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also if asics take over, expect massive drop in price for the crypto that is suffering.

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Bitmain shills getting desperate after CNv7 fork

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>let's all just grant bitmain absolute monopoly over crypto mining

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The more ASICs, the more people will have animosities against crypto, the less acceptance will come.

PoW needs to die.
PoS does little to remedy it, as it has other shortcomings.

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I don't give a shit, I just want to play my video games.

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Neither do I, you fucking poor subhuman who can't afford fucking $500 for GPU. What third world shithole you come from?

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300$ VEGA 64 when?

>> No.9100538

PoCo is the future
RLC will reign supreme

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I'm going to make sure you can't play your video games.

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Still gamers mad about prices?
Before crypto, you had to purchase a depreciating asset that had 0 returns.
Now you most likely will make a profit from it if you're not a retard.
You should be thankful.
My 1080ti has paid itself back 2 times in less than a year.

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Get fucked you mining scums, your days are numbered. Fake internet money can only take you this far.

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GPUs will never ever go down in price again.

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I can’t stop laughing at faggots like you upset that they missed the train and now have to settle down for our used GPU bags.

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