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What does /biz/ think about making money selling drugs?

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Can't retire without major risk

not worth for me

any money worth making in the drug game is worth your life, so someone's going try to take it from you

you don't get to retire and life with your family

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if you're the kind of guy who browses 4chan you're probably not going to be the best drug dealer tbh

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Easy money don't last long

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you won´t get into it. you have to have connections..

Either you are already smoking meth/crack/heroin and someone offers you a ´job´.... or you have relatives who are already dealing (cousins, brothers, uncles etc) and they offer you a ´job´

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unless you have friends who sue drugs and you can get them cheaper than they can, dont bother.

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Let's say I do have connections and I can buy drugs pretty cheap. What about then? My main concern wouldn't be the police, but more likely the customers if I would do the transactions face to face. But I would never do a face to face transaction.

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the only way is a face to face transaction. I lived in that world years ago (without going into details) expect to deal with toothless street prostitutes, lunatics, bix nood mofo oegoeboego niggers etc

People will try to rob you, scam you (with fake notes for example) and all kinds of bullshit will come your way.

Think about how else are you going to sell crack or heroin? You cannot sell it online as the majority of users have no computer/never used a computer in their life.

Also addicts need it all the time (every few hours) and as soon as they ´earned´ 10 or 20 bucks they run to the dealer.

so no point in ordering it online like once a week.

There is no other way than to sell face to face.

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but if you do decide to sell it face to face it´s fairly easy.

Walk around at night in a dodgy area or park and get in touch with a couple of people who are clearly addicts ( they are really easy to spot, picture related)

offer them a cigarette, have a chat etc etc. Give them a free sample of crack and your phone number..

If you have good stuff and prices within days all their addict friends will call you

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also expect these kind of people to call.. Seen it more than once...

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Think silk road. Learn to ship it safely, conceal your identity properly (don't use your home computer).

Face to face transactions are for low-level small-operation morons who can't into logistics.

On the contrary. The silk road has shown that the future belongs to those who can manage an efficient operation from behind a screen. It reduces violent crime rates, requires no vendor to customer interaction and is way better for everyone involved. Just like the morons yelling in the trading pits were driven out of business by more tech savvy people, these streetwalking niggers and other assorted thugs, will be run out of business by average people. If these niggers and spics had even an ounce of intelligence, they'd be doing their business with the least amount of risk possible, but they don't. That's why they're going to be driven out, and it's already happening.

I'm saying niggers/spics, because they're literally too stupid to figure out a basic dropshipping system for drugs, and seem to prefer to meet up on the street, as if we were still living in the 80's.

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So I am going to encounter Gandalf?

If I would sell dope, I woul preffer to look as normal as possible. Also, any tips on how to look "normal". I always had problems with my appearance. I'm bald with a beard and bulky built.

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I ran what was essentially a trap house until about 2 weeks ago. Yes, the money is awesome. I had fat stacks of cash, cars, drugs, guns, women etc.

Then, i got raided.

They took almost everything, my mugshot made the news, and Im probably going to prison. It was fun while it lasted, but i would give anything to just go back to college and get muh degree instead.

Ask me anything

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most dealers I met looked far from ´normal´ It doesn´t really matter how you look like as long as you have the right attitude.

you have to be really streetwise and tuff.. in other words, don´t let people walk over you. Even if they are yelling and screaming on the street.. You simply walk away cool, without giving a fuck and selling them nothing.

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also carry a knife or gun with you as things might turn nasty..

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Yea I bet you did buddy. And I'm a famous rapper named P. diddy

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I preffer dressing classy most of the time. What would be the main problem that I would have to deal with?

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most people refuse to buy from you as they will think you are an undercover cop...

If you have clean nails and hands (users always check that) forget it......

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What if I would give the stuff to someone I trust and they would sell it face to face with the customers and they would get a small % of the profit. That would help me in staying anonymous and we would both earn a nice profit.

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trust nobody in the drug world.. not even your best friends as it will lead to money isues/arguments/fights. Guaranteed. Or stuff will go missing when they see the big money..

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What about innovation? Bringing new kinds of drugs to the area where you are selling?

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you could do that. Though I wouldn´t know what. At least in the area where I lived everything was available on every street corner 24/7. Crack heroin, pcp, meth, even viagra...

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People in my area are buying 25i thinking that it's real LSD and the prices for mushrooms are high as fuck. Around 30 usd for 1,5g dried shrooms,

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those are hippy drugs and earn shit as they not addictive (like crack and heroin)

30 dollar will get 3 crack rocks which are finished in half and hour.. you can do the math. Or 1 rock if it´s good quality..

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>Hidden Web
>no Face to face

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Yes, but hippies don't kill you over turf.

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There's no money in it.

If you're just a basic dealer, you'll be lucky to hit $50k in a year. And you will take a LOT of risk for that paltry sum. You could end up dead or in jail easily.

The only money is if:
- You're a major courier
- You make drugs (either grow or manufacture)

Good luck being a courier. The grow/make thing is more feasible if you can live a very private life and can trust people on the purchasing end.

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ITT: ppl who think breaking bad is like real life

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$ 50k is a lot of money to me. Most of my friends have pretty normal jobs and earn about 500 € per month.

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well drugs are cheaper in the UK from what I remember.

So it'll be more like $30k.

The problem is that every single person you sell to or buy from could potentially rat you to the police. Every time you do a deal if someone sees you or is a suspicious neighbor they can call the cops.

Oh and you can be robbed and then stabbed or shot.

Not sure what jailtime is like over in Europe but here it is not worth the risk.

You're better off waiting tables or something.

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Risk vs Reward.

In this calculation you divide your potential net by the price of your risk. Lets just assume you are lowballing between 60 - 100k net a year.

Your risk is the dollar value of the drugs you purchase. However, a proper risk assessment would consider the total asset value of the whole enterprise aka your life. The biggest risk in drugs is getting killed, so a value must be assigned. Not sure about you, but my life can't be assigned a value because living is preferable to anything. So if I'm forced to do it, there are a lot of zeros and commas.

So 60k/1 gazillion makes the drug trade to risky for me.

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What no other person even asked, what drugs are you thinking about selling?
lol'ing at everyone who immediately jumped to crack/heroin. Especially the whole, "carry a gun/knife." Depending where you're selling.
Fuck you guys really are stupid.

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LSD/Shrooms/ DMT ... Mainly psychedelics

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I'm the poster above you - the answer on the type of drugs doesn't even enter my mind because the risk factor is still the same. The stupidity is trying to hash out the details over something that most on biz would consider an enterprise not worth the effort. Legal money is much easier and usually won't get you shanked or incarcerated.

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that's a pretty shitty way to access risk to be honest, family

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it´s pretty cheap in the UK.. And sentences are like 3, 4 years and up for small dealers.

though in my area they didn´t even bother arresting them anymore as there are so many and as soon one got arrested 2 new dealers pop up...

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Some dude in my area was selling only acid (25i) and was making about 5-10k usd per month. That was 4 months ago. Then someone snitched on him. He was 16 when the cops raided his house. Found 7 grams of 25i nbome, few grams of weed and around 20k blotters of acid. He used to sell each hit for 10 usd.

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Ha yea, i described my situation perfectly, and you likened me to P. Didds. I am truly complemented, thank you sir. I would link you to the news article but thats suicide on 4chan...

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what if someone wants to sell coke? how should one go about doing that?

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Buying in bulk, cutting your stuff with benzos and other shit. I dont know.

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In my country I can sell a gram of good quality weed for 30 usd if each plant yields 100 grams (yields vary by strain and setup) and I have 40 plants with 4 harvests a year I can make 480000 usd a year.

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Didn't mean to reply

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Mexican here.

Not a drug dealer, but live next to couple dealers, and one parent is also into this business. Isn't worth.

I mean, everybody believes you'll made the big bucks once inside, but the main distributors will pressure people to only buy from them, and pay "taxes" to them. If a rival cartel comes into the town, you have to pick to keep buying merchandise from the regular old distributor, or acquire merchandise from the newcomer. However, that usually implies:

At one hand, that both sides will pick random sellers to execute them to convince the others local dealers to acquire merchandise from them. So chances are you're going to die anyway. And at the other hand, whichever cartel manages to gain control on the area, it will kill those who didn't remained loyal. So, really big chances you'll get screwed either way.

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And its these same nuggets/spics like freeway Ricky, Griselda blanco Pablo Escobar. Setting up million dollar crack house enterprises and cartels.. meanwhile you get your customers a nice controlled delivery by the dea when your packaging method burns. Even one white dude from sf was bringing in boats of weed, but the difference between you and him is that he's not a pussy

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All that trouble for having traps in your house?

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Yeah walk away all cool like, exposing your back to a knife wielding base head aptly named "pookie"

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