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They are dubbed as:


We know who se,dr and th are, can someone find out about the rest?

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if you click the task,it shows the full name of the developer
for example, JH is johnny huxtable

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JB is Jordan Bonilla

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>at least
Obscuring how many people work for you and who they are sounds like a legit organisation
China Hustle/10

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>b-b-but muh two man team

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AT ahmad tabbakha
SE Steve Ellis
AK Alex Kwiatkowski
DR Dimitri Roche
TH Thomas Hodges
BE Benoit
JB John Barker

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A 7 man team.is just as bad brainlet.

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Only 1 contributors on regular

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Be careful with AK, there are 2

A Klintsevich (Microsoft guy)
Alex Kwiatkowski

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Why the fuck can't Jonny hurry up and make the Ethereum adapter.

It really fucking annoys me that the fucker can't put down his chicken nuggets for 2 minutes to help the project.

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Klintsevich is just Russian for Kwiatkowski. . .

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So are they the same guy? Wtf? Or do they have separate GitHub profiles? Microsoft dev confirmed working in the github?

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>being this much of a brainlet

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I just checked and they have different github profiles
So it doesn’t matter if it’s russian version of same name

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I think riddle anon mentioned almost all of these initials before they were contributing

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nigga i wuz bullshitting you. checked though.

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Fuck off riddleanon, you didn't reveal shit

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Guys I just checked and there were the initials "JP" listed for like a split second before the page auto refreshed somehow.

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theyre watching biz threads, they know this is where new leaks will appear first

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I hope so

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