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Guys, is Sergey OK? I know all that developing has caused him to gain weight but this is getting out of hand.

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He's ok, I guess.

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Holy shit, even warps the light around him, you can see it on the tiles of the floor!

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Everytime I get McDonalds, I come home and eat it in front of my PC. I put several sergey pictures on rotate and imagine I'm having lunch with Sergey, sometimes I'll laugh knowing his jokes probably are really funny, othertimes I just stare into his eyes while I take large bites.

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30 million of the 32 he raised, was solely for the food bill

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That's some graviting bending shit right there.

Thinking deeply about the gravitational effects of pure genius

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We can only ponder and assume, with our fragile mortal minds, what this legend is capable of. Perhaps, we will never know.

Maybe we do not even want to know. Sergey IS God and LINK is his Bible.

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He HAS to make it now.
McDonald’s will ban him from their servers if he exit scams.

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Sergey is the only marine who's literally approaching singularity state. All no linkers will be squashed by their regrets once they pass the event horizon of super massive blackhole generated by SN himself.

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Im getting really worried. Saw a big guy with a hoodie ordering 20 big macs and then went into chainlinks office

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I hate that this thread is making me laugh so hard. I came into this thread three times but didn’t post anything but kept laughing at the OP anyways.

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Sergey wears no hoodie. He is not ashamed.

He probably needs all those burgers just for energy, fuck he might even still be in a caloric deficit considering all the partnerships he is creating.

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Sir Gay is A O K

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Whats funny?

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needs moar linkies

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I saw his shirt sticking out underneath the hoodie so im 100% its sergey

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Can't argue with that.

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The guy in the hoodie
Oh man I’m cracking up trying to type
This is like that “hello female specimen” thread

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>oh boy, they caught me

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we going up boys

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Nice pic, you got any more like that?

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only that one, it's from some old link thread

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someone make this into the obama hope poster

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Good one fren

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Buy Link

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Top kek