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First IOTA charging station is going live in Netherlands. It was revealed at a Huawei conference today. This is what real world adoption looks like.



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ITT: Hundert posts of one liner copy pasta FUD

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inb4 paid shills

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>please reattach this transaction in your IOTA wallet 36 times until you can start charging

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Notice the paid FUDer shills dont bump this thread

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>IOTA charging station
I can't wait to see people standing there and reattaching the cable to their car

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So, you're telling me that we have the technology to measure electrical output and charge someone for it? Incredible, anon.

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Where I am from its free to charge. Why the fuck would I need IOTA.

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>electricity for cars is free

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>paying for electricity with IOTA is a good idea

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Unironically some countries subsidize electric cars in the form of free charging. Couldn't tell you which ones though. Probably third world shitholes like Estonia or Denmark.

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if you cant even back up your own claim

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>Wtf I hate real world usage of DLT technology now

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IOTA Akhbar!

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Coordinator down, please try again in a few hours to charge car

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And you're still partly right. I live in DK, it's free on some parkings

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>this has ever happened

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Can't wait to pay 8 cents to use my frying pan!

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Cant wait to get paid 8 cents to sell the data I created by frying up my smart porkchops!

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