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is BAT a good choice?

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Yeah. Enjin coin is better tho

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It’s good coin but i think is a little bit to late to buy now. They price went up couse of Coibase rumors, they will sell the news if this happen and you will stay with your bags.

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It's a nice idea but extremely overvalued.

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Yes, I'm on 33% of the portfolio.

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the best choice

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Yes, but it's a longer term hold. Ad integration scheduled for this summer will be a big deal. The Guardian and Vice are already verified publishers along with many smaller publishers.

I suspect many news sites will get on board when ad integration happens. They're bleeding money with the current system forcing then to do more clickbate which is then loosing more readers. Once they verify they have a vested interest in shilling Brave/BAT. To top it off, every wannabe youtube star will be recording every thought they have once school gets out, and if another publisher promo campaign runs this summer BAT will get shilled like crazy.

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