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countdown til launch:

>bet on which coins makes most gains in a set period of time
>receive ETH
>hold HORSE token
>get paid as the house always wins

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so is this like horse racing, just with crypto?

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exactly, you just bet on the coin you think will perform the best in the given time and then just wait and get the money.
there will be multiple races a day and they plan to expand this even further.

shit is absolute cash my dude

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>everything about it is open source and you put your trust into a smart contract that was tested for weeks on the ETH testnet

so no its not a scam!

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>Implying there's a better way to part fools from their money than bitmex

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if you don't like gambling you can simply buy the HORSE token (buy it on https://idex.market/eth/HORSE )
and get your cut every 3 months.
they pay you in ETH and you don't have to do shit.

just lean back and wait for the free money.

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You will have to manually claim the quarterly dividends until they streamline that process. But other than that, yeah you don't have to do shit

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ah so i dont bet with the horse but with ETH while the people with horse get dividends from people betting on their platform?

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man, i heard about this before but i didn’t buy any. now they have the main net??? why didn’t i buy before F F F !!!

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yea but this isn't that much of a problem.
"oh jeez now I have to click a button to receive my free money"

yea you bet with ETH and the HORSE token holders get a cut and is paid in ETH.

its not too late, the price is still low to get a good amount of HORSE.
also betting starts in around an hour so yea you are still not too late for it bro.

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completely forgot about mainnet for this thing, thanks op. price didn't pump too much, gonna get some asap since it'll go over 200k for sure

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What spreadsheet is this?
Do you mind sharing?
I’m sitting on a couple from the ico and am curious if i shoukd hold, bet or sell

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put a bit irder in but it didn’t go through, gonna have to raise it i guess. oh man!!

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if you aren't buying this shit up right now, you aren't going to make it

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ohhhh shitttt

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Always bet :)

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This shit need to be on a better exchange. I would have diversify 1 BTC to HORSE yesterday, instead I bought more REQ on Binance.

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it's live

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Someone bet 5 eth on ltc!

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holy shit they actually delivered

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Amazing.. The first bets. It's like watching the first bytes being sent across the internet. You will remember this day for the rest of your lives

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the rare chance when cryptos actually deliver and have a working product, this is your chance to get in on this.

the dividends are fucking mental btw, better than etheroll

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Free money here kids .. I solely deal in gambling based crypto and believe it or not, I do this full time. People will always speculate on projects and try to sell tops. One thing is certain, gambling and sex are addictions and there will always be a need, always has been.

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8k horse will i make it????

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crypto beak is my daddy

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ready to get rich vros

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fuck off with this scam beak and you deluded followers of him

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>tfw can't play because burger
How do I get around this, just use any proxy?

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Exciting to see the odds change. With practice, it can pay off pretty well.

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Beak knows the way!

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Imagine a future situation like today where everyone was arguing back and forth about the Verge announcement - with Ethorse, you'll be able to put your money where your mouth is. This is going to be HUGE!

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I guess so, doubt they will really give a fuck

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get a fucking vpn you cheapo

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I demand cryoto beak to rape me until my asshole spits fire.

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The price will literally NEVER be below .00014 again it's not too late.


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Fuck off with your shilling cryptobeak stick to witty banter and being an Oracle for OMG

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Yes, just use a VPN. Believe hola is free, although idk their quality

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what a fucking neighsayer,

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thanks just bet 100k

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whos betting on what for the 1 hour race?
and why?

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Over 6 eth already bet

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What's with the FUD? Try it instead of being giant gashes. Or keep averaging down on link you mongs

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beak objectively cool, good calls and sight, undecided about his strange accent, is it posh?

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no he's a filthy northerner

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How much Horse = 1 stable again?

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1k, my nibba

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Fuck me I love tokens that pay dividends. Can't believe /biz/ hasn't told me about this before

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Eth obv. Why? Consensys in a few weeks. First of the majors to make ATH again.

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What are the dividends?

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5% of the total volume on the site/125,000,000 (the number of coins)

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5% of ETH betting pool

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No house risk too

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The holders of HORSE tokens will be able to claim all of the profits made by Ethorse in form of ETH during the dividend payout period every quarter.
Ethorse profit is generated from the takeout taken from the betting pool of each race before a payout is prepared for the winners. The current takeout rate is at 5%. HORSE holders will receive ETH at the end of every quarter from the Bankroll in proportion to the amount of HORSE tokens they hold for a fixed time period. During the dividend payout period, tokens will be locked and not available to transfer between wallets.

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When did they close the eligibility for dividend payments? Was it one month before payout?

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So realistically speaking four cents for every coin?

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who /comfy/ here?

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Stable = 1000 horses

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So we profit off of gambling addicts?

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super comfy with my HORSE that I got day 1.

yes, with HORSE you are the House and the House always wins.

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The fact that the odds of your bet can change AFTER you have made the bet is ridiculous.
You have a 6 hour window to make a bet with no way of estimating how much you will win until 1 second before the window closes.

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depends on the volume, boyo

if the daily volume averages 1k eth for 3 months straight, the quarterly earnings/token would be 0.036 dollars for a price of $1000 for 1 ETH

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Can I store my horsies in any wallet or is there a dedicated one?

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wew ethorse is already the 13th biggest dapp by volume

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shits cash

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it's an ERC20 token
there is no need for a dedicated wallet
use metamask or mycrypto/MEW with an hw wallet

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Thanks, was worried about the dividends.

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That's how parimutuel betting works my man, if you're confident in your pick it won't matter much anyway.

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We need to shill this everywhere.

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what you think I'm tryin to do here bruh?

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Where can you track this?

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increbulous, lets go all in to this before redditors do

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wew this actually looks pretty fun. And the UI is not bad at all.
Imagine how nice it would be if they start doing 30 min races. Do they have smth like this planned?

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>how many HORSE has everyone got?
or should I stables

237,000 here or 237 stables, very comfy

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just kill yourselves, you desperate fucking faggots

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They have 1 hour races. First one starts in 5 hours I think

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t. neighsayer

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yeah, they have stuff like this planned in the future but being the BASED devs that they are they want to make sure everything is running the way it should first then make new features/race available

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t. never going to make

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13k horselet

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bets are rolling in

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>soulless eyes
Is that you?

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less than 3 eth worth of bets lol

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13eth worth of bets have been placed already and most won't be placed until the last minute due to the nature of parimutuel betting

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It has just begun.

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yep, holding my bets until closer to racestart.

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biz takes its toll

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10 eth is seeded by the devs

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Who cares, still counts for dividends

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seeding isn't going to last forever

>> No.8949398

It will get the ball rolling

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daily reminder
if you don't own at least 50 stables you're not gonna make it

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this is the next etheroll but better because its not fucking garbage

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went all the way from rank shit shoveler to stable master. Comfiest hold in this market

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what are the stables per ranking?

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less than one stable: shit shoveler
1-10:stable hand
50-100:horse jockey
100-500: equestrian
500-1000: master equestrian
>1000: horse whisperer

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Thank God it's released. It can now die.

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>he doesnt know

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horse jockey, not bad. still not sure if enough to make it.

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yeah lol. he doesnt even know HORSE has teamed up with REQ.

>> No.8951118

50k to make it

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500K reporting in. You fags best use my god damn degenerate gambling platform, it ain't gonna make itself divs!!

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some animations would be neat once the races start, like gif related only that it updates in real time

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yea agree that would be neato
maybe they add something like this in the future.

>> No.8952377

the devs themselves probably don't have that high on their list, but others can always make their own front end for the contract

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I dropped my bags of HORSE a while back to get into HST. Hoping I made the right choice. But hopefully the /biz/ Horselets make it with their bags.


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Can some anon post the two current race contracts pls

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o boy - binary trading options for the crypto market.

it's not like you NEETS need any more of a reason to lose your money.

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The bad thing about Ethorse is simply that nobody will use it. People are pumping millions of dollars in ETH into it, but only a few grand is ever going to be spent on actual bets. This is the case with most crypto projects of this nature.

Sorry you had to find out this way, lads.

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check etherolls volume and then go kill yourself

>> No.8952648

>The bad thing about Ethorse is simply that nobody will use it.
why not?

>> No.8952658

>mainnet launches
>nothing happens

I feel sorry for those who got absolute beaked lmao

>> No.8952661

>a new ETH ponzi

Fuck yes I'm in baby. Just moved some ETH into my metamask

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What the fuck why cant I buy tokens on the page? I dont wanna go through etherdelta or whatever that other thing is.

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fuck yeah just bought 1k

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Within 1 minute, the brainlet has his dreams crushed beyond recognition. It is here, that he realizes: he is forever poor.

>> No.8953163

>tfw lost 15 ETH gambling on ethroll back when it was trading around 900-1.3k

Should I just close the tab and keep moving?

>> No.8953301

no this is different.
DYOR tho

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first races underway with almost 30 ETH on the line

>> No.8953664

Check out eosbet.io

You can invest in our games with our bankroll, and you get your eth back + dividends when you want to withdraw!

>> No.8954167

how do you stake it

>> No.8954302

no staking, just claim dividends from contract manually each quarter

>> No.8954341

ok but do i just leave it in my wallet or some shit?

>> No.8954377

yea just leave it in your wallet, then when it is payout time you'll just have send a tx to the contract (probably an easy thing on the website when the time comes) to claim the amount of the pool your tokens entitle you to.

>> No.8954451

Can some please explain why anyone would use this instead of just going long/short on different coins instead? Margin trading probably has lower fees.

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its a decentralized app and runs on a smart contract, no bittmex niggers manipulating the plattform. some profits go to token holders.

>> No.8954501

how do they know you held the required entire time rather than just buying x amount on the last day and reselling it?

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So how do you lock in your tokens?

>> No.8954566

you don't, you just click a button to claim your profits.
HORSE token also won't stay cheap for long.

>> No.8954579

What's the dividend period? Is it some small period of a week or so? That'd explain the lock in, I guess. Although how does that not fuck up trading on exchanges, etc.? They won't want to touch this if it can't be transferred out for weeks at a time.

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>HORSE token also won't stay cheap for long.
idk, man. Etheroll pretty much cratered and never recovered

>> No.8954691

DICE has much lower (zero last time) dividends and a much more boring game

>> No.8954697

interesting, why were they zero last time?

>> No.8954796

the house can be in the negative in a dice game, but ethorse is just a constant 5% rake so it's guaranteed to just be 5% of total volume

>> No.8954807

if the house can be in the negative, how does the contract guarantee solvency? that doesn't make much sense

>> No.8955300

So why don't I just buy the coin I want to bet on

>> No.8955339

So it's a bucket shop? You know why those are illegal right? (hint, they fuck people over)

>> No.8955433

what are you even talking about?

>> No.8955446

>betting on the price of cryptos without actually exchanging said cryptos

>> No.8955476

and whats wrong with that?

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>and whats wrong with that?

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What the fuck kind of question is this? You would gain way more ETH if you won the race than if you had just bought the coin and it went up a bit.

>> No.8955534

kek how do people not understand this

>> No.8955559

You can say a prayer for our depraved immoral souls in church while we're taking advantage of a decentralized platform that literally isn't bound by the gambling laws of any specific country

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>bet 99 ETH that BTC will win the race
>only two other people bet .5 ETH on LTC and .5 ETH on ETH
>either win 1 ETH or lose 99 ETH

>> No.8955689

ib devs left a backdoor for “hackers”

>> No.8955731

what if cia has secret backdoor to ur mums anus?

>> No.8955764

with a bankroll?

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>knowingly betting 99 ETH on a race that only has 1 ETH in the pot

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laughing out loud

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Tfw i lost all my horse because i didnt understand how idex works. 600 dollars down the drain

>> No.8955983

600 dollars now. 60,000 dollars in a couple years.

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Don't worry Anon, those horses are free now. They are surely grazing on green fields.

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>> No.8956171

how do you manage to fuck this up? I honestly don't know how this could have happened

>> No.8956315
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I have the password saved but i dont have the keystore file or privaye key. I thought it was a normal exchange that i just used password and email to login to, i didnt know THAT THEY MADE AN ACTUAL FUCKING WALLET AND PRIVATE KEY THAT YOU CONTROL FUCK FUCK FUCK MOMMY MOMMMY MOMMY

>> No.8957059

Holy fuck I haven't laughed this hard in weeks
Never change, /biz/

>> No.8958136

me too broter, me too. I only lost $100 though

>> No.8958179

are the payouts instant?

>> No.8958286

How much was bet on the two races?

>> No.8958724

I've copped 40k HORSE, going to be straight boolin once dividend season comes around

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Also I own le reddit bot /u/etherHorse

AMA xd