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So I finally did it...

After hearing all the unfounded FUD and shit-talking on BCH I realized this is the perfect time to go all-in.

Thanks biz, just bought 100k.

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Welcome to the next-gen

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He bought dompet

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core coins crashing and we gonna fly with the eagle

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the real money to be made is cloning popular ERC20's as BCH colored coins.

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yeah, lets buy into a chink political fork of a technology i think is dead!

if you think bitcoin is flawed, you must avoid bcash, litecoin, dash, qtum, bgold, zcash, verge, bprivate, etc.

but keep trying to rationalize picking a fork of a coin you think is going nowhere, instead of something written from the ground up to learn from bitcoin's shortcomings.

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>if you think bitcoin is flawed, you must avoid bcash, litecoin, dash, qtum, bgold, zcash, verge, bprivate, etc.

This is what delusion looks like

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You will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. $1M BCH is coming a lot sooner than the masses think.

Remember, Bitcoin has to reach $1M per coin to have minimal volatility as a currency.

You think CSW, Jihan, Roger, and the rest of the BCH all stars are going to wait until Dec. 2020? No. More like $10M per BCH in 2020. You'll see.

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????? plz

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Good job.
Im glad that people are finally opening their eyes and giving the middle finger to the blockstream.

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Growing support you cant stop this train albeit kinda slow for now

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It's showing consistently better gains than BTC which is enough for me

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Bitcoin is not flawed, it just needed bigger blocks. Lightning Network on the other hand is fundamentally flawed from the get go.

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I got it... Tether Cash

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This whole mess could've been avoided, if core devs weren't cunts and just increased the blocksize at least until they found the new solution. They are the true creators of Bitcoin Cash that will ultimately destroy them.

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So bcash is about to become a security
funny. did roger already finished his application with the SEC?

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its not on the devs you stupid idiot, the miners could do it right now but they won't...
it takes a hard fork
its literally 1 line of code
the devs have zero power over the miners.

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You should be buying PFR instead of whatever crap youre holding. Their mainnet comes out on April 30th. Do you realize that Localbitcoins now has KYC? Do you understand that once PFR is out, people will all jump ship to avoid having to upload documents? People kept doubting the project but these guys deliver. Do you want to be poor forever....

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>the devs have zero power over the miners.
Yeah, none at all. Except that one time when USAF started threatening them with HF, if they didn't start to mine segwit blocks and then SEGWIT that couldn't activate for a fucking year suddenly did it in like 1 month. It was miners choice from the beginning, suuuuure.

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Only coin besides xmr that matters.

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Nah its fucked and even if it wasn't Core lost all credibility

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You mean when 95 percent of the economic as well as mining majority agreed to segwit2x and it was even directly signaled in the blockchain that was happening and the uasf dweebs were all like "yeah that was all totally because of us, check out the motherfuckin hats you".
The absolute state of coretards.

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>tfw I'm now reminded of the guy who lost like 75k on s2x futures contracts

Absolutely rekt. Any anons got the pic?

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Honestly, after enough DYOR I'm going cashie too. It's not that I like Jihan etc - but seriously, the Blockstream fud is actually all true and creepy as hell. I'll take scammy chinks and a bit of an asshole like Ver over fucking lizard people anon.

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ask yourself how easy it would be to get the simplest hard fork through.
just a simple block increase, even a tiny one to 2mb
take a peek at who has 45% of the hashrate
ask yourself if those people want bitcoin to have bigger blocks.

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Yeah it may take a little while for everyone to fully switch over but it really is going to be the winning horse at the end of the day.

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Id sooner go no btc or bch than become a cashie.

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and it's that kind of emotional decision making that will keep you poor. I hated Roger Ver for a long time too.... truth is the fundamentals are there.

Simply just a matter of time now.

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BCH is leading the market up now, totally decoupled from core coin

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My only advice if that's how you feel is to go full xmr. Core is going to die, dude.

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Its not emotion. If I were to move away from an outdated coin like BTC why would I get into another outdated coin like BCH?

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I'm seeing it too brother.

I don't want to tinfoil hat but it's almost like BTC only does those flash dips when its angry at the BCH gains and wants to see everything burn.

Even then it's becoming more and more resilient to that crap.... eventually it will be fully decoupled.

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how long till the major exchanges switch btc to bch for their primary pairing?

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at least a few years! you know how long that is in crypto world... like forever

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In all honesty though, no matter any single individual's perspective about what actually happened during that tumultuous time, I think there's just one thing everyone who was genuinely awake at the time as to what was actually going on can agree on.
It was an absolute fucking shitshow.
A cabal of the largest economic actors in the space openly participated in a transparent bait and switch to force miners into activating contentious changes they clearly viewed as negative, all the while a parallel propaganda campaign to encourage that bait and switch as well as technically ignorant campaign to encourage forking off into a chain that would have barely five percent of the hash power at the time without a modification to difficulty adjustment that would have effectively made such a move outright suicide from a chain death perspective, and while the miners agreed with the compromise position in principle they clearly saw the bait and switch coming so prepped a poison pill to the entire debacle in an earlier hard fork that would not be afflicted by their compromise in the event that the obvious bait and switch was in fact a bait and switch.
Nobody I've ever explained the situation to that didn't understand exactly how proof of work blockchains work from a deep technical perspective has ever had the slightest idea what was actually going on. It's absurd to even suggest this process was some kind of effective and useful governance resolution event, and all people who hold out hope for the future of pow blockchains based around the paradigm of economic incentives coalescing around a single optimal path forward should consider it an extreme example of just how utterly fucked things can get in that paradigm.
It looks like only now are people finally starting to escape the gravitational pull of the blockstream astroturfing campaigns, and tons of people are still obviously and earnestly genuinely confused about what the fuck is going on.

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Dont fall for the "gen x" meme.

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>tons of people are still obviously and earnestly genuinely confused about what the fuck is going on


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If they wanted to do it I don't think it would be to big a challange, in the meantime use CoinEx.com if you need an exchange.

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>btc is going to die
he said nervously for the 5 trillionth time

>wall of text crits you for 9,506,888
you're delusional bud
90%+ of the hashrate stayed with core when they forked.
if the consensus was for bitcoin abc over core, bch wouldn't even exist and it would actually be the real bitcoin...

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: )

You're gonna eat your words, sweetie. No mercy for traitors.

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See this is what I mean, idiots like this are not even aware that the hash rate split was due to segwit2x and honestly buy the blockstream propaganda about "nah it was totally the uasf hats man!" without having the faintest clue as to why the difficulty adjustment algorithm + 5% hash rate for uasf guaranteed that would be nothing other than a suicide and purely for the idiots that actually tried to execute it while the original chain would simply continue utterly unaffected.
It's like thinking you can argue with your electricity company for a policy change, and if they don't agree you're still changing your power system to only accept an incompatible supply mechanism. This doesn't mean you magically get a compatible electrical supply, it means you have no electrical until you wake the fuck up, and the electrical company barely notices your idiocy.

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that's fine I still have my forked cash just in case.
the head chink has too much control to put all my eggs in 1 basket, would be stupid not to at least keep the free coins.

s2x never got enough support
bitcoin cash forked weeks before segwit activation
if consensus was for no segwit and big blocks, bch would not exist, and it would be the real bitcoin.
the fact is its retarded to claim its the real bitcoin in any way, other than an argument of the whiepaper technical details, while ignoring the fact that its a consensus based algorithm, as also stated in the whitepaper.

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S2x had 95 percent signalling at the time. Segwit alone never went over 35 to 40 percent if memory serves. Sorry bucko but you're just plain wrong. Sort yourself out.

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dude, your reddit is showing

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Dude your pajeet click farm is showing.

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