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Maaaaaaassssssive BNB buy wall. Is this Binance trying to keep the price up before another pump? Or is a dump about to happen?

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I really hope it pumps
>t. rapidly weakening hands

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Actually, it can be binance market buying BNB

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Bnb been very good to me recently but then starting to take back some of the gains. I Def belief in it long term, though. As in, weeks +.

It's not a coin that stays low for very long. Least damage during the dump and fastest recovery.

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Pretty sure we're going up. That fake sell wall earlier today was last stop accumulation before we take off

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We're due for the weekly pump to new high and the expected burn date (4/15) is quickly approaching. We've been dropping daily as people are likely selling in anticipation of an early dump. I'm hoping Binance does another round of buys. My last laddered buy was at 0.00172 so I'd like to make another 5-10% on that.

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I hope you faggots are right. We're (possibly) gonna make it.

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Wall just got removed. Let's see what happens

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what part of funds are safe don't you understand nigga

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I already sold my bags and took profit, but unfortunately made it too early. Anyway, profit is profit. Probably not gonna jump back now, but still I'm watching closely this coin to see what happens.

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It might be testing to see if shit is all working before they do it for real in a few days or something