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What would the price of bitcoin be if it replaced gold as the primary means of wealth storage globally?

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Unironically, millions.

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Bitcoin is objectively a better gold already, irrespective of derpings about scaling it for niggers, so it WILL be worth millions.

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Well golds market cap is 7 trillion. If btc had golds mktcap it would be 300k per btc

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Where Rμν is the Ricci curvature tensor, R is the scalar curvature, gμν is the metric tensor, Λ is the cosmological constant, G is Newton's gravitational constant, c is the speed of light in vacuum, and Tμν is the stress–energy tensor.

The EFE is a tensor equation relating a set of symmetric 4 × 4 tensors. Each tensor has 10 independent components. The four Bianchi identities reduce the number of independent equations from 10 to 6, leaving the metric with four gauge fixing degrees of freedom, which correspond to the freedom to choose a coordinate system.

Despite the simple appearance of the equations they are actually quite complicated. Given a specified distribution of matter and energy in the form of a stress–energy tensor, the EFE are understood to be equations for the metric tensor gμν, as both the Ricci tensor and scalar curvature depend on the metric in a complicated nonlinear manner. In fact, when fully written out, the EFE are a system of ten coupled, nonlinear, hyperbolic-elliptic partial differential equations.[citation needed]

One can write the EFE in a more compact form by defining the Einstein tensor

which is a symmetric second-rank tensor that is a function of the metric. The EFE can then be written as

In standard units, each term on the left has units of 1/length2. With this choice of Einstein constant as 8πG/c4, then the stress-energy tensor on the right side of the equation must be written with each component in units of energy-density (i.e., energy per volume = pressure).

Using geometrized units where G = c = 1, this can be rewritten as the expression on the left represents the curvature of spacetime as determined by the metric; the expression on the right represents the matter/energy content of spacetime. The EFE can then be interpreted as a set of equations dictating how matter/energy determines the curvature of spacetime.

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Bitcoin will become the sole basis of worth. In a way, it already is. By owning one-millionth of available bitcoin, you'll eventually own one-millionth of all matter and non-matter in the universe, as far as humanity is concerned.

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Are you lost friend?

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btc will never capture Gold's market share, but bch will as well as M1, M2, and most of if not all of M3.

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For a deflationary currency to replace fiat, the US and the entire developed world would have to collapse first. That's much less likely than BTC replacing gold.

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Go to bed, Roger.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about how infallible governments and central banks are. Why are you even in crypto?

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Fiat can exist alongside BCT. You'll use it for short-term convenience rather than worth.