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>triggered corecucks are flagging tweets about Bitcoin opcodes


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Bitcoin cash is not Bitcoin.

Get over it. You tried.

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Keep flagging tweets you don’t like, SJW coreshill

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bitcoin cash is bitcoin by every definition you can find

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Sorry, Roger. It's not the original chain and never will be.

I'm not, I can't be bothered but we both know the truth, this doesn't change even if you deny or disagree with it. That is the nature of truth.

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t. worlds worst speculator

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>bitcoin cash is bitcoin by every definition you can find
no, it's chink miner cartel abomination
it's even more centralized than bitcoin, which contradicts satoshi's vision

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>chink miner cartel abomination
>even more centralized than bitcoin

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If you think bch is more centralized than btc, you don't actually understand how bitcoin works. After 9 months and you still don't get it?

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The only definition that matter is in the whitepaper, bitcoin is the chain with the most accumulated difficulty.

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Except the one that matters - self identification

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The absolute state of cashfags

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>Sorry, Roger. It's not the original chain and never will be.
Yes it is, both are the original chain you retard. It's a fucking fork.

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Corecucks citing the whitepaper when it suits them, oh the irony

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>no, it's chink miner cartel abomination
>it's even more centralized than bitcoin, which contradicts satoshi's vision
Umm if Jihan is the best at building miners, then he deserves everything he reaps. Also are you sure you know what centralization means? It means an authority figure dictating what people do. Like how Blockstream dictated blocks would be 1MB even though the market demand was much higher.

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>Bitcoin cash is not Bitcoin.
>Get over it. You tried.
Did you see what he posted here? Which side looks like it's having a tantrum? The side that is trying to throw Roger Ver in prison for using the wrong nouns and also censoring people who use nouns in a similar manner? Do you want me to go to jail if I don't refer to you as zhe? Serious question though, what's the difference between trying to throw Roger Ver in prison for using the wrong nouns and what SJW's do when they try to imprison people for using the wrong pronouns? If Roger deserves prison for 'misleading the public' with misuse of nouns regarding Bitcoin when the BTC community identifies as Bitcoin then doesn't everyone who refuses to use zhe belong in prison since they are misleading the public about the gender identity of the individual who identifies as zhe?

Obviously I'm not a SJW communist faggot like yourself so I think both arguments are retarded. I just want a response as to whether you actually are a SJW, or if the cognitive dissonance you're experiencing is just clouding your judgement.

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>Umm if Blockstream is the best at following Satoshi's whitepaper, then they deserve dictating blocks.

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I want to credit you with self-awareness

but sadly I cannot, because instead you are projecting yourself onto others. quite the opposite.

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Roger Ver is trying to steal the bitcoin brand and it's hurting all of us

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>Bitcoin Cash is core

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If someone doesn't understand this simple fact, their opinion is invalid or worse.

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bgold is the real store of value

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"Valid chain"
If the miners mined the chain and the exchanges still sold the chain, but it had changed consensus so the inflation rate was in the millions per day, would it still be bitcoin? Nobody would say yes. What about if the developers of the largest node software blacklisted 99 percent of the address space so that the amount of potential users more adequately reflected the actual serviceable capacity given their artificially imposed on chain transaction limits? Nobody would say yes.
The only reason this particular idiotic change sounds like it has any degree of approval is;
1) it is shilled and astroturfed harder than anything since Bill Clinton's wife in the last election. You can clearly demonstrate this by attending bitcoin meetups in the real world and noting just how unpopular the move is, or any sybil proof online poll that requires something like keys and stake to generate has enormously different results than the easily attackable astroturfed outlets like reddit, Twitter and 4chan.
2) all that shilling has confused technically ignorant people into thinking it's a good idea.
Both of those things could very easily apply to the supply limit to millions of percent inflation per day. The entire global finance industry has a lot more astroturf ammo than blockstream, and there are even more stupid people than just the current set of core idiots.
Therefore any divergence from the actual original plan can only legitimately be executed one way, hard fork and change the name. Otherwise it's no longer the valid chain.

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>aligning yourself with a chink
Who has truly lost here?

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They are scared.
Coinbase listing BCH traumatized them and that's only the beginning. Winklevoss twins are going to list BCH on their trading platform this year as well.

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I can not even fathom being this deluded.

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These are facts, not delusion.
You will see, there is still time to switch and join us. Don't fuck it up.

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They sound pretty traumatised. Reading over the latest acknowledgement that Lightning is a failure and a new approach is needed a very large amount of it seems to be re-justifying the core premise that blockchains don't scale and a second layer is actually needed, sometimes to the point of absolute idiocy with their examples;
> On-chain payments must be verified and stored by
> every node in the network, meaning that the node with the least re-
> sources limits the overall throughput of the system as a whole.
That's right, they honestly ventured a justification for limiting the blockstream to any arbitrary amount based upon a selection of the least resourced node. Complete. Fucking. Idiots.

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>Make an point
>Link a scholarly source
>The source doesn't support the point
Is Bcash the ultimate 105er coin?

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> doesn't understand what was actually said
> assumes speaker intelligence deficit
Is Bcore the ultimate sub85er coin?

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What's the content of the tweet OP? I don't into twitter, let's see it for posterity.

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>cant use 4chan
Don't worry pageet you'll get the hang of it after a day or two.

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The flip will start this month fuck core

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