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Post your rank, and how far are you from being promoted? Currently a Major about 800 LINKs away from being promoted to Lt. Colonel, what about the other /biz/ marines?

To those new, here is the circulating LINK Marine RANK structure.

- General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov
- General: 500001+ LINK
- Lieutenant General: 250001-500000 LINK
- Major General: 175001-250000 LINK
- Brigadier General: 125001-175000 LINK
- Colonel: 750001-125000 LINK
- Lieutenant Colonel: 50001-75000 LINK
- Major: 35001-50000 LINK
- Captain: 25001-35000 LINK
- First Lieutenant: 20001-25000 LINK
- Second Lieutenant: 15001-20000 LINK
- Sergeant Major: 10001-15000 LINK
- Master Sergeant: 9001-10000 LINK
- Sergeant First Class: 7501-9000 LINK
- Staff Sergeant: 5001-7500 LINK
- Sergeant: 3501-5000 LINK
- Corporal: 1501-3500 LINK
- Specialist: 501-1500 LINK
- Private: 1-500 LINK

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Captain reporting in

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Specialist sadly reporting in

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Was a 70K Lt colonel. Promoted to a Colonel recently at 90K. Strapped in ready for launch.

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private reporting

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So cringeworthy.

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How much do you want to accumulate before Mainnet? I'm hoping to be a Lt. Colonel with atleast 60k

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>- Sergeant Major: 10001-15000 LINK

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First Lieutenant here :s

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2058 stinkies. Had 10k, panic sold 3/4 of it a month ago. then sold more 2 weeks ago. I feel empty now. I miss my linkies.

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It's good to know majority of biz has over the 10k minimum to make it!

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I have 19k linkies, probably not enough to retire..

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>Sergeant First Class

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Lieutenant colonel. I won't be advancing anymore. I won't drop rank either.

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wtf you on? at 50$ link you have 2million$ ?

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I hope to promote to Lieutenant Colonel and join you before main net

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>Implying we will ever see link at $50

Damn, the bag holders are coming out again. I am still holding and dont even care anymore, we'l never see it go that high

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At 50$ i have 95000 DOLLARS but when i convert dollars to euros and pay 34% taxes i’m poor again

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biggest mistake of your lyf

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50$ in 2-4 years isn't unreasonable but I'm hoping to see atleast 20$ by the end of 2019

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you deserve to lose it all

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brigadier general reporting in

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55k Lieutenant Colonel here. Trying to get up to 70-80k before Mainnet

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2nd Leftenant linklet here. Just received my promotion and eager to rise

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>tfw 2nd lieutenant feels like 2nd place

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just sell your links if you're a non believer anon

Now let us pray fellow anons
>Our Father who art in heaven
>Sergey be thy name
>Thy stinkies come
>Thy link become
>1k EOY

>Give us today our daily thread
>And forgive the weak hands
>As we forgive those who dump bags on us

>And lead us not unto JUSTing
>But deliver us from Jewery
>For thine is the link, the stink, and the big mac forever

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i should have just tethered and rebought lower, but I cashed it out.

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what's below private? faggot? cause that's me.

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>- Colonel: 750001-125000 LINK
>- Lieutenant Colonel: 50001-75000 LINK

Get some help.

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Common military ranks in English
Navies Armies Air forces
Commissioned officers
Admiral of
the fleet Field marshal or
General of the army Marshal of
the air force
Admiral General Air chief marshal
Vice admiral Lieutenant general Air marshal
Rear admiral Major general Air vice-marshal
Commodore Brigadier or
brigadier general Air commodore
Captain Colonel Group captain
Commander Lieutenant colonel Wing commander
commander Major or
Commandant Squadron leader
Lieutenant Captain Flight lieutenant
junior grade or
sub-lieutenant Lieutenant or
first lieutenant Flying officer
Ensign or
midshipman Second lieutenant Pilot officer
Officer cadet Officer cadet Flight cadet
Enlisted grades
Warrant officer or
chief petty officer Warrant officer or
sergeant major Warrant officer
Petty officer Sergeant Sergeant
Leading seaman Corporal or
bombardier Corporal
Seaman Private or
gunner or
trooper Aircraftman or
Lieutenant colonel is a rank of commissioned officer in the armies, most marine forces and some air forces of the world, above a major and below a colonel."

>t. brainlet

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>He fell for the LINK fud and lost it all

If you think we'll ever see ATH in the near future you're kidding yourself

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>Not realising I'm obviously pointing out the 750001 typo

>t. WTC holder tier intellect

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Same here. It feels fucking good

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my time horizon is 30 years as long as sergey is running it

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i only know how to copy paste ranks sorry anon

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Anyone check GitHub today! Holy shit! :)

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Have not

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16.1k here. Gonna hold for as long as possible but gonna have to sell some eventually to finish my degree

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You dont get it do you

>Let me fill you in on a secret
>LINK will never make it
>I got in touch with a discord group and they're pump/dumper NEETs
>They explained the system to me
>Its all a scam, they watch the market, force hands to move and than they bail while others are stuck with the bucket
>Its all a scam basically
>Many, many of us have actual jobs and are programmers, tech, and other professions by day but by night we try to get into this type of game which the NEETs already run
>I was just looking at my protocol today after being gone for months from the crypto world
>I have tons, of tons of coins and guess what
>I made nothing since the NEETs played a better hand
>Now what, we wait for months/years before the FUD starts again and the pumping starts up?
>We're being fucked out of our money by people who don't want to work for a living but clearly have skills
>They dont want to become the next gen programmers, sys admins, and engineers

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Corporal reporting!

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pathetic fud

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Lieutenant Colonel popping in to say congratulations soldier.

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First Lieutenant:
My dream is either captain or major but i can't seem to find money to support it. i have some spare but i might need it for emergencies so its kinda of a big no.

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first post talks about owning LINK, then proceeds to FUD link every post afterwards. Must feel pressured to accumulate after seeing all the high ranks on /biz/ huh

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Sergeant First Class here. Need approximately 1.1k to reach Master Sergeant

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Nice larp

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I'm disappointed and feel like i have been cheated

You realize i fell for the memes and had plans in life to buy a house with a down payment this summer, but im still working as an engineer and i do not have a million in the bank....

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same here. comfy levels maxxxed out and ready to nut

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>trying to FUD a Brigadier General

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Sergeant Linklet reporting in. Hoping to reach Staff Sergeant next week.

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Where's my house payment?

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im a captain. will i hane enuff to buy a mansion

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Wtf I'm only a captain. I ain't gonna make it.

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Chainlink is on a 4 month decline and is down to less than a QUARTER.


its over, and im glad i never actually bought in

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>Expects LINK to be enough to pay off your house when it hasn't even been released for a year yet.
>When you compare it to NEO/ETH that took 1-2 years for it to take off and moon.
Please stay away from Crypto or any kind of investment if you have the patience of a 5 year old

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nigga, you missed a zero. At 50 you have 950.000. That's more than 800K€.

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Listen you stupid fuck

I'm an engineer in a big company. I put in a lot on crypto and now I still don;t have enough for a down payment on a house

>Inb4 save money
You know how hard it is to save money even if you''re bringing in over 100k a year and paying 30k in taxes

Fuck, I need to start looking for another apartment now since no way im buying a house in 6 months since my lease here is almost up

Damn, I thought I'd have a million by now since i got into so many coins pre-ico and even bought tons of link at .17 cents

>What am i doing? I'm still a fucking systems engineer who has maintenance windows all week until Friday night since im a wagie making 100k+

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>main net fails
>cpt price: "well get em next time"

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Smart money (0 LINK) here.

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Staff Sergeant reporting. Still almost 2500 from promotion.

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12k going to have about 16k in a few days if the price stays the same. Also these threads are cancer.

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African descent here, a realistic goal: Hindu

Pipe dream: 2nd lieutenant

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Cpl. 3000 linkies
Reporting in.

7000 to go.

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major checkin in

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If people like this actually hold link I might sell half my stack...

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captain wassuh. should i upgrade to major?

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Lieutenant Colonel reporting. 1000eoy

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if you could see the people you're talking too you'd unironically market sell it ALL.

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General of ChainLINK Sergey Nazarov reporting. Heard you guys like oracles and big macs as much as I do. AMA

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I'm going to kill you Sergey

You know how much I've lost by now because of your BigMAC memes

>> No.8768721

Corporal here.

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>its over

I'm afraid its not, I'm going to buy more.

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I'm going to kill you Sergey

You know how much I've lost by now because of your BigMAC memes

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It’s kind of a bummer to see a lot of people putting unrealistic expectations on this project. I just hope people are investing amounts they feel comfortable losing.

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>mid January finally buy into the memelink hype
>put all my savings $1000 into memelink
>slowly watch memelink drop from $1.06 to $0.30
>sell all memelink and put the remaining money into Genesis Vision

Will I make it /biz with my 22.5 GVT or is there no hope for me?

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How many people buy Link just because it is so popular here? I’ve never seen a group of people investing in something in such a strange way.

>> No.8769339

i fell for it, luckily found out it was a meme and sold after one of the several failed cup and handles, or else i would have lost 50% by now

>> No.8769340

hey FUCKO I did THAT


ive been buying link since JanuAry WEEEEEEE

haha :D


>> No.8769349

What rank to make it?

>> No.8769355

you could take out a loan, hold on to your linkies, and then just pay it off when it really moons

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>mfw I realized too late

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I ignored LINK for awhile ever since SIBOS where Sergey didn't ever mention it, but I was convinced at super conference when Sergey mentioned Chainlink specfically and started being a little active on social media that it was almost time

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Containing you retards on this /general/ really was a great idea, i feel that /biz/ is cleaner by the day

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Aren't you the artuist

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I'm a Captain.

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Mild fluster reporting in!

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How can anyone stop this weaponised autism?

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Sergeant reporting for duty!

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>tfw I can barely afford the 1500 LINK I have now and will likely not be getting a job soon enough to accumulate more

My hopes are staked on collecting more LINK through node operation when the main net goes live.

>> No.8769741

sell shit on ebay, get creative man. All my link is from selling old shit i had laying around. If nothing else it at least motivated me to get rid of all my junk.

>> No.8769743

Just about at Staff Sergeant.

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Just go promoted to corporal. I love it it when you log in and see your buy order got filled.

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Untersturmfuhrer here.

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link is unstoppable

>> No.8770056

honestly you might not like to hear it but your expectations are absurd. already by buying chainlink at .17 if all you were looking for was a fast return you would have blown any normal investment out of the water in a period of about 2 weeks. you still would if you sold for that matter. chainlink's potential dwarfs that IMO, but if you ever expect return levels to equal a down payment on a house in under a year (and .17 to 1.50 didnt do it) I have to think you must be really into engineering and not really know the first thing about what investments usually return

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Private Link Reporting in.
I'm happy to be aboard sir !

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>Link Bags

>> No.8770071

First Lieutenant since Sibos and wonder everyday why I am not buying more

>> No.8770079

Currently have 2.4k link.
I will have 10k link btly April 11th
Will I make it bros?
Is mainnet really gonna get released next week?

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Private Link and Krull Link Meme Maker reporting for duty faggots

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try 2morrow

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