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Are Funds Safe with BnB?

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about as safe as a rocket to the moon

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Yeah. BNB powers transactions. If trades are happening on binance then BNB is fine. I’m dumping my stupid tron bags at .04 cents and getting back into BNB

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Not only that, but 20% of trade volume going up and down is used for buying the tokens back and burning them in a bear market.

They only hodl and use collected BNB in bull markets.

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tfw thousands of whales bots making trades are literally adding value to my stack.

I'm done holding anything except bnb and btc till we are out of bear market.

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I'm actually thinking of getting out of alts right now and holding bnb. It seems like one of the few coins that may appreciate during the bear market.

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BNB also has more than 40 BNB/* trading pairs. So it provides a constant liquid arbitrage playing field for bots, while driving the demand for BNB up. I am sure that if you would plot a line next to BNB trading pairs volume growth, it would reflect in BNB value between burns.

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I think Binance has a lot of incentive to get BNB to high value right now and forever unlike coins like Vechian which need to be cheap for adoption.

So if they offer fiat pairings, perhaps fiat to BNB and then bnb to alts it will be insane. Also, margin trading with BNB as collateral or leverage. Good things to come.

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It's going to be used as the basis of the decentralized exchange; required for fees for fiat pairings; used for margin trading...

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Buying BNB is like buying Bed Bath and Beyond coupons that are only redeemable for 50% of sales tax or traded with other people. So, you figure out if it's safe or not.

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More like paying for 50% off VAT coupons, where the government will also buy back 100s of millions of dollars worth of coupons at market rate every 3 months.

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what exactly does that make every single alt other than Ethereum with your comparison? lmao

i'll tell you.

magic meme tokens that are literally worth 0 intrinsically, 0 value at all.

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Obviously not. The random token burn is a red flag. Who wants to randomly lose 10%?

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Binance burn their own tokens not random peoples. They buy them from the market in bear market conditions.


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>he doesn't know about wallet burn protection

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My whale group is dumping tonight for the token burn

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I am only 10% deep in this, but everyone should get in on shilling this.
The conditions are absolutely set right for BNB to go x2-3 in the shot term.
And it may just ignite the alt-coin market, and draw in new neets.

> Coin burn incoming.
> Decentralized exchange incoming.
> Binance Chain whitepaper incoming
> Binance Launchpad already issuing ICO's

> User adoption on par with market growth.
> Every single Binance user will drive up BNB demand.
> Whales needing to hold BNB to remain profitable.
> Bots needing to hold BNB to trade BNB pairs

> CEO most neutral figure in Crypto right now.
> CEO doesn't say retarded shit on Twitter.

> Operations recently moved to Malta.
> Prime minister welcomed Binance to Malta on Twitter.
> Malta just opened itself up to become a Crypto nation: https://ellulschranz.com/malta-allow-acceptance-crypto-igaming-companies/

MFW there literally is no better project to shill, because everyone will buy into this.

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> Fiat paring will be on BTC/ETH/(LTC) AND BNB

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The good part is nobody actually needs to buy it or hold it. they will have no choice but to be contributing to the ecosystem no matter what they do, so long as they are in the crypto market in any way.

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LMAO that's not gonna happen retard

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>More like paying for 50% off VAT coupons, where the government will also buy back 100s of millions of dollars worth of coupons at market rate every 3 months.
BNB is only tradable and usable on a single exchange. The single retailer example is closer to a government example. To be fair, making it a "gift card that can only be used on Amazon shipping fees" is probably better.

Most tokens ARE shitcoins with an intrinsic value of 0. But there are more than Ethereum that are worth something. Hell, off the top of my head I can think of exchange coins that are better. KCS pays holders exchange Dividends. Coss does that but is ALSO tradable outside the exchange. I'm sure there are others.

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*rocket to the sun

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kek. As if the centralized exchange with so much power wont make their own coin more valuable.

you can be that fiat pairigns to alt wont exist. It will be ETH/BTC/LTC/BNB and the other pairings will be BNB/BTC/ETH to alts, perhaps via a transfer to the normal exchange seamlessly like gdax and coinbase.

Alts have such small liquidity and volume its worthless for them to make direct fiat pairs right now to them. better to group them all together under some large volume coins.

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keep dreaming idiot

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whos dreaming? It's simply business. If you have any idea how much more infrastructure they have to build for individual alt fiat pairings, then consider that there will have to be even more auditing on each of those.

Binance is a business. they will make their coin (which is their stock) more profitable if they can. all the people hoping for a USD/EUR pairing to their tiny volume alt like NULs (kek) are dreaming. bots wont trade with USD as its taxable everywhere, the volume will be non existent. binance will make little out of trading fees for supporting them vs bigger alts compared to the costs and risks associated with creating such pairing. . Not happening.

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just sold a chunk of my stack. we're reaching ATHs here. makes me nervous.

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Malta is the online Casino and Betting capital of the world. Why would they not allow Binance to have fiat pairings. They are are already banking in the country, so no fiat pairs doesn't make sense. Additionally, Binance's profit is 20% of Malta's GDP, laws and regulation will absolutely play in Binance's favor.

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Does anyone have that reddit screenshot where a Binance employee confirms that they will be buying and burning on the same day, or something like that?

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> We don't announce the burn until it is completed.

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>Are Funds Safe with BnB?

Are you insane poorfag? Never trust an exchange..the fucks wrong with you? Mt. Gox? Btc-E...nuff said

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If Binance dissapears the entire market is fucked anyways.
Sure, the risk is larger than with investing into something else, but payoff is immense.

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reeeeeee I sold 10 minutes ago

oh well at least I made an easy $300 over night

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Market is fucked anyways....even before I got fucked by Mt.Gox and BTC-e...so I learned my lesson.....

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my funds are feeling so safe rn

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Check em

My thoughts too. A lot ofthe market growth is thanks to binance

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sames desu

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My god

Funds protected by trips

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thanks bought 100k

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real whales buy Huobi Token

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Holy fuck where is the top? Already +80 RSI on 30 min chart

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Last time it was like that for days lol

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I didn't buy it last night cause it looked too high. Bad move i guess. Sure as shit not buying it now though.

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Fuckkkkkkk. When are you guys selling? Should I sell into BTC or USDT? I was 50% in at 0.00112 and just traded all my alts except VEN last night at 0.00158.

I'm up sooooo much right now IDK what to do. Is it going to dump post burn? Or will ppl hold since this is the only non shitcoin surviving?

Help me faggots pls I legitimately don't know how to proceed with this kind of profit.

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So glad l fomoid in at 12.05 l sold at 11.8 thinking the pump was over and l was kicking myself in the balls when l say it pump right to 12.13 right after selling

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10 days ago this was #23
Now #16
Soon a Top10 Coin.

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1 BNB = 1 BNB

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BNB will drop for sure before the burn or at the burn.
But with Binances Agenda whis thing will grow, no doubt.
Sell then and get back in.

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l think this is it guys. That looks like a shooting star. Textbook reversal

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2-4 days before burm is safe

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Why is mcap rising faster than price?

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Wow I got in at 0.00171 and I thought MY profits were already good from the 0.00005 increase

Getting in 50% at 0.00112 and then sitting on it now... HOLY FUCK. That is a shit ton of profit.

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sold at 177

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>meassuring in sats during a bear market

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I hope so because I'm at work over the week.

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fuckk looks like MACD is about to crossover on the 3 min char. What do guys?

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Also green IDs will make it

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hmm dunno it might drop a bit, if not i will take the loss

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because mcap is a multiple of price you fucking retard

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Take profit and rebuy at $11.5

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Holy fuck. l know this is gonna dump any second but it just keeps going higher. l really want to sell but my greed won't let me

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timing that fucker is going to be insane, it could go mental from here still.

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I got burned several times trying this
Went from 430 BNB to 400 to 380
Better hold unless you know, what you're doing.

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Vechain was over 90 rsi this morning

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You'd be a gambler to have 50%+ of your crypto on Binance, but not having SOME of it is poor risk allocation.
Take profits regularly, this way if Binance implodes you're still better off in the aftermath of a global crypto crash.

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Imagine being so retarded you don't invest in megamind coin

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look at the chart history mate
BNB doesn't behave like a shitcoin because it isn't a shitcoin

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l panic sold. Good luck brothers

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I panic bought back at 12.13 after I sold at 12.34. Wish me luck.

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l want to fomo in so badly. But l think l'm just gonna wait a bit and see what happens

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Chances of it continuing up from here are much lower than the chances of it dumping again. Yes, you MIGHT get left behind but you have to play the odds.

Once it drops from this pump and settles, though, you may as well go all in because this is a damn good coin with a very bright future this year.

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l fomo'd in after seeing a small support on the 55 ema ~~3 minute chart~~. l fucking hate myself l'm just gambling at this point. Even if this goes well l'm just gonna get rekt in the long run

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you do know there is a coin burn comming up even bigger than januarys one right?

good advice, but we have some imminent short term play here.

my target is 18.5, and if we get past that, 0.0022 before dump

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just sold the top then bought the dip

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Yea, desu my advice there was given when we were at the top of a green candle. Now it has dropped with a few reds and personally I would feel safe getting in now.

Binance has such extremely positive news coming up (own blockchain, on which bnb will be the native coin/gas etc., fiat pairs, malta move, etc.) that it's the super comfiest hold. It will drop after the burn but perhaps not for long, and I really don't know where to time it.

Could hit .002 and never return to that level.

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Bullish divergence on the 3 min chart. l think this was the bottom

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you absolute mad man

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I wanna buy but there is no way I'm biz specialing myself in this market

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go do some research.

This isn't a shit coin. its the only coin with widespread use in its market right now.

My target is 0.0022 sats at coinburn. good long term hold too.

>> No.8708088

These dojis are getting scary. There's a lot of indecision in the market right now

>> No.8708131

It already has tether. Lol. So...

>> No.8708152

Possible breakout soon. Stay cautious guys. A lot of dojis forming up right now

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Short term MACD is pretty bearish right now. Could dump any second

>> No.8708208

they're just mutts with sweaty hands

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Dump is not out the question, but we have a new floor already. some good stuff coming up so i'm expecting to reach previous top at least by mid april

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shut the fuck up nigger, ur not getting my bnb

>> No.8708279

l hope it dumps to 0 and you lose everything you fucking retard. l'm trying to give advice and you behave like the nigger you are

>> No.8708357

MACD about to cross over. This is it. Pump inc

>> No.8708358

kys salty alty

>> No.8708396

>i-it's over
the absolute state

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bnb never stopping kek

>> No.8708439

eat shit nigger
oh look it went up again. fucking mongoloid

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would do the second chick from the left

>> No.8708481

l said there was a possible breakout soon and so it did you absolute nigger. When a lot of dojis form it means there is a lot of indecision in the market and a breakout is going to occur depending on whether the bears or the bulls win. What a normal person with at least two IQ digits would have done is wait to see whether bulls or bears won and buy into strength if it was bulls

>> No.8708491

see you at .0030

>> No.8708508

l hope so

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I have single digit IQ... What i do? Heeheehehe

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Go learn TA, do your own research, stay up to the news. And don't buy/sell because some random dude in the internet told you so

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so is this binance buying&burning coins OR the priced-in anticipation?

>> No.8708559


binance buy the coins and burn them at the same time. its not binance.

>> No.8708589

so if they do, we can see the burning in "real time" on etherscan or just updated after it's finished?

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Holy shit it went up 10x DURING this fucking bear market since January. What the fuck.

>> No.8708752

They don't buy bnb to burn it. They simply reduce total supply
Its not the same

>> No.8708758

Did you even watch the video? lt says each token was about $1.31 dollars. Even if the video was uploaded this year this happened a long time ago. lf l recall correctly in January BNB was like $20. So no, it did not 10x. lt went down

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what did they mean by this?

>> No.8708828

exit scam confirmed

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but it will hit it's ATH today. Safest hold ever

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Are you retarded? It was 1.31 dollars per token, now it's $13

Apparently the value went down according to this guy

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Lol do you know that things existed before January, newfriend?

>> No.8708880

lol this video wasn't the burn in january...

>> No.8708882

He said it went up SINCE January you absolute brainlet.

>> No.8708896

im fucking retarded, held through the climb to 14, sold at 10.15 the other day FUCK

>> No.8708918


that was the coin burn which took place in September/October. Not January.


they do buy back. they use 20% of quarters net profits to BUYBACK coins and burn instantly. its in the whitepaper.

>> No.8708931

I would buy BNB every now and then because of cheaper fees, so I'd be like 1 or 10 of them at once, and just keep that small amount.

I bought some like two weeks ago and the price was unbelievably cheap compared to what it is now. I'm a brainlet too for not freaking buy a ton and holding, despite KNOWING about its usecase, and as far as I know, it's the only coin that has an actual usecase (apart from Ethereum's smart contracts)

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Pure /biz/

>> No.8708956

l know that. That's why l replied with >>8708758
Then this guy says this >>8708849 so l was pointing out what the original poster said

>> No.8708959

Buy now, the /biz/ way

>> No.8708994

All time high is 24 dollars lol. It’s not hitting that.

>> No.8708999

still massive room to gain, everyone selling under 0.002 is stupid

>> No.8709013

I'm not seeing CZ buying shit in the video.
All he does is delete max supply.
There would be an insane buy order if he did actually buy back...

>> No.8709025

> measuring in USD instead of BTC
stay poor

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This is so retarded. ls it ever going down? l'm making so much money

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>usd brainlet thinks people care about anything else but btc price

>> No.8709048


ughh read the fucking whtiepaper for bnb

>> No.8709049

I sold 15% of my BNB at 0.00168 to BTC, and another 10% at 12.20 into USDT.

What are you guys targeting for sell points?

>> No.8709055

>meassuring in sats during a bear market

>> No.8709068


>> No.8709071

Don’t give a shit about bitcoin price. Why would I? Faggot

>> No.8709092

It’s a bear market. You dyke

>> No.8709094

Can you cash out BNB directly during bear markets?

>> No.8709109

You meassure in sats during a bull market because even if your alts go up in usd but lose in sats you're gaining less money than you would if you just held btc

Right now we're still on bear market so meassuring in sats is retarded imo

>> No.8709112

Coin Burn is every quarter.
Last one was january 15

>> No.8709114

If you didn't buy the dip at 9.5, don't bother now.

Don't fomo.

There will be other chances.

>> No.8709117


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>deluded bitcuck thinks that anyone still cares about his tanking shitcoin

>> No.8709144

The burn did not even happen, he could still buy now and gain just holding 2 weeks

>> No.8709147

Also even if your sats go up in value while btc crashes chances are they're gonna dump once btc recovers

>> No.8709152

I'm still down but I would have been like 15% more down if I kept it in BTC, I'm going to sell this when I break even and tether then buy the dip

>> No.8709159

Exactly. Let’s say I convert bnb to BTC. And then BTC tanks.
No thanks. That’s retarded.

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Buy now? At a ATH? The biz way? Ahahah. The time to buy was yesterday, the time to sell is now. And buy tomorrow...

>> No.8709176

Also, checked

>> No.8709177

Last burn ATH happened 2 weeks before the actual burn. How news affect the price is already reflected on the price itself. Unless you have insider info don't try to buy the news, buy the rumor and sell the news

>> No.8709182

yeah ofc, but if you doing it right, you leave the market with a massive gain in btc, turning into a massive gain in fiat after the next bull run

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Omg Brainlet...It was 24 dollars, because Bitcoin wasd higher.
ATH is 18.3k satoshi (january 12)
Now it's 17.9k satoshi
So were almost there.

Consider Brain Transplant.
Also research btc/$ relation

>> No.8709214

The news are not even up, how can I sell them? Do you think that a massive coin burn will just produce a measly 10%? be real

>> No.8709245

Ughh watch the video again

>> No.8709247

Read >>8709147 What l'm about to say is just my personal hypothesis but coins who follow btc 'multiply' its price. For example if btc goes up 5% said coin goes up 10%, same applies if it drops value. You're basically risk more but gain more. Coins that don't follow BTC naturally go up during a bear market since BTC tanks but their price stays the same since they are 'independent' from BTC. Naturally since they don't follow BTC their price is not gonna go up as a result of BTC going up so once BTC rallies they're gonna lose in sats

Yeah. l'm just trading in BNB/USDT and occasionally looking at BTC/USDT since BNB kind of follows BTC a bit

>> No.8709269

Is the anon who got fucked with btcp @30$ reading this?

>> No.8709275

Holy fuck l want to go to sleep so badly but l know this shit can dump any second

>> No.8709330

as stated you can't compare BNB to any other coin, since there is actually a company behind it making money, but I can see your point. BNB seperated itself from BTC, BUT the fact, that it correlates heavily with the demand of BTC since you have to hold it for saving on fees, i don't think it will underperform other shitcoins in a bull run.

>> No.8709349

Went 2$ since I bought this, I'm gonna ride this shit till the end

>> No.8709352
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77 RSI in the 1 hour chart

>> No.8709404

l panic sold. Might go back in if it finds support. Good luck

>> No.8709419

how is it retarded to measure everything in sats during the bear market? same logic applies to a downtrend

>> No.8709430

Tell us when you FOMO in

>> No.8709452


Good call because it won't break 0.0018.

You may quote me.

>> No.8709503


17k sats was heavy resistence point i was shucked when it went though today. 18k is a bit heavier. If it breaks 18k, i think there no telling where we will end up in a couple weeks, my target would be 22k

>> No.8709522


You'll see it will dump right close to sat ath.

>> No.8709528


I was 80% in Binance, shifted that to 10% only. No regrets, because I have a feeling that the mooning of BNB is going to sound the starting shot for the alt-coin rally. If the stock market isn't going to take our lunch on their way down, I think we'll be in for some gains across the board.

>> No.8709795

48 btc wall at 18k sats lmaoooooooooooooooo LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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It's me.
Watch it.

>> No.8709864

thanks buying in now

>> No.8709886

>this guy selling 26k at 0018

>> No.8709894

it's my ico tokens. plz buy them sirs

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Best case scenario:

> Whales take profit at mid-top
> Reinvest back into other alts
> Start the next alt-coin rally

Everyone's funds are safe

>> No.8709976


>> No.8709979


Told you.

>> No.8709983
File: 7 KB, 225x225, 232323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Dump it

>> No.8709987
File: 1.72 MB, 341x237, 1521182625145.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking lol, it's collapsing.

>> No.8710007


>> No.8710016
File: 433 KB, 1000x1102, 1522358862827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wait till you guys go to sleep/ buy into an alt.

im exciting this on the 13th not day before unless BTC has a hissy fit

>> No.8710017

look what happend a few hours ago, aftert it didn't break 17k, we are not finished

>> No.8710021

So glad l got out at 12.47

>> No.8710039

it's reloading
gon blast that big fat wall right down the drain. Our man CZ will come buy that shiet

>> No.8710040
File: 33 KB, 463x411, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bnb's 50th pump and dump this month.

>> No.8710049


No Binance tweet so far, so if the buy back is carrying us up then it is still in progress. And if is not in progress then we'll break 17k no doubt on the buy-back candle.

>> No.8710050

> looking at 1min chart btw

>> No.8710070

It's bedroom investors taking profits.

>> No.8710084


buy back wont be announced till a couple days before coinburn happens. and coinburn wont be till the 15th-20th.

>> No.8710088

Insider trading pump and dump

>> No.8710121


No, buy-back will be done on announcement.

> We don't announce the burn until it is completed.

So better keep eyes on Twiter and set some stops.

>> No.8710153
File: 196 KB, 991x679, 585e9740cb11b227491c34e5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me riding subway home through sketchy part of NYC
>4 niggers get on at the last stop before mine and immediately start eyeballing me and make me generally uncomfortable
>I shift in my seat as one of them edges closer, he opens his jacket so only I am able to see the glock in his waistband
>he mutters under his breath, "you gon give up the wallet homie?"
>fuck my fucking life
>I begin to reach for my back pocket to give the nigger my wallet when suddenly there is an explosion of glass from the side window of the subway car
>I cover my eyes from the flying shards as the lights of the car flicker overhead
>I open my eyes slowly and the first thing I see is the nigger that was threatening me is now slumped down against the wall and has a 9 inch piece of glass sticking out of his forehead, looks like it penetrated his skull and into his brain
>it's at this moment that I realize there is a new person standing in between me and the niggers, a small Asian looking dude with a huge fucking head wearing a grayish hoodie that says "binance"
>Jesus fucking christ it's fucking CZ what the fuck
>at this moment I notice he has the niggers glock in his hand, which he immediately lifts and fires three perfect shots into the dicks of the remaining niggers, who immediately collapse and begin making animal noises
>for the first time I open my mouth to speak but CZ quickly spins around and puts a finger over my mouth, "shhhing" me as he looks into my eyes
>he speaks very quietly:
>"Funds are safe."

>> No.8710270

Sold 70,000bnb, we'll be buying back in tomorrow morning EST

>> No.8710281
File: 38 KB, 659x426, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

down it goes.

Every fucking time something gets posted here it is about to crash

>> No.8710415


I have been litterally shilling BNB for the past week. You should hang out here more.
Man I have been shilling BNB as if it was my part-time job.

>> No.8710444

>all these weak hands

>> No.8710501

trips confirm

just tethered up

>> No.8710506
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what funds?

>> No.8710538



Samefag reporting in, I even did my best.

>> No.8710622


Same, except i genuinely believe this has mroe upside and dont plan on exiting yet. I think the top will be around 20k sats by mid april. I think you will regret exiting now.

>> No.8710633
File: 323 KB, 808x805, F3FDA357-1CE3-4658-8A6E-992495F2EBAE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no no I didn’t get tricked by shills again into buying someone else’s bags

it’s going to $20 right? right???


>> No.8710695


Lol, no chill. I was all in until 16800. Sold most of my profits but now BNB has a permanent 10% hold in my portfolio. Just because I am shilling doesn't mean I am lying, the principles about Binance still hold true. Shilling shit projects makes no logical sense. You're good anon, unless CZ decides to dump. If not, funds are safe.

>> No.8710862


Also take a look at the charts. If /biz/ alone could pump a coin so hard then why is chainlink not at 1000$ already? topkek. This will keep going up.

>> No.8710913

>reading comprehension

>> No.8711027

CZ will pump it

>> No.8711219


>> No.8711261
File: 1.40 MB, 1248x798, Schermata 2018-04-02 alle 22.39.22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8711272

Funds are safely in his pocket.