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We already know about this here.
And there is no need for CAPS. You might get banned for that.

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TA is gayer than getting fucked in the ass

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Prove it.

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"insder info" by another literallywho faggot. Yeah, going to sell my buttcoins now just to fomo back in in two weeks at 10k. Totally legit.

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dubs confirm it

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Fucking desperate cucks. Neck yourself lmao

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Are you an insider? Give us some juicy details.

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Crash won't happen.
Buy BCH.

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Way too early to call this a bull market

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Bcash is Trash and you know it. IF anyone is so stupid that they buy BCASH then they deserve to lose their money. I guess you fags will enjoy getting assraped by Roger Ver.

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Nice meme lines. Saged and hidden

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TA is gayer than OP

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Both off of trips by a hair.

Kek wills it. Opening a short. Cap this.

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I bought at 6.6 and tethered up earlier today. Not gonna risk losing my gains while I sleep. Flash crashes are scary.

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mofucka if we reach 9,5k our next stop is out of this orbit, before taking off to the moon. Too many buyers, imagine if this reaches 9500 usd lol. Itll be all over news how btc recovered and its amazing technology!!!11

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Early CNC = golden age of RTS games.

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set a stop loss and sleep tight u fucking retard, literally best thing against flash crashes

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The thing is saying buy Soro's probably bribed the TA's and told them if they don't draw fucking up memelines he will kill them


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>too many buyers

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Interesting thread. If you anons only knew what I know.


t. Mining pool insider

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Dude. Don't you realize that if Bitcoin crashes now then it's btrash's fault? Roger and his chinese minions are pumping btrash up by buying Bitcoin and selling it for btrash.

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So i sell or wat

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it's a pretty good site quite frankly

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Buy Bitcoin Cash you fucking idiots how many times does it have to be said fuck

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Spill the beans but you wont. proof or get out larper

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>moon imminent

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How much is roger paying you?

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Your information is useless and so is your post.

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Who is this wankstain? Anyone could chart some TA and say that they have insider information, it's easy to larp and have people stroke your dick if you turn out to be right, but if you're wrong no one even cares.

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Unfortunately I agree with the OP. I've been in crypto for several months now and one thing I've learned is that if any coin or the entire market goes up too fast it will always correct and come back down a little. ETH for example went from a little less than $400 exactly 2 weeks ago to $600 a couple days ago. THis growth is too fast and it hasn't corrected yet. Only noobs will think it will go up without coming down. I'm don't know how to do Techical Analysis but even I can see a small correction coming soon. I predict a small 10-20% correction. We'll still be up buy a lot from 2 weeks ago.

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We know it will crash but the question is when exactly? Maybe I should have sold at 9k......

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We're back to rapid boom busts with each boom being higher than the last one and people shitting themselves when we skip Fibonacci levels. Stairway to ATH is on.

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A 20% correction is where we were 2 weeks ago...

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Up over $9,000 from $7,000 just over a week ago. That's fast as hell. Shorts got squeezed. From $1,100 a year ago to 20k in December down to 6k twice since February.

This is looking like the true bulltrap after a bunch of manipulation from whales. Return to normal will be around 4-5k. Don't forget Karpeles and the Gox coins being sold in the Autumn. Over 160 bitcoins or so. Then the biggest bull run to date will start.

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I agree, I remember in Nov/Dec time with every boom we had a small correction. We haven't seen a correction since the bull-run started 2 weeks ago and the market is up like 50% which is what concerns me.

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Well this dumbass said maximum spike to 8.7 and we went to 9k and are at 8.8 now so I guess hes full of shit isnt he.

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Big corporations telling everyone 6.5k was the bottom to get normies to fomo in aswell, something just smells fishy to me

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You're so full of shit. Capped for later faggot. And I have a short open because I think it's going down, but we're bouncing hard believe you me.

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no it's not 99% is absolutely bullshit and the 1% is lucky

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>I've been in crypto for several months now
Opinion will be discarded
calling others 'noobs' ffs the state of /biz/
>I predict a small 10-20% correction

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Translation: "I'm too dumb to understand TA. My little brain hurts when I see charts."

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Absolute pajeet analyses.

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It feels like bullshit to you, because you have a poor understanding of it and lack discernment and therefore can't see who is doing good analysis and who isn't. Another possibility is you were mentally invested into someone's analysis and you followed it blindly and lost money from it and instead of blaming yourself you turned into a salty TA-hating baby.

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so you tell us we get to sell at 10k and rebuy at 6k, and you think that's brutal?

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brutal bear pull

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Don't post about BCH until May, let them FOMO in. The smart money already knows, if there was no dumb money the pump couldn't happen.

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Yep. Same shit as January. Fucking short sighted chinks killing their golden goose.

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"Bitcoin Cash" is the definition of dumb money.

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Every single one of those "ecksdee we are still in a bear market phase" meme lines are wrong.
There WILL be a correction at 10k, but it will be minor, to 8k or so.
Bitcoin unironically wont EVER be at 6k or 4k again.

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Did you think that last time we bounced to 12k off of 6.2?

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Yeah no that's just wrong. Everyone knows that there will be a huge crash and then a big bounce back. That's how markets reverse.

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From Wikipedia,

>Mt. Gox was a bitcoin exchange based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.[1] Launched in July 2010, by 2013 and into 2014 it was handling over 70% of all bitcoin ("BTC") transactions worldwide, as the largest bitcoin intermediary and the world's leading bitcoin exchange.[2][3][4][5]

In February 2014, Mt. Gox suspended trading, closed its website and exchange service, and filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors.[6][7] In April 2014, the company began liquidation proceedings.[8]

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The causes aren't relevant when you're dealing with fractal-like patterns.

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TA is for normie fags

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you TA fails fail completely at fundamental analysis. the fundamentals of the '14 crash were the one and pretty much only exchange gets rekt, and there was zero adoption and only holders were neckbeards.

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ok faggot take this fractal and shove it up your ass

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That's just wishful thinking.

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shorts are so fucking scared right now lmao

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God damn what an amazing vid it all fits too well. Who would've thought 20 years ago that this could become so believable

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>gets BTFO
>"that's just wishful thinking"

I fucking hate TA fags

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And this.

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post proof of short, op

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Often in life and in history, not just in economics, things repeat in cycles over and over again, in similar fashion each time, and the causes and conditions may very well be (and most often are) drastically different each time. For example take this BTC analysis stuff, let's say the 14 "crash" was entirely due to Gox, okay sure, that may have been the causal "mechanism" at play during that time, and this time? There's no need for another Gox event - the "cause" this time may be something entirely different, unknown and unexpected.

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Holy shit is this real? And this was before the towers fell?

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The increase IS the correction, anon

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It's not too late to join the brotherhood my fren

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Tethered and ready.

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Ahhh fuck always do the opposite of this bullshit. That thing was saying strong sell at 6k lol

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>Insider info came
>It was "leaked" to the public
That IS the manipulation you retarded fucks. Actually manipulation doesn't get released to the public like this.

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Daily reminder that the poop belongs in the toilet and not on the street

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Indeed that automatic indicator is bullshit. Every time the price falls (for any coin/token) it says SELL.

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This means we will see lots of pink wojaks :)

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Who's going to dump? Soros?

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This. A protip is to never trust anyone's analysis 100%, not even 90%. But certainly reading TA can be helpful. It can be very accurate, especially with crypto.

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thanks, just shorted 20k

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you bears are fucking pathetic
>hurr durr high alert guys be fearful