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>"Hello son, I bought you a Bitcoin for your birthday."
>Get pic related

How would you react?

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>uhhhhh thanks...

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>Other families might waste their money on Bitcoin but this Bitcoin CASH is so much cheaper! CNBC said it it was the cool bitcoin for young people

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Now I have 41 bch. Thanks dad!

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Why would their be a difference? If you want btc trade it for its btc equiv. If she plopped 300$ down, your still going to get your 300$ worth of btc...

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>Supporting a knock off in any form

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>shit on floor
>slap mom in face
>get in car and steer into oncoming traffic

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"Wow, Thanks Dad, you brought me a Bitcoin. Good thing you didn't fall for the science fair segwit impostor BTC"

"HAHAH even a boomer can figure that one out son! It's unproven scaling tech going up against the proven scaling of increasing the blocksize that has worked for 9 years "

"Yeah! and just imagine the situation in reverse. If you held a big-block 32mb Bitcoin and someone came along offering a clone with small 1mb blocks, high fees, and a banking layer called lightning"

"I wouldn't buy"

"Nobody would!"

"HAH HAH, I love you son. Let's go BBQ steak, drink beer, and talk about building grass karts"

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Shit dad, a $1400 gift?! Thanks!

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>increasing the blocksize that has worked for 9 years
Where did you hear that crap?

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thanks just shorted the american dream 100k

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Where did I hear that objective fact?
The blocksize has always increased as needed, as outlined in Statoshis whitepaper. The 1mb limit: Satoshi was convinced to put in several years after Bitcoins launch as a temporary measure to prevent spam till micro-fees were implemented.

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So what stops spam in bch?

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micro fees

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Are you mentally challenged

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Start arguing anytime...

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So mandatory fees even when the blocks aren't full? Who sets them?

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this isn't reddit and you're a faggot

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>implying anyone would want to waste their time on this earth arguing with some shill on a taiwanese quilt knitting forum

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It's the fork with the brightest future so I'd be alright with it.

Besides, if dad wanted to give me 100 USD of crypto it would still be that amount even if he got me Dogecoins. Could change it to whatever else crypto afterwards at not much loss.

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how would lower fees stop spam?

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no such thing as spam. Imagine trying to buy some coffee and the developers say you are spamming the network.

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Ok, then why charge for block space that is currently going unused?

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I think it's the miners competing - higher fee then you are more likely to be included in the next block, if you have no fee and a small transaction might get dropped by the spam detection algo. But not 100% sure, I'm a speculator and user, not a dev.

>why bother putting forward an honest argument to stand on it's own when I can hide behind calling people shill and faggot

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T-thanks mom, it's great.

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Are you mentally challenged

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I'm pretty sure there is an automatic algorithm built into both BTC and BCH that looks for really small transactions (less than $0.01c) and makes sure they don't get included in blocks. a cup of coffee would never get blocked, unless the block is too full to hold everyone's transactions - so fees go up to $50 as we saw in dec

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Ok but that doesn't make sense, there has always been miners competition and I used to send transactions with no fee on the next block. So in BCH why is it different?

And actually come to think of it, when I separated some BCH into my phone there was a 0.1mBCH minimum fee (and no consumer wallets with batching either that I could find) that's like 13 cents. I can get a BTC transaction right now for that price so why would I use BCH?

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how is it spam if the attacker pays for it?

1 byte is currently 1 satoshi. 32000000 bytes to fill up a block. that's 0.32 BCH you'd have to pay every 10 minutes.

and that only gives your spam transactions the same chance to get into the block as normal transactions so you'd realistically have to pay 2 satoshis per byte, so 0.64 BCH per 10 min

go ahead and spam Bitcoin Cash for 92.16 BCH per day sir. just 944455.68 USD worth per week. im sure that won't motivate more miners to jump from BTC to BCH either, sir.

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>thanks dad, just send it to my bitcoin adress
Why would you despise a gift?

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That's called the dust threshold, where it is unlikely that it will ever be reconsolidated because the fee will eat it for the memory space of a new input.

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Yeah, a lot of the exchanges fix their fees and haven't adjusted since BCH greatly improved in hashpower. If you try sending from your own phone or desktop BCH wallet you will pay much less.
If your transaction is of a decent size, say $5 you probably could send it without a fee and a miner would pick it up. Just some tiny chance it gets marked as spam. Looks like current average transaction fee people attach is 10cents for Big Dick Bitcoin (BCH).
On micropenis BTC it's $1.91


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>If you try sending from your own phone or desktop BCH wallet you will pay much less.
Uh no, that's what I'm saying. The Lowest one I found was 0.1mBCH

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This really makes you think...

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Mempool.observer says I could get into the next block or two with a 5sat/byte fee. And a standard tx in Bitcoin is about 226 bytes for one input, two outputs. That's 1130sats or about 10 cents. Just because the average is higher doesn't mean it's actually a better deal, it's just idiots overpaying, which if anything proves people don't care much about a $2 fee, at least not enough to switch or even stop paying it (because it's optional, and even advised against).

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paying 1 satoshi per byte currently guarantees your transaction gets into the very next BCH block. if you're on some place that has any higher fees than that send them an email and tell them to lower it to 1 sat/byte.

it IS a huge problem. very common, a quick look at a recent block verifies:

some places sets 100 satoshis per byte as fees which is ridiculous. check the last page and you can see all of the 1 sat/byte transactions that get included in the block with no problem. the blocks are nowhere near full so no more is needed.

some people use even less than 1 sat/byte, although then it's no longer guaranteed to get in into the very next block (spam protection for many miners)

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I see, that's interesting. So people are just overpaying.
Still, at some point lightning will have to work, or fees go back up again. and people do care about $50 fees. Made me stating looking for alternative back in Dec

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They measure the blocks in fractions of a kilobyte.

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I mean there is literally one transaction in the block, how can anyone make a comparison about the average with one or two transactions per block?

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Heh, that's a really cool visualization of the network

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I'm just gonna trade it for REQ either way.

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Yea, your dad gave you $60k

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maybe he's trying to make up for the molesting
thx dad

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It also uses the last 100 transactions, which makes for an interesting comparison, it's like 100 bch blocks vs ~1/10th of a BTC block.

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Or maybe I already owned BCH. jesus the iq of this board is dropping by the day

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I knew what you meant, it was obvious, you already had 40

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Bch has high fees basically

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This. Don't be an ungrateful cunt and just appreciate it. You never know when he'll be gone.

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Wait you already owned BCH ?

Oh no no no no no

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Happy as fuck. Idk what your dad buys ya bruh

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>the only intelligent answer in the entire thread

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>say thanks
>Trade half a BCH for a much better coin

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yeah if you wanted to buy a moonmission coin, BTC would be pretty much THE WORST coin to receive. BCH at least has sub cent fees.

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It's fees are literally 10 cents because of mandatory minimums enforced by the client software and other apps.

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Don't eat the sweet meats from pajeet street.

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I'd suck his cock on the spot.
Pretty standard really.

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Thanks, Dad, but what happened to Gregory Maxwell?

I think he he is now required to use CSW's, I mean Satoshi's, pubes as dental floss as eternal punishment.

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txhighway.com... Proves you're lying in a format even sometime as clearly mentally challenged as you can understand in ten seconds or less!

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Nigga, don't encourage the retarded adults. The less educated and out of touch with reality, the sooner they die out.

So, shhhhh.

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Fuck Roger Ver

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So you were just pretending to be retarded?

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Look, this was explained in this thread, just read it.

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Literally meme spam vs data. I hope the average /biz/nessman can see through you.

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>Can't read IDs
>Complains about IQ of the board

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You realize anyone who has been on /biz/ within the last week for more than a few minutes has seen all of your memes already. I don't even need to open them because I see them so often.

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>"Dad, you forgot to take your dementia pills again? This shit went to 0 and was delisted everywhere."

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> y-you guise d-dont believe him amirite pls dont fall for ill get fired for letting this happen on my shift...

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Feels good to desu. Enjoying smacking the shit out of you blockstream shill fucks.

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Thanks, Dad! Now I'm going to destroy Bitcoin!

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There is no team, he was speaking metaphorically, and I've seen that pic a lot too, what next the Cobra tweet about the lightning network?

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> he just misspoke honest.
What is dragons den? Right.. Just give up pajeet everyone is already onto your game.

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>11 posts by this id

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Literally though, what is dragons den?

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Hurry up and die dad so I can get on the housing ladder.
Seriously this fuckers $10k rat shack is worth $300k now.

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Thank you so much dad! But you seemingly fell for a mislead scam, come here to my PC let me show you how we can exchange what you bought for Bitcoin.

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this bch postings are starting to work on me

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> Hi son, I went on the interwebs to bitcoin.com and I bought one

> I sent it to that bitcoin address you gave me years ago

> I hope you enjoy the present son, we saved up a long time to get you this. maybe it’ll be worth handing down to your son one day

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