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Whats his portfolio ?

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we all know what his portfolio looks

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100% traitorcoin

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Probably this

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Heavily invested in aluminum foil and water filters.

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>implying he ever left the NSA

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Being a traitorous cunt

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All Rubels, courtesy of the benevolent russian government :)

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Any exit scam.

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100% XMR

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>tfw biggest holding is XMR
feels comfy

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100% TON

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Accually ZCash.

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40% XMR
40% BCH
10% BTC
10% ETH

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He is a fucking imbecile people don't care about fucking privacy they want crypto because the price rises.

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$340 Tomorrow once the XMV airdrop begins

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Cheese pizza

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100% Haven Protocol

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i hate you and i hate everyone who comes to crypto just for gains

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leave redditors

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This guy knows.
>hey guys I was a CIA nigger but now I am a man of the people

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sadly he's a brainlet


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Hyuck hyuck, a conspircy!

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Some combination of bitcoin and zk snarks

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It is digital gold you fucking imbeciles

google it you retarded fuck wits the whole reason this thing took off was because it beat out gold in value.

If you don't get why bitcoin was initially created with the emphasis of financial incentive by satoshi then you don't understand crypto.

With out the incentive of value the system falls apart

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>a spy agency is not just a giant formalized conspiracy

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tbf it's actually the CIA he never left though

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Oh believe me, I understand bitcoin and have thoroughly read and understood the whitepaper, which is why I hold BCH, and do my very best to encourage adoption.

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>Oh believe me, I understand bitcoin

>"I am the real satoshi"

No you obviously don't understand shit.

Bcrap is fools gold enjoy your fake bullshit.

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>A spy agency would draw attention to itself by paying a whistleblower to whistleblow and cause a giant controversy and send him to Russia while still paying him to spout on about privacy issues because much sheeple controlled opposition, rather than just.. y'know.. not

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Really. So all those people using the DNMs aren't concerned about privacy? Kys retard.

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Are you fucking 12 years old or something?

Listen you dumb fucking nigger the percentage of the population that will buy into something to get some illegal shit online is minuscule compared to the people who want to get rich off this modern gold rush. That is why your privacy tokens will never surpass utility and function.

I am trying to be logical with a retard but it is a waste of fucking time piss your money away on Snowden's bullshit i don't give a fuck.

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Or maybe most of what he has leaked has been bogus and just meant to make them look much scarier than they are/steer people toward already compromised security solutions. Or maybe it's just the CIA's way of getting egg on the NSA's face. Or maybe you just shouldn't take a spook at his word.

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good argument, sir!
read my argument at http://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf

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>t. Reddit spacing

I get it Cletus - you can't judge fundamentals & you're a short sighted fuckwad. Go back to chasing whatever shitty x2 pump plebbit is pushing this week.

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Oooorrrrrrrrr, maaaaayyybee they actually are that scary
Idk how long you've been around but the military (and probably the government) has technology way beyond what the public has, way before the public has it.
Part of the reason is that they can spend exorbitant amounts of money to get it, and part of it's because they're R&Ding 24/7/365
I have a friend who was in the military and had clearance on some of this stuff that won't likely be declassified until 2070, and even what he has said to me is pretty amazing

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I get it you are a nigger who's mind works on thinking about conducting criminal activity and you are basing your bet that everyone's mind works in the same way. Listen fucking Tyrone not everyone thinks like a fucking monkey okay and some people value money over crack.

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Maybe. I don't know what his mission was/is, but he was a pretty big swinging dick at the CIA before he supposedly left, so I rate the odds of him having suddenly gone straight or whatever the fuck pretty low compared to the odds that he's carrying out some skulduggery for them.

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i can’t believe no has said this yet

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You are retarded, just stop typing.

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100% evernym
www.evernym.com check this out and tell me I'm wrong