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BCORE had it's chance. Now it's time to move on to the next gen.

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why would looking at percentage matter when the total market cap is increasing?

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Bitcoin is like AltaVista. Everyone will forget it within a decade

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Tfw bought bcore like a fucking idiot

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Samefag bcash buyer
You couldn't sway public opinion for Hilary and you won't sway public opinion on Bitcoin Trash. Sucks right? Eat shit

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I don't want that shitcoin to win either. I want NANO, eth, IOTA and eos to fight it out for #1

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Shouldn't you go back your containment board, /pol/tard?

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Implying Bitcon Core isn't the Hillary Clinton of the cryptocurrency world
>Incumbent power
>Defended by shills completely devoid of logic so they have to resort to constant autistic screeching.
>Dependent on censorship to push a false narrative
>Eventually going to experience an upset that will lead to cosmic levels of butt-hurt throughout the known galaxy.

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Iota is a shitskin allahu Akbar coin you're donating Bitcoins to muslims dumbass
And yea some fag got me rich last year posting on /pol/ so now I'm
Here to help make crypto great again. You're going to lose yet again faggot. Common sense is my super power.

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I dont care what the people I give money to believe. I care about the tech and eventual adoption.

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Oh, look, a mental midget emotionally attached to an unscalable old shitcoin who is also easy to manipulate into making financial decisions by random strangers on the internet.

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Cope harder corecuck

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You think normies browse this shit and see our autism? Jfc you guys must suck at trading. Undcalable old... listen to yourself god damn I wanna hit you with a fastball to the noggin. How can you defend anything other than Bitcoin absolute idiot just watch dude just watch

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What does this have to do with your shitty fork battle? BCash is where it was last August. The money's going to other alts, not Bitcoin forks.

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>Jfc you guys must suck at trading. Undcalable old... listen to yourself god damn I wanna hit you with a fastball to the noggin. How can you defend anything other than Bitcoin absolute idiot just watch dude just watch

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>cucks thinking BCH isn't the chad donald

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I've had good bants with you Bitcoin cash cunts in this thread you've been all great company. See ya when Bitcoin smashes through 25K. I'm
Leaving this thread before my ass swells up from this gayness

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>bumbling idiot of a president
>consistent scandals
>went so far as to dictate to his doctor what his physical examination paperwork should say because he is grossly out of shape
>has to pay to fuck pornstars

Yeah bitcoin cash is a solution, not the problem. Go back to >>>/pol/ degenerate.

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>Why would losing the market lead matter

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>We haven't solved any of our problems but we're on the way to 25k!

Deluded bcore

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Hard BCope

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>don't call it bcash you bcore loving corecuck kikestream shill!!!!!
>oh whats that you don't like either bitcoin or bcash? FUK U THEN COREKEK!!!!!
kek you cashcunts always make me laugh at least.

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corecuck SEETHING at my digits.


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the only people geting cucked are those buying a fully chinese owned, fully chinese mined clone of bitcoin, when everyone else got it for free.

if you dont like bitcoin and don't like the direction you think it's being taken in, jump into a modern coin like ethereum or one of its competitors. nobody is switching from bitcoin to litecoin, and nobody is switching from bitcoin to any of it's clones.

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Miners are the same for both coin, dipshit. They have the exact same mining algo

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>fully chinese mined clone of bitcoin
the absolute state of corecucks

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I member

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tfw up 2000% since buying

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If BCH gets more hash rate and a longer chain, it will become BTC by definition.
All normans ALWAYS buy BTC first and this time the transfers will be instant and it will be accepted more as a currency.

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no shit, they used the same algorithm that's enabled centralized mining in china. wonder why they didn't fix that huge weak point in their fork?

nice reading comprehension. remember i own both, and i got this chinese clone for free, probably more than you shills can even afford to buy. but nice try, if you shout loud enough maybe you can drown those bad feelings out.

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the longest chain only works for valid chains, when they broke the proof of work they forever become a different coin, hash power isn't going to change that, just like ethereum classic getting more hash power than ethereum doesn't make it etherem.

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>and i got this chinese clone for free, probably more than you shills can even afford to buy.
If you actually think like you act itt, you would have sold it all like idiots on reddit did

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There is no definite answer to whether mining centralization is "bad". It's like saying that big companies shouldn't be able to develop better tools to dig gold. If you decide to limit it to gpus, it's a very commie move.

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nice cope, but i can assure you whales have not dumped our fork coins, we still own them. why would we sell when everyone else is trying to hype and pump it, including the miners?

trading is a late adopters game, we're here for the long haul.

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I actually like B CASH don't know why the name infuriates bitcoin cash cash cash supporters its a catchy name I think they just like getting triggered

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well, for something that is supposed to be a peer to peer decentralized currency, mining centralization undermines the whole decentralized part of it.

most of my money is sitting in coins that aren't based on proof of work, or have a solid plan to move away from proof of work. the writing is on the wall.

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nice larp

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They might not get the BTC ticker, but by white paper definition, they will become Bitcoin.
Also when the flipping happens and people are happy with it, I literally see no future for the segwit horseshit. I wouldn't be surprised if the network would die altogether and the BTC ticker would become available.

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I can't wait for that shitcoin Bcore to have lower tx's than BCH, what will they say then, that it's "digital gold" and not supposed to be sent around?

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t. bitmain shill

Fucking KYS

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And PoS is not centralized? :)

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I'm getting sick of having to explain this to brainlets on /biz/. Did you notice that big grey quadrant that's the primary driving force in BTC's falling market share? That's "other." Do you know what that category represents? Billions of dollars in artificially inflated market caps for coins with zero to no use case and minuscule volume. Go on Coinmarketcap sometime and scroll past the top 20 or so. How many of those coins present a legitimate threat to the dominance of ANY of the major projects (BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, etc.)? Sure, they have tiny market caps by comparison but there are a shitload of these useless coins and there are new ICOs every day.

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>There is no definite answer to whether mining centralization is "bad"
behold the literal retards buying bcash
"but muh whitepaper" they say, then they say some shit like that.
maybe you faggots should try actually reading the whitepaper for once.

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Also gold used to be pretty much a global currency. It didn't matter that some entities were better at mining it, the only thing that made it work was scarcity. The supply centralization doesn't really affect mass adoption and usability.
In your way of thinking we should have used rocks as a currency because everyone could pick up rocks from the ground.

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So BCoreans care about the whitepaper all of a sudden? BCore pulled out the old BTC ledger and is doing a transplant in a new creepto called BTC+SW+LN_vA0.1

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>thinking this is a negative for Bitcoin in any way, shape or form


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great contribution to yet another thread, as is typical for you desperate late adopters

you're misunderstanding the whitepaper then, they broke consensus with what is overwhelmingly regarded as bitcoin, so they're no longer in the running for being bitcoin. the longest chain is relevant for 51% attacks only, to choose the best/highest chain to build on, that's all.

the whitepaper says nothing about these philosophical questions everyone wants to keep asking about the "real bitcoin".

could be, in fact, it's guaranteed to be centralized to the same degree that proof of work is, because you could mine a proof of work coin like bitcoin, and sell it for ethereum to stake with.

the important difference is if someone tries to attack the network, they lose the very thing they were using to attack the network. if some chink tries to attack bitcoin, what happens? we can try to change the proof of work, but then they develop new asics, or buy up a bunch of GPUs with all of their money, then it's impossible to prevent another attack, because they now have a majority or close to of general purpose mining hardware that survives any other fork attempt.

proof of stake in theory prevents attackers from getting another shot, which is why so many projects are starting to prefer it.

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not even close to being the same, by most people incorrectly arguing here that more hash power on a forked coin makes it the real coin, what mining centralization means is full control over the entire coin itself.

an entity being able to mine more gold doesn't mean they have the power to change the properties of gold.

everyone in cash arguing about the whitepaper seems to have a very twisted view of what's actually said in the whitepaper. the stance on minority forks has been clear from the start, regardless of the direction you think is the right way to go, satoshi himself made it perfectly clear that forking to a minority chain is something that should be entirely avoided.

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Whatever algoritm you use, somebody will find a way to scale it better than others.
Even with Gpus it's getting centralized. The Nvidia mining cards have much better hashrate/power consumption ratios and you can only buy them by 500 min, so normal people can forget about it.

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>It didn't matter that some entities were better at mining it
You could fork away from the miners, but the miners putting work is the whole F*CKING POINT and if Core doesn't want PoW anymore it should fork away and call itself an altcoin (not Bitcoin). What gives Core the right to change the model so drastically and still keep the brand name?

The miners are securing the blockchain both until they get their reward and as long as they have to keep profiting from their farms and that's why Core villifying the miners proves it's AGAINST bitcoin.

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and that's why you'll stay poor forever.

>> No.9262155

by your argument cash also doesn't have the right, because they changed the proof of work algorithm. so what exactly are you trying to argue?

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>Whatever algoritm you use, somebody will find a way to scale it better than others.
Doesn't even matter if there is no mathematical way to improve processing time.

Economies of scale will ALWAYS exist, no matter what algorithm you pick.

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The more triggered corecucks get the more sire I am about their eventual demise. This is like trump and brexit all over again. The writings on the wall for corecucks.

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>the stance on minority forks has been clear from the start, regardless of the direction you think is the right way to go, satoshi himself made it perfectly clear that forking to a minority chain is something that should be entirely avoided.
Did you even READ what I wrote?
BCore is the fork, therefore it doesn't matter if it has more PoW, because it's NOT BITCOIN you imbecile.

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>by your argument cash also doesn't have the right, because they changed the proof of work algorithm
pretty sure that they didn't
they changed the difficulty adjustment algorithm, to one that is undeniably better

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but it simply isn't the fork, that's just your (incorrect) opinion. cash has made more changes to the core chain that bitcoin has, that's exactly the difference between a hard and soft fork.

>> No.9262197

that's exactly the same thing, the difficulty adjustment is more important than the actual proof of work algorithm itself. trying to argue any differently is just severe cognitive dissonance.

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Another shit thread, brought to you by BCH. Yay.

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Looking forward to the day where NIM is #1 and I can go buy a coffee for 0.01 NIM

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>because they changed the proof of work algorithm

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>that's exactly the difference between a hard and soft fork.
That's so ignorant I'm convinced more than ever BTC is doomed. If you put real money in it at least try to learn it.

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>because they changed the proof of work algorithm

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Bcucks falling for the ver pump and dump

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the fake bitcoin

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nice argument. i'd love to see you even try to argue that changing the difficulty algorithm is not changing the proof of work.

ok, let me spell it out, since you clearly don't understand the difference:

a hard fork, makes the chain going forward invalid for current clients, meaning when cash hard forked, existing clients did not recognize the chain, and because the overwhelming majority did not move, cash is not bitcoin, and is a fork.

a soft fork makes the chain going forward valid to all existing clients, meaning they can validate blocks and stay on the longest chain without issue. a bitcoin client from a few years ago can and does sync up to bitcoin's chain today. of course they can't necessarily interact with the full content of the chain, and you could argue old clients aren't able to validate the full chain thanks to segwit, which is true, but as far as proof of work is concerned, and as far as the blockchain itself, it is the same valid chain.

that clear it up for you?

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Corecucks literally believe that BTC has a holy mandate and that its number one position is eternally guaranteed. See Giacomo Zucco's recent tweetstorm.

This is the kind of hubris that precipitates an epic downfall. Just like Hillary thought her victory was assured, Bitcoin Core's laurel-resting will be its own downfall.

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The word "decentralization" appears precisely 0 times in the whitepaper.

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Fucking lmao
eos, nano and iota are absolute trashcoins, eth is the clear winner

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you late adopters are so clueless, it really is embarrassing.

satoshi's proof of WORK requires WORK. where do you think the work comes from? sha256? you'd be wrong. the WORK in proof of WORK comes from the difficulty, which must be carefully and constantly updated in consensus to keep the blocks arriving at a constant rate, to prevent certain attacks on the network from mining power arriving and leaving.

by changing the difficulty algorithm, they changed the proof of work. but they only changed it enough so they could keep mining with their asics, because doing any different would go against their goals for the coin, which was mining profitability.

>> No.9262331

i dont think they do, i do think they have no interest in using a chinkcoin though, when clear "successors" are already soaking up huge amounts of the market cap.

nobody is going to switch from bitcoin to a bitcoin clone, the value proposition isn't there.

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AND iota is where you're wrong.

IOTA will take over within the next 2 years.
Realize this. Buy now.

>> No.9262355

Aside from BTC.
No reason to buy anything else aside from XMR if you want drugs

>> No.9262359

Are you seriously defending the BTC DAA despite the fact it's now well understood that it is a way BCH can outright destroy the BTC chain?

>> No.9262361

stellar and iota don't really pass the inertia test, unless they see some huge growth and actual adoption like ethereum in the next year, they're going to be left behind by newer hotter things.

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>that clear it up for you?
Don't bother.

People will stop buying it when they'll see it doesn't go up in price like other options. That's the harsh truth.

Because Bitcoin isn't meant to be decentralized, it's meant to be a distributed ledger.

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Thanks just bought 100k Others

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>which must be carefully and constantly updated in consensus to keep the blocks arriving at a constant rate, to prevent certain attacks on the network from mining power arriving and leaving.
Which is what the BCH DAA is doing and the corekek DAA cannot. WHICH is the reason why if BCH reaches parity with BTC, BTC will just cease to exist.

>> No.9262377

cash can't destroy anything, the difficulty adjustment has been that way forever, and there have been many sha-256 coins in the past, and none of them have "destroyed" bitcoin. it's just wishful thinking.

and im not defending anything, just correcting ignorance from people that think you can change everything but sha-256 and still argue that you haven't changed proof of work.

>> No.9262383

>Because Bitcoin isn't meant to be decentralized
you know how i can tell you're a late adopter?

>> No.9262389

> nobody is going to switch from bitcoin to a bitcoin clone
But you and all the coretards that think like you already did.

>> No.9262390

I'm saying you dipshits don't actually understand the whitepaper, and more than likely have never even read it.
which one has replay protection you brainlet. that alone tells you which one is the alt coin.
>this word isn't there that means it doesn't meat the definition hurrrr
way to prove my point.

>> No.9262398

updating with a sliding window and updating with a sliding window of zero is the same thing. sure cash has a more "live" update than bitcoin does.

>if BCH reaches parity with BTC
no reason to even think it will

>> No.9262409

no sure what you mean. like i said, the majority of my money is in non proof of work coins as future proofing. but i'm still using bitcoin, and i have no interest in litecoin, or dash, or gold, or cash, or diamond, as does the rest of the non-speculative market.

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Christ you're clueless. No other sha256 coin has ever been executing on the original proven vision for bitcoin, while what used to be bitcoin has been turned into an ICO for a centralised hub and spoke network that is obviously a subversion attempt from the incumbent central banking system.
It is beyond a foregone conclusion where this equilibrium leads. And that will result in the DAA killing the BTC chain.

>> No.9262443

>original vision
more weasel words. these political arguments are tiresome, and you won't convince anyone not already eating all that shit up.

>> No.9262445

What you think is bitcoin is actually just a subverted clone, artificially limited in throughput and a centralised hub and spoke network for the banks to reimplement their architecture on top of it forced in. So as I said, you already fell for a much shittier bitcoin clone than cash.

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You're wasting your time arguing him....

>> No.9262463

> I know everyone else is aware but my religion requires me to feign incomprehension.
Ok Luke, you have fun with that whole kike zombie geocentric cult thing you've got going on while you're ignoring this facet of material reality also I guess. Enjoy.

>> No.9262469

>"oh no, I think I bought something else when trying to buy bitcoin!"
if you bought bitcoin from bitcoin.com you may have been the victim of this scam. the bcash scheme run by roger has seen much controversy, including twitter bans and being denounced by ethereum creator. thankfully even if you have bought bcash, the problem is easily rectified. although bcash is not as valuable as bitcoin, it can still be traded on most major exchanges. in future, buy from a reliable exchange and avoid bitcoin.com.

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Yeah I get that now, poor fucker. He's going to have to lose everything to understand.
Oh well. There's no saving some folk.

>> No.9262485

if only there were arguments. all everyone sees in these threads are political posturing, and warping of words and definitions to fit into a narrative.

you cash circlejerkers are doing more harm than good

>he actually thinks i'm some religious nut
you guys are just purely predictable.

again, these pathetic childish arguments will get you nowhere. you think the greater public, and institutional investors are looking at you all and thinking, yeah, that's a community i want to be a part of, one that's turned into a giant meme about "satoshi's vision" and "corecucks"?

>> No.9262492

>lose everything
please tell me how this is possible when i own equal amounts of bitcoin and all of it's airdrops?

not everyone is a late adopter, remember, i can't lose.

>> No.9262510

126k June 2018.

>> No.9262518

>"They vote with their CPU power, expressing their acceptance of
valid blocks by working on extending them and rejecting invalid blocks by refusing to work on them.
Any needed rules and incentives can be enforced with this consensus mechanism."
>conveniently leaves out the part about consensus.
the network is designed to be changed by consensus.
the network decides what bitcoin is by consensus, not by what you perceive as someone else's vision.

>> No.9262531

i do think we'll be seeing six figures in the next 36 months, but obviously not june.

>> No.9262532

> no no no anon I'm just talking bullshit I don't actually trade on my own nonsense.
Phew, that's a relief, better to be a slimy hypocrite than a consistent honorable abject loser eh Moshe?

>> No.9262551

trading is a late adopter's game.

i just know not to take cash or any other clone of bitcoin particularly seriously, like litecoin, gold, diamond, dash, etc. that doesn't mean i'm going to dump my cash airdrop though, literally dont need the money, and it would be a waste seeing as how easily manipulatable cash is due to the position miners have the coin in.

nothing i have said has been wrong, opinionated maybe, but i'm not trying to twist words and make political arguments for something this unimportant.

>> No.9262554


>LN is not peer to peer
>It will be controlled by financial institutions

what the fuck is this garbage

>> No.9262565

someone who doesn't understand the bitcoin whitepaper, the current bitcoin network, and the lightning network.

funny how it's nothing but the same misunderstood things that keep getting reposted over and over again.

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Yeah whoever could get that impression

>> No.9262577

you're trying to argue centralization on a network that isn't even being used yet?

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Don't take them seriously, but don't trade them for the millions worth of "the real btc" a genius early adopter like you could surely pull if you were so inclined to actually put your money where your slimy weasel lying mouth is.
I think we're done.

>> No.9262587

The sick boomer coin can't even get above 10k, that's so sad, meanwhile Bitcoin CASH is breaking out.

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>Blockstream hires the same shilling team used in the presidential election and are going to lose again because Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.

>> No.9262600

>Bitmain hires the same shilling team used in the presidential election and are going to lose again because Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin.

>> No.9262613


There will be large nodes which will come from organisations and businesses who will facilitate a lot of payments for their products, but there's no way to tell that financial institutions will run large network controlling nodes outside of pure speculation. Even if they did and tried to drive the fees up, people can just re-route through other nodes to get their payment where it needs to go, and most people will likely use the regular blockchain for larger payments.

>> No.9262618

bch $33,333,333 end of march 2019

>> No.9262625

because it's 10 to 20% extra on top of my bitcoin holdings, which are already a long term bet, and have been for years, but that only make up a small % of my entire portfolio.

it literally isn't worth it to sell and convert what amounts to 4-7% of cash into bitcoin, especially when it's a political fork like this, and miners have a lot of reason to manipulate the price up to prove a point.

this desperation to trade and presumably get rich is juvenile. you can't get so emotional about this stuff, you have to be objective.

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Say it with me Hillary, RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR

Just once, say it with me

>she won't say it

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> doesn't understand why lightning routing is P!=NP hard.
I guess you're going to tell me about onion routing now right? Like you think it has anything to do with it?

>> No.9262645

do you just only get your news off 4chan?
Both of them have/will see more adoption than any other "crypto"

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>> No.9262669

> be objective.
Ok. You're objectively wrong and it's objectively a waste of time talking to you as you've indicated you're unwilling to recognise that objective reality. Wasting time is objectively a bad idea so I'm done with you. You will objectively fail in this market and you objectively deserve it. Enjoy.

>> No.9262673


I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I know the technical side of things because I don't, but thanks for trying.

If BTC is going to be replaced, it won't be by a BTC fork

>> No.9262677


>> No.9262701

no, but i also don't buy into every hyped coin there is. i see no reason why either will see greater mass adoption than any of their "competitors" in the token/asset space, or dag space.

see, you're getting all emotional again. like i've said before, i own both, so i objectively can't lose. sorry if that annoys you so much but it's just the truth. just calm down and try to think objectively about the tech and the users, not the politics, or the twisted interests.

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> I don't understand any of this technical shit, but this thing that will happen because of the technical shit is totally impossible. THAT MUCH I AM SURE OF!

>> No.9262717

Big blocks aren't a problem with the right changes, like commitments. You could literally verify your own tx's on a mobile.

>> No.9262729

>29 posts by this ID
>the same resident cuckstream shill screeching about late adopters


>> No.9262743

btc and bch make up such a small amount of my portfolio, i'd do better shilling for ethereum. but nice argument.

>> No.9262752
File: 25 KB, 323x403, 1511549841125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Not an argument.

Bitcoin Cash is unironically the real Bitcoin.

>> No.9262765

true. ethereum already solved this problem with their lite protocol, you can verify the entire chain just from the hashes, and request just the leaf nodes that are relevant to your accounts, and verify them against the block hashes without needing to download anything else.

the main argument against bigger blocks is just that it creates the same problem mining centralization has, which is it becomes increasingly harder to get any changes made when a smaller and smaller community controls the security and with nodes the interaction with the blockchain.

>> No.9262788
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>maybe if i repeat it 76000 more times it will come true

>> No.9262809


Although it is already the reality, the market hasn't realised it yet. But as you can see the market is starting to wake up.

>> No.9262838

>just 75999 more to go!
im sure this time its different than the last bcash pump and dump

>> No.9262843


But I didn't say it ranjeet

>> No.9262851
File: 158 KB, 960x767, bcashlol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9262853

correct. ADA, EOS, ETH

>> No.9262862

>but sir pls i did not say such a thing sir!

>> No.9262875

bcash is unironically a scam whose paid shills pretend that it is bitcoin in hopes of fooling normies. eg. bitcoin.com, r/btc, your post

>> No.9262911
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Yeah OK Raj, that reverse psychology shit doesn't work here.

Bitcoin (BCH) is about to flip back into 3rd place after shitting on Ripple's fiat coin

>> No.9262922

wat? nice reddit post pajeet.

>> No.9262946


why is this a reddit post? Le 'reddit spacing' meme?

Because I used the enter key right?

>> No.9262962


That's my sister. WTF? How is she so horny?

>> No.9262988


post moar of her

>> No.9263117

Corecuck rage.

Sorry corecucks your coin is shit and you’ll all die poor.

>> No.9263128

i used to think cope was a stupid meme, but the amount of posts like this make me believe it's actually a real issue.

>> No.9263137

Yeah, your posts.

>> No.9263153

yeah, it's hard to cope with all these millions. nice try though.

>> No.9263173
File: 90 KB, 645x729, BE338042-8CAB-4680-9F19-F4941F81ABC3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hoping that anyone would fall for his pajeet LARP

>> No.9263180

because biz is only for poor late adopters right? it sure seems like it, but ive been posting here for years, and whenever im reading whitepapers or prerelease docs im usually shitposting on here or fit.

seeing how much everyone covers their ears whenever they see someone that's actually rich from these fucking coins is half the fun.

>> No.9263200

I can smell curry coming from your posts.

>> No.9263231


>> No.9263233


oh no no no NO NO NO

>> No.9263252

yeah, iota is fundamentally broken tech, but that goes for all DAG chains, there are problems that have no clear solution. nothing good long term for those coins.

>> No.9263432

you don't even know - and the pic is pure pajeet. wtf are you doing on biz

>> No.9263443

yep, pure curry

>> No.9263732


What picture? The asian slut with her arse in the air?

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