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who /wagecuck/ here

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Just go to college. You'll make a million dollars more than a high school graduate!

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$10.50/hr dishwashing

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nope. not here.

its 3am now, ill probably get to bed by 5, and wake up by 2pm the next day.

no job is the best. ill probably work on my skyminer for an hour and then spend the rest of the day comfy playing vidya, knowing im gonna be a millionaire

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I’ve been wagecucking for 4 years already. Shut the fuck up you whiny little shit and serve the country

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~25€/h, starting in May after finishing my undergrad in finance last month.

Fine with me.

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I have to get up in 6 hours and I'm dreading it

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They forgot to tell you about the part where your uncle gets you a job at a fortune 500

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I am thinking about applying for a dishwashing position, honestly how is it

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$9/hr Starbucks cuck

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wagecuck in training here

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Different anon here, obviously it will depend primarily on the place but it's pretty comfy as far as wagecucking jobs go. Very simple and low stress, never have to interact with customers and if you're lucky you'll get to play your own music or something and zone out.

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And he did! As a cashier at Walmart.

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The other dishwasher anon is correct.
> loud & fast work environment
> you get to listen to music with earphones on (bluetooth speakers are cool too)
> tune out of the world and tune into your own little dishwashing world
> depending on the restaurant, 50% off food OR it's free if you just ask the cooks (I get free food desu)
> the hostesses are usually teens-20's so you could probably hookup easily if you're attractive and not autistic
> potential lateral job movement: you could be a busser
> cleaning tables and wiping them, making sure the toilet papers and towels are filled up in the bathroom, & sweeping occasionally
> the waiters will tip you before you leave
> I get around $20 in tips working 5 hours sometimes whenever I'm bussing, so the shitty $10.50 is like a sweet $14.50
Might be the best wagecucking job desu + the free food.
> grocery bill goes down

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Fortune 500. 90k. Have about 1 days work per week - which would typically drive me insane. I need constant stimulation. Luckily you can find opportunity in these companies to do more than just what you're paid for. Right now I'm redesigning a necessary but lose making process. Rather than focusing on just figures I am creating value for the business and community by partnering with a national disability program to deliver the requirement.

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FBI here. I patrol /b/ and /pol/ 9 to 5

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Abou 2k per month is actually quite nice for this kind of work.

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>patrol /b/
so you jerk off all day to photoshopped porn

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Wage cucking rn. On hour 10 of 12. So tired. So done with this shit.

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tfw make 12 an hour at age 28

what method of suicide should I use?

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Waking up at 5am every morning for $12/h doing assembly work. I want to die

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Should I just walk in with my resume and talk to the manager? They say there looking for someone with experience, do I just bullshit
T. basically a NEET with no confidence

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just pull yourself up by your bootstraps

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>They say there looking for someone with experience, do I just bullshit

Yeah. They all say that these days, but nobody actually checks if you do. It's a dishwashing job so they'll probably just give it to the first person who walks in the door.

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Chill out.
> apply online if you saw the job posted there
> call the restaurant and ask to speak to the manager
> wait 2 days
> tell him that you applied earlier online and are just following up with your application
> he'll setup an interview immediately
I was pretty autistic during the interview, but it's a dishwashing job man. Dishwashing. Job. You'll get it. You have to work really fast though.

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This anon is on point, but stops early
>move to server
>waiting tables you can easily make $160/day in tips and wages together, you're up to $20/hour
>bartending makes even more, often $30-40/hour if youre in a city or touristy location, tips included obviously.
I made $200 in cash and $80 in wages. Spent 8 hours working. Anyone can do this job. If you do this while you get /fit/ you can work for butlersinthebuff from your gained social skills and muscles, and earn $50/hour plus tips. I usually average $80/hour.

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$30 per hour f5ing 4chan in an office job

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Well played Anon - I love a 'Value Adder'. Synergise that backward overflow into something productive!

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dude its dish washing. anyone with a pulse can do it. put on decent clothes and show up there and tell them you want to do it


t. lazy millenial that needs the internet to broker human interaction

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You got Hitler's Dubs - so go with GAS?

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Yes. Don't remember to give him a firm handshake and look him in the eye. First impressions are important. If you can show you are driven you could become manager and afford your own house in the suburbs someday!

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before you go into dishwashing let me tell you something. im currently in an apprenticeship at ford motor company (Warehous Logistics Operator). Im constantly "under-challenged" or whatever you call it. if you dont have some kind of hobby outside of the job to keep your brain active you'll eventually go numb/insane

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it's great. the only way I'd turn it down is if suicide was an available option instead

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you're in the military? otherwise you're not servicing the country you're servicing the owner of the business you work for

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