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can we get a BAT thread going? Am i the only one thinking this thing is a sleeping fucking giant? The fact that's still sitting at around 150mil market cap is insane. There are tons of coinbase rumors as well. If it gets listed, the fomo will be unreal.

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Lots of BATmen lurk /biz/....

I believe in Big Brain Brendan's vision but personally I won't be that vocal until the project really starts catching speed

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How much to make it with this?

Big Brain Brendan (BBB) is the man.

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BAT recently announced they were an "Apple verified virtual currency."


The founder of Brave and BAT also retweeted Coinbase's tweet.


The Co-founder and CEO of Coinbase also likes BAT

At the moment, it could literally do 10x and not even be in the top 15. In my OPINION, it will be the first (or first batch) or coins added to coinbase.


Two things!
1. He talks about TOKEN not currency.
2. He talks about regulations, which BAT has followed!


All claims made with sources. I'm down to discuss BAT, as long as you are speaking facts with sources.

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how much money does it make to be valued at 150milllion?

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$150 million

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This part of the AMA gave me shivers. The guy who killed Internet Explorer basically declares war on Google.

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How much do you realistically see this being (in market cap).

Will they ever burn coins?

How much do you hold?

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you mispelled zero

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Easy math. 1 billion coins.

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The market cap really depends on the amount of adoption, which could easily become widespread. The BAT's price will be backed by advertisers buying it to run Brave ads; which will pay out BAT to many users; who will send BAT out to many more publishers.
I don't see a coin burn being necessary given the sheer amount of people who will be holding some amount of BAT.
I myself hold just over 13k.

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I think it could be 3b easily. But this is one of those things where if it REALLY works, it could go toe to toe with chrome, putting it in the several billions. It could also never take off, and stay around what it is now.

What gives me confidence it 2 things:
1. The CEO of Brave/BAT has a solid track record! He's the creator of the JavaScript programming language. He co-founded the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation, and served as the Mozilla Corporation's chief technical officer and briefly its chief executive officer.


2. IT HAS A WORKING PRODUCT! There is currently a browser that blocks all ads, trackers, cookies, and cryptomining. It also has BAT token integration working. Next step is getting paid to view ads, if you choose to do so!


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>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9E9VlWkbjI&feature=youtu.be&t=7m18s [Embed]

This is interesting. I wonder if the Coinbase Venture Fund will invest in the Brave team, or is it too far along in their timeline? Brave isn't exactly a fledgling company anymore, but I'm sure they could still use more funding. I know they're constantly hiring/looking for more talent so it's definitely growing

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are you using the browser

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I’m phoneposting on it right now. I’ve only been using it for 2 months for all my surfing and I’ve already blocked 12.5k ads. I wonder how much BAT that would be worth if I had theoretically opted in to ads??

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On mobile yes. Not on desktop yet. When payment for verified ads get introduced, I will make the switch. I actually think it is a better browser, but at the moment, it would be a hassle transferring everything over, for little benefit.

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So about the advertisers paying for ads. How are those ads shown? Are they injected into the website or just shown in the browser chrome itself?

Also, what's the actual purpose of holding the coin? To hope it goes up in value? I know that you can send it to websites, but why would I want to do that if I don't have a website?

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I know all about B Eich. I built a career out of JS, thanks to him. Maybe I should invest, after all.

Thanks for the information, anon.

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one of the main reasons I’m really bullish on brave and BAT is the rise of traffic on news sites we saw during the last election.

Imagine when this is up and running flawlessly by the time the 2020 primary season begins early next year. People of all sorts will be reading news online voraciously and why not earn bat by seeing ads you’d see anyway in between paragraphs and on the top banners and side banners.

TLDR the trump show next election cycle will take BAT to the moon imo.

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They have a method of noticing how many seconds the ad pixels were in your field of attention. Side banners, videos, headers, in between paragraphs etc

However all this data is anonymized to protect your privacy

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I'm using the browser. I made the switch from Chrome and haven't looked back.

I feel much more secure on Brave because I know my private information isn't being used to target me with ads. As a bonus, I never have to see a single ad. As a double bonus, I can turn off scripts when there is an adblock gateway that isn't allowing me to view a website. Brave is already a better browser than Chrome in an adblock sense.

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The browser blocks out intrusive ads and will run it's own ads in place that get payed to the website/publisher (even youtubers/twitch streamers) and to the user watching. Google and all the other middlemen get cut out. There is no mining or staking BAT, as it's use will be a standard for ad payment. So yes it basically will be held hoping it goes up in value.
As for sending to websites; that's optional. You can do what you would like with your BAT when you earn it, though it's helpful to pay publishers for your time kind of like Patreon. In the future it may be implemented that sending BAT to a website can come with perks, such as getting through paywalls.

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holy hell. I wonder how much BAT that would have netted you if you had opted into payments for allowing ads (theorizing that feature was live)

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BAT ads won't be nearly as frequent (only a handful a day) they'll just be much more effective as there is incentive to pay attention to them. Though just think of all the data blocking 83k ads would save you on mobile.

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I'm holding onto this until I die. I bought in during January, so I'm naturally at a loss which totally sucks. But I have tons of faith in the project, and I'm already seeing people on YouTube advertise it occasionally.
That being said, it's going to moon as soon as I sell, which is never. Sorry guys.

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BAT community has the smartest people in it.

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how does this compare with XLM?

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I think on news sites they’ll be prevalent. But you’re right sites like 4chan aren’t going to afford BAT ads

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I think big sites like wall st journal etc will have them up all day everyday

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You have it wrong way around, websites/publishers like WSJ/4chan will get paid a cut of the BAT from the advertisements (along with users), it's the advertisers who will run & pay for the ads not websites. I don't know if the advertisements will be allocated by website, or by the individual user. Actually could be a good question to ask the dev team.

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>I wonder how much BAT that would have netted you

Probably not a lot at all. I'm guessing the average user will make about $2 worth of BAT/month, that's probably even generous. But the fact that the user is included in the business model and is actually making cryptocurrency out of just regular internet browsing is so cool and novel. I'm eager to see how advertising that will be incorporated into Brave.

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Way less ads than you normally experience in a day. They will be richer ads, focused less on spam, and more on quality. Ads will still be tailored to your history, but all done CLIENT side, so no information is gathered. It is also open source, so you don;t have to take their word for it (facebook/google has problems with this)

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guys what will BAT price be end of year?

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interesting. so the way you see it, it doesn’t take Matt drudge from Drudge Report to choose to use brave payment system? Advertisers choose to place brave payment ads on Drudge Report?

Because I know they’ve been trotting out their partner sites from time to time (Wikipedia, the guardian thus far)

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So people are going to get paid in bat. Then they will sell/convert bat to btc or euro. So who in their right mind would buy bat? The token has no value

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what other stunning revelations do you have for us? that it defeats the whole purpose of the token to be above $1?

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Advertisers have to buy BAT to buy ads. (They will have the option to see pricing in USD, but BAT will be bought at market value behind the scenes).

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how many BAT needed to make it by 2019?

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I'm not sure if the ads can appear on a site without the placement of the site owner. They will on Youtube/Twitch so... we'll have to see? The ads beta should be live before end of quarter.
However Brave payments already can be made to a website/youtuber without them even being verified previously. The BAT gets held for a 6 month period by Uphold (Brave's broker/exchange partner) and the publisher can sign up and when verified can collect the tokens that are waiting for them, either send them to a wallet or trade out for fiat. After the 6 months, tokens of unverified accounts get returned to the sender.

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It’s not chainlink which is useless over $1.

Bat is supposed to reach $10 as specified in the whitepaper.

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ceo was interviewed by bitconnect


enough fucking said

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holy shit i forgot about this shitty pile of shit

do not buy frens

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I'm using it on windows, it's better than the other browsers

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This will never ever ever be more than $2

screenshot this

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Exactly this.

The fact that complete vaporware/shit like EOS, NEO, etc are pumped and this is sub $.25 is mind boggling.

Will be greatest FOMO of Q4

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interesting. what will be price eoy?

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How do I add BAT to my wordpress.com website?

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The CEO is a guy that lied about being the coinbase listing to be imminent just to create a fake pump. He probable used it to sell his fucking bags, I know I'm done with this shit.

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My only problem is, why would advertisers buy BAT off the open market?

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Lied? Wtf are you talking about? All he did was retweet Coinbase's announcement

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Immediately dismissed post. Your lies wont work here stinky pajeet!

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As far as I know if it isn't your own site you can only accept payments as an individual user on youtuber or Twitch. Though it still could be worth a try. Site to become verfied is here:

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How come when i click show brave ads i dont see any ads?

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Nah, Chrome is a piece of shit, and Brave is even worse right now (or at least 4-5 Months ago).
On Desktop, Firefox is still the way to go.

But the mobile browser is nice

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I have to admit, I haven't upgraded to the new Windows, so maybe Firefox is not that bad if you have that, but on my Windows 8 it's really horrible.

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Max $1. See whitepaper

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i sold my bat at about $.8
will probably buy back once it hits the 10 cent mark again

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I love BAT as an idea but held off investing because all news seems to make no dent. Any owners have an answer? All my coins are a bit flat so i cant afford to make dumb risks.

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BAT is the comfiest hold.
Trust the brain bois.

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