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Why is ChainLink getting hit the hardest in this?

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Because only people who fell for the meme hold this coin.
And now they panic sell

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shitcoins allways take biggest hits

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nice trips
because its a worthless inside joke of a coin that gets pumped and dumped by /biz/ whales every once in a while

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it's called a shitcoin, only retards from /biz/ hold it and they have weak hands because it has no real value or project

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LINK marines, what the fuck?! I thought y'all were iron handed men. Why am I alone?

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>confirmed for vaporware
It's over.


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Alone? I have held from $1.14

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Because the Oracle Problem doesn't exist.

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oh god yes please crash more. 00-0=-90=-90=-90=-90=-

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lmao relax, main net is not even live yet, im gonna buy more.

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Why should a “virtual token” with no use in a market of useless “assets” retain value is a better question...and that’s a serious question, not being mean.

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$1.14? I have held since SIBOS
$1000 eoy

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$1keoy2k18 confirmed bitches !

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Do you think at least $25 EOY is still in the cards? I want to be comfy this Christmas.

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Adamantium hands

Also, the fuck are you all crying about? You wanma see coins getting JUSTed, then actually look at the list. AMBros literally blown out of existence.

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sold all my LINK for AMB before the pump, AMB is performing quite well right now, laughing at all LINKIES who suffer the worst loss

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Does this mean that you and I won't sell at $50 like 90% of all the people who hodl LINK?

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Because it's a fucking shitcoin get it through your head. Even if the idea is good an idea means nothing if the right people aren't leading it to actually see it adopted.

DGB is 100% better than BTC when it comes to acting as a currency, but that autistic fuck Jared couldn't sell the cure to cancer.

ChainLink is spearheaded by a memeing fuck with a philosophy degree, that sat on the domain for smartcontract.com for 10+ years and did nothing about it. Even now, he doesn't give a fuck about marketing or drawing up attention, which is BAD.

Marketing is everything. You think Apple computers are so popular because they're the best? FUCK NO it's because they have a stellar marketing and design department dedicated to getting people attracted to their tech. Link has none of this, people are never going to buy it en-masse because it'll forever fly under the radar, and Sergey and his team's credentials inspire absolutely no confidence in their ability to even deliver.

Everyone in link says to "read the whitepaper" as if we're still in the days where a good whitepaper is all you need to guarantee your lambos.

Wake up from this meme.

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just increased my stack to 66k LINKies. i'm grateful for panic sellers

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linky holder here, haven't sold any cause I'm too lazy and I'm in it for the long haul anyway

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Don't worry, $1000 EOY.

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Doesnt seme too bad To Be Tbh

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I'm actually waiting to buy some more LINK right now, but BTC is about to do the Death Cross in a couple of hours. That would make BTC drop to sub 5k easily.

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In 3018 our children’s children’s children will still be living the lambo lifestyle off our iron hands

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Be rational at times like this, the entire crypto market is dumping. If there were a huge “demand” or desire to invest in crypto...would it be trending downward for 3 months? ChainLink has no utility, it is all speculation...why on earth should it grow 100x its current value in less than nine months? Do you realize how crazy that sounds?

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>Even if the idea is good an idea means nothing if the right people aren't leading it to actually see it adopted.

So that's it. You have no faith in Sergey and the smartcontract team. fine. But we do. And you'll be BTFO at some point. Just you wait. Meanwhile I'm preparing to buy this dip.

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LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA.

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Is this a new pasta?
Sergey isn’t advertising anything until he has a working product. It’s important for the integrity of his partners and to prevent copy cats not to post about everything he does. His target audience is corporations, not memeing normies. Marketing would do the opposite of good in this case.

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You are holding a biz coin. The mantra is sell low. What do you think is going to happen?

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they won't wake up until someone more charismatic comes out with the same idea and markets it way better. even then stinkies won't sell out of emotional attachment. DGB 2.0 indeed

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Can you give me any reason why I should believe in Sergey and their team?

Just a single one. What have any of them done in the past, what accomplishments does he have, what credentials does he hold, ANY FUCKING THING.

Because if you can't say anything beyond having faith, you're literally more of a cult than than Digimarines ever were.

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>main net

Get on this idiot. This does nothing to the price dickhead.

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Link is B2B ass, it has nothing to do with the fact that you overpay for Apple products.

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Can you give me a single reason to place any confidence in Sergey and his team? You keep talking about the idea and what it's supposed to do, but I never hear anything about his background that makes it seem feasible that he's the guy that can actually bring this to light.

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You’re taking investment advice from and parroting an anonymous person who goes by “AssBlaster”

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dead eth = all chainlink code written so far worthless

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Sergey registered Chain Link site back in 2008 AND ChainLink has been endorsed by the one and only Nick Szabo.

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100%. He dipped out of NXT without accomplishing shit. Guy has accomplished nothing. People think he can “do” because he gives presentations that go over their heads.

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This does not answer my question in any way.

Who is Sergey, what is his background, what skills does he have, what other projects has he worked on?

Again, you're focused on the idea, which is great, but do you realize how many good ideas end up being nothing because the person that has them can never get it off the ground?

Also, cool, the IDEA has been endorsed by Nick Szabo. What was the reasoning for it? Does he know Sergey?

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Because whales want to cumulate it the most.
In some time you will see a thread here that goes

> Hey, biz
> So I have checked the LINK wallets and guess what?
> Top wallets got even more LINK while bottom wallets got less LINK
> I guess these guyz just sold the bottom and then fomoed in. How fucking dumb are they?

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That is a lie. Nick Szabo followed their twitter. His Twitter EXPRESSLY states “follow does not imply endorsement.”

Guys, be rational, this is your money.

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I'm gonna have a story to tell my grandkids.

I went all in LINK at 80 cents. It went down and I lost over 60% of my money, but I never gave up.

I held and held and now I'm working at micky d's for about tree fifty an hour.

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Sergey bought the domain from someone else

>AND ChainLink has been endorsed by the one and only Nick Szabo

They had $32 million dollars worth of eth at $300 each, 2/3rds of the supply of link ready to sell at any time, it took them six months from crowdsale to even hire anyone, and smartcontract.com is registered in the cayman islands.
Everything about this project is a red flag.

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SIBOS? I have held since ICO

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Holy shit lmao.

Also hilarious how nobody can actually give me a single thing about Sergey to use as evidence that he's actually some genius or even has the potential to be a good CEO.

You would think that the hordes of people in it, one person would just chime in with some small fact about him that I may not have known, like something he programmed, or fucking anything.

How does Tron get called a scam, but a project by one guy with no background is hailed as the savior of crypto?

/biz/ are you honestly fucking with me?

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Ok sergey bought the domain. The name of the domain is Smartcontracts.com. This domain alone is worth at least 1 billion! I don't care if LINK goes to 1000 at this point. The domain alone will ensure that LINK goes to $10 AT LEAST and that would make me A LOT OF MONEY. I can't lose with chainlink, it's impossible.

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Can't wait for link at 10 cents, you get 10K for a 1000 dollars $$$

>> No.8632349

People are literally trying to help you save your money from a dumb “investment.”

This whole market is going to continue to dump. ChainLink very possibly may not even be a thing at this time next year

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Whale here again, we dumped on you guys long ago

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pff i've held since pre-sale

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You don’t own the domain, dumbass, nor any sort of equity in the company. You own useless Link tokens.

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Are you denying the possibility of LINK reaching $10? 10 FUCKING DOLLARS?!


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Yes. I am denying that. I hope you don’t lose money, I just wish people could be more rational here. Everyone insists they’re gonna win the lottery because they’ve been shilled a coin on an anonymous imageboard.

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Sold most of my linkies last week famalam. My only regret is to not have sold when it was over 1 dol

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I haven't been shilled. I have done my research. I feel very comfy. I'm not impulsive. I will make money off of LINK. Wether it's 100k or 10 million, I will make money off of it.

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8 months from now everyone will wish they had sold at 28 cents (if Link is even still around).

It may live on through memes at least.

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Why wouldn't LINK still be around? Give me 1 reason. LINK is not bitconnect.

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They hired the dev in November. They also have other people we don't know about working behind the scenes.
Brainlets think the team owes to tell them all information about how they run their business.
We had the same shitty FUD when they were working in private repo and when it was released it was visible that they were working on it long before they disclosed this to the public.

But you keep buying into project whose main focus is to tweet twice a day and brag about some misleading partnerships.
>2/3rds of the supply
That's how the ICOs work sweetie

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You don’t control that unfortunately. Every investment can go bust. MOST business start ups fail. Just don’t put that much credence into what is essentially a VC investment or you will end up very upset if it goes bust.

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still holding 10k i bought over $1

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International Economic issues, internal issues, lack of funding. There’s 3 potential issues that ruin many startups.

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What's funny is anyone endorsing link itt is actually trolling newfags
Nobody actually buys link

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You are MANIAC.

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You sold for a 70% loss about a month before testnet goes live. Brilliant minds of biz.

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lmao you're dumb and pathetic

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Sure all of those are valid. 95% of crypto will DIE. I acknowledge this. You are not Nostradamus, neither am I. So every single coin you have EVER invested in has been partly gambling. Why are you so hung up over LINK? There are 1000s of other coins to bash. You haven't given 1 single valid reason to why LINK will go to $0

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This is why we call you stinky linkies.

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>Brainlets think the team owes to tell them all information about how they run their business.
Just more than a single post in slack that gives no information once every three months. No other project has such little communication. Rory is hopeless and can't answer anyones questions.

>That's how the ICOs work sweetie
Show me any other legitimate project that holds two thirds of the supply. 10% sure, but not 66%.

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Someone screen cap this moron! We will see who's pathetic in 3 years, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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I just gave 3. Most startups fail. That’s why Link, and cryptos in general, are risky. I’m not just singling out Link. Linkies are just most irrational

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Lack of funding? Ar you two brain damaged? They have 32 million in cash and 700k in tokens. The marketing budget is zero and their office is in Sergey's mom's garage.
They are fucking swimming in money.

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hojly shit I fucking love it

cashed out all my linkies last week and put them into a short of BTC

Not only did I at least double my stas, but link will be half price when I buy back in.

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I never said lack of funding, he did.

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Lel, Sergey had nothing to do with NXT itself.

>> No.8632834

Link's actually doing alright in terms of gwei, it's just that ethereum's getting JUSTed so hard that it's low in terms of USD.

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You call yourself a LINK marine? Fuck interloper, you should feel ashamed.

Stay strong marine

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seriously you are so fucking sad. i bet you are feeling pretty fucking anxious right now with the price of chainlink, huh.
>11 posts
jesus fucking christ. similarly though, the other guy has 12. hah. but you're worse. much fucking worse.

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I didn't feel like pumping it anymore, sorry bro.

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We have to keep each other strong in these tough times men.

I have made you a fresh meme.

Hold strong.

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same here dude. bought it with btc when i had gains so i probably owe taxes on that.

oh well.

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I don't feel anxious at all actually. I'm just waiting right now to buy more, actually. I feel very happy because I know I will make a lot of money in a couple of years.

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Yes sir please sir to be buying more chainlink

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just buy the dip, it's like buying sub $1 eartherum

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He was the CEO

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All the meme coins need to have painful deaths so dumb money stops throwing good money at Scam ICOs.

>> No.8632902

I bought it way lower actually, from 16 cents to 40 cents max.

Doesn't matter, every crypto is going down with btc.

>> No.8632909

lmao no he wasn't.

And you're a retard for not looking this up before posting.

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You think you know anything about their financials because you crunch numbers based on their etherscan page? You have absolutely no idea how much money they have or how their financials look. By making such a statement, I also imagine you know very little about how a company is valued. You should read about auction market theory and its effect on company valuation. The market cap of a crypto doesn’t equal how much money is held in that project. You really think all Link tokens are worth whatever the market cap is, don’t you?

>> No.8632945

Let's be realistic, this is a high risk project. Many of the points raised in concern are valid. The communication is shit, sergey's record is so far unproven, and the market is tanking. Investors in the project are either clueless meme followers, or people that, after researching, decided to ignore the red flags and hope for the best. If it survives and delivers, it'll be one of the best decisions you ever make. If it crashes and burns completely, I hope you didn't invest more than you could lose. 1k is a meme, $100 is a meme, be lucky to see 20. My aim is 3-5.

t. 85k bag holder

>> No.8632970

Because retards don't look at SATS and only look at USD. everything is tanking in USD because BTC is tanking

>> No.8632992

Not officially, because that would defeat the purpose of an exit scam.

>> No.8632996

>sergey's record is so far unproven
Wrong. He has a stellar track record and has owned SmartContracts.com since 2013.

>> No.8632998

lol you're kidding right? Some of the most serious project hold the most supply, XLM and XRP.
Have you seen the ICOs lately? The biggest projects asking over $100m for only 10% of tokens to investors, keeping 90% to themselves!

Chainlink will release their reserves slowly through partnerships. Saying that they're going to sell 2/3 of supply in an open market is straight up FUD.

>> No.8633017

He had nothing to do with NXT.
He was making an exchange, and the devs parted ways.
Nobody lost a cent.

>> No.8633036

Ripple and Stellar.... Dont come at me with those absolute shitcoins.

>> No.8633086

What has he accomplished besides buying a domain?

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Their ICO raised 32 million dollars. And everyone knows about crypto mcap exaggeration, just because you learned about it this morning doesn't mean you have to insert it into every thread.
Now isn't it nearly your bedtime?

>> No.8633104

Scoring a PoC with Swift, for one.

>> No.8633150

Because the only thing sustaining it are memes.

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pffffff i've held since sergey was born

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LINK is kill.

>> No.8633208


Don't be sad. It's because it's garbage

>> No.8633217

>what are private repos

>> No.8633233

Kek, they have the biggest backers, the most connections, real life pilots.
They aren't in top 10 without a reason.
I could've named 100 other projects with similar distribution but I'm on the phone and don't feel like wasting time browsing CMC.
The fact is that majority of ICOs sell about 35-50% of the tokens to investors, not 10%. You can look it up.

>> No.8633243

people don't even know why there was a shadow fork meme

>> No.8633272

Some really good FUD here in this thread.
Keep it coming, I need to buy lower

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NASA predicted this.

>> No.8633302

>The year is 2015
Be rational at times like this, the entire crypto market is dumping. If there were a huge “demand” or desire to invest in crypto...would it be trending downward for 15 months? Bitcoin has no utility, it is all speculation...why on earth should it grow 100x its current value in less than 24 months? Do you realize how crazy that sounds?

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120k ATH down to 38k. What are you drinking?
>t. 30k Link bag

>> No.8633316

You can literally join their slack channel, ask a question, and get a response the same day from someone on the team. You just want to be spoonfed.

>> No.8633436

Dude who cares.
Don't act like you know the future. I put a little bit of my money into link and am probably going to buy more at this price.
Say it turns out the whole thing was a scam and segey along with SWIFT banking vanishes
It's whatever. But if you don't see the potential in it then don't buy it.
I'm no genius and to be honest i havn't even read the whitepaper.
But it just makes sense on why it could work.

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there is evidence, you don't even have to look for it

>> No.8633766

Ye of little faith,
Did you see the digits?
Heed the the dark lord.

Just bought 100k more.

>> No.8634035

i bought $2k worth at $.27 in Nov. Bought another $2k worth on the way up and ended up with 10k stinks. Sold 1/2 my shit stack 2 weeks ago. Wish I sold it all. All ETH coupled projects are kill.

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>right now they are building Ethereum oracles

>> No.8634331

Honestly no one here really gives a shit what you think or any concern you have about this project. We’re not going to spoon feed you answers and you’re not going to to the research. Buy LINK or don’t buy LINK no one here gives a fuck about your or anything that you do.

LINK Marines believe in this project and your FUD is irrelevant. You’ll call us delusional and we’ll tell you to stay poor. If you can’t connect the dots and look at the people involved in the project that’s your loss, but the info is there for anyone that bothers to look.

I’m all in on this shitty meme coin and there’s no going back now

>> No.8634479

1000 eoy

>> No.8634495


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Trips confirm vapor ware 1000 cents end of year

>> No.8634598

How can you with 100% certainty know that not marketing is bad. We do not possess all the information the founders have, nor do we have the insight they possess by coming up with the idea.

I can honestly say i have more faith in sergey and the way he has conducted himself, than in any of these I WANT MONEYZ NOW IS BAD posts.

Invest or don't invest. Let other people determine their own risk reward, post relevant shit, or stfu.

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File: 623 KB, 1181x631, LINK Brotherhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hands of Mithril, Meme's of The Millennia, No Dip to Low, No FUD to Strong -

+ Officer Ranks
- General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov
- General: 500001+ LINK
- Lieutenant General: 250001-500000 LINK
- Major General: 175001-250000 LINK
- Brigadier General: 125001-175000 LINK
- Colonel: 75001-125000 LINK
- Lieutenant Colonel: 50001-75000 LINK
- Major: 35001-50000 LINK
- Captain: 25001-35000 LINK
- First Lieutenant: 20001-25000 LINK
- Second Lieutenant: 15001-20000 LINK
+ Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks
- Sergeant Major: 10001-15000 LINK
- Master Sergeant: 9001-10000 LINK
- Sergeant First Class: 7501-9000 LINK
- Staff Sergeant: 5001-7500 LINK
- Sergeant: 3501-5000 LINK
+ Enlisted Ranks
- Corporal: 1501-3500 LINK
- Specialist: 501-1500 LINK
- Private: 1-500 LINK

>> No.8634630


He won a Bigmac eating contest in 2016

>> No.8634675

This lol.

I've held since SIBOS. Was on Holiday during run up to 1.4, or might have made some moves otherwise, in any case not bothered.

Even at 1$ i triple my money. I have more faith in Sergey than any other crypto idiot out there.

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File: 220 KB, 750x500, LINK Salute-II.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now that's a Marine I'd want fighting next to me.

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File: 112 KB, 840x550, GADDAFI-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can i see some screenshots of wallets? i don't believe for a second anybody holds this utter shit coin. proofs or this is just a huge perpetual meme

>> No.8634730
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Promoted to Second Lieutenant yesterday, after 3 months of getting JUSTED by LINK. I'm the saltiest 2nd LT in Sergey's Army

>> No.8634740

>100%. He dipped out of NXT without accomplishing shit. Guy has accomplished nothing. People think he can “do” because he gives presentations that go over their heads.

assets.exchange actually which he did well until the sec decided it was a no largely because they were looking at trading more than crypto

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So $10? That would be godlike. I'd almost be a millionaire.

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Today's haul

>> No.8634824

Accumulation opportunity. He who laughs last laughs best.

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>Can you give me a single reason to place any confidence in Sergey and his team?
Presented at SIBOS and was the only blockchain team to get invited back a second year running
Convinced Ari Juels that his approach to decentralised oracles was so superior that Ari co wrote the whitepaper with him
Convinced Evan Cheng to advise
Convinced Barclays, Santander, BNP Paribas and other multi-trillion dollar institutions to supply data for the SIBOS PoC
Convinced SXSW to have him as THE technical face for smart contracts
All public code is excellent tier

Your FUD has no power here.

>> No.8634845

yes its a good time to accumulate helium

>> No.8634847

Go to etherscan and you can see all the fucking wallets, 10k of which hold at least 1000 LINK.

>> No.8634872
File: 756 KB, 1280x709, 01D10929-1C7E-4482-8A76-C82E3B0AC0F7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think we’re tied. Just made rank last week. I didn’t know a promotion this big would make my asshole hurt so much.

>> No.8634919

Don't forget that he btfo brainlets in every single Q&A

>> No.8634924

absolute insanity. i wish you well

>> No.8634925

Sold two weeks ago

>> No.8635019
File: 313 KB, 347x520, b560890db222bfead61d548213bdfcb372e4b947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The marketing budget is zero and their office is in Sergey's mom's garage.
Have you been living under a rock? They moved to the biggest office building in San Francisco

>> No.8635077

I'm gona be real for a second broseph, every post I make about LINK is half true facts and half absolutely spurious lies

>> No.8635154

So you're a shitposter. Fuck you.

>> No.8635202

You gotta figure out which ones are the facts

>> No.8635316

>buy in at 29
>its at 27 already

everytime i buy it drops 2 cents. wtf

>> No.8635439
File: 205 KB, 416x522, 1507732225963.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dishonorable Discharge

>> No.8635497

You are unironically so stupid and delusional it isn't funny.
Check March 31 for mainnet of other solid coins

And see what happens
BTC is dragging everything with it obviously
KYS, or get a little smarter

>> No.8635576

my loan is gonna take till tomorrow to process i seriously hope it doesn't bounce immediately. this sudden drop is frustrating me because it screams capitulation; the wick is probably gonna look glorious. slow bleed wouldve been better. oh well ill be happy with under 30 cents link

>> No.8635609

Why would you buy into such a blatantly obvious pajeet scamcoin? What did you think would happen? Holy fuck.

>> No.8635639

Thank you kindly. If this tanks I'll be out a lot of money, but I'll reset within a year. Gainfully employed with no bills, so I've got that going for me

>> No.8635671

>.26 cents

Holy shit, I remember the fags swearing up and down saying we'd never see under a dollar again.

To all of those faggots, sincerely, FUCK YOU.


>> No.8635688

Because link is a nothing sandwhich.

>> No.8635694
File: 744 KB, 1020x1020, 988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you are alone because marines don't bitch and moan

>> No.8635714

They're either trolls, pajeets or actual retards.

>> No.8635733

i guess being employed with no debts and having the capability to take loans without much worry is rare here. i know you didn't do the loan part, just wanted to point it out since i did lol. gj taking the risk, i hope it works out for you

>> No.8635737

Waiting a little longer, then doubling up

>> No.8635753


Can you even fucking imagine selling under 30 cents?!?!?!

Who the fuck are these idiots? lmao.

>> No.8635844

Much appreciated. I'm young so I figure I'll take my risks now while I can still come back from the fuck ups. Make no mistake though, if this doesn't work out it'll haunt me forever lol.

I don't know how much further it'll drop, but based on the size of my stack I only ever need to see 60+ cents for this to be profitable.

>> No.8635968

I also accomplished this and I’m a fucking idiot desu.

>> No.8635979

it is over.

>> No.8635993
File: 366 KB, 2163x2911, 9E9A0A93-00BA-4096-AACC-E510BCCF225B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I possibly the most worst LINK buyer
>saw 0.31 cents today
>cancel all buy orders I’ve set up for 0.30, 0.27, 0.25
> buy everything at 0.31
Now it’s 27.

>> No.8636188

what do you mean it'll haunt you forever? that it'd actually financially ruin you or just that it'd feel pretty shit that you bought into this in the first place? if the latter then yea i imagine everyone in here would but if the former, i thought you had no bills + youre employed lol. ignore the fucking 1k EOY memes for one second. i dont know much shit about other traditional investments but in my place, real estate takes 15 years for you to get your initial investment. stocks w/ 7% yearly growth (i assume you just buy and hold) takes 11 years to double, not including taxes, commissions, etc. just some perspective regarding goals and when to sell/take profit or whatever

>> No.8636215

Far from the worst. My average buy in is around $.45 and I own over 220,000

>> No.8636316

You're not the worst.

most of my buys were between .45 -.88

>> No.8636476

You're correct, it would haunt me because of how stupid I'd feel lol. I research traditional finance and have set up a roth IRA, general index fund, emergency fund, etc. It would be hard getting over the waste when I know what to do with it otherwise. I've researched the project and feel that it should be a hit as long as the market recovers, so I actually find it a pretty comfy hold. How about you, what's your story?

>> No.8636515
File: 63 KB, 778x512, 1489872835831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anyone give me a quick rundown on why LINK has such a fucking brainwashed, cult-like following? Is it autism, or just plain delusion?

>> No.8636561

You are trying really hard to prove your middle name is something along the line of asshole.

>> No.8636576

I'm not selling my golden ticket. Buy the dip, the mainnet isn't live yet. Link has always been a long hold.

>> No.8636581

because /biz/ is patheticly weakhanded

>> No.8636596


>> No.8636618

it solves oracle problem

>> No.8636670

That's like saying Brawndo has what plants crave, it has electrolytes

>> No.8636672
File: 40 KB, 374x318, 1000HRs_in_MSPaint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because it's absolute vaporware garbage, anon
where has sergay been this whole time?

stuffing his face with food paid for by investors

>> No.8636705

I must say, whomever is shilling link on /biz has done a fantastic job, because /biz really swallowed that bait. Go on any other crypto forum: Absolutely no disucssion about link aside from the occasional "what the hell is link?" thread. Meanwhile on /biz: at least 10 link threads (or just single post link memes) running 24x7.

Maybe that was the goal of the project all along, just get the dumbest "investment" community to sink lots of money into it by tickling their autisms juuuuusssst right...

>> No.8636837

don't really want to dox myself anon but i'm 80/20 traditional and crypto right now mostly because of following the idea of black swans, or borrowing from nassim taleb's terminology, being in "extremistan". exposure in the crypto market where moonshots and the like are rampant is a great strategy in my opinion. i think i am unironically fucking the strategy up by going all in on chainlink instead of spreading a wide net but if im going by fundamentals this is as good as it gets for me.

>> No.8636908

lmao I know you are just trying to help, or maybe its just a emotional psychology fud. But have YOU yourself done ANY research about it? Have YOU read the whitepaper? Have YOU looked in to who ChainLink and LORD SERGEY THE CRYPTO MESSIAH HAS BEEN WORKING WITH YOU FUCKING BRAIN DEAD RETARD?!?!?! STOP BULLYING MUH LINK BROS RREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.8636930
File: 367 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180329-215753_Binance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

85 IQ brainlet here and I'm not fucking selling.

>> No.8636997

brosif chillax, he's got a valid point. do engage the spergrage pls

>> No.8637006

can we exchange numbers?

>> No.8637023

dont, meh

>> No.8637029

Where do you see link eoy? Im all in too

>> No.8637035

chainlink is a meme shitcoin
It's always been a meme shitcoin
If you actually bought some you are retarded.

>> No.8637154
File: 6 KB, 211x239, 1519446923023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw i am retarded

>> No.8637194

I HAVE INVESTED A LARGE AMOUNT IN CHAINLINK! I demand to speak to Sergey NOW! As a big investor, I demand to vote Sergey OUT of the company! WHY HAVEN'T we been briefed yet?!

This is unexpectable!


>> No.8637202

it's ok anon we still love you

>> No.8637441

i'm hoping for $2. zero chance if we go 2013 bear market

>> No.8637580

it was mainly some faggot named assblaster
They worship him like a god
Too bad he also shilled DBC
Guess where that is? at like 3 cents now

You guys are all some dumb ass pieces of shit. I don't wish anyone to lose money, but when delusion is this strong it bothers ppl....

Link will not go to 0, but it will trade side ways at 3-5 cents within the year. This price will seem like a fortune by then. I bought in too, i sold though not just Link
Everything, i'm in tether comfy as all hell.

>> No.8637624



>> No.8637642

Interesting. I don't know, somehow I think we'll be fine in the end. If you bought low enough then we only need to see $1 for this to far outperform any traditional investment, and I don't see that as being unrealistic. As for the bear market, I think this time it honestly might be different than previous years. Crypto is recieving more attention than ever before, especially compared to a year like 2013 when this was still considered fringe technology. Maybe I'm too optimistic

>> No.8637672


>> No.8637813

Some good discussion in this thread about the market. Worth the read if you havent read it yet.

Assblaster was and IS right Jewish4sight (ID: fm1xu0L/) 03/29/18(Thu)21:14:11 No.8635989

>> No.8637931
File: 386 KB, 857x600, chainlink thread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what are you talking about?
LINK is holding tight between .0007 and .0008 ETH, the orderbook is paperthin and if you really wanted you would get trouble getting a real significant amount of LINK.

>> No.8638118

keep buying, please

>> No.8638209

cant believe ive been holding this shit since ICO god im a fucking retard

>> No.8638217

Link the thread faggot

>> No.8638244

17% drop is not getting hit "hardest". that's pretty close to average today. btc never gets hit as hard as alts.

>> No.8638263
File: 111 KB, 1180x842, MAD DOG ChainLink Mattis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I Like it, that fresh OC.

>> No.8638466

because it is deadcoin

>> No.8638481

When will I get invited to the next board meeting? Why doesn't sergey answer my emails?! I have bought many LINKS! I own a share in this company!!

>> No.8638545
File: 106 KB, 750x1032, 188AA347-2578-4487-A05D-10FAE560400A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic related

>> No.8638855

Chainlink has a good future

>> No.8639154


>> No.8639247


>> No.8639642

I for one appreciate your input.

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