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>he actually fell for the Pooltrade scam

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Boobtrade CEO here

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Boobtrade $400 EOY

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is this real?
I put 20 eth in

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that's cold

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no worries
there's lots of money in tits

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Forced humor, not as classy as that simple


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what the fuck

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Wtf /biz/

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Guys, this will be the next ETH.

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Did you really put 20 eth in? What was the total value at the time? Fucking hell if this if real I can't imagine what you're feeling right now

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Fuck, my 1ETH

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This was the most overt Pajeet scam. I literally posted "Pajeet scam" in every pooltrade thread I saw. If you legitimately put money in this then quit crypto forever, for your own good.

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welp had about half my holdings in this bitch cunt, about 4.2 eth. fucking numb

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>there 100s scam coins ICOs just like one Boobtrade
>100s scam coins just WAITING to cash out their ETH

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so this is the ico scam that linky poster was talking about? kek

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Lol this was totally niggerlicious again
Boldpure, pooltrade.. They even sound similar

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Legendary if truthful

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I think you're confusing "linkpool" with "pooltrade"

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What was this shit even supposed to be?

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This. The whitepaper also literally said "we prefer to be anonymous to provide a better service".

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Wait, how come I dont see any eth here

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it promised a buyback at 6x ico price a few months after ico. aka send us eth and we'll 6x it, just hold these worthless tokens while we run with your money. the fact that people fall for it is no surprise, crypto is for suckers

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>a few months after ico
it promised this 2 weeks after ico

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no, days ago there was a linky saying he was running an ico scam and will give 90% of the profits or something like that to poor link holders with <15k link.

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lol that was a scam to linkholders to get them to shill a scam ico for free

stay the sheep you are, falling for meme scamcoins.

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Wtf, people honestly threw money at that? If it's that easy to scam I get why they're so common. Ok, I'll 100x any amount sent to me within 1 month. Just convert your desired amount to monero and I'll get back to ya

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holy kek
>how to apply a nipple shield

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Weren't there other ICOs like pooltrade? Are they scams too

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>trusting any mister X that isn't satoshi nakamoto

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Not just that. It had ridiculous bounty programs for how valuable the tokens were gonna be (limited at 2 million, BUY BUY BUY) which were all about shilling it as much as possible. Weeks ago the shilling started on /biz/ and the literally copy-pasted line was that "whales are gonna snap all the tokens up." When that of course didn't happen they started offering ridiculous bonuses like 20% more tokens if you buy now, 50% more if you put more than 15 ETH in (god help any idiot who did).

The last few days there was a Pooltrade thread active here at all times, and they literally all read the same with how generic the shilling was.

Poolerex and yes. They even ran a "flash sale" shortly before the Pooltrade "pre-sale" due to desperation because Pooltrade was going to, and now did, pull the exact same scam they wanted to pull.

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don't let this thread die, considering how much this was shilled some people must've fallen for it

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Hahahahahahaha fucking no way

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Amazing concept. This would allow Americas participate in ICOs. But is it legal?

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Put all your ETH into Pooltrade right now.


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You don't need KYC. This is gonna be huge, whales will buy this up within seconds. Guaranteed x6 but probably more like a x10-x20

>people actually fell for this

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Fuck man. Looks like I lost .8 ETH

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I hope someone who lost a lot more than me hunts these faggots down

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Apparently Niggerlicious did this, the same guy who pulled the Prodeum scam

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i honestly cant sleep right now

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How much do you have left

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oh my god

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It was always funny seeing the shills attacking people and defending it in threads.

Remember you fucking morons /biz/ isn't a secret place and is right next to fucking reddit as the place people go for crypto. Odds are when you see threads for things like this and you call them out you are probably arguing with the scammers behind the project.

Remember Magnalis? Shilled on here for a few weeks and in literally every thread the same few people were calling everything fud and calling the objective proof that it was a scam FUD. Then a few weeks later one of the guys behind it came out and said it was a shameless scam and just handed out millions of the shit.

This is not a secret club. You are being lied to constantly by people trying to get your money.

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I fucking told you hahaha get rekt niggers

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Anyone who fell for this obvious scam needs to euthanize themselves immediately.

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It cannot be overstated:

In any given thread about a specific crypto or ICO, 95% or more of people are invested in it (scammers, shills etc). Only 5% or less are actually people asking innocent questions and doing research. The main skill of browsing /biz/ is having a fine-tuned bullshit detector and reading between the lines. That's why "always do the opposite of what /biz/ says" works so well.

Pro-tip: people aren't gonna tell you about hidden gems. If they do, it'll be low-key and in passing: a single reply in some thread, or if you're lucky a thread of its own which gets 2 replies and slides off the catalogue within minutes. People don't shill crypto which will do well on its own merits because there is no reason to. No "done accumulating" is not real and a favorite line of shills. Nobody lets you in on an actual gem unless its by accident or naivete.

As for ICOs, the legit ones will never be shilled. Limited whitelist spots, limited allocation, possible coin burn. There's just no reason to shill them. If you see an ICO being shilled frequently (or even see ads for it) it's a scam.

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For any newbie who put money into this, let me tell you what the warning signs were.
>constant posts on /biz/ trying to hype it up
>immediate responses going 'oh wow, this is great!'
>repeating of this same exact pattern for a month or two

I feel bad for people who lost money but come on niggas.

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Not only that but the reason /biz/ is such a hotbed for scams is that it is anonymous. You don't see this shit anywhere there are accounts because it's clear that the person is a shill and created the account two hours ago.

On /biz/ they can make six threads and pretend to be 10 different people in a thread while switching IPs and shouting down and posting retarded bullshit and calling FUD on anyone who calls them out.

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Why feel bad? This shit is glorious

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this desu

only invest in things with top tier memes or no memes at all
anything in between in a pajeet scam
anything requiring you to act now is a scam
any market prediction is a scam
and think of yourself cunts

fantastic work lad

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All you had to do was put money into powh when we told you.
Get fucked cucks lmao.

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Hope you fags learned your lesson. There was no linkedin pages no developers and the whole 6x your money by dumping post pre sale should sound like a ponzi at best.

If something is too good to be true it probably is. However pooling funds to get in ICOs or just to bypass kyc is a good idea. Maybe a non scammer group will pick that up.

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yeah, why would anyone be informing people of a "project" they perceive to be undervalued, or otherwise a superb investment, they'd be buying it up instead of attracting in more people who'll steal their opportunity.
unless of course whatever they're shilling has no underlying value other than dumping on the next wave of bagholders, in which case you'll just want to yell as loud as you can to attract in new money. so like 100% of the crypto market.

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wow, who could have predicted this would happen?

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nobody at all