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>Born in a rich family
>Dad gives you millions to start a business
>Bankrupt a few times, don't give a fuck, make more money
>Live the good life, build luxury buildings with your namesake, scam idiots with fake universities, collect trophy wifes, bang pornstars, don't give a fuck about anything
>Run for president because why not
>Get meme'd into the presidency
>Worst year of your life
>Impeached not even 2 years into it
>Humiliated in the worst possible ways
>Your brand ruined
>Half of your family in jail
>People who were around you all your life end up in jail, even your most trusted lawyer
>Trophy wife fills for divorce and takes half of your assets
>The remainder gets seized because the investigation revealed dirty things about your business
>Die of a heart attack from the stress

Is this the ultimate JUST /biz/?

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thing is
he's still rich
so who cares?

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These stories are even more delusional then the TRX niggers thinking it will get to a dollar
OP please seek help from your Trump derangement syndrome. It's making you miserable for nothing.

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Is this that faggot Ronnie Moas having another Trump hurt my feelings breakdown?

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Hillshill, pls
You lost, get over it, lmao

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Rent free

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I think Trump would be happy to get impeached, to be honest. Doesn't he hate being president because it's hard work and people shittalk him all the time?

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My professor used to come into class every time saying trump is going to get impeached. He also told us about how they had a trump pinata but didn’t get to break it because he won, shit made me laugh

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He's aged about for more years since 2016 and he hasn't even done anything. I'd say yes.

I voted for John McAfee.

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How's life in the future, 30 years from now?

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Everybody knows Barron is seizing control of the government in 2024.

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Is he though?

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he sacrificed a great deal of his personal wealth and more importantly his image in order to do what is best for the average person in his country.

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Even if that was true, which it isn't, he's a billionaire. What you consider wealth is pocket change to him.

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>he sacrificed a great deal of his personal wealth and more importantly his image in order to do what is best for the average person in his country.

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> bang pornstars
why is this a thing?

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>Trophy wife fills for divorce and takes half of your assets
No one can take you`r assets if it Bitcoin, No f-cking one

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I love how you can't defend him.

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That simply isn't true. He's made tons of money since becoming president. Every weekend when he plays gold he makes money, the government is paying for all of the SS to stay at his resorts. He's taking shit tons of kickbacks. He's selling everything he can.

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Do these idiots that think Trump is going to be impeached actually realize that if you get what you want and march him out in handcuffs and arrest everyone he knows and did business with you are essentially going to face another civil war? Fucking retards man... HOW HARD IS IT TO ADMIT YOU LOST A FAIR ELECTION? Christ

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This has nothing to do with the election. This isn't a sports game. This is about what's right and best for the country. Nixon didn't get impeached because somebody else lost the election, he got impeached because he broke the law.

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but it is true you brainwashed schmuck

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good thing trump didn't break the law faggot

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Don't be retarded. Everybody breaks the law. There are so many arbitrary laws that nobody is innocent anymore.

And again, you don't defend, you change the subject. The best part? I never attacked him. I didn't support Hillary. You're so fucking defensive it's pathetic.

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>This is about what's right and best for the country.

Fuck off and kill yourself faggot. You don't get to decide what is "right and best for the country" you fucking retard. You fucking pretentious cocksucking piece of shit.

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>salt mine detected

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>u gund debend hem

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>hurr blonald blumpf probably did 56 kmh once in a 55

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Wipe those tears, OP, it's still too early, there are 7 long years ahead of you.

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I miss 4chan when it was contrarian. Ron Paul made sense. But Trump? Trump is an establishment politician. A Trump Republican presidency isn't a whole lot different from a Bush Republican presidency. You guys voted for him just because you wanted to see the liberal SJWs get triggered and cry. I enjoyed watching the liberals cry. But still not good enough of a reason to go vote for a guy who brings establishment people into his cabinet. Including Goldman Sachs kikes and establishment Republicans. He got cucked by a Jew for gods sake (Ivanka married a kike). I'll never understand why neo-nazis love this guy. Best thing to do would have been to not vote at all. Don't give legitimacy to this gong show. Or vote Gary "What's Aleppo?" "Dude weed lmao" Johnson for shits and giggles.

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How the fuck can you even function properly with such twisted and distorded views of reality? It boggles the mind how detached you are dude.

Stop watching those daily late-night shows. Seriously.

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Buy BCH and become new 1%. Duh.

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he hates niggers, what else do you need?

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>be me
>be born with nothing
>don't have a house, job or gf
>set up a business but it earns jack shit
Sucks to be Trump.

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Low quality bait.

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> be OP
> have an american politician living in your head rent free
I should totally take your delusional list on board though, you totally don't sound like a complete loser.

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These 8 years of non stop butthurt are worth a couple of desert patches getting glassed over lol.

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Common sense says....yes very much so

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Trump derangement syndrome.
When the next Republican president comes it will be Rubio/whatever derangement syndrome.
You libshits are always so easily influenced.

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Atheists voted 90% Clinton.

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He sure got a lot of (You)s for being low quality (even from You)

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As if he really needed that SS income. Use your brain dummy. It's chump change for him. Also sage retarded libcuck threads.

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He never declared personal bankruptcy, he used the bankruptcy laws on like 5 of his 500 businesses. It’s a completely different thing. I doubt anybody in history has declared personal bankruptcy 5 times. I don’t even like Trump much anymore, but hearing dumfuck arguments like yours only re-convinces me of the greater cause.

pic related (you)

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I see the Aussies are in maximum shitpost mode today