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I actually have no fucking clue how ChainLink works or even what an oracle is. I only bought LINK because of the memes.

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Bumb for the same reason

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Doesn't matter why you bought.
Just make sure you never sell.
It may take a few years but
this shit will unironically go to $1000.

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Yes, you and everyone else.

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Crypto is 100% people talking out of their ass so as not to appear dumb to others...but everyone is dumb and talking nonsense to each other.

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Smart contracts need data input to work. eg: I will trade you x for $1000 when the price of x reached y
This data needs to be fed into the contract through an oracle, which brings off-blockchain data onto the blockchain
Oracles can be controlled by one party and thus not decentralized
Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracles, where you can use LINK tokens to deliver the data for said smart contracts and it will always be trustworthy

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I was kinda hoping someone could explain it in simple terms but I guess I'm not the only brainlet here

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Same. I have enough that I'll be comfy if the 1000 eoy meme comes true.

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See? Just people parroting word salad.

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Crypto is 100% toxic cancer horseshit and 99.0% of these coins don't fucking matter outside of making money (fiat).

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Why would big business opt for decentralized oracles rather than private ones though?

I mean companies use Windows not Linux even though the later is free.

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Everyone and everyone coin ever

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Me just cashed out initially invest

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>I actually have no fucking clue how ChainLink works

It's simple: You insert your dick into the other guys ass while simultaneously he inserts his dick into your ass. Fuck each other like that.

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Church. She is saving her virginity for her wedding night. Her black friends told me.

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Can anybody suggest a place for me to start, a book, a website, from where I can build up a base of basic knowledge about cryptocurrency. I’m not a comp sci major, I don’t know where to start or who to trust

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Sauce on that pic?

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It’s ok if you don’t have an answer to my question, anon

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this is important

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this thread comes after imbeciles shorting BTC at sub 7K ....
what's left of the rest of the internet's sides just solved the Oracle Problem.

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cu ck bu mp

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Elsa Jean

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Can not one person on this board of idiots (myself included) point me towards ANY impartial WHERE that could supply me with some introductory information on cryptocurrency

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I'm not anybody special, I don't know Solidity or whatever. But the whitepaper, the linkpool people that can be a the start and then trying to understand what everything means. Jackson Palmer makes youtube vids that have helped me believe I understand things like zksnarks but I don't think he has anything on LINK. If you want we can talk, but I can be lying without knowing I'm another brainlet.

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Oh the slack. There are developers there someone there must know something about where you can staty looking. And in leddit, yes I know, there's something called like cryptotechnology or something like that I checked it once and I remember one of the rules was don't talk about prices or moons or shit like that. I checked a couple of posts and the discussions looked pretty serious and technical. I haven't been there again but it didn't look awful.

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Can anyone answer this?

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so all the nodes can communicate with each other

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I'm about to buy $400 of uuu just because it keeps getting mentioned here on 4chan. Last time it happened I ended up tripling my investment on turtle, so if that shitcoin can make money Im lost expecting a 10x from uuu.

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This Girl FUCKS!

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Who is this beautiful virgin?

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Good. For being so stupid you deserve to trade sideways for all of eternity while everyone else moons

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Elsa is Virgin BBC Good Slut.

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Fucking read you mong.
It's Elsa Jean I answered it already.
Now go have a wank over her blacked videos and zip your own cum afterwards.

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Link will trade sideways and do EPIC inverted BART until EOM.

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and just like that...

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This guy seems to be going a bit over it.

Maybe it's easier to exchange information in different blockchains. Volvo wants to use the standard private oracle from the blockchain they support but Visa doesn't want to use that particular oracle for whatever reason. Other point, the decentralized oracles could become pseudo centralized. News Corp has too many links and too many nodes and they don't want neets to run their other nodes and have a say. When you create the smart contract you can choose to include by number of Linkies but you can also ask only News Corp. Just to be clear I'm talking out of my ass.

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>Dec 7
Nice timing

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Thanks that actually does help clarify.

We better just hope that Sergei can pull it off.

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Hey can you tell me where to find that vid, would love to see that qt getting smashed by a mandingo... Name?

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Think of the cryptocurrency space in general as the United Nations.

Each nation sends an ambassador, and these ambassadors work together to try and make shit happen for their country. However, all of these ambassadors speak different languages, so the the United Nations needs translators. Now Imagine if there was one lead translator that could speak literally every language. Not only that, but to verify that that lead translator is translating correctly, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of specific translators making sure that the lead translator is accurately translating the information between the parties.

LINK is that lead translator.

I too bought LINK for the memes originally, but I've since significantly increased my stack because of everything i've read about it

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Private ones only rely on one source. Decentralized oracles = much more likely that the information received is untampered

As to why a big business would prefer it, I don't know. From a policy perspective though decentralization seems to be the way to go for Blockchain tech.

At the very least you should read "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" since it is essentially the foundation of cryptocurrency in general.

Other than that just do your own research, if you have a specific question i'd be willing to be it's been answered somewhere.

The book I started with was "The Blockchain: A Guide for Legal and Business Professionals". It's a little dated (2016 I believe, so obviously it doesn't take into account the shitshow of 2017-2016) but it was available to me for free so I used it for a starting point.

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Daenerys Targaryen

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I FUD my own bags

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Good on you the meme is da way.

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Has she ever been blacked?

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Of course not you disgusting cuck. She's a pure Aryan princess saving herself for marriage.

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This book looked pretty cool.
But I mean, there's an interest to make things look good.

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Big business will make money by selling data through apis and which means they will need to setup oracles and stake LINK

The financial industry in europe is being forced to open up all their banking APIs to the outside world.
If everything goes to plan Chainlink will bridge these apis with the programmable (crypto) money world


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You are a brainlet!
90% of the internet and critical enterprise systems run Linux Not windows.
The only core banking infrastructure that runs on Windows (XP) are shitty ATM Machines.

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The state of linkies

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You mean Chainlink does something? I thought it was just supposed to make me rich.

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I'm only buying coins based on what's heavily shilled in here.
I bought BTC and ETH because of that and made great gaind also bought LINK and has some huge losses.

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Don't worry anon that's how I got rich. I only buy the most shilled coin on /biz/ and then hold for 3 years.

>Bought ETH in 2015 due to it being #1 /biz/ shilled coin. Sold most of it in 2018
>Bought Antshares in 2016 due to it being #1 /biz/ shilled coin. Will sell most of it in 2019
>Bought Chainlink in 2017 due to it being #1 /biz/ shilled coin. Will sell most of it in 2020
>Bought Request Network in 2018 due to it being #1 /biz/ shilled coin. WIll sell most of it in 2021.

I have literally never lost money on ANY of these. I am worth ~$8,000,000. I began in 2015 with $3000. /biz/ as a collective is always right your only job is to make sure the shilling is genuine and not fabricated and that you actually hold for 3 years and don't get tricked into daytrading or any bullshit like that.

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>all in on LINK
>shill BCH when I'm bored

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>the state of linkies
>post even shittier coin than link