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Does anybody know where one could go to pick up odd jobs? I need an extra $200 to cover an unexpected expense; and I depleted my savings paying bills and rent while looking for a job after a bunch of us were unexpectedly let go last month.

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Craigslist is the quickest

Look for signs on stores/places

Hustle door-to-door mowing lawns or general gardening, etc.

Best of luck <3

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Being thia much of a poorfag.

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Go sign up at a temp agency that fills manual labor type work. You can make that in a couple days helping demo an old building, or sweeping on a job site.
If you have any office skills, go sign up at a temp agency that fills office jobs. Easy work, basic pay, should get that $200 pretty quick.
Or, just go collect bottles and cans and recycle them. Easy money, your biggest asset right now is time.

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