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If everyone "stopped being lazy, worked hard, went to college, got a portfolio, fulfilled their potential and became millionaires". Who would clean our toilets?

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robots nigger

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my piss

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sand niggers, niggers, mutts, beaners, flips, slavs, etc.

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>If everyone
Think of the lazy people you went to school with. Realize that most were not black and low IQ.

There will always be lazy people. Eventually they get desperate. They take shit jobs

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Everyone who bought the ATH

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Pick one.

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Of course is /biz/ nigger gonna do it for us

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Capitalism doesn't work like that
10 workers need to be exploited for 1 individual to be "rich and successful"

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You realize there won't be any labor done by humans within 30 years right?

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That's socialism

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No, it's capitalism
Socialism is 1000 workers exploited for 1 individual to be in power

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We'd clean our own toilets, as we all should.

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Stinky linkers

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People in this thread are retarded.

More and more wealth gets generated with fewer and fewer work. It's not a zero-sum game. About 4% new wealth per capita is being generated every year.

So there's more goods/food/housing/services per person every year and the production costs are lower and lower as well. We clearly see the quality of life improve for EVERYONE.

A middle class person in the first world won't have a big difference in quality of life from a billionaire. In the middle ages peasants would literally die from hunger while the emperor was fed and had all luxuries of the time.

Nowadays a middle class person can buy all the food he wants and the most healthy option is within his budgetary needs. A billionaire can't spend $1,000,000 on a meal and get a significantly better option. At best he will be paying for vanity and not a genuine increase in nutritional quality.

Technology: A middle class person will have the same smartphones and laptops as the richest people on the planet a billionaire doesn't have access to alien superior technology by buying a $1,000,000,000 smartphone.

You can extend this to almost all services and goods. Except maybe real estate. Even marriage with beautiful women (which was considered a status symbol back then) is now primarily based on your appearance and not your financial wellbeing. A billionaire and a in-shape attractive middle-class citizen have the same potential dating pool.

All-in-all in the 21th century while the literal inequality is astronomical in monetary value. The actual difference in quality of life is very small and actually DIMINISHING due to technological advances.

And to answer your question. Instead of thinking about "rich" as having an X amount of $ on your bank. Think about being rich as having all the consumer goods/services and general quality of life of a millionaire right now. That quality of life is EASILY given to the total human population due to the automation in the coming decades.

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if there was a lack of supply of toilet cleaners the price would go up until there wasn't

you economically illiterate, communist subhuman

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thanks anon, you made my day

we're all gonna make it because we've already made it, even wagies like me

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Tfw live in unstable shithole.
Tfw my meds worth more than the average wage here.
Not that simple.

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if you were lazy in school, later you have to bust your ass.

If you busted your ass in school, later you reap the rewards, in your photo the guys up top have above average IQs and worked hard in school. the beaners on the bottom were dealt a shit hand and played it poorly, they dropped out and never made it.

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The beaners had to suffer through public education while the white guys attended an exclusive grammar school
Top of the class in shitty public school is bottom of class in any decent private school

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Still hope for you my friend.

I was literally raised in a third world country with no electricity and running water in the 80's.

That country was South Korea. People forget that it was one of the poorest countries out there and now it's prosperous. I'm certain no matter where you are living right now that the situation is better now economically than it was when you were born and it's only going to get better from here.

Most people on /biz/ and 4chan in general are pretty young and therefor have pessimistic views on things but when you get older, actually look at the numbers and statistics and find out how the world actually works then you'll see that the world is in actuality rapidly improving and a beacon of hope.

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You might actually have to do it yourself. I'd prefer to clean my own bathroom then import negroids desu

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Put the S at the end of the other word and you'd have had fpbp

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You gave me a good perspective, nice post anon. Hopefully life won’t turn for the worse in the next 40 years, hopefully it continues to exponentiate

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only subhumans get their toilets dirty in the first place

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Its the 21st century, we have robotos to do do nigger tier jobs now.

Stop being such a good goy faggot and lets bring down the Jews.

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the two things I think need to be considered is that everyone's individual freedoms are going away, and the means of which you can climb up in status and money have severely shrunken.

Yes there's more food and tech and shit around more than ever, but getting to be in the middle-class is harder than ever. If you're a lone guy without family backing you up, it's harder to become a homeowner now than it was back when boomers were young.

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Or be unlucky and have cucked parents who divorce and force you to change to nigger schools constantly. Happened to me. Went to schools that were 90% black and never stood a chance. Parents making poor decisions affects a lot of a child's life, and they have to make up the difference when they get older.

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>a billionaire doesn't have access to alien superior technology
Exceot in medical tech.
>Even marriage with beautiful women
Yeah, you need to be attractive, tall and in shape to get a beautiful wife as middle class. Meanwhile the ugly cunt with 1BILUSD just buys one.

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Oh and for all your materialist cancer you forgot that the billionnaire has much more say and leverage in things that actually matter like pilitics and law. You're utterly hopeless if you think billionnaires are the same as middle class because that middle class pleb can buy the same iphone as the billionnaire.