the update. It still proves my point precisely. It is a necessary consequence of the staked routed nature of the network that it will always be this way. The fact coretards like you can't grasp it doesn't mean your overlords are unaware, they just planned it that way. Which accepting would be an ego destroying process for you, so no matter what evidence you're presented with, you never will accept it.

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They were not just firecrackers... they were fucking illegal explosives used for killing animals that he sent through the mail. Some unsuspecting mail carrier could have been seriously injured and that faggot didn't care.

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1 MB blocks are actually smarter than 32 MB blocks

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Weren't they just crow scarers? Ver is a cunt but this has fuck all to do with bitcoin

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>Gavin Andresen is the guy that satoshi originally left the Bitcoin project with.

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That has to be the dumbest argument for 1mb blocks I've ever heard. The very fact coretards need to even try to reach for it tells you just how much of a deficit in justification it actually has.
You can embed compressed images in dozens of kilobytes, the simple fact is the attack in your image is unrealistic and stupid. In fact there is already cp embedded in the btc core blockchain in that format and has been for some time.

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They have no real arguments against BCH.
They just knee-jerk spout shit to protect their investment regardless of how bad the investment is
Smart money abandoned BTC long ago

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no shit dumbass, people are connecting to nodes like bitmex for example...
imagine that, when hundreds of people connect to one website's node, it looks like a hub.
not to mention its onion routed, so even if your shit hits a hub, they have no clue who its from or where it went.
also who gives a flying fuck if there are hubs in there???

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Bahahahahahahaha that's fucking stupid, let's just ban the internet while we are at it shall we? SegWit & LN are losing; Deal with it

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what part of secretly sending illegal explosives through the U.S. Mail don't you understand? whether they were used for crows or what the fuck ever. the fact remains that this guy will do ANYTHING to make a dollar. he literally has NO MORALS!

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>illegal explosives used for killing animals
I cannot believe this pussyfaggot reasoning is being put forward in a bitcoin discussion. No bitcoin OGs give a rats ass about how the US government selectively applied the law to make an example of a naughty bad goy.

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>Morals are what the law says they are.
Arguments like this are how I know nobody still left in Core Fantasyland was involved at an early stage of this project.

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he was right

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So you're larping. Playing the role of the outraged 'corecuck'.

Do you do this for fun or do you get a few rupees for every post?

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They are scared, because they bought after the fork. Probably around 20k$ too and most of BCH haters also dumped it below current price.

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>implying financial freedom means anarchy

bcash pajeets on the next level

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Because all it takes is one dickhead with an elected office and a pen to declare that all transactions routed through hubs stored in the great state of such and such must abide by x and all of a sudden because those hubs are custodians and thus money transmitters they must abide by said rules. Meaning end of the day it's only going to be banks running them, and they will be as compliant with financial law and state meddling with their jewed lightning hubs as they are with their jewed banking hubs, but I repeat myself.
It's over coretard. You lost before you even knew there was a war. That's why blockstream's entire fucking website right now is all about how they're going to be a vendor to the banking industry. Because that was the intent *all along* you stupid worthless cunt. The only thing you've ever been to these hucksters is a useful fucking idiot. But idiot you have been indeed, and useful beyond their wildest dreams as you thought you were fighting a plucky rebellion in your blockstream supplied fucking stormtrooper armor.
Fucking humans are so insanely retarded I can't even come to terms with it.

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LN is economically designed to form large hubs.
Bigger hubs attract more users = more fees.
Bigger hubs have fewer hops for users = cheaper fees for them.
Economically designed to end up with a few large hubs.
That is fact, not up for debate.

If you wanted to censor and regulate would you rather have to focus on a few large hubs which everyone relies on, or every mining computer that exists?

What if the hubs suddenly require KYC from you? What if they deny you access? (Because they can)

Bitcoin, the one designed from 2009, doesn't have that economic weakness that LN has.
Its a singular broadcast network. Send tx once, all miners receive it nearly simultaneously.
You can't censor that.

But go play with your lightning toys.
I prefer true economic freedom.

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Or to put it more plainly, I sold out the project to the industry it sought to replace, I have no further credibility amongst anyone who actually knows what's going on, so I am resigning in abject disgrace.
Enjoy your jewbucks, it was the sacrifice of my credibility that bought them.

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>anyone who actually knows what's going on
this is a nice piece of pajeetery. Implying that anyone who believes in the original bitcoin doesn't know what is going on. True next level pajeet skills. you must be the top payed one.

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That's not what I implied at all, the original bitcoin is just fine.
It's believing in your shitty kiked version that is evidence of idiocy, as if anymore were required from a fuckwit who has demonstrably fallen victim to the "muh govment says its bad so its bad tarnations!" meme, seemingly lacking the awareness that you're in an explicitly ancap project that was designed to destroy all governments and their central banking lackeys.

>> No.9316171

Coinbase effed the entire cryptomarket by allowing this scamcoin to be listed.

>> No.9316188

The #1 lesson you need to learn in life: success turns a retard onto a successful retard.

stop worshipping idols like 12y olds.

>> No.9316217

the fact that all cashjws have are meme images like this, trying to block out reality, says it all.

literally nobody gives a fuck, and yet you're here desperately trying to get people to buy into a conspiracy greater than whatever you're trying (and failing) to make fun of people who support bitcoin think.

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> the side explicitly trying to sabotage the ancap mission and prop up the failing states of the world are the authoritarian SJW's, honest.

>> No.9316289

let me spell it out for you, pajeet

nobody. gives. a. fuck.

you can cry online and make up any amount of shit you want, but early adopters. don't. care.

enjoy wasting your life away on trying to prop up a bunch of chinese and salesmen's ego and net worth while you inevitably get nowhere.

meanwhile, early adopters already have our perfect 1:! hedge thanks to the airdrop. maybe try not being so late next time.

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posting in another paid bcash shill thread. cashies: the most cancerous shill farm in all of crypto

>> No.9316359

>nobody. gives. a. fuck.
sure looks like some people in this thread do buster

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Stopped reading, don't care what you think.
Let me explain something to you, you worthless cunt fuckwit.
It doesn't matter whether you care or not, you're still going to be stuck on a permanently frozen chain, with all your assets worth exactly zero. Your consent, your fucking *awareness* of the fact, are completely fucking irrelevant. You will perish all the same.
In fact, I get perverse satisfaction now from pointing it out to you, knowing you are too fucking stupid to even understand the danger you're actually in, and you will succumb to it all the same.
Every day the price diverges by 6.66666666666666% concurrently, the closer you come to being stuck forever with a dead and worthless chain, and given the bankrupt value of the chain you're on, this is absolutely guaranteed to happen eventually.
You're completely fucked, and I'm confident you lack the intelligence to understand it, so I can rub this shit in your face until the cows come home, still secure in the knowledge it will butcher you when the time actually comes.

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There sure are a lot of whining corecucks in this thread.

If you don't like Bitcoin (BCH), don't use it. It's that fucking simple. Bitcoin (BCH) isn't going away, it's only becoming more valuable day by day.

>> No.9316833

btc down 3%
bch down 5%

>> No.9317000

BCH is just Ripple lite. A centralized piece of shit that I was created by bitmain to purchase mining equipment

>> No.9317093

Core is just dumping bitcoin to try and keep bch from mooning

>> No.9317276

checked. trips means truth.

32 MB blocks will create a centralized network as well. Cashies have no more fud ammo.

>> No.9317422

Do you understand that it costs nothing to store a 10mb cp porn on the Bcash chain but it costs thousands to just store a very small KB file on the Bitcoin chain?

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Link 1k confirmed

>> No.9317908

Do you understand you just said you think you can destroy the BTC chain with an attack costing only thousands of dollars?
You're fucking wrong, get over it.

>> No.9317972

>who only cares about making money
do you know where you are you stupid faggot?

>> No.9318135

If you can't download 32MiB in less than 10 minutes, I don't want you on the Bitcoin network.
Fuck your shit node, you've got zero right to force everyone else on the network to slow down & pay more because you are jewing out on a cheapo internet plan.

>> No.9318522
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That's not how bitcoin works.
Each node needs to upload 32MB every 10 minutes to at least two nodes on the network. That block then needs to propagate the entire network. All miners on the network are doing this.

>big blocks scale

>> No.9318602

>Each node needs to upload 32MB every 10 minutes to at least two nodes on the network. That block then needs to propagate the entire network. All miners on the network are doing this.
this isn't hard
it's how bittorrent has worked for more than a decade now
and did you pull those numbers out of your ass?
you only need enough high upload bandwidth nodes that the block is able to propogate
the number of high bandwidth nodes will not be high

4chan handles megabytes and megabytes every minute
I'm sure some chinks in China whose business will literally rely on them having high upload speeds can manage it

>> No.9318643

you didn't know what the fuck you were talking about when you said bitcoin nodes only need to download 3.2MB/minute

so stop pretending you've got answers

fucking cashies

>> No.9318777

After founding several successful companies in Silicon Valley, Roger began his Bitcoin journey in February 2011. Years before traditional venture capital firms became involved, he became the first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin related-startups, nearly singlehandedly funded the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses.

Published on May 7, 2018


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