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Everyone cashing out to pay taxes? Will the dip stop after april 15th?

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why would the dip stop anon

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All you had to do was to buy low and sell high CJ

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ppl would stop selling btc, cuz now they owe irs $50k and only having $20k, so they obviously sell that 20k to only have left to pay 30k

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I appreciate this post a lot

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Turn you money to binance or a site like that turn it into xmr, go to a starbucks or something like that turn it again to binance get 5 or 10 xmr portfolios and a little money for another country live until again taxes.

You now have succesfully bypassed tax

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nigga i dont owe anyone shit why u tellin me that fo

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Im naturally a good guy and desu everyone does this even the big tier ppl

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you really think the niggers who bought green give a shit about that when all they see is red?

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File your taxes annon. For crypto, record all purchases in a 1041 then take those totals and add to non crypto earnings in a T2201. Don't forget to pay your state sales tax on crypto purchases.

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LOL I remember when everything would be all right after the chinese new year...

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taxes are a scam and I will never pay. even rothbard said this. you will never catch me cunts

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I crystallised a 46k loss before tax year ended so I don't pay any taxes. I still have a pile of crypto and will sell after holding for 1 year.

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No you don't you owe for all like kind transactions state and federal. pay your taxes. 1031 + 1041. You still have a week.

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I said this on these boards over a month ago and was dismissed. Now it's popular consensus.

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Me to man I have nothing left to live for I was contemplating suicide after becoming super red pilled about the jews but /pol/ and /biz/ gave me a new hope and now I have a purpose a reason to live goddammit. And so I started invested as much of my spare money as I could into bitcoin I even took a second job just to buy more bitcoin. it doesn't matter if My losses where significant but just the chance to
not be a wagecuck anymore gives me hope.

If the Tax kikes wanna come after they'll create a real fucking fanatic someone who'll devote his entire life no matter how long or short to destroy their kike financial system in whatever way that I can. I hope to see the day when these fucking kike bankers are guillotined in front of a Million person crowd. The world will first for retribution for these traitorous liars.

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>after becoming super red pilled about the jews

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You have one week to pay your tax goy.

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were gonna make it bro. was out of hope myself long ago. but nature loves courage. you make the commitment and it will show you this by removing impossible obstacles. so just stick it out.
follow pepemillionaire on twitter for motivation. now pepethousandaire I think lol :((

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Or file a 4868 and push it to October

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youre stupid as fuck

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You're doing God's work, son.