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I'm on the toilet

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Nothing happened.

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tonight my friend
be patient

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inb4 nothing happens. op what do you get out of this?

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I agree, OP. I dunno about tonight, but this beloved token is getting ready to moon again. People say pump n dump, but all I see is pump followed by consolidation. And the good news just keeps rolling in. LINK is where it's at. It's THE crypto store of value at this point. You'd be a damn fool not to own some.

To all my LINKstas, stay strong, and don't you worry 'bout a thang.

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nice larp fag

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pajeetcoin. stay away

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Also, check em. LINK is an ERC667 token.

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anon i cant take the false hope anymore, dont lie to me

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Only two developers and a lot of competition. Good luck brainlets.

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It’s going to happen one day my dudes and it will be well worth the wait

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I don't give a fuck about chart shit, what I want to know is when the product releases

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If you're gonna claim shit like that, you gotta offer some proof or at least.

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Good shit, bad shit, goo shit?

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I hope your vacation on hawaii are going great Pepe Baller

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once oracles are trusted there is no need to stake them anymore thus giving the companies in question an incentive to dump their chainlink on the market to free up capital.
brainlets don't get this unfortunately.

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Its much easier when you realize that every single bit of "news" on this board is a LARP.

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pajeet here. confirmed shit happening.

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A note to everyone laying an egg over the price climbing then allegedly tanking… that's how a market moves, rise followed by consolidation.. the price doesn't just go up in a straight line. people want to swing trade their stacks for max profits down the line. it ain't crashing you morons, if anything its bullish as fuck because everyone wants big stacks of link because they know the potential for insane returns.. if you suck at swing trading just hold so you don't risk losing you're stack by being a retard. and buy the dips. if you think link is anything but the biggest facilitator to the new economy you are retarded. or trying to accumulate.

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I better. I've been constipated for five fucking days now

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ChainLink will stay in 3-5 dollar range until 2020 when it hits 50-100. If you think any other way, you are retarded.

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i'd be thrilled with that desu

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Only two developers and a lot of competition. Good luck brainlets.

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>if your predictions don't line up exactly with my wishful thinking, you're retarded

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pretty sure that guy was trying to FUD, lol

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ChainLink will stay in 0.4 - 0.5 dollar range until 2020 when it hits 0.0 - 0.1. If you think any other way, you are retarded.

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11k eoy checkem

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I will have 10 Million at 50 so I don't mind.

Real smart contract adoption won't start until 2020. 2018-2019 are the years of development and preparation. If everything goes succesful for Sergey, then 100 in the 2020s will be a no brainer. 1000 will never happen.

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uh huh. by this logic ETH shouldn't have mooned at all yet

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dubs of truth lads. we're all going to be billionaires

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yeah, once the writing is on the wall speculation will drive it up and over the price required by adoption, before that adoption is complete

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How can you be so certain that 100 is a given, but 1000 will never happen?

People like you were certain bitcoin would never reach 100 let alone almost 20k

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nice repeating digits fellas

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where do you see links price at eoy?

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You forgot this

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You are literally saying "buy the news"
That's not how investing works

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My linky stays super stinky $1000 EOY

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i swear it is 5 people making these threads.

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smart money buys at the last second, when they're certain the price will increase.

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What real world products have seriously impacted society from Blockchain? None
If swift releases a statement in September like the one larp guy said. You will see astronomical figures. There’s one thing where a company plans to use a crypto, then there’s another which has been actively developed since 2012-2014 . Link is by far ahead of the game.

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Everyones a billionaire because the dollar is worthless

think again

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this sounds smart but it is fucking stupid

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Trips 444’s truth

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that's why your stepdad bought eth when it was $5.

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Because it is stupid. Look at the LINK top 250 wallets. Most have been inactive since ICO

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trips of truth's chek'd

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Damu, when we make it you should commission a krieg commissar holding a banner with the link cube and «Damu» writhen in gothic letters. Just saying

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It is most definitely not. There are 22,000 of us. And we will be taking over.

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True. Smart money is not pushing a single stack from win to win. It value invests and hedges and takes profit at responsible intervals. That poster is retarded and doesn't understand what unstoppable forces look like in economic systems.

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Same desu shitlord

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This is a prophetic thread.

LINK unironically $50 EOY

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Binance listing tonight?

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yeah why not

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I hate 99% of tripfags, but you seem to be really chill. I remember seeing your post since... November? December? I like you #nohomo

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Fuckin homo detected

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you sound closeted but yeah i probably tagged up around then

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companies are using blockchain. Its just that the large companies are choosing to do business with private blockchain businesses, rather than some highly volatile coins being traded on illegal exchanges by NEETS

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40 cent is indeed shit and I am seeing it
Good call anon

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the mor linkda mor bred ohomie even a niga kno dis brahh

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They are only using interledger. Maybe R3 will develop something. But it’s going to be interledger.

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reminder that there are 1 BILLION link tokens.

sort coinmarketcap by supply and checkout the coin prices near 1 BILLION supply.

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Moon you fucking shit! Just give me 3$ to start

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This was written by someone taking a shit

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>They haven't sold since ICO
Good reason for that.

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explain ripple with a supply of almost 40 billion