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I would say it will be the exact opposite, the death of alts. It will be a complete bloodbath when it turns out that cryptocurrencies don't actually work for anything else than store of value. I will be laughing my ass off when some supply chain launches and it gets 51%'ed or someone social engineers/phishes a ton of keys ruining it.

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Death of pajeet tier shitcoins, only the actual use case coins will survive

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>cryptocurrencies don't actually work for anything else than store of value

BAT muthafucka. Top 5 eoy

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2018, the year of the flippening between bch and btcp.

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BTCP? wow you are a literal pajeet

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btcp gonna fork later this year, too. gonna be fkn YUGE

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>month of alts
>year of bitcoin
>year of the death of alts

Can we stop with meme prediction? Nobody knows.

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XLM,LINK,EOS,what else should I add bros

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