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why is roger ver so goddamn autistic

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In all seriousness, most don't care at this point even if Bitcoin Cash does flip BTC and become Bitcoin. The rest of the market is taking over both of these two pretty fast.

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Yes, you're right, Roger. Bcash

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it turned into expensive turd vs expensive turd Cash

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Yeah, I mean, they are both outdated stuff. "store of value" is the only thing they have left.
- Bitcoin Cash is trying to expand and break out into the smart contract market now, but I think it will still not give it the edge to survive against alts.
- Bitcoin is slipping even further into the dark ages with it's code. It doesn't have any hope at this point. That is why the market dominance is crumbling.

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That's a strength in crypto. Look at skelly, sergey etc. This makes me trust him more.

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He's actually a good looking guy.

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*sigh* What is a cryptocurrency, anon? It's software, right, what does the software run on? Enlighten me, please. And specifically address the parts of the system that influence the level of security it offers to the transactions.

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You have to be that to buy a million btc

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Bitcoin Cash will result in the death of almost all alts mate, but don't worry a second gold rush of shitcoins and tokens will becoming, this time directly linked to Bitcoin Cash transactions.

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he had a rough childhood

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Cashies are usually chads, corekeks are retarded betas.

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The entire reason core even exists is because of one sad fucker's absolute inability to admit he's wrong, and his ability to marshall large amounts of capital and astroturfing to support him.

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I’m gay. He’s not. Maybe if was capable of relaxing and didn’t have that chronic disturbing eyelook of a beta serial killer he could have had a chance.

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Interesting pic. I'm assuming that the posts were made around 1 year ago?

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you have to be autistics to push your failed agenda every day.

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Pretty much around fork time, yeah.

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You have to be a faggot normie to focus on brand over product.

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>Yeah, I mean, they are both outdated stuff. "store of value" is the only thing they have left.
You couldn't be more wrong...
Bitcoin Cash is going to implement Monero and ETH features this year. You are dumb if you are not buying every single BCash you can.

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It runs on a civilisation spanning computer, and the components of that computer that actually dictate the security of the transactions are the pieces that provide hashing power, they condense consensus from the vapour of competitive proof of work
The value of a chain is directly proportional to the amount invested in the production of this hashing power. And the SHA256 hashing power deployed in the world is orders of magnitude greater than any other POW algorithm.
This means that the SHA256 hashing power blockchains are orders of magnitude more secure and valuable than any other blockchains.
And lastly, because the provision of proof of work is a competitive process, and miners can only provide POW for one chain, they must choose a chain. All empirical evidence points to one criteria for that choice; immediate profitability. This means that hash power is driven based on the price of the mining rewards.
There are two significant SHA256 proof of work chains, BCH and BTC. BTC has a difficulty adjustment algorithm that means that if hash power starts abandoning it at large scale within a period smaller than that it takes to mine 2016 blocks, it will die. BCH does not have this vulnerability and is also the better product.
The inevitable conclusion of the above simple empirical facts is this;
* A SHA256 Blockchain will reign until another POW algo has comparative deployment levels.
* The current BTC chain will be destroyed by BCH as soon as the price moves in a manner not favourable to BTC. At this point BCH will be the longest chain and will become by definition, Bitcoin.
* BCH will live forever.
* All other POW based blockchains are beta projects.
* No proven widely deployed proof of stake based chain has yet been deployed, so that part of the equation isn't even up for consideration at this stage.
Quit it with this "they're both ancient grandpa coins" nonsense. All of these things are DLTs and must be evaluated based upon their value *as* DLTs.

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tldr : “bcash”

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The SHA256 mining ASICs that run the worlds biggest hashpool aren't just going to disappear when BTC finally collapses from mempool pressures. BCH is the natural next target for these machines.

Furthermore, they Bitcoin Cash community should be advocating how their bigger blocks improves energy efficiency in terms of transactions confirmed per watt.

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he was literally dumb enough to get caught selling explosives on ebay

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you mean fireworks
yes fireworks are technically explosive, but you're still being disingenuous and that's not helping you make your case

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and he cries a lot

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they were explosives he hid in his apartment building, great guy

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What a strange place this has become, it was just pointed out that BTC is probably going to be completely destroyed, and people are back to trying to derail the conversation to if some guy sold firecrackers or explosives.

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who cares? BTC and BCH are old news

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Core have been out of arguments for a year, but to give them credit - their strategy has worked to an extent.
BTC deserved to die a year ago, instead it's losing dominance extremely slowly.
A huge BCH pump might attract mainstream news though, so their house of cards can crumble incredibly fast. Interesting times ahead.

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Was it that you didn't read >>9118467
or was it that you failed to grasp the significance of it as it directly related to your shit tier comment?

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hi roger. If BTC dies its taking your shitcoin with it

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t. redditfag vertcoin/vechain/nano bagholders

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yeah I see boomers circlejerking over PoW when PoS is the future
>t. CS major

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Great, get back to me when that actually works. Until then you're wrong.

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Hey, I'm back

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t. high school

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you probably like to think that because you look as mousy and annoying like he does

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>claims to know that PoS is working
>in theory, based on a day-old paper
>that Vitalik is already shitting on

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More like
t. the only person on /biz/ who actually owns businesses and can do research.

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vitalik is being salty. "oh so it's just an honest majority model"
yeah like every other consensus algorithm

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Anyone notice the spike in BCash shilling that has suddenly stopped?

Ver was definitely using paid shills on /biz/.
I waste alot of time here. Trust me.

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So won't they both die when all coins are mined?

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t. high school larp captain

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Vitalik has been wrong plenty of times, so I might give the paper a read, thanks for responding when faced with a trolly argument. I'm used to arguing with corekeks, they tend to disappear, so this was new to me.
I have a lot of prejudice towards Hoskinson and IOHK that I need to overcome before I actually buy some ADA, but based on your non-brainlet status I'll spare some time.

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Anyone with half a brain can see that there are waves when paid shills hit reddit and /v/ with force, and it's usually accompanied with a timed pump in BCH's price. It puzzles me these fags aren't called out more. I'm neutral between BCH and BTC but the way Ver markets his coin is sleazy and I don't think it's sustainable.

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How is there an instant cashie shill comment in every cashie post? Automated shill bots?

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His Narcissistic Personality Disorder runs amok and he just goes with it most of the time. He is also being controlled. He is just following his orders from above. Only explanation that makes any sense which would lead to him following such a ridiculous anti-Bitcoin path. He is an asset of TPTB.

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thanks just bought 100k
very ironically.

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there are paid shills but I'm pretty sure Ver is not responsible

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Did you ever stop to consider the possibility that the people who care about the real bitcoin might actually be a little put out by blockstream and co's attack, and might react fairly strongly to it, legitimately, rather than because they're in a mumbai click farm, or something?
But what am I saying, in all likelihood, you're in a mumbai click farm, so your salary would depend on not understanding that.

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BTC will probably die much sooner than that, considering the chain freeze problem.
BCH, I've heard that opinion ventured, it doesn't seem particularly likely to me, especially considering the block reward ends what, 2140 or thereabouts? At that point in time there will have been more than a hundred years worth of economic development fostered and resident on the BCH chain, and those who run it heavily incentivised to keep running it, that would be much more akin to the present situation of credit card processors, for example, small % or flat fees per transaction, but absolutely obscene volumes that make it still profitable.
That equilibrium of course once again only works if you don't artificially restrict the network throughput, so isn't a possibility for BTC.
It's the actual plan for BCH though.

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both BCH and BTC will suffer from the kernel leak that took down NANO.

screencap this.

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"Babies are dyyyiing because of bitcoin core"
-- ,Roger Ver

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He never said that.
There are no recordings of it.

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it is okay to not like roger ver or any other person
it is not okay to hate something because other people like it. but i know i'm speaking into a mine salt

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proof of stake? more like poop of steak
heheh pee pee poopy steak

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