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> owning LINK(50k), REQ(120k), Qash(25k), Ven (16k)
>want to increase one of my bags, thinking about Link but worried about increasing body fat percentage of Sergey, he should die before mainnet launch..
and not sure about Qash making a x1000
help a richfag please

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1. Drop your shitcoins (Qash and Ven)
2. Put it all in LINK
3. Hodl for at least 2 years
Don't worry about Sergey, he'll be fine

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right answer! or get NAS/ELA with your Qash/Ven Bags!

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My nigga

I am holding

We will make it.

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Ark dyor

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look at this pic of Sergey from yesterday....you decide what to do, anon

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If anything, you should be increasing your REQ bags anon.

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Dude is autistic and cringey as fuck. Also what they are doing can be literally done by any 2 man team from what I get.

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best coin. but it's never going nowhere

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>buy Ven like the billionaire VC's
it's not fucking complicated

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sold all my stinky linkies
thanks anon

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seriously OP, qash and ven are chinese scams