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30kg+ for this type of phenotype

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His chink IQ is enough to copy westerners and exit scam for three dorars fifty.

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The stars tell me his large forehead and his narrow eyes means his iq is around 110. However his sun arises in neptune which means he is a king of chinky slitty eyed mediocre chancers. His bullshit knows no end so speaketh the grant.

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>tfw to smart to not make money

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probably not genius because he likes to live on edge

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somewhere between trump's and nazarov's

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So he can exit scam t any given time and no one will be able to locate him or the Binance offices
At least mtgox wasn't this shady

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when suddenly bitfinex looks like a legit exchange compared to this 'ready to exit scam at any moment' trash

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binance is literally ran by a prepper type

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that guy is a fucking boss.

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he's a big guy