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What about it faggot? Do you expect us to be inside your autistic brain?

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>What about it

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I hate this cuck shitcoin

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We can use all of your devices to track and record everything you do and charge you for it... hahaha

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>paying 5 cents to use your Smart Toaster™

Thanks, IOTA!

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Could also be used to record service history of a device and prevent planned failure which are very useful for the consumer.

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But you can make 0.0000013 cents by selling your toasting habbits to Siemens, assuming they implement a system that prevents them from getting the same data for free.

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Explain how.

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If I'm poor and run out of Iota will my refrigerator stop working? Will my device's warranties expire because they did not call home or I couldn't afford a micro transaction? Is my dental insurance going to go up if my smart toothbrush detects I've not been brushing enough? If I'm on welfare will the smart toilet report my flush frequency and reduce my allotment?

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Man I thought I had bashed IOTA a lot but those are a lot more questions than I came up with. I only went as far as "why would Bosch implement a barrier to themselves to get data they could otherwise get for free" and "when coordinator off lol"

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lol @ thread.

comfy iota holder here.

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Comfy but poor.

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You're cool with microtransactions draining your wallet uncontrollably 24/7? You must have been born with a silver spoon. I work hard for my money and I won't buy devices that covertly rape my savings account.

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/biz trashing iota once again lel

I wouldn't want to share my space on the moon with any of you dumbasses anyway

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Moon, hahaha

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Nice argument faggot

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go back to your cave, luddite.

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cause so far you've been dropping very intellectual arguments Einstein hmmm

go on give me some more of how my toaster and my fridge will communicate with each other lol


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>go on give me some more of how my toaster and my fridge will communicate with each other lol
Well, how?

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Businesses dude, but I understand is hard to grasp if you still live in mommies basement

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I see.

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You want to have an explanation about the Tangle, Masked Authenticated Messaging, Data Marketplace, Data Storage on the Tangle, ... ? go to iota.org or look up mobilefish.com on YT

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If you can't explain it you don't understand it.

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IOTA soyboy has no idea what he bought

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you clearly have no idea if you're still talking about toasters and shit...

anyway you'll be thinking about this in a few months time and most probably will deeply regret your foolishness, see ya

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See ya bro :-DD

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Is IOTA with one with >muh ternary

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Yep all that has to happen for widespread IOTA adoption is a global hardware replacement.

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Is see. So it's going to moon any second now, I take it

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>Explain how.

>never explained
The IOTA experience.

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>muh islamic refugee smartfridge coin

yeah no thanks.

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Explaining on biz, yeah right. I've pointed out earlier here where you can find documentation and even videos explaining how it all works. From bundle signing, the PoW, ternary, MAM, tip selection, everything.
Again, just look up mobilefish.com on youtube.

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forget it dude, they just wanna troll, even if you spoonfed them they'd go >b-but dem refujee smurt citiez toastar-fridjes!

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Trips of truth

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literal 666 coin, count the dots

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>"What about it"

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We just want to know why we need microtransactions on our iot devices. Additionally, why does everything need to be connected to the internet? It seems like death of a thousand papercuts to my wallet, and surveillance on myself thst I have the privilege of paying for.

I don't want/need a smart hairdryer charging me to use it and phoning home to the epa to tell them to fine me for excessive heating.

I honestly want to understand this coin but from an end user standpoint, how do I benefit?

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>What about it

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>that pic

I-is this a real argument? Noise on a grainy image?

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Forget about the micropayments part, that is just a part of Iota.
The more direct applications are in storing data that belong to a device in the Tangle in a way that cannot be tampered with. Like the tachometer of a vehicle, or the service intervals and what was done on the vehicle. Suddenly you have a second hand car market where this information is verifiable.

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looks like the ISS. You can actually see it fly over you with the naked eye if you're looking for it.

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To piggyback on this

If you have a smart lawnmower in your garage you can register it to be leased by your neighbors. Your neighbors will utilize Iota to borrow and pay for your lawnmower without you having to be involved. Then all of a sudden you get a message receiving $3 worth of Iota because of the transaction.

Now imagine this for virtually anything. That leasing market is just ONE use case for micropayments+blockchain(or tangle) technology

Iota is so promising because it isnt tied to one thing. It can be used for p2p, m2m, leasing, sharing, shipping, energy consumption, data storage and selling your devices data on the data marketplace

Theres 2.7 quintillion bytes of data generated everyday but only .2% is monetized

Iota may be highly speculative but this type of technology, if successful, will revolutionize the world. So im in on Iota until something better comes along

Also they have dozens of great relationships with industry leading electronics companies

Ps. Ternary and Binary can work together. Its the old a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isnt a square. Giving the OPTION to use Ternary is beneficial because it consumes much less processing power and is good for say a weatherballoon in Iceland that will be floating around for 10 years. While storing and selling data on the tangle/data marketplace

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A340 plane is 75.3 meters long.

ISS is 109 meters long.

Airplanes cruise at 37-45k feet (7-8 miles high) and are outside the scope of what the naked eye can see- https://www.quora.com/How-far-away-can-you-see-an-approaching-airplane-at-cruising-altitude-from-the-ground

The ISS is 253.5 miles high. Now tell me, if you csn't see a plane at 7 miles, how can you see 253.5 miles with the naked eye?

I smell bullshit

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Btw the lack of response to this post proves that the FUD on this website are a bunch of paid shitcoin shills whove unanimously been told to shit talk Iota.

Why? Because if successful it will make all shitcoins (including BTC) but sans ERC tokens completely obsolete

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Well considering the depth of their arguments

>soyboy pro refugee shitcoin!!! Hurrdurr

It is quite obvious. Not sure about paid but the FUD is real (and not very convincing desu)

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4chan auto-replaces „to be honest“ with „desu“?

Now i know wth it means, finally ffs

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Your lack of understanding of basic physics is saddening, to say the least

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I don't know we clearly have paid shills on this board

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>research on youtube
this is unironically the average iota "investor"
essentially TRX with a different coat of painting for people who sneer at TRX tards

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Not even close you paid shill, fucking pajeet what are you making 0.02 cents a post? fucking loser, get a real job and contribute to society instead of swindling neets on a Turkish sandpaper sculpture anime shitposting forum

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>muh Bosch will use IOTA in all their IOT products for sure guys

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Dude the CEO already personally invested millions of dollars into Iota.

Unironically kys you paid shill

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>It's 2014, the IOTA team crowdfunds a startup to design a new micro-processor
>convince investors that it doesn't work without their new idea called the tangle
>pay off initial investors in their micro-processor startup in useless IOTA tokens
>move micro-processor startup to a different company funded entirely by the Dev team
>initial backers get stuck with IOTA token that may or may not work eventually while Devs make sick profits selling ternary processors around the world

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more like

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Paid shill


Debunked Fud and copy pasta

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not a copy pasta. prove it's debunked because I couldn't find anything about it.

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This is all possible without IOTA and IOTA devices can be tampered with. I don't need smart refugee cities to loan out my lawnmower.

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Yea it is because I've seen it in the last 3 threads you lying fuck

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>distributed ledger tech can be tampered with, are you fucking stupid?

And I doubt it can be done with the same efficiency as DLT

>> No.8962852

It's not a distributed ledger if it doesn't communicate with other devices. Try to force me to plug the ethernet cable into my cargo truck. Btw what stops companies from developing a technology that actually works?

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Fuck, just by typing this answer I give your basic assumption a touch of legitimacy but literally everything about this project sucks from the basic premise on to its execution and future vision, it's all complete rubbish.

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No one is forcing you to do anything. If you want to connect your lawnmower to the network and offer it for leasing you can do so. If you dont, then don't. Lifes about options my friend

If another company makes a better alternative ill invest in them.

How is the machine 2 machine economy and IoT complete rubbish? Machines will need to transact in micropayments and no current tech besides DAG allows to do so without fees which makes micropayments unfeasible

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>How is the machine 2 machine economy and IoT complete rubbish?
I could think of many ways but the most prominent one, for you, is that it doesn't require the broken tech that is IOTA.

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>literal 666 coin, count the dots
Wtf it's literally 3x6 on each figure that shapes a 6 of which there are 3.

>> No.8963530

IOTA doesn't work, but there are other IoT projects that do.

Sadly, IOTA will be a vaporware project in the same light as MAIDSafe.

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Enjoy your vendor lock-in IoT ecosystem then

>> No.8964079

Instead of partially closed-sourced centralized "seize funds" IOTA?

>> No.8964167

COO + Node operators co-decided to put coins of re-used addresses in safety. But go ahead and call it "seize funds".
If your FUD was in any way effective, you could even go and short Iota. Go go go, little puppy.

>> No.8964192

>COO + Node operators co-decided to put coins of re-used addresses in safety. But go ahead and call it "seize funds".
Seize funds is the term David Sonspsycho used, crybaby.

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>What about it faggot?

That's the joke.. NOTHING, like always

>> No.8964331

exactly. there's no reason to spoonfeed these fuckwits anymore
remember those screencaps about eth a few years ago?
Yeah you'll be seeing those about iota too

>> No.8964406

akin to my last comment. These people would love to shill you Eth, but remember the DAO hack?
it's fucking laughable.

>> No.8964408

Does the wallet have a seed generator yet?

>> No.8964525

You can store the data on the tangle, the data is also encrypted and can’t be falsified. It is also quantum resistant. Perfect usecase are autonomous vehicles, which will communicate amongst themselves. This communication needs to be secure and untampered with, so does the data. I can’t envision any other protocol or platform being capable of doing that on such scale. This is why I believe IOTA will be big for IoT. You don’t want to hold your smart house data on internet or a srever which can easily be hacked.

>> No.8964554

I don't want a "smart house" at all.

>> No.8964561

Does it need one?
The wallet wasn't made to be idiot proof, but don't worry trinity wallet is made specifically for people like you.

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>Does it need one?
>The wallet wasn't made to be idiot proof

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These posts make me even more bullish on iota than i was before. Always do the opposite of what /biz/ says

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How hard is it to come up with a random string for 81 characters?
If you couldn't figure out how to use the wallet safely you shouldn't be in crypto at the moment anyways.
Go use metamask faggot

>> No.8964657

You should be. The FUD is so bad too.

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>How hard is it to come up with a random string for 81 characters?
>If you couldn't figure out how to use the wallet safely you shouldn't be in crypto at the moment anyways.
Exactly so where has the generate seed button been for the past year or two?

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You're actually retarded aren't you?

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>I don't want a "smart house" at all.
Nobody does, which is why almost every company that want to develop and build smart houses get through a cycle of development --> market --> bankrupt.

>> No.8964795

well it's a good thing that Bosch manufactures all of the infotainment systems for most major car makers.
Oh and VW.
Oh and Fujitsu.

>> No.8964828

yeah.. i coin that's already at U$4bil market cap is surely going to 50x

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>Black Mirror
The future has indeed cum.

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Damn, I seem to have missed that all of these old established companies switched their business model completely onto smart houses and smart devices and not use these stuff solely to gain an advantage in a highly competitive industry.

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you're trying so hard and it's quite pathetic

>> No.8964977

it actually had one but people like him were too stupid to think of writing down their seed despite warnings so they decided to make people responsible of their own funds

be your own bank yadda yadda

now they've seen that this is even worse so they'll probably plaster the trinity wallet with 3 consecutive DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE YOUR SEED DOWN AND STORE IT SOMEWHERE SAFE

>> No.8965045

50x is conservative
I'd imagine that within the year.
Give it 3-5 years and you'll be amazed.

>> No.8965047

>Huawei conference going on
>Hannover Messe soon
>IOTA already more adopted than any other currency by the biggest tech companies
>Fudding IOTA all of a sudden pops up again after ignoring it for weeks.

Almond status: Activated

>> No.8965061

>50x is conservative
>I'd imagine that within the year.
>Give it 3-5 years and you'll be amazed.

1/50 is more likely.

>> No.8965107

I'm not talking about smart houses. I'm talking about the transfer of data between IoT devices. That can include smart houses sure. But again, Bosch makes ALL OF THE CAR INFOTAINMENT SYSTEMS.
Nevermind the fact that they've started building a factory that will build the sensors that utilize the IOTA framework.
You're not thinking big picture.

>> No.8965177

Why would IOTA be needed to communicate with an IoT device when the internet is already capable?

>> No.8965196

And why should Bosch pay for their own data? Would you even want to sell your data? Would you comfortable sell your driving route etc? Isn't it exactly that kind of shit that should be private? I wouldn't sell my entire life.

>> No.8965220


take 20 minutes out of your day and watch this.
Just watch this speech. 20 minutes.

>> No.8965236

Do you use google?
Do you use facebook?
Do you use the internet?
Buddy you've already sold your life.
Most people already have.
Data is the new oil.

>> No.8965293

>Do you use google?
>Do you use facebook?
>Do you use the internet?

>Buddy you've already sold your life.
I haven't sold my breakfast habbits yet you dumb fuck.

>> No.8965304


>i dont want a.smart house therefore no one wants a smart house

Go back to pol you traditionalist ego centric cucklord

>> No.8965309

He is actively trying not to think big picture.
Imagine what will happen with a fully automated society, entire ecosystems will emerge serving human and machine needs in a capitalistic decentralized race for the bottom.
It's similar to machine learning in that, we won't be explicitly stating solutions, we will be constructing the problems in such a way that solutions are arrived upon.

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>> No.8965342

>entire ecosystems will emerge serving human
Actually mankind has been serving the machine for the past 100 years. But ok I won't overstrain you intellectually now.

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>It's estimated that by 2025, there will be 100 Billion global IoT devices, sending data and transferring value in the new Machine-to-Machine reality.

>> No.8965391

I'm the dumb fuck?
You're in the minority.
I don't use google or facebook either, but that's because I value my privacy as well.
Get out of your house for a second you fucking autist, and look at people. They're consumed by it. They WANT to share their lives with the world. They don't care about privacy.
They want people to know those things about them. Where they go, what they eat, vacations they've taken.

>> No.8965420

Machines haven't been intelligent, they will be soon. You are misrepresenting the truth to validate your already solidified personal belief.
Kind of hard to talk to someone doing that.

>> No.8965437

Yes you dumb fuck.
They give their data away for free because it's 0 effort and they don't fully understand it's happening at all.

Having them *sell* their data is a whole different psychological approach. It's effort and they would be aware of it. It's not going to happen.

>> No.8965453


Was this suppose to be a good speech? Honestly, it was pretty bad.

>> No.8965454

No you're just an idiot. Sorry

>> No.8965491

>reddit spacing
kill yourself

>> No.8965531

Very few people are imaginative and patient. Don't worry, you are in the majority.

>> No.8965581

/biz/ doesn't deserve IOTA. I shilled IOTA at $0.05 and nobody was interested. Once we hit $30, /biz/ will buy.

>> No.8965620

Put in more than 10k and watch it 10x then

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Forget. About. The. Currency.
Tangle is a data exchange and storage. Micro transactions are just one capability.
Also, this does not mean that the Iota currency is worthless, just that it is not needed for all use cases. The main use case is micro transactions for which fiat does not have small enough units. Ixi hub is what is supposed to make fiat-to-Iota seemless.

>> No.8965767

>Forget. About. The. Currency.
So the value of the IOTA token is 0?

>> No.8965901

No it's $1000 in 2020

>> No.8965936

because the sun reflects off the solar panels of the space station, you fucking troglodyte

>> No.8966089

does a plane get hit on the underside by the sun? I was just guessing. I know for a fact i've seen it with some weak binoculars.
wait what. I just looked at your pic, are you a flat earther? the spacex tesla went way fucking further than 177km from Earth. I smell bullshit. Prove to me that picture was actually taken at 177km and that's not just slapped on there by some brainlet.

>> No.8966188

so it will be expensive for devices to use iota, or is the entire network going to run off of 0 iota transactions, making the coin essentially useless?

>> No.8966192

Don't worry anon, the FOMO is coming when fudders and nocoiners realise how much this coin will take off

>> No.8966259

Ok get your calculator mate: If a MI is 1000$, a I (IOTA) will cost $0.001 and TX cost nothing.

>> No.8966282

Even Fujitsu did a example calculation why it makes sense to use IOTA when a MI costs 20,000€, it's somewhere at their blog or so

>> No.8966309

And here it is: http://blog.de.ts.fujitsu.com/allgemeines/das-sind-die-vorteile-von-iota-gegenueber-blockchain/

>> No.8966312

That just isn't true, transactions will always cost as much electricity as the devices doing the PoW are consuming. It's not "nothing". What remains to be seen is how they'll execute it, with the quorum rumours going around I'm actually pretty excited about it.

>> No.8966330

We're talking about the network itself. Browsing 4chan also costs electricity so it isn't free anymore?

>> No.8966369

Yes, in that context it will be free. My bad.

>> No.8966577

as much 0 as bitcoin if you ask me.

>> No.8966592

more info about network-bound pow to come.

>> No.8966768


Seriously go fucking kill yourself, you speak in absolutes and are a fucking backwards autist. NOBODY thinks like you except for maybe 2% which is coincidentally the same amount of people with autism

>intentionally types without caps
i can do that to fellow autismo

>> No.8966780


Ah cool, paid fudders are here. I'll top off my stack, thanks for the heads up.

By the way, can you let your employer know that you need a bit more training before hitting the field? When it's too obvious it's not very effective.

>> No.8966846

>being so emotionally attached to your shitcoin you must defend it on a indonesian spearfishing forum
>reddit spacing
I'm looking forward to your suicide when those companies realize that IOTA is a steaming pile of hot shit broken by design.

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>paid fudders

>> No.8967002

>kek kek your spacing kek kek got him!
Bought in at $0.35, sold a lot around $4.00 while still holding onto some because it's got some good potential if they pull off their goals. If not, well, still made a nice stack of profits by just doing the opposite of what this board does
This is the low level fud that isn't very effective. You need to be more clever if you want to have any real impact

>> No.8967099

Dude not everytime when someone tells you that your coin is shit it's FUD.

>> No.8967324

>35 posts by this ID
Of course not anon

>> No.8967422


You really are a salty little bitch arent you?

>> No.8967843

Fuck your smart refugee coin.

>> No.8968069

Dont know why anyone owns iota after Vitalik decimated them in argument. Something else will come along that actually works

>> No.8968071

Soon you will accept that blockchain is going to be made obsolete by one little tangle boi or whatever comes after that.

>> No.8968176

He called out a guy who turned out to have been the one who figured out the consensus algorithm he's moving his own coin toward. He shut up pretty quick after he made himself look like a 2 step behind child. And wooo. Pissing match over trinary emulation and 12% energy savings not mattering in the scope of quadrillions of calculations. He just looked weird and autistic.

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>What about it

>> No.8968235

I just want you to understand, for the record, that I do want you to continue doing this. I've made most my money by doing the opposite of what /biz/ tells me to do.
I just want you to be better at it and not make it so obvious so you can make an actual impact.
>posts a shit ton of boring ass laughing memes
>isn't even subtle in his fud
You've got a lot to learn. Your work here has been incredibly weak and you need to get your act together if you want to stay employed.

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>> No.8968277

See? Literally right on cue. Anyone with half a brain can see what you're trying to do

>> No.8968339

kys iota shilling faggot

>> No.8968350


Youre really working hard today huh? Need a couple extra rupies so you can fix your toilet? Its okay you can just tell your girlfriends son to shit on the street

>+$.02 cents deposited into your account

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>paid fudders

>> No.8968377

Stop changing your ID and maybe I will

>> No.8968403

>iotacuck coping this hard
How is your fake partnership with Microsoft, lol?

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>> No.8968733


>> No.8968767


I dont know ask my partnerships with
>Head of innovation at Amazon

Thats just off the top of my head. Hows your shitcoin doing faggot?

>> No.8968789

I used to love this board.
And sometimes there's people who honestly want to help. This was one of those threads for those of you that actually read it.
For the rest of you street shitting brown pieces of FUD, stay poor. Please, just stay so poor that you can't even access the internet anymore.

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iota is shit because it can't work without the coordinator. It's a database on a central server with pointless shit thrown upon.
It's not something that can be fixed. The tangle concept as a pow chain requires enormous fees (paid in energy + hardware cost) to have any reasonable level of security. The difference in mining power between a smartphone and a top gpu, not to mention asic, is enormous. That's why mining is specialized in every working pow coin, weak miners pay direct fees to powerful miners.
Iota wants to base its security on mining by smart fridges and other devices, most of which have extremely slow low-energy arm microcontrollers, or even 8 bit ones. It's not going to work, ever. My gpu has probably more computing power than 10k smart fridges.

I suspect they are actually paying executives to shill their worthless coin. Technically it's bribery but nearly impossible to detect due to plausible deniability, especially because iota has no public history, they reset it regularly and input balances manually, so they can backdate early transfers, creating a fake 'early adopter'. Rolf Werner (head of fujitsu europa and a iota fan) can realistically make about $1M/year. Imagine that iota offered him $10M? No brainer.
There's no other explanation. No technically competent person on earth has a positive opinion about iota technology.

Now that I think of it, that backdating capability is a pretty nice vehicle to launder money.

>> No.8968841
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Oh man, look at that, in the last 8 hours theyve struck anothwr partnership with the largest end-to-end IT company in the world with over 6,000 commercial clients

Literally couldnt be more excited to be in this coin. You should take the $.02 cents a post and start buying Iota you fucking street urchin

>> No.8968864


If you have a billion devices doing a small amount of PoW it adds up bro. No need to paste this tired FUD anyway.

>> No.8969170
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Do you even know what FUD means?

IOTA bois can't handle criticism because it hurts their beliefs.

>> No.8969567

>If you have a billion devices doing a small amount of PoW it adds up

Except it doesn't. Iota uses a compute-heavy pow and speedups should be equivalent to bitcoin. Which means an asic gets about 1M as many hashes in one sec as a normal cpu for a pc.
Multiply that by about 100x for an embedded 32 bit arm processor. One asic is going to be equivalent to about 100M devices.
It's never going to add up. The whole idea is ridiculous.

>> No.8969968

To be honest I like the idea behind IOTA a lot but the team seems absolutely trash especially the CEO and I don't think they can deliver what they have in mind. I've come to realise that the team behind an idea is the thing in what you should invest, not in the idea itself.

>> No.8970023


if you look through that team and aren't impressed I'm truly curious what cryptos you're invested in

>> No.8970271

>IOTA held its initial coin offering in November and December 2015 and managed to raise over $400,000. During the crowdsale, IOTA tokens were sold for less than $0.001 and all one billion IOTA tokens were sold during the ICO.
Sorry late adopters but the potential of this coin has clearly been priced in

>> No.8970913


It didnt hit exchanges until June 2016 at .16 cents

>> No.8971127

Pets.com stock holders were comfy too

>> No.8971220

For a board that hates jees this is the most Jewish fucking thing I've heard.

>hey bill can I borrow your lawn mover? Mines broken.
>sure jim but it will cost you $1.37 per square foot. Here's my shitty iota wallet address, hope I didnt accidently reuse it. I also hope the coordinator isn't down

Fucking more deluded than linkies

Also, Bosch is a worthless company that clearly doesnt have anything tangible to innovate in, so they pick blockchain. Fucking lol.

>> No.8971263

bosch makes so much shit you couldn't even comprehend it. Because you're obviously 12 years old and autistic. Or trolling. Dear god I hope you're trolling.

>> No.8971323

>Bosch is a worthless company
I actually spit up my drink when I read this, I wasn't ready for that level of stupid lmao. Thanks anon

>> No.8971357

I'm not big on IOTA but Bosch is legit.

>> No.8971381

ethereum isn't going anywhere it's clearly priced in at $2.80

>> No.8971440

friends, i'd take bosch any day if someone gave it to me. it can't be worthless then, can it?

>> No.8971492


>IOTA getting bashed on /biz/

This is how I know I made a wise investment.

Adding another 1000 IOTA soon.

>> No.8971576

this is how we build distopia
first, bracelets with your id and wallet
after a generation of bracelets being stolen, people will beg to have a chip implanted
it wont seem like distopia because, i mean, how else could you secure your funds in a world where private property becomes irrelevant because we all (((share))) the great IOT economy?

>> No.8971688

a towns merchant told its people that he had the cure for virtually anything. the people bought. and when that cure didn't work, they complained. he kept telling them that it would work if they just kept taking it for long enough.

bosch didn't buy the technology - they bought the brand, and they WILL make that brand work. it doesnt matter whether iota sucks right now, because bosch is like god and germany is europe and when you say europe you really mean germany.

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