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You can only post ITT if you are below your initial investment

How are you holding up december bros? Me personally, haven't had a day this month go by without suicidal thoughts

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Started on Dec 7th. Invested €8400 in total, now it's €7600.
Think it's going to be alright tbf.

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Jan-fag here, can I still join in?
>40% down on initial investment

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85% down from initial and I don’t even care anymore I know it’ll come back to me with patience

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It’s ok, I’m a long term holder. And I’m not greedy, I’ll sell once BTC is at just $500k. That’ll minimize my risk.

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Down 55% and started in November. There goes my summer holidays

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I reinvested in December. Big mistake.

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I am down 45%

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Down 90%

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Invested after BTC hit 20k. Still up 10%. How are you all so shit? Being up 10% is still shit.

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Who else pretending he is still in a WINNING modus

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72% down, didn't even buy ATH, bought the "dip"

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lol, depends on how shitty your bags are

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you greedy bastards deserve it for not cashing out

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Invested 7k, at 3.2k now.

Never gamble what you can't afford to lose. I take meds and make enough that I'm not worried regardless.

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I put $15,000 into Link in Dec/Jan
It’s worth $2,800 now

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Iron Hands

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I actually bought some bitcoin because I wanted to buy DBC, but I had to wait a week and it had already dumped by then. I guess I would have been worse off if I went through with my original intentions. Honestly more upset about the money that my vanguard funds are losing...

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Here here
I was too confident and basically just stopped paying attention after the first crashening in late january

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>bought prl at 8 cents
wish i sold more at ath though

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All Linkers will make it. It’s a long-term investment. I’m friends with whales who know this market like the back of their hands and they’re saying to expect a ~12 month bear market until the next big mooning period. I’m just going to keep accumulating since Link will likely be one of the leaders in the next bull run.

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tried this crypto thing with 600$
now at 414$ happy I didn't invest more

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no panic. Asia just wake up

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lost 85% of my initial :(

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>Decemberfags getting JUST'd

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>bought at 20k
>currently at 6k
>claims to be up

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I bought in december 2013 and spent three years underwater. If you're holding solid coins, you'll be glad you held long term.

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Invested $4,000 in December, at $600 as of this morning
>me on the left

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I've never lost so much money so fast... fuck this cryptoscam, I unironically hope this useless shit goes to fucking zero so I don't need to think about it ever again.

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up 2.2x should have joined the ponzi earlier boys

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$500 -> $1200 -> $400
what's funny is that i justed myself before the crash even started, and i cashed out in january so i'm not affected much, but i don't know when my entry point is going to come

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I truly believe in Bitconnect.

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I'm down 33%. Good this is at least now I have a job making double what I was making back in December, so I'm not as delusional anymore. I have a 401k now as well.

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december nigger here, just fuck my shit up


there is hope.

I planned my most recent strategy around this bear market being prolonged. Shorting this market would've worked back in the day, but BTC is so heavily manipulated that I believe it's pure luck if you manage to TA a proper trend and come out on top.

So how do you come out ahead? Invest in something that has ties outside the crypto space.

GVT asset manager tokens will grant access to brokerage tier asset managers who trade in forex/commodities/CFDs along with crypto. Therefore you have access to professional asset management in traditional markets while having your holdings in the crypto space.

Make gains on traditional markets while we bear, transfer into crypto when we ready to bull.

Get in niggers

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I am 7% down on initial :(

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>Anonymous (ID: YNaiqq2V) 03/30/18(Fri)15:32:14 No.86

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>your money on the right

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I'm really dumb money I think I joined in February, I caught an ETH dip and some weeks later it kept dipping. It's dipping again but I don't have ETH anymore. I'm dealing fine with it, in a way since all I know are losses I've had to take some time thinking about how not to fuck myself much more than necessary and early success may have hurt me more in the long run. I haven't bought that much, but I do plan to buy more and we'll see how it plays, I doubt I'll ever regret the experience no matter how much I lose and if by mistake I end winning holy shit. But markets are really interesting and this has taught me some cool shit about myself I never knew I had in me.

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>what are altcoins

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Holy fuck. What is it about link you like so much? Jheez

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>Thinks I left it in BTC.

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They are basically bitcoin, but run by pajeets.

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i'm literally lost 50% of my net worth and don't care at this point

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I feel dumb for not taking my profits when I was 10x, 12x was just a nice round number and with everything mooning I thought I had a shot. Now I post in a below initial investment thread

I don't actually expect to make it back ever, there's still months of this shitfest left

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Good, I guess, but I have had a breakdown into tears. (I've created a thread here as it happened).

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what? how did you go from 10x to below initial?

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I did a lot of research on it after I saw the shilling on /biz/, no I’ve had an erection ever since. DYOR my friend

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tfw millionaire in real USD and just reading to see what it'd be like to be on the other end


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You deserve it faggot. Anything shilled so hard on biz is a red flag.

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I bought in litecoin when it was about 176, bitcoin between 8,500-9,500, and etherium around 600 I think.

I'm down, but not as much as someone who bought the top.

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Well memed

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>started with 1500$
>went all in at 600$ in ICO during their private sale
>main sale starts in June

Wish me luck, guys

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I made it chasing KuCoin moon missions, then every shitcoin there bled to where it was at the start. Buying POLY helped the most, $1 to $0.3 in like three weeks

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Looking for overall 10x in 2 years, will I make it?

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Kek, stay poor

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You’re stinky linky will be worth fuck all. Stay poor linkfag.

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Feb14 dip here.
Down 50%.
Omg Req Link( fuck lazy Link bastards for fucking Req) and onaN.

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You ahhh do realise link is a shilled meme on /biz from coordinated telegram groups right?

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Lol FOMOed in the week before Christmas. Deleted my Blockfolio in February.
Probably down 60%-80%.

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Kek. Hope you got some Link in your life brotha

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