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Hold on to your asshole, buddy boy.
>they made fun of us
>they berated and ostracized us
>they did not know the way
>"stinky linkies"
>"tain wink"

They'll know soon, Sergei's a real one and real ones never tell someone their next move. Boy has he been making those moves though.

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Someone might but sadly it ain't me.

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my child, we will overcome this. we will prevail keep holding my fren

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hold strong, fren.

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We are gonna fucking make it boys
Just look at every other shitcoin that’s been shilled here. Look at their volume and the consistency of their projects. LINK is one of THE best projects by a long shot. We are just severely under the radar so Sergey can do his work in piece until it is all ready to come together. Don’t expect a big hype or bang. What will make us blast off is the fact that multiple massive companies from a variety of industries will be utilizing the network. SWIFT, Insurance companies, REQ and other cryptos. LINK is the Catalyst for real world usage. LINK allows Mainstream Smart Contracts.

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Nice talking points.

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In my opinion, Chainlink will be worth very little, even years from now.

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It’s really just logical thought. Imagine if Sergey was hyping LINK on twitter all this time and the price was all pumped to shit. Now imagine what Sergey has been doing for years now: networking. Literally in boardrooms with big wigs who paid him millions to produce a POC along with multiple other partners. Imagine being Sergey in these meetings also wanting these entities to obtain tokens so they can run their own nodes to support the network. This would not go well with pumped up hyped bags I doubt they would appreciate that if they are purchasing OTC. It’s basic logic, forgive my choppy thought process. Believe in Sergey’s vision boys.

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Are people really still buying this scamcoin?

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how many more do i need ?!?!
already got about 2.1k

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15k and very comfy. i believe around 10K is the make it cut off

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>price falling with high volume
do linkies think this is good?

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We're going sideways

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fuck i only have 3.5k

fucking ebay shit wont sell fast enough

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I know no one will believe me but..

My family and friends all think I'm a genis.

A shit ton of them have given me money to invest into crypto because I made huge gains in December. Well for all of them I went 75% LINK 75% VET when LINK was around 80 cents.

I even set them up with Delta to track their portfolios.

Their all down like 60ish percent, but they have full faith in me making them rich.

My motherfucking grandma gave me $500 yesterday to invest. I brought her just under 2k LINK.

Just wanted to tell someone.

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75% LINK 25% VET.

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if you say so

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Granny gonna look good in her new lambo

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i can't wait to watch you win the national spelling bee this summer.

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im keeping my crypto knowledge to my self. I will take care of my family if i make it, otherwise no one knows a thing.

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>mrB3i !x/yqEXnwm

somebody knows something

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This is how coins or stocks go to the moon. You always see them start brewing on high volume for like a month or 2 before they launch. This happens every time.

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but this coin is tanking on high volume

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I think he's suggesting that the high volume is insider whales actively suppressing the price before they expect a big influx

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so whales are selling this coin ...?

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Tfw hit 10k last week

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What you selling laddie?

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Need 2.5k more to hit 10k. Is that when I'll feel comfy?

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I know something
I'm swing trading this coin like its nothing

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Fuckin checked