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There's a reason they are hiring over 150 developers this year.

50$ eoy


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biz does not deserve vechain

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Muh chink scam

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>Ethereum is not suitable for large scale commercial dApps

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thats why NANO gonna moon son

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Protip: look at Darcrus.

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I wanted to firmly express that in three years, the public will be using VeChain every day and never even know it'
This is a bold and dangerous claim. He must be pretty fucking sure of it.

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It's not that bold. That's far enough away that most people will have forgotten the claim, even when that future doesn't come to fruition.

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I mean, look who they already have using their product right this second. Seems like he's just making an obvious statement.

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>ignoring the fact that their partnerships have more gravity than every other crypto coin combined
>t. edge lord

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its not bold at all, enterprise adoptions is going to increase exponentially.

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>you guys are the best community ever
>we will be world leaders
>hold because our token economic model is amazing

In what way is this NOT a chink promoting his project?
And why wouldn't this dump on mainnet when the shitty ROI on Thor generation is released?

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Looks like someone won't be a world leader

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This. You've got /biz/lets literally worshipping marius (twitter fag) one day after his ridiculous litecoin prediction came wrong

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Actually I will because I got 168k LINK.

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>calling a random number of tokens a "node"

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this stinky chinky still thinks VEN will overtake ETH


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but Stratis already addressed this problem and according to this video they pretty close to release some neat stuff

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You don't actually think anyone here genuinly believes the retard? Most of the time it's just making fun of him

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>pretty close
oh they don't have a product yet?
how unfortunate :(

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why is it mooning ? insider info ?

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>'I wanted to firmly express that in three years, the public will be using VeChain every day and never even know it. I long to say to my daughter, “Everything you do everyday—I was a part of that.”'

Sunny for president

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kek it's with buying vechain i realized /biz/ has become a board of absolute retards who fall for a shitcoin like verge instead of investing into the next ethereum

get fucked

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Lol hiring 150 developers will kill any software project. Why are these things touted as good?

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These people get billions in funding and don;t even know about basic software production shit from the fucking seventies....

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The Chinese tech system is extremely insulated from the rest of the world and evolved in a very different manner. To a large extent software made in China sucks. The level of organizational competence and technical management lags behind that in the US/UK by years if not more than a decade. And if their developers are based in Shanghai, they’ll need to use VPN’s just to access Google so they can find answers to all their questions. So yeah, I wouldn’t put too much stock in mainland developers.

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did you even read the whole page?
literally the first sentence in the exceptions section:
>The first point is to note that Brooks' law only applies to projects that are already late.[6] Projects can be brought back into (or kept in) control if people are added earlier in the process.[7] It is also important to determine if the project is really late, or if the schedule was originally overly optimistic. Scheduling mistakes account for a large number of late projects. Correcting the schedule is the best way to have a meaningful and reliable time frame for the project's completion

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50? Lol boy just wait. We will hit 50 a lot sooner than that. Just wait.

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Do you know anything about software development? You want your team as small as possible, I posted the former link to show that American software developers figured this out almost 50 years ago and these retard coins (Ven, Trx) proudly proclaim they're throwing 150 people at the problem.

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Been in development since 2016 and has only released 2 dApps for a dApp orientated platform. Meanwhile VEN already has companies developing dApps on their platform.

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Lol at these cucks arguing about team sizes. Sunny is a former CIO/CTO of Louis Vuitton. I think he will be fine, losers

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Ven started in 2015

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ETH couldn't even handle CryptoKitties.

have ETH updated to scale better lately or?

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started in 2015 and hired CTO in december for main net launch..fucking kek

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You sound like such a fucking fag. Should we listen to the CS attention whore on biz who is arguing general principles he scarcely understands, or the team actually developing the product? Kill yourself

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brings up a good point in managing software development. The more people there are the more problems you'll have, that's life.

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He is presupposing the scale of the project. How many software engineers does a Fortune 500 have?

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Probably less than 150. It's concerning when an application producing non for profit is hiring 150 employees only after they announced a fork of ethereum. Electroneum the biggest shit coin of them all had like 3 developers and massive problems. All coders have to be on the same page, and that's tough to do with a large amount of them and in a short time frame.

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hahahahahahahahahaha 3 years.. holy fuck

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Look at the success rate for expensive projects. Where I live, government IT projects fail more than 90% of the time.
Most blockchain projects are way overfunded so they start throwing money at useless or even detrimental shit.
They should start with a small team of proven devs, and deliver a working minimal viable product fast.

I don't think with VEN it's as bad as Tron, the partnerships seem legit (albeit overhyped in some cases). But adding 150 developers in a year???? That's... I mean that's just retarded. 0% chance of success, guaranteed. So that should make you seriously doubt the technical prowess of this team. If they are worth their salt in software development, they would never do it let alone proudly proclaim it.

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Finally, someone on biz knows what they are talking about

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Lol this fucking idiot

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i would rather bet on a team of 5 lions than 500 sheep

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That article explains why vechain has no point.
The point of blockchain is decentralization. If you don't need decentralization you don't need blockchain. It's that simple.
Nobody needs an inefficient cloud hosting based on blockchain.
So many people not understanding that simple fact and investing in cargo-cult projects.

There's only one not directly decentralized project that makes sense and it's corda, because they are relying on intel sgx for secret and verifiable execution. Technically that's not trustless, but it's the only not directly decentralized model that's substantially different from a normal cloud solution, because intel is a third party that can only falsify results rather than edit and view existing ones (as opposed to eg. amazon running a server).
Corda can't be invested in though. Perhaps because it actually makes sense and can be long-term profitable, heh.

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>150 devs




<Post yfw you didn't buy the China hustle shitcoin

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so I should sell vechain?

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the best way is to avoid all chinese projects

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>or the team actually developing the product?
Are you LITERALLY serious?

>Dude just listen to the hype generating Chink hustling team for everything about the coin dude it's all you need
Did you also fall for those ETH ponzi schemes?

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But these sheep are buff af

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I think the problem is that you think they don't already have a working minimal viable product. Everything points to the fact that they already have a working viable product that is currently being used by enterprises and the current bottleneck is lack of developers for all the additional/new projects being demanded by enterprises right now.

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Dunno man, this market is irrational sometimes, I mean, tron pumped like crazy multiple times and it is a literal scam.
All I can say is that I don't think the project will succeed doing what it set out to do, and that I will not get in now because it's way overpriced for ~vaporware. There are tons of low cap coins that might moonshot, here there are tons of bagholders and people that already 50x+ their money who are slowly cashing out. Think of the money that has to flow in to 10x this marketcap.

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Ohh... who is using it right now then and where can I see proof for this? Serious question btw.

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Assuming what he says is true, why would anyone go with Vechain over EOS?

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This website is the most recent example of a live product.

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90% of coins are fundamentally worthless, but their prices don't reflect that. Even those that have merit are ridiculously overvalued.
During speculative bubbles the best way to invest is to predict what other people are going to think is a good investment, not what actually makes sense. In a way making sense can be hindrance, like eth. A project that has zero adoption can claim everything and nothing verifies that. Neo is the best example, this shit collapses under 5 tps, but they claimed 1000 tps.

Eth has adoption so it has visible problems with scaling, which is why every 'blockchain platform' project is shitting on it.

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Any coin that shills massively through "partnerships" and cocacolakid who obviously works with vechain should be avoided. Professional huh. Look at link minus the retarded larps

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this is good advice

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Any opinion as to what niche crypto might fill at the end of all this madness? I also think it's all way overhyped but at the same time feel that bitcoin/crypto is here to stay.

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The CTO was technical director at TCL and has over 100 relevant patents. I think he knows what he's doing. What have you accomplished on the other hand?

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No. Started in 2015 and developed solutions for clients in 2015. Their private blockchain solution is separate from public main net. It's not that they had nothing to show for it for 3 years, it's the opposite. They built up a large client base with their private chain solutions and with the launch of their main net will transition them all to a public chain. That's instant userbase and demand from day 1 of that launch.

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Are they profitable and is their solution integral part of the business process of other profitable businesses? Where can I find this info?

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This isn't a scam, because they wouldn't exit scam on you goofs

But it is an over hyped piece of garbage
Reason being, the amount of shilling they do
There is some shady trading going on which was confirmed already.
They can profit on major pumps when they 'announce' new partner ships and such

If this coin was really with the shits, they wouldn't need to shill it so hard. It would speak for itself
People aren't retarded, they research and figure stuff out. So if something good happens to VEN it'll reach the public, but no
This chink likes to advertise it everywhere to get artificial pumps, not to mention he sells millions of coins to 'partners' under the table basically.

So while you fags do the grunt work pumping the coin, they can sit back and relax and dump whenever they want for pure profit.

Thank god i exited this coin with a profit

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We're on an anonymous board discussing ideas by their merit and technicallities....

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Neither is a chinese scam

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Retards who think they know shit.

Vechain is older than 90% of all crypto and already has WORKING products. Fuck outta here with your muh minimum viable product. It’s like you guys hate money and find ways to not get it when it stares right in your face.

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So post some links of these working products then?

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Good question. I haven't found it. I'm assuming that they've been doing alright because of the investor attention they attracted in the past year (we all know about Breyer, Draper, etc) but I admit that's only an assumption I'm making - I think a reasonable one, but it's absolutely not proof of their success, no.

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DYOR. Why do you want everything spoonfed?

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>You just le hate money!
Ahh, the last line of defence for every shitcoin salesman. Didn't take long.

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Wtf does my professional experience have anything to do with vechain and their CTO. He has his name on 100 patents, it doens't mean the chink is brilliant and is creating things out of thin air. The chinese are numba wonn in IP theft. So tell me what patent the CTO has that he made a significant contribution to?

Yes we know it started in 15, But they hired the CTO AFTER the rebrand announcement in 17. Do you have any proof companies are using it, other than sunny and co telling you they are?

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Dude, I just fucking posted one in response to you and you ignore it. Gtfo


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This is THE most retarded thread I've ever seen on /biz/. You people are fucking retards and deserve to stay extremely poor.

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DNV GL obviously uses it given that two DNV GL reps sit on VeChain's steering committee and they release numerous videos and press releases on their own pushing VeChain.

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I'll check that out tomorrow, have to translate the moonspeak but will use chrome I guess.

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Did you know that in India it is customary to defecate in public?

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You're retarded as well
Solution on Vechain blockchain

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>stay poor

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The chink is right though. I had the same impression talking to a few government/corp guys. They are not against blockchain per se, but they want it supervised by an accredited authority.

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Yes I already said some of their partnerships seem legit but that was not my question...
If you know anything about investing, even a great company can be overpriced. These parties got in at penies on the dollar you want your fellolw /biztards/ to pay here. So I need to see more than some big names experimenting with blockchain.

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Look up Gu Jianling you fucking idiot.

Why the hell do you think some of the best talent from around the world have left amazing jobs to board this team? It's all a fucking ruse right?

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That is also why we are developing Veracity together with selected leading industry partners and learning from this “private preview” phase to develop a robust data platform for general availability for the entire industry later.

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Typical response for a venlet..DYOR.

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Not experimenting... changing their fucking business model. Did you click the link? That is a LIVE PROJECT
>More than 1 billionaire VC backing - check
>Working live products that are providing real value to businesses - check
>Partnerships more significant than every other project combined - check
>Stable cost to use the blockchain - check
>Governance model so adaptation changes is easily implemented - check (see trying to implement LN for btc or plasma for ETH, can't fucking do it in any reasonable amount of time, literal years)
>Government backing and connections. Jim Breyer, who plays an advisory role at Vechain is very good friends with the president of china, is also on the board of Circle which was acquired by Goldman - CHECK
What more could you want? Not 1 project comes close to Vechain on the market and I am going to take so much pleasure in posting caps of FUD in a year or two.

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there's also a reason they removed the pwc logo from their website

they are a chinkscam

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You guys are retarded as fuck. It's not like they are hiring 150 developers to work on the blockchain together you fucking idiots. VeChain stated they have over a hundred enterprises lined up waiting to use their platform, that's what additional developers will be used for. dApps and onboarding enterprises

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According to Brooks himself, the law is an "outrageous oversimplification"

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Broadly, escaping middlemen, especially state bureaucracies, but also censorship for pr reason by companies (especially payment providers). Payments and financial services (today ipos masquerading as icos, decentralized exchanges) are going to be the main one. I don't have much faith in general dapps but who knows. I can imagine a turn based online game that runs as a dapp, as there's nobody to ban you for saying faggot in the chat, or to change rules in some stupid way.
All this requires decentralization as a prerequisite.

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Tell me one thing, if this coin is the best and legit, why they need mysterious insider called CCK faggot? Dumping his bags on followers who buy after his tweets? This is the most obvious insider manipulation ever, in regulated market they would probably already be banned.

Any answers? Serious question.

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CCK is likely somebody who works at the company as a dev or something, or just an insider. He is nobody high up or a 'paid shill'.

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The absolute state of /biz/

A bunch of Trump and Hannity loving retards drooling while yelling everything is a conspiracy and the chinks and jews are out to get them

VeChain is the most obvious investment in all of crypto


a leftist jew

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What is the upside of blockchain over DNV running a bunch of servers with redundancy here? Ah... i'll read up on it myself. I'm asking too much of you shills by now :)

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then why do you visit this horrible place?

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Obviously, ven has nothing against him. They would have said otherwise.
But what's the point? We talk about business adoption and have market manipulation as clear as a day. Do you feel safe with this? What if, one day, he say he dumps his bags and buy another coin? I like ven but CCK is enormous huge red flag for me. I can't see any reasons why he is still there, apart from shilling, manipulation and insider trading, which is imo going on there and vechain foundation allows it

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entertainment. that's like asking why reality TV is popular - there's entertainment in watching stupid people be stupid. plus there's some sport in toying with the idiots here

that and the memes. i love brainlets (like, the actual pictures) and wojaks

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/reddit/ spacing

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oh okey i had no idea i was talking to leftist genius
thanks man you opened my eyes

>> No.8970964

Oh would you fuck off?

I was at Harvard last Thursday night. Someone asked him about CCK. He didn't know who they were beyond the twitter account. And there was no twinkle in his eye or any shady shit like that.

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Braiinlet detected

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the fud quality is disappointing

>hiring too many devs

>> No.8971614

How do you manage to think that this is FUD?

>> No.8971687

I would unironically have every last one of you gassed if I could and I also believe in Ven as one of the best investments opportunites.

Isn't it great how crypto can bring people with such diverse opinions together?

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That's called "plausible deniability". Sunny denies CCK's existence because acknowledging him means he approves of his leaks, and by extension, approves of insider trading. If you don't think Sunny doesn't know who CCK is, then I have a great wall in China to sell you.

>> No.8972095

If we are just speculating about who CCK is, my money is on him being an autistic DNV GL employee with insider knowledge.

>> No.8972108

It's obvious the CCK is the one writing the medium articles.

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I stared with bitcoin in 2013 and have never been more comfy going all in with VEN. So close to retirement.

>> No.8972309

Congrats on the Mjolnir Thunder Powered Xtra Strength X Node!

Don't forget to lock up another 4000 VEN to upgrade to a Lightning Node for 4% extra THOR!!

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>thinks his life would be better if jews didn't exist
top fucking kek

>> No.8972396

>mfw i created the biz doesn't deserve OMG meme
>mfw balls deep in OMG and VEN
gonna be a great year desu

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he didn't deny his existence, you fucking brainlet

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( '▿ ' ) 六四天安門事件

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I hope this is a joke

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Isn't this the question for the majority of crypto? The appeal of VEN is the business avenues. Business doesn't care about it's underlying systems as long as they cut costs, and VEN seems to be positioning itself very well. How is this not obvious?
Why is this board /biz/?