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Choose the winning brainlet and WHY.

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EZ choice, Dan Larimer

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Dan Larimer is the only proven figure that knows both tech and business.

Buterin is an autistic fuck who wants to rewrite the blockchain history.
Hoskinson is a scam artist.
The NEO faggot has already failed in the marketplace.

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You're paid for this, at least change proxies you cheap fuck.

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Obviously money skelly

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You call me a paid shill over well established public info? Go fuck yourself anon.

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Why can’t I choose CZ?

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Dan is a Chad

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Vitty, easy. Have you seen that fucker's head?

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Hitters Xu is the only winner.

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>implying any of the other 3 can even compare

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Why is hoskinsoy squinting so hard?

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- Shakes the gruond with each step, enemies are all caught off guard and briefly unable to shield or block
- Similarly to a charge-up power in Super Smash Bros, Sergey can briefly edge during a battle. If you were here in October you'd know that edging is a cornerstone of the SmartContract.com company. Sergey edges in between engagements, and when the singularity happens will instantaneously drown all of his enemies in his semen as his disciples, aka the stinky linkies rise with him.

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so you cant see how he really feels

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Da Hongfei because his private company is backed by Fossun Group and he's working with the Chinese government on their regulatory framework. He also has that kind of charisma where you could watch him read a shopping list, while the other leaders are cringey as fuck.

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Hoskinson is a fat pig, the scam that he’s running with Shitdano will land him in jail very, very fucking soon.

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Larimer is a fag, hangs out with paedos

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Confirmed paid shill

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Why does Charles always look like he's wincing?

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Laramir and vitalik are the only ones who have proven that they actually know what the fuck they're doing. That said, vitalik is too much of an autistic idealist to create something that will appeal to normies. Gas fees are a non starter and if you don't understand why you aren't going to make it. Laramir is a realist and is learning from the mistakes of BTC and eth instead of doubling down like maximalist faggots. Eos will be what ethereum was supposed to be.

Neo might be a good hold for when the Chinese government starts having digital identities and asset ownership and shit, but the neo design is still dubious and unproven. It will probably stay centralized because that's what the government wants, but if it does succeed it's market is massive.

Hoskinson is peddling vaporware and cardano will never see the light of day. Haskell is a joke academic language.

Larimir > vitalik > chinkman > hoskinson

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Skelly autist, he reminds me of my late grand mother.

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A challenger appears

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Neo. because neo is chinese and chinese coins are better

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FFS no Jed the the closest thing to Steve Jobs in crypto. Who else has founded two coins in the top 10 and created the first widely-used Bitcoin exchangep. Nb4 muh hack he already sold that shit long before nigger.

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Hoskinson is the only one competent and ambitious enough to lead a team to scale globally. He’s a Ron Paul supporter and understands how deeply the surveillance community fucked the internet.
Cardano has the best fundamentals, building everything from scratch to get this shit done right.
Peer-received tech and Haskell have value for building an architecture which won’t be plagued with retarded bugs, and will actually mean it can be independently audited and trusted by major agencies and corporations.
All other projects need to go play in the sand pit.

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Sergey 1000 EOY

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Fuck you pajeet

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Yep you shit face

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Top kek

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not even that hard

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I choose the secret unlockable character

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Where is my boy justin sun from tron

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He's a big guy.

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I think its pretty obvious

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Dude you can see it all over his face!
"Fuck you, fuck this. You're garbage."
Hateful as fuck

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Unironically this. Proof of space and time FTW.

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The amount of salty retards who bought ADA >$1 and sold at $0.15 is the funniest thing about this project.
Cardano is a very solid project, that launched in October. You niggers pumped it before it was ready i.e. 1 year too soon, and now that it's fairly priced you are mad as hell.

Also I would pick Larimer.

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please post your rare Sergeys

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rare sergeys

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All funds are safe

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looks super healthy, wholesome and full of enthousiasm
bought 100k thx

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Vitalik ftw

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Hoskinson knows how to surround himself with an army of smart people. Larimer is a solo dev who jumps from project to project. Vitalik is too autistic to do business and the chink is a scam artist.
Easy pick: Charles, future Bill Gates of crypto
It’s the /biz/ way, buy high sell low. Smart money is accumulating ADA now while biztards are chasing the EOS pump and dump

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None of them, Amrit Kumar.
But from those - obviously Vitalik.

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MFW you're so retarded that instead of just checking for proof of bandwidth which, by extension, require storage space for a period of time so that you can provide the data over the bandwidth, you end up just making a burstcoin clone.
the dude invented bittorrent and he's too dumb to create a bittorent network that pays you for seeding even though he's in the perfect position to do so.

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DAN ==> proven+ he is moderate on both tech/business/shilling. know what he is doing
Skelly ==> . too much tech guy, less business more of idiolism
Chrales ==> he burned in normies pump, that caused unorganaic growth for ada. it needs a year from now to do some thing.

chink scammer == he cant even run ico's on his platform, forgot about dapps. only chink brand helping him otherwise its pure shitcoin.

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>Burst shills are here
Oh no

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Secret character. You have to unlock him first.

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Really, really look at zil.

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Where is ICX?

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Ada guy could beat the shit out of the two pedophiles and the asian manlet

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dead in the water

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i have 0 ICX but still i believe that it is the greatest crypto project right now.

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Vitalik is handsome.

t. qt grill

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justin sun vs wasa wasa . vs joost. open new thrd and discuss faggot. wasa wasa and joost gone. justin will wipe out soon. fuck off

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if there is no fees then the token is worthless no?

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Love him or hate him, he reads /biz/, and he'll make us rich.

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There are fees but they're paid by app hosts instead of users. The token acts as bandwidth.

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>they're paid by app hosts instead of users

but isnt it disadvantage to get more dapps onboard as they have to pay for hosting it?

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>denial is a sickness


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then what do the app hosts get out of it?

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It's no different than hosting a normal website/web app. People don't pay fees to browse your website unless you explicitly code that in. The massive advantage is the people can use dapps without knowing anything about crypto, wallets, block chains etc. Which opens the door to mainstream adoption.

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retard strength like the dude from goonies trumps all

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Yep, purists don't like it because it's not as decentralized as POW, but it will probably save crypto

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Ignore them, this entire board is beyond fuckint retarded

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The irony is that its way more decentralized in practice. 51% of the eth and btc networks are controlled by 2-4 self appointed mining pool owners in china. 21 elected nodes all over the globe is orders of magnitudes better.

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Money Skelly.
Most aerodynamic of all, friends with ghosts, and he bites. Weak to fire, but everyone spams whales so it don't matter when the fur starts flyin.

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This is true. Theory is not the same as practice and it's something the FUDers will learn this year.

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Dan is La Creatura

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Jackie Chan FTW

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how many EOS needed to make it?

make it > 500k

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Between 250k and 300k.

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A lot of Larimer shilling.

If anyone here even remotely considers any of the other three to be in the same league as Money Skelly you are genuinely retarded.

How anyone could listen to Vitalik Buterin, see his tech, and see the connections he's making in corporate and government, and even waste a single thought considering Larimer, Hongfei, or that creepy sociopath Hoskinson peers of the best mind in crypto is just a fucking bad judge of talent.

And since nobody here actually knows about the technology itself, the best you're ever going to get is to be able to judge the competency of the people building the project.

If you think Dan Larimer is comparable to Vitalik you deserve to lose money.

Fuck you obvious shill Larimerposters

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fuck off ada or eth fag

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That's a lot of words with no substance. >hurrrr my guy is better then ur guy if u disagree ur a stupid head

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If you want proof just look at the available materials on the fucking internet.

What's the point of trying to convince a Larimerposter? You've already demonstrated you're incapable of judging things

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Been researching this shit since you were in diapers kiddo. You're just another mindless shill

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Calm down Hoskinson

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>since you were in diapers
Exactly the kind of tone deaf reference of expect from a Larimerposter.

You seem like you're from southeastern Europe (the dumb Europe). How's Romania?

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nah , he wont. his bags got heavier and there is no chance that he will drop his bags on profit

eth and ada bagholders on sucide watch

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