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HOW THE FUCK DO WE PLAY BLOCKCHAIN LONG TERM??? I understand the technology behind it and just how amazing it is...but how do we play this long term and invest in it for the next 30+ years.....and no...don't tell me to buy this coin or that....I hate to say this but i think those are all junk....The coins themselves are useless sure they hold value now but everyday newer and better coins are coming out....So the value of blockchain isn't going to be as a currency....I see it more as a way to validate transactions or even buying and selling stocks without a broker or middle man. This bullshit about this coin or that coin being worth a million dollars in x number of years is insane....how can you predict that X coin is not going to be made obsolete by another coin in just a few months or years?? but....if the block chain was used to buy and sell shares of a stock....a person could anonymously buy shares of any company around the world without the government knowing or being involved...I personally see this as the future of blockchain tech....Or maybe I'm a retard and IDK what the fuck i'm talking about, Please let me know what you think??

Pic is related because i honestly believe that in a few years when the dollar collapses, the average man (the average baby boomer btw has far more wealth than the average 20 or 30 year old and the average baby boomer does not understand and will not be interested in bitcoin or blockchain) will not run into bitcoin. But rather gold and silver.....as humanity always has.....blockchain is a amazing tech but i think that you guys are not thinking about how it will end up being used.....Its kind of like the rolling out of electricity in the 1900s people thought it was going to be used just for lighting there homes......and how they where wrong....

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most people in blockchain now can somewhat appreciate the technical aspects. To stay on top, you just need to stay on top of the progress and sift funds around as serious competitors emerge.

you say blockchain is hard to play long term. but I think gold will be hard to play long term. Try convincing millenials to use precious metal over cryptocurrency. Just watch boomer rants fall on deaf ears when they try to say gold is better than bitcoin. And yes when when the internet collapses forever, everyone will sure wish they didnt own stocks or bonds or memecoins or bank accounts, and goldbugs will finally have their day. They took a big risk betting on societal collapse and it could pay off someday.

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thats one potential application of this tech.
coins aren't junk you're an idiot. thet ability to assign and transfer value in a decentralised way is big, then add the function to make it trust less and autonomous via smart contracts and you're looking at a revolution.

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Fucking moron


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clearly op does not understand crypto.

u can't have blockchain decentralized without an incentive (currency)

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yup absolute brainlet tier thread
wonder why so many of these morons are coming here.

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Please explain it to me then?? I understand We are looking at a revolution, i just dont think it will take the form of currency.....Currency needs to have certain properties and Cryptos does not fit the requirements for currency. At best its a speculative bubble at the moment...but the tech behind it could change the world....the question is...in what way?? People are not going to switch over to bitcoin, for one the government would never allow it (but no one could stop it because of the blockchain) well they could make it illegal to own like they did with gold in the 1970s or set up massive mining ops and just rewrite the blockchain code so they can get all the info. So that wont work.....Its a poor store of value....(but it went from $1 to $20k in 10 years) yeah thats not storing value thats is far to unstable for the average man to trust with there life savings....anyways if you disagree with me please give me an argument so i can understand why i'm wrong.....I don't mind being wrong at all i just want to understand the flaws in my logic????

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Just buy DIG or be poor forever ya fucking cukc

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this is important to understand - at this stage it is not safe to assume that all existing coins will be junk in future too

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this is now a brainlet wojak thread

please post your best retard wojaks

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Make gains in crypto and buy physical gold with it then? Do you need to be spoofed?

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pls don't spoonfeed the fact that he's stupid I need him to give his stupid money to us smart money

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This is exactly the level of quality I expect from biz. You're fucking retarded if you're here for anything else but laughing at people lose their money.