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Why is /biz/ filled with crypto? Let's use this thread for financial affairs not related to crypto currency.

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Lmao at the image

There is more to life than money. Try enjoying 12m when you've sacrificed everything else that makes a whole, free human being

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Is there another way to make money when you do not have at least 1000$?

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>talks about freedom
>is a slave to money

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>$12mm in a single account
What a moron.

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he keeps 12M in a debit acct. Eeww

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Don't act like you wouldn't do anything for that sum of money. Be real. I'd fuck a cow fetus to get that amount of money.

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>Don't act like you wouldn't do anything for that sum of money.

Money isn't everything you know.

There's plenty of things I wouldn't do for 12 mil.

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I'd fuck one for 1% of that amount.

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The post says to sacrifice all your relationships for money. That's the opposite of freedom. That's slavery.

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>gets insurance money from family
>posts atm receipt of his family saving account from 5 years ago
>talks about freedom, can't spell "relationships" correctly
>still lives in shitty canada
niga are you even trying ?

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I have a friend who made around this much (10+ mil) opening a large weed dispensary in canada, it's not that unbelievable. The fact it's all in one account adds to the evidence that this guy is a stoner.

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Here's what you're missing: it's NOT sustainable by the fragmented, isolated, and bordered margins we compare it to. Its not out fault we do this because we have nothing else to go off of. And by all means, compared to traditional markets, COMPARED TO WHAT WE KNOW no it absolutely is not sustainable while they might trade in respect to one another, they are still cogs rolling within their own segregated machines...

Crypto is a warm, fucking blanket falling over the whole 10-20 individual machines running the world today. It's entirely global. There's no borders here. There are not special times. Or dates, holidays, anything to close off of. It's global, let that sink in... globally, 365-24/7. THAT. is what we crave as the whole human race. The internet exposed our commonality.

If you're American, European, Chinese, Japanese, and all the other races, you've been exposed to your own limitations via your nations GDP. Your business ventures, up until now have been solely funded by people of your own race. All the metrics are based off America exclusively, China exclusively, like drips of water falling into separate buckets. Imagine dumping all those individual buckets into a pool and started pumping a hose into it, THAT's what is growing right before our eyes. The fear-mongering that runs rampant over the idea of crypto stems from DECADES of mistrust between nations. All the wars fought between each other for valuable resources, all the lives lost, the mistakes, the tragedies... it makes it hard to trust someone living on the otherside of the planet when their ancestors tried to eradicate your bloodline. But, yet again, the internet has exposed those prerogatives to be government driven agendas. And we as a human race, think its total fucking bullshit. We're wising up to the fact that we don't need to be governed the way society has BEEN telling us for centuries.