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>he doesn't hold at least 50 BCH

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>he's not retarded

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>he holds BCH

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>Holding BCash

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There will be no mercy for the traitors like you.
Enjoy your "store of value".

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>tfw you realize bch is the real btc

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Even a photo of Taylor Swift won't help you now.

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who did i betray?

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typical core cuck

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She's listening to the audio book version of "The Bitcoin Standard" by Saifedean Ammous

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you sound like a religious nutcase

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You buy bch < 0.1 not at 0.15 lol. At 0.15 you sell you bagholder retards.

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what do you guys think making love with her is like

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Satoshi brainlet. Try to keep up

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>making love WITH her
You're supposed to make love "to" a woman.

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>when he holds 50 bch

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>when he holds 50 litecoin

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boring af obv

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shes fat now

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ah but objectively not the chain with the most proof of work, which is _exactly_ what Satoshi defined Bitcoin as.
Get fucked bcash faggot don't make me link the white paper

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Bitcoin is worthless and so is bcash.

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i buy bcash from my fiat exchange, transfer it to binance and then immediately convert to something else due to speed and low cost. and i will continue doing that until my fiat exchange adds something better like nano

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>mfw >50 BCH

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i only have 30, feels bad man

if btc/bch ratio somehow gets to 1:10 again i'll sell the last of my btc.

that shit is not going anywhere. a quick look at /r/bitcoin/ is proof, everything there are just memes about BCH or more memes about HODL. no talk about adoption or future plans for the crypto. mindless drones the lot of them, i mean who cares that bitcoin.com called BCH just "Bitcoin" for two days instead of "Bitcoin Cash"? there are actually things happening with BCH, not just "lol bcash" and "HODL". some bloody idiots can't actually read what's written on the wall...

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fuck off dickhead. satoshi didn't want bitcoin cash. assuming he is still alive, i would bet my life savings that, he would be shaking his head at bitcoin cash right now. kys

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fuck i hate you bcash people.

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Longest valid chain. Even coretards make this distinction, but they make the mistake of assuming a chain with a block size over 1mb is not valid despite that having been the plan all along, rather than a chain that is not even the same product it originally was is valid.
BTC isn't peer to peer electronic cash so it's not a valid chain. It's just an ICO for the lignin network heavily backed by the status quo central banking kikes and why do you suppose they're backing it? Hint; it's nothing to do with them getting on board with the original Bitcoin vision.

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You're a complete moron and you should kill yourself.

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Yeah nah get fucked mate.

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oh get fucked cunt! how the hell is bitcoin now nerve gas???

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Pretend that Bitcoin (BTC) had 32 MB blocks + irreversible transactions and Bitcoin Cash forked from it.

BCH then reduced the blocksize to 1 MB, made transactions reversible and promised people a complicated off-chain solution for faster transactions.

Do you think that fork would have won over the original?

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sauce on BTC being reversible?

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You mean how is the chain that wants to move 99 percent of transaction volume off the blockchain and into a centrally controlled banking network by artificially restricting on chain throughput to less than a fax machine nerve gas?
Yeah I guess you're right I can't figure that one out at all it's a huge mystery thanks just bought a hundre.. No wait please go ahead and gas yourself you dumb cunt.

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Removed in BCH, default in BTC since 0.16

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>Beginning with Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 (released Feb 2016), one type of transaction replaceability, replace-by-fee (RBF), became widely available. This page attempts to document the current state of transaction replaceability for wallet authors who want to use that feature.


1) you send a transaction with a fee
2) then you repeat the same transaction with a little higher fee and send the coins to an address that you own
3) the old transactions is replaced

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also while it is true that a more strict version of replace-by-fee was in the very original bitcoin code it was removed very early and satoshi fully envisioned non-reversible transactions in 2010, proof here:

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*more strict = you weren't allowed to change the destination addresses, just the fee.

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>centrally controlled banking network

the rest i can't be bothered refuting because you people will never change anyway. you think you got the better side of the deal, so why would you ever believe something that negatively impacts you?

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let me rephrase that, you were allowed to change the input addresses and not the original output addresses and their amounts must not have been lowered. and the sum of the inputs must have been greater than the previous sum.

transaction fee is just equal to (sum of inputs) minus (sum of outputs)

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Not delusion, a routed network is inherently centralised, orders of magnitude more so for a staked routed network. From the original Bitcoin white paper "the network is robust in its unstructured simplicity" the design was not a bug or an accident lightning is centralised as fuck.
And why would we believe the truth if it were different? Because of we didn't then we'd be as dumb as you coretard fucks that ignore material reality when empirical proof stares you right in the face. I would definitely rather know and accept I'm wrong than embrace ignorance because I fell victim to a propaganda campaign, so would everyone else on this side. Not coretards though because otherwise you stupid fucks wouldn't be where you are.

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>BCash was originally created by and for Jihan Wu, because Segwit would marginalize his companies profits by disabling covert ASICBoost, which is an “improvement” to mining that gave his mining operation significant leverage over others.

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> zero proof asicboost was ever deployed in production on mainnet
> until recently when it was launched by core to much fanfare and celebration
You're a very stupid person.

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I am holding 46, am I still going to make it?

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Also the real actual story behind segwit rather than coretard propaganda.

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