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I need to come clean here. I did a lot of LARPing here shilling LINK....Assblaster with different trips, riddle anon, and just general BS. I bought in Oct. and needed people to buy my bags. I sold in early Feb., but continued shilling because it became empowering when so many anons started believing me and screenshotting me.
I ended up spending even more time here hunting LINK threads where I was mentioned so I could chime in and egg on fools into buying in or buying more.
In the end, I didn't even make a whole lot, but I probably fucked over a lot of anons here. Honestly, I have no idea how much of an impact, if anything, my shilling did. But I needed to disclose it.
If you haven't sold yet, do it now. I used to believe in this, but after seeing how gullable anons here are, I lost all hope and realised it was all a meme.
I'm sorry /biz/

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Are peanut butter threads just 100% waste?

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Thanks just sold 100k

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How much did you make?

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nice larp
kys faggot

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My girlfriend’s parents run a hedge fund and she works with them...daily reminder that people that actually understand money laugh at crypto.

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less than 3x. I made 4x more with an equal investment in xlm and zero shilling.

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u r a motherfucker, larp or not. April fools shitpost. kys faggot.

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>understand money
I made 6000% gains in the last 12 months doing nothing but investing in memes
How much did the people that """"understand money"""" make?
We laugh at them lmao

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I forgot today was the 1st in all honesty. At this point, LARPing is pointless and fruitless, hence why I confessed. It isn't going to rebound this time.

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fuck off

there is one huge project that will 1000-5000x in the next 2-3 years, that is chainlink. no other can do what it does, req is possibly BS because it has upcoming competition like wanchain which can do the same plus far more.

all of these decentralized networks need LINK to work properly, that is why LINK is so huge. the only other possibility is if someone steals sergey's idea and he doesn't get a move on quick enough and it is replaced, but that will not happen for a long time.

this bear market is cancer because you are all falling for the meme that LINK is a meme. this exact same shit happened with ETH and if you don't calm the fuck down you're potentially going to miss out on something huge.

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They retain their money and have a lot more money than you do. It is easy to make 6000% on a few thousand bucks. It is nearly impossible to do that with billions of dollars. People with money don’t care about taking dumb risks like those offered by crypto. That have real streaks of income from multiple sources and don’t need to gamble on Hail Marys. You laugh at them, but they very wealthily laugh at you and their 18% annual ROI makes your 6000% look like peanuts.

Not trying to be mean, but it is reality. BTC WILL go to $850, mark my words. I’m glad I followed their advice and got out in January. Now sitting comfy in gold and developing markets.

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i almost believe you. I was spamming a copypasta. People actually believed me. It made me think that this whole thing really is a scam

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OPs shilling apparently worked and rewired the brain of some delusional 4channers

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You’re assuming anyone in the financial markets want smart contracts. They don’t. You’re parroting hype from a bunch of financially unsophisticated morons that got excited during a bubble. I’m sorry to be blunt, but that is reality. This market isn’t coming back.

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>Now sitting comfy in gold

o anon. I hold gold but I bought it 20 years ago

>developing markets.

you are fucked they are about to get buried

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>LARPing is pointless and fruitless, hence why I confessed.
confirmed faggot.

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i dont even have link but always shill it.

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Use assblaster trip please

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>anyone in the financial markets want smart contracts

Very poor fud. You are talking about a technology that allows ANYONE to become an insurance .

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Based honest Linkie

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I’m not going to get buried. I’m not in risky investments. I’m happy with 10% ROI on my crypto investments. I cashed out with almost $700k profit. I’m done with the nigger dreams of easy money.

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OP is a larping sack of shit. if you truly cannot see the potential of LINK then there is no helping you and your IQ is an absolute state. the worry isn't it going to $100 without you, the worry is it x3ing in value towards the end of the year and all you retards FOMOing in and missing out on huge amounts of it. enough of the FUD get your shit together

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Dude, I’m not fudding. I’m trying to be honest. Anyone with a hard on for ChainLink has denied reality and refuses to come back to it. The entire crypto market has been artificially pumped up from speculation and now everyone just parrots the same garbage to keep the dream alive and deny the reality that it is a deglating bubble of companies that have no products and no real world utility.

“Everyone can be an insurance” makes no sense. People can offer insurance and make financial deals now. It’s called a notary. Draft a contract, get it notarized...boom contractual binding. No one needs to over complicate it by making an automated, computer driven paradigm. It is just a dumb idea of people swept up by the “decentralization hype.”

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>hurr durr 10% ROI on a billion dollars is still 100 million meaning they are richer than you xDDD
Not an argument faggot
The entire point of crypto is that regular people got very rich without having billions of initial capital at their disposal

Why are you not making your millions right now instead of larping on anime subforum?
Oh right, it's your GF's family, not your poor ass, GTFO.

>I’m happy with 10% ROI on my crypto investments.
Hahahahaha this fucking nigger

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You don’t see potential. You just parrot nonsense that has been force fed to you. Potential isn’t worth shit. If you’ve ever started a business, contracts aren’t expensive. Hiring a developer to write smart contracts is an expensive fantasy. Even SWIFT has said that there is no benefit to revamping to use blockchain. It was HYPE.

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Nigger. When humans move to outer space are you going to have a notary fly 6 years to omega 9 just get something notarized and signed?

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Everyone is so defensive here...don’t get attached to your investments. There is a reason the market is crashing: it offers no value. Things with value don’t pump and dump in value. At the end of the day you have nothing but an internet ledger saying you have X amount of something that doesn’t tangibly exist.

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>Things with value don’t pump and dump in value
now this i agree with. Something so good should not be attached to bitcoin like it is.

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10% is 75k per year guy. Every time I’m here someone wants to try to say he is rich. No one wants to live in the real world. Crypto is dead, if you haven’t cashed out, you’re just waiting to lose 80% more. You guys are so emotionally attached.

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Never selling anywya so fud is pointless for most peopel

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I don’t make investments based on fantasies and sci fi

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We always knew AssBlaster was just a larp. Anons went along with it because it was a funny meme.

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you're right anon but these idiots are financially motivated to keep up the delusion, not accepting the reality that they are simply holding fucking ponzitokens right now. they pinned their hopes and dreams into this fucking memeshit ponzitoken like the suckers they are because of dreams of "making it" but that mindset only caused them to lose what tiny bit of money they have left. fucking dumbasses, the lot of them. lmao.

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did you not see trump talking about space marines?

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There are so many easy ways to make money online without skills. I used to make like $1000-$2000 per week in college doing shit online, and that was a lot of money to me. A LOT. People are hurting themselves by getting so attached to one thing over which they have no control.

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at the very least people in biz are savvy enough to know that currency cryptos like nano, btc, ltc, and others like it are absolute shit so they invest in the "technology" aka smart contract platforms. unfortunate to them is that they don't fucking know that it is all a fucking sham, that smart contracts are just a buzzword because they need something to latch onto. they can't delude themselves into buying currencies because those do not bother hiding the pyramid scheme but this one, they can easily follow through under the guise of "believing in the potential of the technology", not knowing it's the same fucking thing under. absolute memeshit ponzitokens. fucking fuck yourself linktards

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Stop following politics and follow economics if you want to make money.

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>he comes on 4chan and brags about his 750k capital
99.5% of NEETS here don't have that kind of money, that's why your argument is fucking retarded. You made one 10% trade and made someone's yearly salary, congrats dude that must've took a lot of work.

People were making a small fortune from throwing their pocket change at some internet money. Of course crypto is crashing NOW, it can't go up forever. This bullrun lasted more than 12 months straight.
You sound like one of those smug "I told you so " assholes that called for a bear market since the first dip at $1800 BTC.

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You can trade forex online and make good money. Idiots just want to let their brains rot and think they can turn $1k into $10MM

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As creator of the main peanut butter thread.....


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i don't blame them too much because the gains of so-called "early adopters" (also known as the people who started the ponzi scheme) are probably too enticing not to take a risk. the problem is that this shit is too accessible for those very dumbasses allowing them to go fucking all in with their life savings, or to level with the people populating this fucking piece of shit board, welfare neetbux. just a fucking shame, honestly.

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as i've said, too fucking enticing for these absolute fucking idiots.

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Daily remindee that link doesnt solve the oracle problem it merely adds a useless layer between oracle and data sources, the latter of which still remain centralizede points of failure
Lmao at you faggots throwing money at a glorified aggregator coin and thinking youll be rich

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Even if it's a joke or a LARP, I'd still thank you heartily for ruining the life of so many obnoxious smug NEETs.

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some fags having 'I told you so moment' wtf are you doing here with your capital? go austria and have fun skiing. What a pathetic life you must have sitting on 4chan with this kind of capital.

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What were you doing for 1-2k a week without a degree? I've been doing a ton of research on making money online, it all seems like the same "make a blog and spam that shiiet" affiliate crap, or outdated stuff from 10 yrs ago. I have all the time in the world, I've set a small initial goal of 1k a month then im going to pajeet land to do a little digital nomad motorbike touring.

If you can share any tips/experience/resources I would really appreciate it.

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The entire time I traded crypto I knew it was going to pop...it’s just easy to play a bubble. While everyone was shit talking smart people like Jamie Dimon, Peter Schiff, etc, I knew that these guys know a fuck lot more than anyone buying into an OBVIOUS bubble. I turned $50k into over $700k. It was over $1MM at the top, and I’m lucky. People are just being dumb. There isn’t going to be another bull run because there is a HUGE difference between BTC running to $1k and it running to $20k. The game is over...there are no more greater fools to buy in. People think that the price will start going up and others will wanna fomo back in...this is DELUSION, the bubble is DONE.

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This thread is even worse thanthe apinfud. Holy fukc are you even trying . Never selling pajeet cunts

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post wallet

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It's because they don't kek. If they did they wouldn't be telling people to sell. Everyone has their motives. Don't sell marines

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because i'm not that rich so as a way of having fun i sometimes post in this board to laugh at you fucking delusional fucks for unknowingly """investing""" into ponzitokens. not like it's gonna take some fucking hours of my life to spit on your faces, you fucking pieces of shit.

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if that's the only thing that makes you happy, you are better off in unconcious state. If you're over 30 , game over.

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read "sometimes" you illiterate piece of shit. you lack reading comprehension, speaks of the intelligence of people investing into this fucking ponzi scheme. you are a fucking waste of space, never forget that. you think the bull market will come back so your fucking ponzitokens will moon? think again, retard. the last time this kind of crash happened it took 3 years to recover. fortunately it was only because some BTC got stolen. this time people are aware that fucking crypto failed at what it attempted to do, the propaganda-tailored curtains are now lifted, "store of value" is one big fucking joke. there's no fucking coming back, your money is gone, sorry for your loss. blockchain is a meme, smart contracts are just a buzzword, go fucking fuck yourself.

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I used to cookie stuff which is risky now. I also went to college in a city with lots of negroids and lived in a black neighborhood. I networked with local D boys, got a burner phone, and shopped on Silk Road for them. I had 5 clients. I’d take their money, order what they want, and ship to them. I eventually started making them pay me with green dot cards so I never had to meet in person and could take payment over phone.

Just get creative and hustle. Those years were some of my most fun.

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Im here for the long haul. I bought 20k USD worth of LINK at $2. Someone actually sold them to me quick. I thought I'd set a higher buy order just "incase" this shit did go to $1000 EOY

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This was about a week before I sold.

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god on you i guess. Its kinda fucked up though telling people not to at least try. You were in the same spot once.So you know what its like

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HAHAHAHAH nice screenshot faggot I posted the same one few days ago

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>smart people like Jamie Dimon, Peter Schiff
almost stopped reading here

>The game is over...there are no more greater fools to buy in
The fools always come back when the market starts correcting. Not to mention a lot of people are waiting on the sidelines for reversal to buy back in. It might take another 6 months or 24 months but you'll buy back in too, unless you hate money of course.

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I’m honestly trying to help people and I have been since January when I sold but I’m constantly met with people getting pissed. I have a quant friend who held my hand through this whole process and essentially told me when to buy and when to sell with great accuracy (had I listened to him, I’d have cashed out with nearly $1MM.

He insists BTC is going to $850 and if that doesn’t hold, it’s worthless. I’d even be willing to help people scheme on ways to make money because there are lots of things you can do if you’re willing to put even SOME effort in (plus I’m visiting family for Easter and am deathly bored)

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yea now it seems kinda weird that he's saying this that there are lots of ways to make money like the stuff he previously mentioned but he actually made money in crypto exponentially, if you actually did this then no shit other people would want to do the same. i'm sounding like a bitter nocoiner because i didnt get into this for reasons but your arguments are now looking pathetic with this shit

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Well then you stole it from me because I posted it in another thread where some asshole implored me to post it. So congrats.

>> No.8686184

with the screenshot you posted you just made it worse for others desu because who the fuck are you anyway in this random image board (i agree with you by the way, i'm just trying to explain it from other people's perspective). you made a lot of money and got out and now you're trying to say that there's no money left to be made. in their eyes you are just plain fucking annoying parroting your 10% gains when you clearly made exponential gains in the first place and thus are comfortable with those gains

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>>8686141What schemes? Please tell me more

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I don’t fault people for trying, I fault them for refusing to see the reality of the situation. If you view things objectively, they become clearer. Emotions fuck you up.

Listen to shown podcast and keep an open mind.

>> No.8686219

Typing from mobile

Never stated any of the things you brag about in your comment. You are making assumptions based on your insecurities.
Go outside and take a dose of fresh air.

>> No.8686225

Lmfao at you autistic basement dwellers who do shit like this

I don't know who you hurt more, yourselves or the people you're trying to trick. Either way it's hilarious that you losers think sock puppeting is a good way to spend your time.

>> No.8686231

Let's see your tripcode then, anon.

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That's funny because in another thread I posted it saying "your move" to some faggot that was claiming crypto isn't everything and there's other investments.

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Not selling

>> No.8686388

No, no you didn’t. The quote was “your turn highroller.”

>> No.8686423

you are just loosing worse now. What is the point? Swallow your pride and take what you can now.

>> No.8687284

You might be the dumbest human this world has ever seen

>> No.8687322

This guy is great. He also hasn't said shit about smart contracts. It's all buzzwords muh value storage scare buy my bullion gold money

>> No.8687424

I've lost my keys.

>> No.8687602

wtf who broke biz

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you niggers dont even know whats in store. i actually dont even feel bad for you. you will literally kill yourself when you find out. enjoy your minimal gains while i crush you with my bags as you fomo in

>> No.8687853

let me remind you that there is a reason why people got rich off of BTC and ETH. you are the type of pussy who would have sold at the DAO hack. some people just dont have the mentality to succeed.

>> No.8688715

You are Riddle Anon?

>> No.8688728

The only way to win now is to do nothing and pray that link suceedes in a long term.

>> No.8688813

he's a nobody who thinks his shitty AB fake trip fooled anyone, lmao

I can go to any coin's thread and say the same
>guys I was shilling and dumped on all of you, see? heh he he

>> No.8689621

Someone read an April Fool's post on Steem.it

>> No.8689728

larp larp. Only expected with Link threads.

>> No.8689761

Team peanut here
Can confirm, shilling is taken too far here sometimes
I've been guilty of shilling a few DBC threads early on only to FUD them later because it is absolute shit.....
I unironically bought more link yesterday that i will likely sell today

>> No.8689830

> contracts arent expensive
When I look at the crypto crash my hands get weak, but reading retarded fud like this makes them strong again.

>> No.8689887

I actually see your view... and am one of the non deluded coiners here
This money i can afford to lose tho
On the .5% chance that crypto makes a come back in the future i'm staying in for the memes

>> No.8689910

Whats his argument for 800? Unusual call

>> No.8689954

I knew it all along, that’s why I never put a dime in this shitcoin.

Get fucked linkies

>> No.8689982

Wow, fucking ugly ass Peter (((Schiff))). The gold shilling retard that has called 129482 of the last 2 stock crashes. Get fucked kike

>> No.8690004

You're just as stupid for believing the OP post, you dumb fuck nigger

>> No.8690028

explain something to me
First off not all FUD is to fuck with anons... sometimes they are legit trying to help.

You sound EXACTLY like the DBC bag holders months ago
When ppl would fud it slightly they would all have autistic rage. TELL ME NOW how you are any different? Link is cheap enough, no one is trying to FUD to buy it cheaper. You cannot prove me wrong

>> No.8690071

I don't give a fuck about fud, I've bought some at 1.20 and all the way down to now. All I'm saying is he's no less of a dumbass for believing OP as the people who took AB 100% seriously.

>> No.8690127

i suppose
I hope you didn't go all in, Link is a massive gamble. I've learned early on that the shilling here is done by smart people at times who know their shit, but they are beyond delusional. So i always proceed with caution, i'll keep some stinkys just incase it ever makes it

>> No.8690211

I am all in Link. May diversify a bit once I accumulate enough. Just dumping my paychecks in, and I have accumulated about 20k. I bought Eth at $6, but I only had $200 at that time, cashed it out around $300/eth. I'm not making that mistake again. Don't really care if I lose it all because I'm going to be stuck wagecucking regardless. Good luck to you anon

>> No.8690246

every crypto project is a gamble.
no other crypto project had (or has) the kind of association chainlink had.
for god sake banking wants to put smartcontracts automating the entire trading of loans and derivatives, for which oracle services are absolutely necessary. Do people not understand the absurd market we are talking about?

>> No.8690263

>I've bought some at 1.20 and all the way down to now.

>> No.8690317

Also bought some eth at $6, so you get fucked

>> No.8690334

they are retards thinking about hype and market sentiment.
If someone mentions some trash like DBC and Chainlink in the same sentence it's not even worth to respond. You can like it or not but CL is nothing like 99.9% of all the crypto-scams with twitter he he updates to their moonkid bagholders, fake ass partnerships, and announcement of announcements

>> No.8690353

Don't even explain to these brainlets. Let then suffer please. I want to have something to laugh about when we make it. It's funny that there will be many who throw in the towel literal inches away from the finish line.

>> No.8690373

The only argument I need that says LINK will be huge: cost-saving

>> No.8690386

>Also bought some eth at $6
care to show a log of this?

>> No.8690389

Chain Link is a shitcoin with absurd shilling on here

The only positive thing about this bear market is that it will destroy shitcoins like this

>> No.8690410

He doesn't need to prove it to you. I also bought eth in the single digit range. Where the fuck were all you new fags one year ago? There are more eth bagholders than I thought.

>> No.8690466

>white knighting this hard
>'new fags'
fucking linkshits man

>> No.8690475



You realize there are a lot of fomo retards in this market who got BTFO, as well as a lot of dweebs who research and know their shit.

How come Link hasn't been picked up like some of these other coins that keep up trending and barely dump? If it is that amazing, why aren't people buying it? It has been on the market long enough for people to be all over it. Seems like the demand just isn't there

Look at WAN, that coin has survived being released on binance just fine in bear market. Explain your reasoning

>> No.8690563

>Comparing LINK to DBC
The absolute state of /biz/

>> No.8690574

It's because it's a high iq project. The only reason why im so excited about the project is because of my career and knowledge around global finance. I can see how things will soon be interconnected. Fintech will soon replace legacy old world finance but until then you have something like chainlink that will be able to assist with that radical change. You have all these trx xvg dbc holders who think they will make it when they are literally getting scammed. How can you even compare an enterprise level project like chainlink with these. This project is literally in stealth mode

>> No.8690636

Whats your careee senpai? Im running low on hopium

>> No.8690637

was an example of a cult like following with memes
That were so sure of their 'coin' (deluded) that anyone talking against it would get swarmed and shit on. Even if they were trying to help

I have read about Link and know it is not garbage like DBC. But the $1000 EOY linkys are still deluded even if the coin is promising..

>> No.8690665

I sold my eth in December and bought into link between .28 and .40.I'm putting the end of the profit into it in three weeks

>> No.8690691

>All I'm saying is he's no less of a dumbass for believing OP as the people who took AB 100% seriously.


>> No.8690753

Complete and total bullshit. Hype my azz. Huge dividends in smart contract automation and it is stated consistently by others that actually know wtf they are talking about unlike YOU. Lol.

>> No.8690770

>That were so sure of their 'coin' (deluded) that anyone talking against it would get swarmed and shit on.
That applies to every bagholder, ever. Even total shitcoins with teammembers that pulled scams before (like ODN) and are doing it AGAIN have bagholders defending them or saying they still believe in the team. This is not uncommon in the cryptoworld. This isn't even a specific cryto thing. Look at footballclubs for example, or apple vs android fanboys. It's human behaviour.

I don't really get what you are trying to imply by pointing this out.

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>> No.8690812

Look at how many responses this thread has gotten. There are countless of people here that find pleasure in seeing others fail just because of their own mistakes they have made. Do not listen to them at all costs and have your own educated opinion.

>> No.8690848

smart contracts main market is to automate processes in the area of investment banking, insurance and retail banking. not "businesses". a simple thing like settlement delays will be positively affected by them.
someone already said why they are going to be big. cause they are efficient, auditable and will save big millions and millions of dollars.

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>> No.8691646

Everything waZ a ScaM

>> No.8691713

I don't understand most of these things. I don't know what's good software security, strong adversary attacks, if banks want it or need it or even how the blockchain REALLY works. I usually just trade. And LINK is a very hard coin to trade for me. When everything with low unit price was going crazy in December this wasn't spectacular. But when everything goes down, this goes down in very weird patterns, there are pumps, there are dumps but the reactions are atypical and almost immediate and it doesn't land where I expect it to stop moving. When coins do these things, traditionally it's paid off big for me to keep some around at all times, on some I'm still waiting. Don't understand what I'm saying as
> Oldfags called ETH too
A lot of people called a lot of things in a lot of places and a lot of people doubted it and they pretend they always believed. Buy them if you want them, not because others say they want them. Trade and hold as many as you want just make sure that if this goes to exactly 0 EOY it hasn't killed your account.

>> No.8691831

Please explain to me why any legitimate business would use this instead of just integrating apis into their contract and paying for a key

>> No.8691898

>i started trading last week

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>im only trying to help
>i will tell you schemes to make money
>just listen to me

oh fuck off you shitty pajeet subhuman, who the fuck are you anyway, what the fuck does even give you the slightest amount of credibility so I would listen to you fuck? I could make that "screenshot" on block folio in 10 minutes and make up random HUGE GAINS. thats not even proof you larping motherfucker.

>> No.8692319

I'm going down with the ship.

I went all in, don't give a fuck. I'm going to make it, Sergei is my boy.

>> No.8692790

Hey guys, I'm Assblaster's cousin. I'm here to let you know he is the real deal. Don't worry. Your Linkies will fly.

>> No.8693435

OP here. This was an April fools joke. I never LARPed for LINK here, nor did I sell my entire stack. I did use this thread to get a gauge how healthy skepticism is here on /biz/ though. Seems like some people still get too emotionally attached to their investments.
Truth be told, I did invest the majority of $20k in LINK in Oct. So I'm not even a mini whale, just a random small fry faggot here that thought they were getting in before everyone else. I also dumped 1/2 my stack about two weeks ago and just cashed out. Leaving the remaining for keks. I expect it to bleed to death. My sentiments regarding LINK are the same, despite not having LARPed as AssBlaster 2.0 or Riddle Anon.

>> No.8693506


all anyone had to do was point out you could just post one of the trips to prove it... you're prank was retarded, no one had any reason to believe it because your act was easily falsifiable.

>> No.8693508

Get help, you sound mentally unwell

>> No.8693533

This is the second weak larp this week thats attempted a faggy debriefing at the end, I assume its the same anon.
We have tripcodes here you idiot.

>> No.8693749

Nobody believed your gay larp, faggot.

>> No.8693794

>you're prank was retarded, no one had any reason to believe it because your act was easily falsifiable
only 2 people asked me to post trips. That is scary. It is all I needed to know about biz though.
you have no idea how fucking crazy I am.
What other one? I missed it. Tripfags are the worst. I'm crazy and a horrible faggot, but I'll never be a tripfag.

>> No.8693842

This is the worst kind of larp. Not even mildly entertaining faggot.

>> No.8693913

you are such a faggot. get out

>> No.8693944

OP here. This was an April fools joke. I never SHILLed for LINK here, nor did I keep my entire stack. I did use this thread to get a gauge how many healthy young cocks is here on /biz/ though. Seems like some people still get too emotionally attached to their pants.
Truth be told, I did invest the majority of $20k in BRAAPS in Oct. So I'm not even a mini whale, just a random small fry faggot here that thought they were girls in before everyone else. I also dumped 1/2 my stack about two weeks ago and just cashed out. Leaving the remaining for keks. I expect it to bleed to death. My sentiments regarding LINK are the same, despite not having LARPed as AssBlaster 2.0 or Riddle Anon.

>> No.8693997

This thread wasn't about you, OP, nobody took you seriously.
It was about the legacy corporate retard who thinks that smart contracts, literally trustless, auditable, automated exchanges of value, aren't going to be a big deal.

>> No.8694051

this. Go to plebbit if you want upvotes literal faggot OP.

>> No.8694252

The most satisfying part of bear season is watching abject shitcoins like LINK get blown the fuck out and their retarded, loud mouthed fanboys getting utterly shit on.

Looking forward to purchasing more spot BTC for long term storage at 2-4k while you retards keep tossing money at worthless scamcoins

>> No.8694324

Get back to me in 5 years when smart contracts are the new .com and people are saying "Do you remember Bitcoin?"

>> No.8694750

you sound like the loudest retard here, also screen caped your post, see you EOY faggot