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Ok try and follow along. Where did Steve Ellis (Chainlink CTO), Dimitri Roche (Chainlink dev), and Alex Kwiatkowski (Chainlink dev) all work? PIVOTAL. Now check chainlink's github and see how many pivotal staff follows. It is obvious the Chainlink guys still are in contact with Pivotal.

Now here is where things get interesting. Pivotal just partnered up with apigee.


Who else has Pivotal partnered with recently? None other than MULESOFT!


There is a connection here 100%. Also, worth mentioning Apigee is a GOOGLE Company!

Also just for fun...this is weird...coincidence? - https://docs.sphereon.com/api/easy-blockchain/0.10/html

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big if big

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Found this last night

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oh ffffffff

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Why aren’t you all in chainlink????

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we are bruh. we got our tickets. just waiting for the eventual launch.

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>if True:
> big

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Question .. last night or early this morning saw some posts about possible announcements this friday from Sergey. Anymore come out today while I was away regarding that info? Is it bs or does it appear it may be legit?

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Bullshit I think to be honest. I seen them too, it's just one guy spamming at the quietest time of day.

Happy to be proven wrong though

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>tfw all in since pre SIBOS

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People had may as well just give up fudding at this point

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serious the use of the term chainlink for a very similar service too - https://docs.sphereon.com/api/easy-blockchain/0.10/html

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The elder marines will be true legends
>tfw block 475

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>chainlink dominates the market for decentralized oracles
>used everywhere
>millions of jobs replaced
>price: $0.44

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who's making the new memecube?

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nigga the game hasn't even started yet. you still have multiple innings left. kek

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Ya they watched it burn to 0.15$ usd. Real smart.

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Do people say that about guys that bought BTC at $3 because they had to watch it burn to $0.80?

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HOLY FUCK, We are going to MAKE IT

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You guys are bragging how you got dumped on during sibos. It’s objective that it was a pnd.

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Ok, So give me reasons to trust you lar¶?

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If he did WE are legion...

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This isn’t even a larp it’s just basic connections that paint an interesting picture.

I agree it was a PnD back then, I think most people are bragging about being in the presale or ico. Also etherdelta after ICO had cheap LINK, lots of people loaded up. Either way take your negative PMS somewhere else Stacey, you’re dripping period blood on our carpet

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block 492 here, it was painful to miss it by two minutes back then. but it was an experience, a very important one

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Proof or kys

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>marrying your coins

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I couldn’t give two fucks about proving I was in the ICO to anons

>Spending time shitting up a thread on an obscure canadian dairy farmer advice forum

Reconsider your life choices

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i'm actually shaking as i read this

all in for the singularity...

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more meaningless bullshit then

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how many you holding? you sounds depressed

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I literally am

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Can't be this easy to make it, I mean all the signs are there but the thing hasn't pumped yet, no one is aware of it. You can just become a member of the 1% with just a few clicks.
Whatever it is I'm 100% linker since a week ago.

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pass that shit

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That's when we went in balls deep & why we're still way in front & never ever fucking selling.

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never fucking selling dude
actually I'm buying more every day

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what sort of computer should I get for running a node

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Kek. We’ll look back on these days and wonder why we didn’t buy another 45 linkies instead of spending $10 on a pint

>tfw I’m drinking a $45,000 pint

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English new speak. API mean?

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Not another one. Already? We just had a larp that made us read a 20 page PDF on how blochain can slash the manufacturing trust tax

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link to thread pls

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No we aren't lol

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bought at .66

am i gonna make it

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That's simply impossible. A node is gonna pay a shit ton of passive income. Price is determined by actual usage of the network. Sergey is literally a genius for realizing this.

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It is that easy because of blessed Sergey. He is giving everyone plenty of time to accumulate. Including his clients.
Sergey doesn’t want it to pump yet, not while he is networking hard. He can leverage the cheap token price in his efforts, because he can promise a big return on any tokens they acquire to support the network.

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>Price is determined by actual usage of the network.
Because the more api calls the more fees you can collect or because the more link that will be locked up in nodes?

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>Can't be this easy to make it
This isn't easy for a lot of people. They are overthinking it and selling because they convinced themselves it can't be real. They aren't buying because they think it's a meme and don't bother actually connecting the threads and doing the research because it's too much work. Having faith and holding on through the dumps knowing you have a golden ticket is a lot harder than it seems. Holding on through the price increase is going to be even harder. It won't be as easy as you think it is.

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also, some will be locked up by liquidity providers and companies who want to hold it for speculative reasons (buy low, use when price is higher to save costs).

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I followed this anons breadcrumb and found this, plus some more juicy stuff... I'm so glad to be this deep in juicy linkies

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It's super fucking hard to get a handle on chainlink if you don't already have a good grasp of smart contracts or crypto tech in general.
If you don't code it's hard to figure out if the oracle problem is an actual problem or just a load of waffle.
Takes time.
And memes.

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>they think it's a meme
you don't know what meme means.

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>salesforce bought mulesoft for 6 billion
>mulesoft is now tweeting about using API’s to allow Legacy systems to leverage new tech.
>this is almost exactly where ChainLink is useful
>Sergey has tweeted Salesforce CEO directly, and Dimitri Roche sold his company Loop and Tie to salesforce

Who gives a fuck about twitter autist hype, the meat of the message is that ChainLink is poised to spearhead this all as an essential middleware product

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By that logic you should stop buying any food and paying rent or bills because you will be 1000x poorer otherwise

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Yes I do. I'm responding to one now.

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Also, when there are millions or billions of API calls every day, there will be a lot of tokens circulating quickly between contract users, liquidity providers and nodes. If you want to do math, I'm pretty sure you can relate increasing circulation of a fixed or deflating currency to higher prices. derivative of changing supply and demand kind of shit

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Steve, Dimitri, and Alex all worked at pivotal at the same time. They are a tight knit group that have been working with major companies and apis for a long time. The puzzle pieces are starting to really fit. I am going to deep dive more later tonight.

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please share your work anon

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>another episode of chainlink struggling to stay in the top 100

I want off this shitty ride.

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Only if you hold 66666 stinkers

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Increased circulation is related to lower prices

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no you don't dumb dumb.

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I'm the anon who posted about Sergey team at firstmark. Well done anons. Hope to hear more about what you find. We are all in this together.

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Hey you lazy bitch thanks for the tip.
What's so big about his firstmark team?

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I love how investing in chainlink requires linking together disparate info to put the pieces of the puzzle together

those who can link the info deserve to moon with link. it was written in the stars

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checck please

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asking you both for the sake of clarity, are you making a distinction between circulating supply and circulation?

>> No.8972939

Witnessed. Kek deliver us the answer

>> No.8972943

>being this dumb.
how about increased demand for a finite resource?

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Firstmark capital is no joke in the venture capital space. As an intern Sergey moved his way up in the ranks immediately to an associate position which is typically unheard of in traditional finance (ib, vc, pe). My guess is that he had great work ethic, good vision in what startups could be successful and which ones would fail easily. We all know he used that to leverage his way to creating a POC for swift obviously. Some other anon a few weeks ago told me that he was also tight with one of his professors who also worked at first mark. Anyway long story short, look at how proficient the first mark capital staff was (during Sergeys time there) and also look at the credentials they have and experience they have. These are some of the brightest minds in the Venture capital space.

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Also this debunks the philosophy major meme as if he were some stoner hippie that just wanted to coast through college.

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>2000 links hodl since last year
>negative bank account
will I make it?

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Is 50k enough to make it? Desperately hoping this formation completes so I have one last chance to get in on the floor

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Here are some of the credentials of current staff at first mark just as an FYI.

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So just to be clear, we're all sitting here with out dicks in our hands waiting for the gigabart to complete?

>> No.8973065

seems like it. sentiment here will say so and you are among the top holders with that amount. i'm in pretty deep too. i'm in the camp that has a hard time believing something this good exists and is just ripe for the taking. the future of smart contracts is trading at 45 cents a token right now. how can this be real?

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People said the same about vitalik in 2015. They thought he was some Russian slav methhead who just got lucky in the space by working at bitcoin magazine. Everyone thought ethereum was a scam

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460k JNT
45k LINK

$7k debt on credit card
$7k owed to Uncle Sam for 2017, due in four months
$5k needed to help Mom move in a couple months
$12k for helping a friend with tuition in August
$3k/mo living expenses

$1.5k currently in bank account
$6k/mo salary
$3k/mo company stock, that I can sell every quarter

Want to get to 100k chain link but also have at least 450k JNT.

Somebody help me budget this, my LINK stack is dying.

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I keep saying this but I think the partnership drop for LINK will be bigger than ethereums EEA moment in 2017 when everyone found out they were collaborating with 25 different corporations

>> No.8973127

we are either getting scammed or we are unbelievably early to the party. playing pot odds, the potential upside is worth the risk here. i hope you know what you're talking about anon

>> No.8973146

You've never said that before but I think the partnership drop for ChainLink will be bigger than Ethereums EEA moment in 2017 when niggers found out they were collaborating with 25 different corporations

>> No.8973148

This is what I'm praying for lol

I agree, it seems too good to be true. It sounds ridiculous just going over the story of how I ended up here. I can't visualize it happening to me of all people

>> No.8973164

go 100% link and hodl

>> No.8973187

>460k JNT

>> No.8973243

getting wage cuck check tomorrow. grabbing another 1200 of link.

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LINK is /biz/ crack, plain and simple.

>Plausible but overly technical use case that makes people investing in it feel smart
>Plausible relationships between coin creators and an existing industry that make people investing in it feel smart
>Plausible "industry insider" LARPers who come to /biz/ to divulge SECRETZ, which convinces the aforementioned wannabe-smartypantses that they're part of something revolutionary that has flown under the radar so far

Truth is, the decentralized oracle problem doesn't have a market yet, and won't for many years.

We're at a phase where smart contract adoption will happen regardless of centralized/decentralized oracles, because smart contracts solve several existing business problems. No one gives a fuck whether their oracle is centralized or decentralized yet, and when Linkies realize they're investing in the crypto equivalent of the Sega Dreamcast, LINK will dump faster than anything you've ever seen.

The Wojaks will be delicious.

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Nice pasta. I've seen better tho.

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thank you. i found a lot

congrats u got 1 of em

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Where do you think link price will be eoy?

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“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.”
― C.S. Lewis

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>make 9k/mo
>has credit card debt
>helping a friend pay tuition
nigger wtf, just stop spending on dumb shit and don't pay some roastie's tuition you cuck.

>> No.8973311

>No one gives a fuck whether their oracle is centralized or decentralized yet

this is my worry about it. i grasp what they are trying to do and all but i lack the experience in the industry to really see far enough into it if this is a "real" problem. I mean I know it is a problem, but is it one companies are actually invested in solving when a centralized oracle will do the job? I just don't have the industry experience and likely never will at this point in my life.

>> No.8973316

>makes people investing in it feel smart
I only invested because of the memes and I feel retarded

>> No.8973317

oh wow 3 of those are the same dude I wasnt even paying attention.

the team is astounding when you look at their credentials

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File: 3.22 MB, 5000x2000, evo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys this is a rough draft I'm working on, thoughts?

>> No.8973328

Did anyone look into this yet...literally says chainlink


>> No.8973344


The plot thickens

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>investing in this makes you feel smarter than you are.
Welcome redditor. You have to go back.

>> No.8973388


There are probably 20-30,000 people who hold this token. This wasn’t easy at all, only 1/250,000 people on the planet hold this token right now.

We are the 0.0004%

>> No.8973392

No, you'll sell way too early.

>> No.8973405

I would say less to be honest...But yeah, I know what you mean

>> No.8973418

Fuck this thread is making me fomo, what the fuck should I sell for more linkies

>> No.8973432

Very nice anon.
The second-last one needs to be
LINKus letsbereasonableus "I expect LINK to reach $10 comfortably by 2020"

And then the last one saying "$1000 EOY"

>> No.8973443

I'm hodling until the end of time

>> No.8973446

because I unironically am

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post acb's


>> No.8973641

What's an acb?

Also, is pic related Thai?

>> No.8973657

acb is average cost base aka the avg u bought in at

im pretty sure shes half turkic

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jesus christ dude

you have to chill

>> No.8973685

18k link at 46 cents

>> No.8973735

Ah. Mine would be 45k at like $0.39.

Also, thank you and weren't! Another
question: any idea where I would go to meet someone who looked like her? She's fucking beautiful. Google says Turkic people live in Kazakhstan, but googling for Kazakhstan people, I don't see anyone with features like hers.

If LINK goes to $100 I will unironically go to that country just for a chance of dating cuties like her. Goddamn.

>> No.8973749

>Also, thank you and weren't
Should be
"Thank you for answering!"

My auto-correct went a bit nuts, sorry.

>> No.8973796

Damn niggas I haven’t been here in 4 month. I’m sitting on 45k link at 22 cent basis. Can y’all please make this motherfucker launch for once.

>> No.8973819

speak english

>> No.8973827

I don't know which one of you here is the guy with 32,262 linkies, but I am watching you.

Somewhere along the way you just transferred in 428 moria, so I know you're a man with taste. I'm curious to know if you're going to keep increasing moria and link?

Cause I am.

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File: 3.23 MB, 5000x2000, evo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.8973851

she's korean you doofuses
>we wuz
Kang Tae Lee

>> No.8973869

shes korean also please kys

>> No.8973892

Someone answer this

>> No.8973939

by ripple and get off this board

>> No.8973967


Unfortunately that was legit larp

>> No.8973969


>> No.8973982

Reminds me of the movie National Treasure

>> No.8974001

No one with half a brain takes that one seriously

>> No.8974016

That's pasta, but think about this.

Sergey has been working with SWIFT since 2015, which led to the PoC at SIBOS in 2015 which was essentially a smart contract powered bond payment application using a centralized oracle. Think about the name of the company. Smartcontract.com.

They put development of that on hold to develop the Chainlink network. Do you really think they just dropped SWIFT to work on a meme decentralized oracle network that wasn't absolutely necessary and that SWIFT and others wanted? I doubt it. The centralized oracle was a real barrier to the system moving forward. They had a working product but realized they needed two other pieces for people to take it seriously. Trusted hardware (the Towncrier/Intel SGX connection) and a decentralized oracle network.

>> No.8974018

that's not what larp means you fucking retard

>> No.8974029

PoC at SIBOS in 2017 I mean

>> No.8974071

Exactly this, decentralized oracles are mandatory to have an environment that is trustless end to end.
I have said this before - ChainLink is the catalyst to real world mainstream Smart Contracts.

>> No.8974090

>6k/month after taxes and 3k/month stock
Holy fucking shit anon. I make 82k and after taxes and 5% on 401k my paycheck is 4.6k per month. You've got to be making close to 170k between salary and stock.

>> No.8974114

I asked rory in the slack if theres an announcement on Friday and he ignored me and never responded . He usually does

>> No.8974175

>playing pot odds
reg going ALL IN on ChainLink for one last punt to 100x his bankroll

>> No.8974204

ask myself that everyday and just assume i will lose my entire 25k USD. I've already priced it in.

>> No.8974233

sell the JNT for link what are you doing......

>> No.8974262

>he usually ignores me but this time it means something.
finally, confirmation. keep up the good work, champ.

>> No.8974285

kneepads and eat ramen and drink water only for an entire year

>> No.8974293
File: 702 KB, 627x625, bq3kbsv28mzy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>salesforce, IBM/Microsoft (both in IC3)


>> No.8974312

you are me. i do not know fuck all about this but can visualize a world where things happen instantaneous like insurance payouts what not. on new cars they have all the data feeding through your apple iphone you have to press "accept terms" but this is just one more use case when you get in a wreck all of the data will be sent through an API to fuck all idk where but then trigger a smart contract. idk how it works either but it seems due time there is more stuff in life that i have wondered why can this just not happen like sending payment to family across the world automatically say on their birthday or if an earthquake hits etc etc. it just seems like all this stuff should be possible and it is not and im beginning to think it is because of the oracle problem.

t. just took addy will try and learn more about how all this works.

>> No.8974314

Lol. He's not gonna respond to that because they have random idiots asking dumb questions like who is jason parser and is there a shadow fork.

>> No.8974327


check the quad "S"

>> No.8974341
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>tfw I didn't buy link at 25c

fuck me
why did eth and btc have to pump so fast I didn't have any fiat ready

>> No.8974354

Once you fully grasp how important and ground breaking a decentralized Smart Oracle network will be, there is no turning back. It’s a rabbit hole. The world will change because Decentralized Oracles will allow for the holy grail of technology - an environment that is trustless end to end. Because it is trustless, true automation can occur. Art Contracts are the ultimate disruptor.

>> No.8974357

time flies when you're shitting on a street bud what are you going to do

>> No.8974375

10 million LINK here. Will I make it?

>> No.8974389

>is a 4chan board really going to help me make money? even if its just a little bit?

this is what i am asking myself. i hope so.

>> No.8974410

>t. just took addy will try and learn more about how all this works

yeah that's my mission as well. literally printed off the white paper this morning and am starting to parse through it very deliberately to see what I can do. hope we make it anon

>> No.8974428


>> No.8974433

Smart Contracts*

>> No.8974439

i've made more money in the last 6 months browsing biz then i did in my whole life up to this point kek. well, almost anyway. i haven't "made it" yet though, i'm hoping link takes me the rest of the way.

>> No.8974448

Did I say it means something or just that he usually responds. Fuck off loser

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>tfw was too slow and had to buy off ED

>> No.8974489

we'll see what happens, my dude. i didnt even give a shit about the utility of crypto until i started reading about link here. even if this doesnt pan out, the idea behind it is just too cool not to take part in.

>> No.8974534

Stop posting bread crumbs like this OP. If you aren't still in link by now...nothing can save you.
This has been shilled to heaven and hell, everyone on /biz/ knows about it. Even the retards in /pol/ know about it. If after almost 1 year of being the single most talked about project in /biz/ people didn't even spend a few minutes of their time to research it and see for themselves what the fuck is this "link" shit all about...
I know 90% are just linkers spreading fud but c'mon. Those of you who still believe this is a scam or a dead project or whatever, wake the fuck up. This is the surest thing in all of crypto. You might not be rich by tomorrow, next week, month or even EOY but just hold and by 2020 you'll be kicking your dick for not having bought link at 0.40$.
I still have problems focusing on my job when I come to these threads. Can't really believe I already made it.

>> No.8974600

and you wonder why rory doens't respond to you? sad.

>> No.8974603

i did not already make and it is not a sure thing. nothing is you can flop a straight flush draw and it does not mean fuck all you will get brick brick shit happens bad beats happen when you got the best fucking hand be careful..

>> No.8974606

I love the larpers who obscure the real info about chainlink. They add to the cause, since that means more people will fomo in when chainlink proves to be real

>> No.8974636

you dumb fuck he said rory usually responds, so him not responding now is unusual, jesus christ anon what the fuck is wrong with your brain, are you literally retarded?

>> No.8974659

rory didn't respond though you jacking ape. how new are you to reading english? as foreign as a toilet, i'm sure.

>> No.8974668

ok this actually makes a lot of fucking sense LOL. Gonna be a millionaire....

>> No.8974693

My closest relationships were forged through working together on projects, assignments, etc

>> No.8974708

>dear diary

>> No.8974711

I have 100k link. I'm not in need of money, I have no debt, no wife, no kids, no obligations besides sustaining myself which I do quite well. I'm disciplined in my spending so unless we go to WW3, I'm not touching my link for a long time. I only need it to go to 10$ to never have to work again but I won't sell everything. I'll sell 10% at 10$, 20% at 50$, 20% at 100$, let the rest stake until I need more $$$.
You are right, nothing is certain. Anything can happen BUT this is still the strongest of bets in my book. Not betting on link is like not betting on ETH back when it started. All the signs are there.
Worst than can happen is this shit staying at like 5$ and I'll have 500k$. Anyway this goes, I'll come out in the green for just clicking a few buttons and reading a bosnian wife beating enthusiast forum.

>> No.8974739


>> No.8974791

>The Parser Coalition (former DCO) has imposed sanctions to the UN for crimes against humanity. The Coalition formed by Linkpool-global, Oatmeal.inc, Delphi Prime, BRAPLARP and several other non-profit organizations have agreed to impose a final blow on the remnants of the United Nations after their first veto against Big Macs which started the 2nd trade war and culminated with the invasion of Brussels by the Confederate Bogdanoff Forces. The Coalition has not disclosed the location of the Bogdanoffs Brothers but they have assured the press that because they have the benefit of the people in mind, they trust their interests will remain aligned. Let’s remind our readers that 10 months ago the remaining members of the UN (India, Saudi Arabia, Southern Germany and Belgium) with retaliation in mind tried to undermine the public trust in the Coalition and the Bogdanoffs by staging a false flag attack to the Nakamoto Eastern Entrepreneurial Tower but the Coalition followed with a veto against unnecessary FUD stating that the times for uncertainty had passed after Sminem's sacrifice in the 1st trade war and the signing of the Peace and Eternal Profit Endorsement (PEPE) with the Bogdanoffs.

>> No.8974792


>> No.8974799

Don't forget Smartcontract.com

>> No.8974810
File: 697 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20180418-221310_reddit is fun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.8974818

Lmao. You linkies really make me laugh

>> No.8974832

The autism, it burns

>> No.8974834

shut up nigga, pivotal lab gang shit will take us to financial freedom

>> No.8974846
File: 251 KB, 500x580, 1522906089656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8974856

We gonna be rich. Its over. If u have 10k linkies, ur riches are secure

>> No.8974860
File: 58 KB, 464x526, 0dba2182baaf567abd272100817df53f3169d7449aa5d1a98235d2f885163a1e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok, i'll bite. what's the quickest, easiest way for a US citizen to buy LINK?

>> No.8974878

Go to coinmarketcap.com. Scroll down until you see chainlink. Click it. Then scroll down until you see the word "Markets". Store this information away in your brain and never ask a stupid question like this again.

>> No.8974879


I just fucking fainted

>> No.8974889

Oh yeah, you need to click markets and scroll down again. Important that you do this.

>> No.8974907

Basically all in at this point with 9.6k link, am I gonna make it?

>> No.8974913

Are you serious? I just assume everyone is larping at this point.

>> No.8974917
File: 1.21 MB, 1000x1547, rare sergey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8974920
File: 79 KB, 502x527, 1523368872166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Even the retards in /pol/ know about it.

>> No.8974928

download blockfolio, click add chainlink to portfolio then type in your amount. i typed in 1000000 LINK and now I own 1million chainlink easy.

>> No.8974937

I started screaming when I made the connection. I called it almost a week ago

>> No.8974948

I bought it on etherdelta at $.16 shortly after ico ON ACCIDENT because I was newfag that didn't know how to use ED. still holding and have only increased my stack.

>> No.8974962

Is 5k Link good enough for suicide insurance?

>> No.8974968

Anyone have the caps available of the anon talking about real estate etc wrt link?

>> No.8975003


>> No.8975024

$100 EOY and I still make it. Who here doesn't even need $1000? Even $50 will make me a happy fucker.

>> No.8975049

i hope you're not LARPing because it would be an amazing story to tell lol

>> No.8975051

dude.. i have bad news for yo

>> No.8975052

I only need 10$ a pop to make it anon. I'll wait though. Not selling it all for dirt cheap.

>> No.8975059

200 end of may

>> No.8975064
File: 6 KB, 229x229, 1460209322145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we're going to make it.

>> No.8975066

Not quite, but there was a real estate connection made just now. This thread caps it

>> No.8975069
File: 208 KB, 756x1118, 277AF95A-2628-4E5D-8DA8-F5011B1C19D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw $10 and you made it

>> No.8975071

find link seller
give link seller money
link seller transfer link token to your address

>> No.8975077


Maybe next year, launch isn't until September if we're lucky.

>> No.8975093

>1 post FUD

>> No.8975101

how much you holding?

>> No.8975102

yeah no shit, that was the exact fucking point of his post that rory didn't respond when he usually does. you're too autistic to understand language beyond surface level, direct, explicit meanings but I'll break it down for you: rory didn't respond because he didn't want to make an official statement about a coming announcement as a representative of chainlink. the conclusion being that he cant deny it because it's true, and he can't affirm it because that would spoil the news. do you get it now? that doesn't verify that an announcement is coming on friday but now you should understand what the other anon was saying retard

>> No.8975125

Yeah, that's why I am asking, if his story checks. As he said some other things too. Could be nice to find 'confirmatory' evidence here.

>> No.8975151

I specifically mentioned CoreLogic and he said it wasn't involved. I am the anon the made the original corelogic connection that was corroborated by the other anon's find as a customer of Pivotal.

There is something else to do with real estate that we are missing. Perhaps it's a shared partner between pivotal and CoreLogic???

>> No.8975218

100k. not all in tho it's only about 25% of my folio

>> No.8975376

I'm gonna ask you this one question and if you can't answer it right now then go figure it out right fucking now. Have you ever even read the Jibrel Network white paper?

t.110k LINK

>> No.8975462

I bought into BTC at $480 from /pol/ in late 2013. 4chan investment advice has never let me down yet.

>> No.8975467

I read the white paper. It says JNT will be a network gas token.

However the team seems smart and connected as fuck and if they deliver then I think it has even better chances of delivering on the $1k meme than LINK.

Also, some smart dude in chat linked to this dude who seems smart as fuck and claimed this guy is bullish on Jibrel:

So seems like smarter people than I am have confidence in Jibrel.

I came to LINK late and my making it number is $10M, so I need 100k LINK as suicide insurance, but my ex feels like anyone with less than $100M isn't rich, so I want a fuckload of JNT so I can get closer to $100M if that one hits $100, which seems likely to me if JNT actually gets adopted.

>> No.8975522

you give me hope then.

>> No.8975531

>my ex feels like anyone with less than $100M isn't rich,

She grew up getting hit on by dudes showing off their $4M cars. If you can't just decide to buy one of those without it being a major financial hit, then you're not one of the truly rich people in her mind.

At $10M, I can't just get up and buy a $4M car...

>> No.8975544

Unfucking real man. I already knew all-in chainLINK was the true patrician's choice but I had no idea it would be like a constant acid trip.

>> No.8975555


It's amusing because they're both talking about the same thing from different perspectives without realising. Ultimately circulation means movement, flow, circulation can increase because more of something is produce (e.g. increase the amount of usd IN circulation) or because greater pressure is pushing the thing (e.g. lexercising and raising heart rate causes increased circulation).

If circulation is increased by pumping more of something into it's carrier, then prices go down. But if circulation increases due to more demands, then prices go up. Same word but two entirely different meanings depending on whether you're talking about the pipes or the water.

>> No.8975560

can somebody give a smoothbrain a tldr?

>> No.8975568
File: 1.35 MB, 1126x528, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 2.01.07 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>caring about your ex gf
>even remembering things she's said
holy fuck anon, move on. she's not special lol

>> No.8975587


Jesus Christ anon you are not gonna make it.

>> No.8975605

Ok anon thats enough of that.
Higher money velocity (what anon is calling "circulation") is related to lower price

>> No.8975619

This. If you are not larping, it's time to stop caring at all what she thinks - with respect to anything. Unless you're the supposed father of her son.

>> No.8975634

did you buy eth too?

I remember browsing /pol/ back in 2013 because of the zimmerman trial and I happened to see stuff about bitcoin at the time but I didn't try to buy because I thought I was too late.

>tfw I first found out about btc in 2010 but I didn't mine because I thought btc would be worthless anyway
biggest mistake of my fucking life

>> No.8975667

Your ex is a complete sociopath. She's also a fucking gold digger with no brain of her own. If you are still clinging to some retarded standard of a hoe who "grew up getting hit on by dudes showing off their $4M cars" then I have sad news for you: even if link went to 1000$ you wouldn't be happy.

>> No.8975687


Not necessarily. The MV = PT equation does not apply directly because ChainLink will be circulating within a self contained loop. As a result an increase in Link tokens circulating WITHIN the closed loop will diminish link tokens available to purchase to participate in that loop. Whereas with *money* which is used as a medium of exchange, MV = PT is true because money never needs to be converted into another medium, it's an open loop.

Before you question my logic consider that this has been experimentally shown to be true of most cryptos, the MORE transactions on the ethereum or bitcoin networks, the HIGHER the prices. Increased circulation of a deflationary item yields higher prices in closed loops.

>> No.8975710

Who’s Yo?

>> No.8975748

At 100k I'm disgusted by paying more than 10k for a reliable car.

>> No.8975776
File: 1.74 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AK-47 ran out of gas guy here. I literally pulled over to respond to this in a grocery store parking lot (pic related)

I only bought because of the memes. In fact, you faggots have altered my brain chemistry. I literally fall asleep reading 4chan chainlink threads for at least 2 hours and wake up in the morning checking threads. I'm probably going to have cancer within the next 4 years because I'm always glued to this fucking board on my iphone. And probably won't even be able to enjoy my gains.

If this is some elaborate scheme I'll probably end up killing myself. Fuck all of you. My life was peaceful before you brainwashed me. I probably won't even be happy when we make it because I'll have nothing else in life to look forward too.

I almost hope that we don't reach singularity until 2021 because I'll have nothing worth waking up to once we do make it

>> No.8975813

This is my exact thought process except for that last part. I just want the singularity to happen today so I can move on from thinking about it. Life is too short. My job isn't horrible so I don't mind just working and lifting while I wait but it's got me thinking about it too much. let's just make these millions so we can do what we want without being on anyone's count.

>t. 103k Link holder

>> No.8975837

when was this posted? I don't see any dates anywhere?

This is important

>> No.8975866

You aren't using perspective at all. You are dialed in like a good handful of anons are. But who the fuck else knows about this???

i mean it's not like this shit is being blasted out to the masses on TV.

I bet there are more Asians in the U.S. prison system than those who REALLY know the scoop about chainlink

>> No.8975872

Haven’t seen this pic in so long.

>> No.8975887

When we do make it tho... can I lube you up with oil before you go lifting one time?

>> No.8975950

> relax nigger
go buy watermelonium coin

>> No.8975954

If Link hits 1k EOY anything goes

>> No.8975974
File: 16 KB, 351x351, 1521081737906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there's so many people with 100k now
am i not going to make it?

>> No.8976033

Calm down anon. You need 10k to be comfy. Anything above is just obscene wealth we're talking about. I started with 6k, went to 10k, not enough, 16k then 22k and on and on...it's never enough but if you just want to have a house and some spare change, 10k is enough.

>> No.8976043

How do you know his ex is a chick?

>> No.8976060

Lol what a faggot you are

>> No.8976090

Autism wins yet again

>> No.8976092

Jibrel is fucking amateur hour buddy. Sorry to say it but if you don't see that then no you won't be making it

>> No.8976162

Another connection to Pivotal. Chainlink dev team uses none other than Pivotal Tracker made by Pivotal


>> No.8976166

I traded my LTC stack (~30) for an even split of ETH/DASH when both were something like $10 each. Sold most to buy shares in Bitfinex and hodling the rest.

i started browsing /pol/ duing the tsarnev GTA experience/boston bombing

>> No.8976171


>> No.8976215


>> No.8976220

this im a october fag i never held anything else (if you exclude the bitcoin i traded for it)

>> No.8976239

she probably left you when your insecurity was acting up

look, being rich is great but making it your life goal and being so obstinate about it must've a turn off to your ex
if she got hit on by dudes with $4M cars and she ended up with you, she must've seen something else she liked.
Chase sustainable happiness anon. Wealth is only a means to that end.

>> No.8976259

1000 eoy

>> No.8976266

thank you

>> No.8976370

Singularity is near.

1000$ EOY

>> No.8976384


>> No.8976431
File: 165 KB, 694x800, $HST.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy HST please sirs

>> No.8976525

My only issue is do I sell my EOS now and hope it moons before Link since June mainnet launch is coming for EOS then trade gains into link or just trade my EOS for Link.

Have 600 EOS and 13k Link.

So I'd have like 27.5k Link if I trade my EOS for it now.

13k Link is still comfy tho so even if eos tanks some or Link starts to moon I'm not giving up much

>> No.8976754

Imagine the feeling knowing your in the top 150 Wallets. Cash.

>> No.8976881

Hold both like it is now

>> No.8976953

So fucking comfy. I've held ETH since single digits. I knew about ETH at the ICO, but didn't buy. I found LINK a week after the pre-sale started and was pissed because I was going to drop 100 ETH on it but it was too late. Bought the next day off ED, then 80,000 more when some fool let it dip below 50k sats in the February bear market.

Making it isn't a question of if, it's a question of when.

>> No.8977001

This guy fucks. $1000 eoy. Never selling til then.

>> No.8977033

big mac if true

>> No.8977036

so how will it work with the 1000$ will there be the biggest sellwall known to humanity or will it just dump down to 5$?

>> No.8977068

same, mining about 20 linkies a day and bought shitton, fuck i cant believe this is all happening, my life will be different in the next couple of years, this project is so dank.

>> No.8977089

>only 6k linkies

how much time do i have left

>> No.8977110

That's a tough call, anon. EOS will pump sooner. Sell that vaporware after mainnet, and put it all in Link July or Aug. My $0.02.

>> No.8977131

everything points to release of the mainnet in september but the price is increasing and it looks like the market is turning bullish again

>> No.8977150

september mainnet.

>> No.8977158

>still holding 0.01 ETH

>> No.8977167

Well said anon.

>> No.8977206

Thanks anon. That feels the most safe to do.

>> No.8977224


>> No.8977231

Thanks man.... my gut feeling is if I sell my EOS stack now to accumulate more Link that I'll regret it in the short term.

But I'm putting in 2-3k more fiat tomorrow and don't know if I should add to the 600 EOS or 13k link. I could go half and half but that seems so lame. I'm feeling like I should push it all into EOS. Then trade to Link later... still having my 13k stack of Link in case Link moons sooner.

Oh also... I have 20 litecoin too... not sure if I should stay in litecoin to hedge a little bit.. also talk of litecoin potentially mooning.

>> No.8977253

Yeah I have such a strong feeling that Link is ready to explode. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a fanboy bitch of Link.

>> No.8977268

for me just speculation and the feeling in my tummy
also q3 was always rumored to be mainnet start
just dont trust the larp fags

>> No.8977389

I had 5k LINKs but traded my way down to 3.2k. I will never make it.

>> No.8977413

What's the difference between 5 million and 3.2 million really?

>> No.8977464

And California is experimenting with universal basic income.... it's all lining up perfectly. Link will make us rich and the normies destititute

>> No.8977541

Seems too good atm but dial it back to reality. Go try talking to someone irl and explain the potential of industrial application to a decentralized oracle network that pulls off chain data via API requests, allowing their implementation onto a decentralized trustless immutabke blockchain. Blank stares and wtf looks right?

Now go ask them to put 25k USD (~50k LINK) of their own money into it. See? It’s not easy. You’re just here early, and it’s an echo chamber because mostly everyone here holds LINK. Told my gf about btc and eth for 2.5 and 1.5 years respectively. She always laughed at it (no joke). She stopped laughing around October. Rang me up in early December saying she’s thinking of investing in LTC. No late. Obviously told her no, but still, she’s extremely well educated and successful in her career, but she hasn’t a clue about this even though I’m fairly knowledagble and try to explain. You’re here early. Congratulations

>> No.8977543

130k @ ICO so, what, 11c?

>> No.8977776

100K eo2028, Extra Stinky!

>> No.8978005

Posting in legendary bread- Rolling

>> No.8978010

Honestly? Prob till mid August. Will prob be a ride then, but mainnet won’t release until late q3/ early q4. Since it’s jot released, there’s still doubt, meaning there’ll be fud and dips and you can pick some up. Better pick your buy orders though, don’t just presume LINK will fall down stay low for a few days. You gotta get those wicks, shaving the toes off the fools who sold at the bottom of the dip

>> No.8978204

Because I’m in Bat and it’s coinbase listing will bring a moon to buy more link

>> No.8978367

Around 35%. What’s the difference between 0 USD and 1.8 million USD?

>> No.8978426

>>only 6k linkies
meh, same. i'll most likely get it up to 10k over the next month or so, but really, all having more link does is decrease the amount of time you have to wait to make it. i have no problem waiting a couple of years and running a node in the mean time.
6k is fine, fuck 1k is fine. if you had 1k bitcoins now you would be doing pretty alright for yourself.

>> No.8978733

Close, but not quite.

I do unironically think link will hit $3k in the next five years though.

>> No.8978774
File: 201 KB, 1168x693, CP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey guys, I found another interesting thing to show that the Real Estate market is keeping tabs on CL progress.

In the Gitter there is a Canadian lady by the name of Christine Peterson.

I found her on linked in. She works as a Broker for One Percent Realty.

Why would she be interested in the teams Gitter?

>> No.8978790

The same reason all of us are, you faggot.

>> No.8978819


>> No.8978841

i think mainnet will come quicker then we think

>> No.8978843

Not everyone is in it for the same reason.

1. We all bought fake internet money.
2. People are interested in the Tech and how it could help their current organisation/industry.

Going off prejudices she will be number 2. Spoonfed enough for a debaser like you?

>> No.8978845

Did anything come out of yesterday's riddles? Some anons seemed to be on it at least. Nikolay Spasov is a guy who works at TBI Bank and he supposedly has something to do with Sergey

>> No.8978846

just hit 100 and im comfy for quite some time

>> No.8978868

As a holder I think it would be funny to start some November mainnet memes. Then watch the turmoil on here during the June release and everyone has sold

>> No.8978878

She's hot. That's the type of bitch that singularity will get you

>> No.8978882

I couldn't see any Link with Sergey. As usual it was at most mentions of Smart Contracts and nothing specific, just some guy on here pulling your plonker

>> No.8978885

lets do it i need to accumulate more till the big green dildo

>> No.8978886

why would they sell? Holding for 5 more months isn't that bad.

>> No.8979016

Couldn't find anything after a few google searches myself either. Sounded convincing tho. Real-time taxation might be a thing in the future, great for governments to rip us off

>> No.8979056

If you are interested in Taxation and Smart Contracts seek out the user 'SmartContractsforTax' on the reddit pages and check his post history. He has wrote some interesting stuff.

>> No.8979085

Thanks anon! I hope you'll make it

>> No.8979198

Lol look at Swift's twitter, it's barren. Twitter is for retarded normies to pretend like they know about politics, not to demonstrate how valuable the world's leading financial institutions through likes and retweets

>> No.8979217

Smart Contracts are poised to revolutionize the real estate industry. That's why.

>> No.8979220

I was a couple blocks off but got on ED for cheap.. miss those days even though they weren't really that long ago

>> No.8979242

What do financial institutions do to communicate? Do they just meet in person in conferences and golf together?

>> No.8979284

>I bet there are more Asians in the U.S. prison system than those who REALLY know the scoop about chainlink

You might be right

>> No.8979375

What is an email

>> No.8979505

She's just a broker at a retail bank in some unimportant branch.

Good find, but I think it's meaningless. A few months ago she asked some incomprehensible question about how to run a node and everyone ignored her, and Thomas usually responds positively to everyone...

>> No.8979811

This makes me sad. Sort your priorities lad.

>> No.8979851
File: 82 KB, 378x433, brainlet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Realty" means property

>> No.8979867


Say there’s 30,000 people on the planet who hold link (20k wallets on etherscan + binance/ED accounts). That means only 0.0004% of the world’s population hold link. There were as many people at the GSW-SA game.

1/250000 people on this planet hold link. We are here very early and we will be rewarded.

>> No.8979878


Litecoin is on life support. The hype was about litepay, but that’s no way dead

>> No.8980168
File: 496 KB, 503x379, 4389534533.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where do i put chainlink once i buy it

>> No.8980213

Bend over and I'll show you.
>MEW will be easiest for you. Store link at any ethereum address controlled by yourself. There you go. I'm feeling nice today really.

>> No.8980238
File: 470 KB, 520x714, 1505249476326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im ready to put in 40 neet buckerinos in link
ill be coming back here to thank you in 2 years after i get my new lambo

>> No.8980241

Link will change the game

>> No.8980333

can i just store link at blockchain?

>> No.8980352

Holy crap.. see new thread on B3i... Didn't we have a bullish Link self proclaimed insider sharing info about Link named MrB3i?

>> No.8980376

everythings coming up link!

>> No.8980661

Thread link? On slow af phone.

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